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  • jlaine 5w

    Home in the Hollows

    A hollow rings with sentiments;
    the owl merely calls it home.


  • anu_inner_voice 11w

    Don't depend on other's opinions, have your own


  • raghavendrabs 14w

    Where do I belong ?

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a man, slap a woman, I’m behind bars!
    If a woman slaps me then I’m definitely in the wrong!
    The former would be national news, the latter, a farce!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a poor guy, end up in an argument with someone richer!
    The eyes around me would find me guilty all along!
    Regardless of my plight, I’d be called a “victim-card” player!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a Hindu, try to argue about my rights!
    The media, the law, the silently watching government would just declare it’s a fake rhetoric on which I throng!
    Irrespective of the victim, except when it’s from my religion, the world would wail at the barbaric sights!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, an Indian, try to express an opinion on world affairs!
    I would be schooled in the lacunas of my country all day long!
    I’d be asked to shut up and blindly agree to any opinion of theirs!

    Forbidden to take the name of my country, religion or God,
    Dare I do that, I’m labelled an oppressor with staunch views that no one could get along!
    An unforgivable financial position and by gender I’m automatically assumed to be flawed!
    I keep asking myself “Where do I belong?”

    So, I, an Indian Hindu poor man, look around and seek answers!
    If I’m wronged, no would care and no one would conduct a candle march singing many a song!
    No would cry and no celebrities would hold a placard, no honoured artists would return their awards!
    So, I ask again, where do I belong?

    Raghavendra B S

  • bhardwaj_ 19w

    Opinions don't define your reality ❤️

  • likhitvaat 26w


    शब्दों में बयान हो जाए वह प्यार कैसा?
    हमारे प्यार के आगे लगे आसमान भी छोटा!

    बयान हो प्यार तो आंखों से काम लो
    इश्क है यह यारों, लगे गुड़ से भी मीठा।
    - लिखित वाट

  • likhitvaat 27w


    बदलते मोड़ रिश्तो की
    हमें समझ ना आए।
    मुस्कुराते रहे हम,
    आंखों में जब भी आंसू उभर आए।
    - लिखित वाट

  • likwidsay10 28w

    My two cents: The Bible says no rich man shall see the kingdom of God, they claim God wanted them to have worldly riches and blessed them. But then the good book says don't concern yourself with worldly concerns but rather put your focus towards heaven and niether do those who display thier christian piety for show in public, they already have thier reward. The self gratification of the praise and gifts of others they recieve by displaying thier faith is thier reward. Not eternal heaven. Being a good Christian means showing others about God's love by setting an example by simply loving others like God. There are some Christains who can't do that without reservations. God makes no reservations when it comes to love. God loves every living thing down to every single blade of grass cause he knows every living thing parishes. Imagine all the grief of grieving every living thing. To know of love, is to know of God. Who doesn't want to be loved or has never been loved by anyone? No one loves no one. The Bible says to keep your faith in the closet, pray in secret and God will reward you openly. He may not bless you by building you a church empire or making you rich but he blesses you by changing your life. If you trust in Him it's always for the good but don't deny having faith when asked about it by others. Jesus said something to the extent of; Deny knowing me in front of others and I'll deny knowing you in front of the Father. I'm not looking for praise, I'm just stating what I know, from what I've read and admitting I know of God. An try to live by example not by words. Its one thing to say you love someone then actually love them. What does creating and spreading bigotry or garnering material wealth in God's name have anything to do with loving others? Maybe God blessed you, in such a manner, in order to show others what not to be?


    #Christianity #Jesus # God #opinions

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    And what I'm willing to do, what the mainstream church is not, is to denounce the Christian right as Christian heretics. You don't have to, as I did, spend three years in Harvard Divinity School to realize that Jesus didn't come to make us rich. And he certainly didn't come to make Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen rich.. And what they have done is acculturate the worst aspects of American imperialism. capitalism, chauvinism, violence and bigotry into the Christian religion.

    -Chris Hedges

  • nefe28ostar 29w

    Mindless drabbles of the Perfect Imperfection theory.

    There's not such a theory that truly bears the lable of perfection, for even in the most flawed, imperfection can be seen as a form of magnifiquè; the natural order contained within chaos itself. Or as the saying goes, beauty dwells in the eyes of the beholder where as the notion of being perfect, dwells solely in our mindset.

    It is then and only there, that it gains true recognition through those very eyes when a collective of equalled mindsets are in sync. Thus the gathering of love sick fangirls at a Beiber concert, all blinded by the notion of perfection, while his name is being echoed in ear shattering screams.

    How's that for random thoughts at midnight?

  • yaduom 34w

    You never have to prove yourself or explain yourself to anyone.
    Never. Ever.

    Simply be true to yourself, of course without harming others, and wish people well who misunderstand you.

    It's okay. Let people misunderstand you.
    The person who matters most in your life is the one looking back in the mirror.

    (Life gets easier when you stop caring about others’ opinions.

  • faulty_puppet 39w


    Kuch baatein meri bandish me hai
    Mere gale aur sir k bich uljhi si hai
    Kahu to uljhano me ghum
    Na kahu to sannate me qaid

    In baaton me kai kahaaniyan hai
    Sach jhoot kaali ghataaye
    Kabhi kahaani ka pakshpaat mai
    Kabhi kahaani mera virodhi

    Ye toofaan mera rozana hai
    Mere shaant k andar sara shorgul hai
    Hazaron aansu isme qurbaan
    Qurbaan isme rooh ka tinka bhi hai

    Ye aansu aksar bebas sa gira hai
    Zehen me namkeen sa daag dekar
    Nazrein bandish ateet ke saaye se
    Dastaan jo takiye me aansu ne roz likha hai

    Kuch kahaani meri bandish me hai
    Mere kaano k bich
    Lamhon ke pinjde me qaid alfaaz
    In panktiyon me azaadi khoje hai

    Has kar kuch kisse suna jata hu
    Kaash koi hasi aankhon me dhunde
    Mere naqaab ke piche jhaakkar
    Kaash koi bas mujhe dhunde

    Ye khaal to mera kharpusht hai
    Ghav to mere zameer ko noche
    Naqaab ke adal badal khel me
    Maine fitrat ke sare rang dekhe

    Ye dil ab darr ki bandish me hai
    Sabko bandhe andekhe maanje se
    Bheed se ankahee ranjish me hai
    Har lamha naqaab ka khel khele


  • ratofficial 48w

    It is important to be patient when people give their negative opinions only to put you down.

    #patience #opinions #notgivingafuck

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    Time and time, again they say,
    Do this, or do that they say,

    I patiently listen, to what they say,
    And with patience, I decide, let them say,


  • le_hornet 56w

    Obscure Opinions

    What are these conversations among believers and non believers? Arguing about who built the universe, knowing most humans are making this earth cursed...

    Why are people calling people idiots for marching for freedom, how smart are they when daily they get played, monthly they get paid, which goes back to those who run and ruin your mental state.

    What is the point in arguments? Clearly nothing ever gets solved, I.Q is a test and clearly most have not evolved, the planet is the true teacher, people need to argue about reshaping Gaia’s mould.


  • blossomwrites 58w

    Listening is the key #heart #mind #love # failure #success #opinions #mirakee

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    Sometimes I wonder how your heart and your mind have an uncanny resemblance
    Yet you fail to assess your opinions!

  • ions0206 61w

    Point of view

    "Every one has their
    Different opinion about
    Truth because every one
    Has a different point of view
    So don't judge someone just
    Because it didn't match with
    Your version of truth.. "

  • sanjeevanik 61w

    There are always some people around you who never understand you..
    They try to force their views on you, don't change for those people.. believe in Yourself.
    Afterall you can never satisfy everyone

  • _neena__ 62w


    Respect yourself enough that nobody's approval makes you have second thoughts about yourself. Expectations hurt us not others. We should approve ourselves that what we have done for ourselves is the best we had given. What I chose for myself is the best. As it's my choice and others opinion doesn't matter until I am doing my best for myself. You need you more than anyone else. Be by your side first to get hold of yourself before you feel like having opinions of others to improve yourself. You are what you need to be the best. It comes from within first. Accept it and reflect what gold and diamonds you possess.


  • epimetheus 63w

    Isn't it a paradox?
    Everybody wants to know who they are by seeing themselves through other's eyes and actually lose the sight of who they really are!

  • jithinsharma_7 63w

    Perspectives change
    Personality doesn't

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  • alishadas07 68w


    In the sprint of conscious mind
    Classification of opinions
    I derive,
    Should it act as silky comforter
    or like a bruise deepen it's toll;
    There are some
    which naysayers utter,
    In the heat of moment
    don't forget
    Ignorance here plays
    the vital role;
    Some which loved ones convey,
    in an attempt
    to relieve the strain
    and make us feel whole;
    The most critical
    being opinion of yourself,
    Let it be as transparent as glass
    & as fulfilling as digging
    the heterogeneous coal!