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    आवाज़ खनक्ती , कानों में ।
    हवाएं , तेरी जिस्म स मालूम हो ।
    चांद-सूरज , के पीछें से ताके हैं ।
    ऐसा रख़ गई , मेरे सर पे हाथ वो ।
    जैसे उम्र भर की दुआएं , दें गईं हो ।


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    Since the day we closed the doors,
    The wind was shut out,
    The oxygen was limited.
    We locked in on me,
    And you were out in the world,
    Roaming, exploring life as it went.
    And I was in a safe,
    Locked away,
    the gate was shut tightly,
    Two hundred thousand turns to unlock it.
    I sat in a corner,
    Year after year,
    Cheeks strained with tears,
    And vomit.
    The mascara of the last time
    I fixed myself pretty for you.
    Smeared around my eyes and down my face.
    Handmade bruises marrying
    my human form and head.
    No one found the corpse
    you left in your wake.
    But one day you chose to open the barrier
    Of your abandonment with a kick of your leg.
    The oxygen swamped inside,
    Whips of air slashing against my dry skin,
    you gave me a look that I was to set free.
    I walked behind you,
    Your head held high…
    While mine was down low, 
    Sniffing dried up tears.
    But you disappeared into thin air,
    Yet again leaving me,
    This time in a world where I knew nothing.
    And the days passed,
    Devastated at being forsaken didn't falter.
    Until someone walked up to me.
    Looked down at me,
    Sympathy and compassion in their gazes,
    Patting my head softly,
    Reminding me of your touch.
    Eyes shimmering with tears, 
    They gave me a pitying stare.
    And then I cried again,
    The same sensation of the first time
    I felt when my own flesh and blood
    father left me behind to wander in a world alone
    when he promised me a world of my own.
    The hollowness of the place
    he resided in before you,
    The same look people gave me back then.
    I was yet again, 
    An orphan who lost her parent,
    Her hero,
    She now lost her lover.
    I was orphaned still,
    With nothing and no one there for me.
    Instead, they all left me.
    And you were the last strike of hope for me,
    To find a home.
    To belong.
    But you shattered the heart,
    The soul,
    And my entire being.
    Taking me along with you,
    And leaving me all at once.
    How can I explain,
    These beatings in my chest,
    These sighs in my lungs,
    And the blood rushing in my veins,
    That they are inside of me,
    But they are all out,
    Strolling the streets,
    Lost, searching for their home.
    My papa left me,
    My momma neglected me.
    And Daddy... 
    Daddy abandoned me…

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    Dharmil Nandani

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    Na jane kitna dard chupa hai uske 'I'm fine' ke piche....

    Na koi saath h or na hi koi upr-neeche....



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    Acknowledging that they don't have a selfless mother waiting for them to come home.. to serve and feed them with their own hands.. Or a doting father to put them to sleep in his arms.. even after an exhaustive day at work..

    The heart to accept the truth of being an orphan and live with it devoid of any expectations whatsoever.. is something I wish no one ever faced in life..!!

    It certainly melts your heart when you see those little angels running towards you as if you were their very own..they hug you as if they were returning back to their parents!!

    How ironic!!

    And here we are.. blessed with our most important treasure in life..our parents and all we could do is we care less about them and gleefully send them off to old-age shelters!!

    A visit to an orphanage is an eye-opener!!


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    Light the candle
    This world of serenity and tranquility,
    Flaming with the beauty of Love
    Let the beauty out of you
    ignite the faces of our dear orphans with
    A little smile, a little grin.

    I wrote this poem for the world to heal the pain and suffering of our orphans who has lost their parents,who were miserably abandoned by their parents permanently to face life difficulties.

    Stand up for all orphans at least one
    Reach one, each one, pull them up
    Most assuredly I stand for all orphans who are regarded notwithstanding by heartless men of this world. Rather cajole them into sex trade, streetism, drug abuse and child abuse.

    I believe the heart of mirakee is full of peace to help me stand for orphans in this world and on the bases of this poem my appreciation goes to writestolli for IS CANDLE MARCH ENOUGH? a Good initiative for all writersnetwork to help put a smile on the faces of our dignified family and friends of Orphans.
    They also deserve the beauty and the aroma of this world.

    How could they survive if we don't embrace them with love and care and it depends on you and me. Stand up to help, stand up to silence this immoral and negative acts they endeavor.

    An orphan is a child whose parents are dead or have been abandoned permanently.

    Every orphans would voice out that they want more than anything else to have a family, to be rich and to be establish in the world.

    This would enable them to leave the prison of being an orphan. Searching for their birth parents, if they are still alive, or not. Embrace the love of their parents as other parents do to their children. They know in their thoughts that their parents will never look for them if they were abandoned. Sometimes lucky to be adopted by faithful parents.

    Nobody desire to be an orphan. It is lonely struggle, painful paddle, and frightening of life.

    First of all starvation is their fear. These children know people use their advantage over them. In the case of suffering chronic loss, without the psychological or physical protection they needed and certainly deserve to be treated well since they were are starving. Living them to abnormalities and death zones, going through a lots of repeated abandonment experiences. With this shame arises from the painful message they received from people: “You are not important. You are not of value. You don't deserve to be here. What is your purpose? ” This is painful and hurting statements to them and to us when we found ourselves in their shoes. From which people like us need to heal them.

    Furthermore Children have great intentions and understanding of individual caring. They are dependent on caretakers to provide safety environment in which they live. When this safety is not physically seen happening, they grow up believing that the world is an unsafe place, the world is full of untrusted entities, and that they don't deserve attention and adequate defensive care.

    They become psychic. They don't receive emotional environment necessary for healthy development. Emotional abandonment occurs when a child hide inner potentials and rather accept the other part of him or her to be accepted, or to not be rejected.

    This emotional Abandonment leads to distortion and confusion. This make them unsound, having false beliefs, and disabilities of specified behavior of those who hurt them.

    This create wounds very deep in their hearts and minds at younger age, and this very pain still exist, felt today in our world. The causes of emotional pain needs understanding and well acceptable to be heal. Until that occurs, the pain will stay in them, becoming a driving force in their adult lives.

    Since they lost their lovely parents and there is no one to take care of them, there is high risk of abuse because they have no one to look out for their best out of them. They indulge in physical abuse, sexual and drugs abuse. In other word they got hired for sex trade and selling of drugs to users.

    Mostly of the teenagers in this practice get pregnant and in the expense of abortion they die. Very pitiful

    Some give birth and go through traumatic situations of how to cater for their children since they don't have money or job to support them.

    To understand these experiences, individuals become broken, guilty, depressed, untrusting, and in need of immense psychic healing. With no government putting in place good policies and programs to identify them. Programs and association like Unemployment Policies of Insurance for orphans, Free Health Medical Attention, orphanage cafe, welfare programs, and House Fosters Association should be set, help them instead left them to beg on the streets.

    I thereby stand to light the candle for our children because I believe, we believe they are no longer orphans but have become members of our family.

    My great wish and pleasure is that they also receive encouragement, prayers, love, education, shelter, food and all the other essentials need pertaining to humanity. This opens to them a glimpse of family in God look like.

    God is the father to all fatherless.
    John 14:18
    [18]I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you. Indwelling of the Father and the Son

    Let us not boast of our religion if we can't love to keep a little glimpse of smile on their face of our orphans. I believe no religion will abandon or relent them where they don't belong.

    James 1:27
    [27]Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

    God bless you!

    To all people of writersnetwork and mirakee Community, I encourage you all to participate much in this initiatives brought up by writerstolli to our venerable members who need to understand the importance of we writers the benefits of our poems, quotes and prose to the world at large a positive change. Thank you.

    Countless foil
    Yawning, my language
    Orphanage, home of comfort
    swim in the pool of poverty
    Under famine, pain and suffering
    Regardless of Fruitless count of hope and favor
    Oh orphans! My name
    Creeping, weeping, craving for food
    Left on streetism, begging for money
    Surviving on child abuse and sex trade
    Pity l am, helpless before heartless of men
    Beyond the stars I found my refuge
    Cloven in the Grace of God.
    Heart of mercy, I felt love
    Endless Love entreaty
    With this I'm gratify

    #writerspage #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeenetwork #yourqoutein #readwriteunite #writersworld #writerstolli #orphanage

    @believersrejoice @Clemjas @jaydmarvin @iammusaafiir

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    Today I went to an orphanage
    Saw the children so encouraged
    They were so merry
    But no one to carry
    Still were at peace
    So much at ease
    I wander how a child could live here
    Do they have no fear
    No parent to look after
    Still among them is a huge laughter
    They have no one to devote
    They themselves were their only support.

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    Old age and Orphanage

    Uncle and aunt, don't send me to the orphanage
    I don't want to go there, it is like a cage.
    Instead send me to an old age home,
    Where I will get my parents back and I can freely roam.
    Their children left them as my parents did,
    They are poor oldies and I am unlucky kid.
    We became burden to our family as I was kid and they were old,
    What actually was our mistake, nobody told.
    I want their old hands to nurture me,
    I want to be the eyes of those who can't see.
    Both of us are in the same boat,
    Love is the only thrist in our throat.

  • _aarzoo_ 160w


    Wo pyaari si hasi, chehre masoom si kali.

    Ghar me unke padi ek dastak, dil gaya khushiyon se chehak.

    Sapne dekhne lagi wo aankhein, umeedon se bhari thi unki batein.
    Dekh khuli rango ki jholi, kheli unhone khusiyon ki Holi!

    Fir naya ujala aya, sang naye sapne bhi laya.

    Ankhein karni lagi intezaar wo rahat, zindagi me unki jo fir dega aahat.


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    Theme: Old age and orphanage
    This is one of those poems in which I truly poured all of my emotions. Looking at the petrifying situation of the people of old age homes and the innocent kids in the orphanages, I was somehow able to relate their conditions and was deeply touch by it. Digging deeper, I was also introduced to a few surreptitious facts that I'm too ashamed of to hold inside. Today, 80% children in the orphanages have biological families but are being sent to lives like that because of the daunting issue of poverty. And old age homes? What can I say...children accepting their parents as nothing but burden is shameless and cold hearted in itself. Today, I raise this question to each and everyone who considered himself or herself a real 'human', why are humans forgetting the meaning if humanity?
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee #pod @clifton2 @meghasharma @whisp3rs @laughing_soul @geraldine_mary @readwriteunite @ayushsangwan #old_age #orphanage #the_bitter_truth

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    The Flame Of Belief

    Rocking myself in the cradle of sympathy,
    beside a bouquet of dried daisies and lies,
    I was searching for a thousand constellation's radiance,
    that always glistened for me through my child's eyes:
    Just another memory of time's illuminant disguise.

    Even in the blues of abandonment, my heart awaits,
    in a hope kindled by our jubilation's antique,
    for my child to return and again find happiness within me.
    But then, the frost of actuality touched my cheek,
    and the flame of belief flickered within me.

    Living the tenebrous life of stray dogs,
    never was I told, what being loved mean.
    Like a curse of burden, I had places none where I belonged,
    With a desperate twine of delusional dreams,
    to touch a sunbeam that could soothe my pain, I longed.

    Yet at a tender age, I believed in the power of hope,
    that I'll never be ever called an 'annoying freak',
    that I'll show the world, which superhero hides within me.
    But then, the frost of actuality touched my cheek,
    and the flame of belief flickered within me.

    Let's give them a family where they may truly belong,
    a world where only contentment in their heart may speak,
    where in the dance of sunbeams, their gaze glimmers like gems,
    where the warmth of actuality may kiss their cheek,
    and the flame of belief may rekindle within them.


  • may_be_you_dont_know_me 178w

    Dear government please combine orphanage and old age home together
    Kisi to maa-baap mil jayenge...kisi ko bacche mil jaenge...❤

  • rjs_11 185w

    Visited an Orphanage yesterday for an open mic session...but it was more than anything!!
    Please don't be rude to any child or troll them, they're human beings too..your smile could lighten up their faces too.❤️
    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #orphanage #smile

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    I've seen happiness in the most darkest places hidden under those innocent faces.

  • sharadabanan 186w


    Dark walls soaked in tear
    Frail figures shaking in fear
    Muffled screams echoed all nights
    Tiles smeared with the blood of Innocents
    Before their puberty, virginity was crushed
    Between dusk and dawn
    their dreams perished
    House for the orphaned
    Meant for the abandoned
    Some in the bushes
    Some under the bridges
    Babies born in poverty
    Hunger bowed before the guilty
    Dumped in the orphanage unwanted
    No other place they wanted ?
    Every day they lived in fear
    Every moment seemed like a nightmare
    By sunset faces smeared in makeup
    Fancy cars waited to pick up
    Unwilling bodies tossed in the vehicle
    Their intention was diabolical
    Night spent in hellish torture
    Brutes conveniently forgot their culture
    Spineless neighbors acted mute
    Lacked courage to lift the destitute
    Caged and shackled in day time
    Released for entertainment at night time
    Until one day, a bird gathered courage
    Flew to freedom without their knowledge
    There was chaos everywhere
    Ray of hope rising somewhere
    But there are numerous hidden cages
    Every bird is not courageous
    They also wanted to fly high
    Wanted to touch the blue sky
    Some unseen hand pulls them back
    To rot and die in the same shack

  • purusothaman 188w


    Why abortion? What is the reason of abortion? After abortion, how a girl is going through many thing mentally and physically? How much pain she has? Is abortion ethical or unethical? What is the role of a doctor and hospital? Even some couple does not have a child, they adopt a baby. What is the role of orphanage? Who sponsor money for orphanage? Are all children treated well in orphanage?

  • livingwithstories 195w

    Staring into the night the sky they tried to find their parents among the stars, totally unknown to the fact that they might actually exist somewhere on Earth.....#young#livingwithstories #StorytellingWriter #hidden #truth #MaybeSomewhereOnEarth #parents #boy #girl #orphanage #Earth #untwineme #untwineindia #untwineindia #hootsiren #writerscreed @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    Maybe Somewhere On Earth

    Staring into the night sky, the young boy and girl were looking at the stars to find out which of those were their parents.

    Looking at both of them, she thought to herself "I wish I could tell them the truth!"

    She had been running the orphanage for quite some time and every little kid was told that their parents were dead.

    That young girl and boy were probably left at the orphanage by their parents, a truth that could never be told to them or confirmed.

  • miti_sengupta 202w

    @writersnetwork @sroddha
    I know the baby in the pic is not adopted though ����
    #stitch #adopt #orphanage #happiness #life #his #unsew #misery #him #they #writersnetwork

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    They adopted him from the orphanage and stitched happiness in his life while unsewing his miseries.

  • yaniraaaa 206w

    The Orphanage

    There was an orphanage in which no one was allowed near.  The street that it was on was barricaded from the society in which they lived in. The only way they were to let you in, was  if you were truly the same disturbed as the children. 

    No adults was allowed within those walls . Not even normal parents who were interested in adopting the children wee allowed. No one besides a simple group who never showed their faces. They were always in black and always coming out an hour later with 2/3 kids at their side. 

    You see, you come to realization that the fence around the orphanage is to keep the public safe from the kids -- not the other way around.  There was always signs around the small town. Signs in which, the Caution Sign "Children at play" is not what it seemed, but rather a warning sign. 

    Everyone knew there was something "wrong" with that orphanage. It didn't seem as others would be. It was rather a place in which the locals wouldn't want to go anywhere near it.  Not if they didn't have to. 

    Everyone, including the children who had family. The ones on the outside all knew. Yet one day everyone in your neighborhood starts to become paranoid and begins to lock every door and window each night out of fear of "the monsters." You think they have all gone  crazy and overreacting, until you start to hear voices whisper to you outside the window...

    You notice at the same time, there was a birdsong coming from within the orphanage's walls. You start to notice the children make their way out of those thick and heavy doors. There was something odd about them... 

    Something didn't seem right... 

    Something was wrong...

    too awfully wrong, for they seem to have came to stare directly into your window...  

  • innocenther_18 207w


    In schools,
    everyone had their special day once a year.
    Casual wears, new stationary and lots of chocolate showed their celebration,
    while he along with his every friends and members of his orphanage
    had 1st January
    as none of them knew their birthday dates...

    He never wore casuals to school and
    didn't distribute chocolates to celebrate any special day,
    as.. though he had sisters and brothers from another mother,
    he was abandoned by his own
    on the same day.

    Instagram @innocenther_18

  • mahita_cheruba 210w


    Peeping through the window
    Looking in the nearest meadow
    Seeing a beautiful family
    Spending time so cheerfully
    Toddler cared by his mother
    Pranksters pranck their father
    Smile plastered on their face
    That lights the entire place
    Enjoying the view of everyone
    But worrying cause I have none
    Standing here so lonely
    Longing for a loving family
    In my dreams do i rove
    Hunting for shadows of love
    I may not find them today
    But I will someday
    Engrosed in my dreams
    Wiping the flow of salty creams
    Coming into reality
    Cursing my stupidity
    Finding myself locked up in a cage
    No where but in the orphanage