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  • iamsatyajitrout 3w

    Agony is...
    We always find ways to complete our lives...
    By capturing moments...
    But we can't actually capture these...
    We need to cherish...
    Cherish those happy moments...
    Like eagle cherishes clouds...
    Cloud loves eagle...
    Love like you can feel that love...
    Pursue happiness like never before...
    Live life like last day...

  • 7peace 7w

    Without other there is no self

  • rehena 9w

    #other's thoughts

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    Other's thoughts

    They thought life was easy
    Never knowing
    What she has been through

    Those argunents
    She had alone
    To herself
    Only to become someone
    Who she is today.

    They say she is spoiled
    She shows effects of ego's
    Never did they realise
    All she became like this
    Is all the experiences and pain
    She had gone through.

  • vinivic 10w


    We Both Lost Something You Lost Me And I Lost Time..!!

  • writeweird 10w

    I love Charlie Kaufman, my twitter name is dedicated to him, and so is this poem. i hope you enjoy it.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    #writersnetwork #movie #film #poetry #poem
    #dark #fantasy #abstract #other #dark #love

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    Charlie Kaufman

    somedays I'm more scared
    than the others

    more susceptible to the
    diseases of the mind

    that lay their bare hands
    on my chest and

    weave it down

    hammer on the uncertainty
    of the coming morning

    meld the steel that dangles
    from the ceiling

    waiting to pounce at any
    unsuspecting moment of
    failure and dread

    in the dead of the night
    when the sun awakens

    and ever so suddenly
    the moon bursts into flames

    all the stars falling in a
    fiery ball of madness

    circling the streets sniffing
    at the despair that haunts the
    dreams of crying children

    lost to the dark alleys and
    smoke, and powder

    perching on the threads of
    looming crisis of faith and
    all things miserable

    the melancholy of which is
    lost on the swaying trees and
    the singing birds

    the lonely man living up
    in the mountains has no inkling
    of the cascading apocalypse

    that is all over the news in
    small fine words while an angry
    man screams at people for
    not paying attention to what he's

    over and over again until
    it's time to show the magic
    of make belief

    only if magic was a real thing
    so many things would have been

    the world would be a different
    place albeit a similar one

    the kind that lives in your
    head and prospers in your mind

    the kind Charlie Kaufman
    knows about.


  • hk55555 18w


    The moonlight is sad as no one adores him as they adore the sun
    The sun laughed at the moonlight for being not loved 
    In the night when the moonlight fell on water
    He sees water dullness fade away and looks even purer and happy
    After the Moonlight understand his power 
    So it decided to heal a person  broken hopes & heart
    The sun laughter at him on his crazy plan
    But the moonlight is determined to fight with the sun.
    Moonlight meets a person with nasty scares
    That person is on the verge of breaking like a shooting star
    No one tried to protect him as they want to use 
    him to make their wish come true.
    The moonlight fell on him heal that person's heart 
    It  also gave him hopes to win the world
    But the other envy with little star
    That star with pure heart invite others to share the joy
    But their envy ceased them to feel the happiness 
    They even tried to again break little star heart
    But the power of moonlight is sufficient 
    To make that star shine even brighter even the sun.
    Now no stop him to touch the sky.
    The moonlight is happy to see the healed 
    and happy star.
    Now sun understand his mistake after that he never laughs at him

  • unhinderedwriter 23w

    "There is no other."


  • bclark2681 27w

    Act As Other

    Humans play the part
    Acting like some other
    Mechanism self defense
    Hiding genuine colors
    Lying at our own expense
    Of losing our self author
    After born of innocence
    We quickly learn to cover

  • hanzo_ 27w


    Sometimes you have to face through the fear just to see the beauty on other side.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 31w

    Humnai daway kiye thay bohat tumhai aapna naam na dekhanai ka
    Kya karay! Halaat aaisay baan jatay hai
    Ki humai daar rehta hai kahi tum humai kho na doo aur hum tumhai kho na dai...

  • writeweird 32w

    i just want things to be easy

    i got my head checked
    it was full of insects

    i'd rather it be empty
    i just want things to be easy

    i saw the world end on the tv
    now i can't sleep i feel dreamy

    i'm on my bed
    i hope they don't see me

    i should stop talking
    and pay my respect

    but i got my heart wrecked
    trying to find a suspect

    i suspect it won't be easy
    they took my eyes when i wasn't looking

    i can hear them from the insides
    but i can't look in

    i can taste what they're smoking
    it's so soothing

    it's making me hungry
    i've never been more thirsty

    i want what they have
    i want what they provide

    i just want things to be easy
    i want them to eat me

    i saw the world end on the tv
    there's nothing outside


  • sheikh_huzaifa 34w

    Why don't people stay after getting separate from each other?
    It is not necessary that we have to be one!
    But, we can make our relation with friendship till the last breath.....
    After separating from each other!
    It is not necessary to leave each other...
    You can make a bond of friendship....
    Am I right or wrong?
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    Log aksaar jab aapnai pyar ko kho baith tay hai na
    Wo phir muqamal tareeqay say alag ho jatay hai
    Kabhi kabar aik na honay ki wajah say durr ho jatay hai
    Par inn logu ki aakil kaha hoti hai!
    Kam say kam agar aik nahi ho saktay
    Par sath toh day saktay hai na aik dusray ka
    Dosti ka rishta nibhaa k.....

  • sheikh_huzaifa 34w

    I want a friendship!
    Whom we can built a empire,
    That empire which no one can break
    That empire in our heart's where we always remember our memories and each other...
    We can't be one, but we can build an empire filled by our friendship....
    #friendship #true #friend #empire #build #heart #memories #remember #each #other #always #live #life #happy #happier #happiest #love #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    Tum kuch kehtay nahi
    Hum b kuch kehtay nahi
    Par tumhari tasweer hi saab kuch keh jati hai
    Itna toh pehchaan liya hai tumko
    Waqt utna na guzra humaray beech
    Bs jo waqt guzra ausi waqt mai aik dusray ko samajh liya
    Dostt thay aur hamesha dostt hi rahain gay
    Umeed hai aus dosti ki jo hamesha kayim rahay gi
    Aik dusray ka sath aaisay daitay ki har pal woh khushi samaa jati
    Har din khushi ka din hota.....

  • writeweird 39w

    yours even ever after

    between, there lies my burden
    on my knees i am but a servant

    serving at your feet as i've done
    a thousand times before

    swollen gaze
    resting upon your eyes

    i can't flinch
    and catch me by surprise

    bound in chains, kissed by
    perversion --

    i want to taste your
    addictive lies

    corrupted conscience
    lost in sermons

    you're so vindictive it'll
    never suffice

    you and i cannot

    in this malfunctioning

    spiralling through summer
    as it grows

    into autumn, uncertain,
    of the winter that passes by

    in that weakness i find myself
    drawn to you

    in your arms of ruthless

    suffocate me with your
    fruitful diversions

    the more i am awake
    more it worsens

    i'm barely alive haunted
    by desertion

    desperate for an escape
    from this burden

    yours even ever after,
    i am truly yours.


  • writeweird 46w

    it's a desolate kingdom

    people fighting people
    it's a desolate kingdom, friend

    scars travel deeper
    and taste bitter at the ends

    'tis kingdom of dust
    will return once all is spent

    filled with hateful disgust
    and days of discontent

    it's a desolate kingdom
    for it's the desolate kingdom

    and that's all it is at the end

    people fighting people
    biting at the clay

    molding debts and demons
    out of statutes to pray

    barren and without free men
    whales come out to play

    the sun won't shine
    for days

    and the sun won't shine
    for days,

    ghosts, you cannot see them
    and they're here to stay --

    it's a desolate kingdom
    for it's the desolate kingdom

    till the end of days.


  • writeweird 48w

    I'm not sure of the many things I write, it's not my job to interpret for you how you see me. I hope and I really do, my words find you at your best for I'm sure I do not wish a bad day on you, but by whatever chance if you do feel as if nothing means nothing, I hope you find hope. I hope you find it near and soon. I hope.

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    #hurt #pain #dark #down #depressed
    #hope #india #day #feb #original #other

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    maybe it was hope

    hope is uncertain

    it's not a real thing that
    can be quantified

    it's not like love
    nor like hate

    it's far too easy to
    give up

    and far too brittle
    to put all your faith in

    but dare i say
    hope is beautiful

    it transcends what
    we know about the world

    that it exists in
    the same universe
    as this --

    with all its suffering
    and mayhem

    violence and morbidity

    it speaks of how
    far we've come

    from the brink
    of nothingness

    that pushed existence
    out and far

    maybe it was hope
    that made god


  • writeweird 51w

    forest's lighthouse

    beacon of hope
    emerald heart of mine

    frolicking in

    in a transparent

    pretending to be

    running amok
    in the golden fields,

    forcing the winds;

    and you can see
    heaven when

    the sun falls

    every dark hour

    and the beacon
    of hope,

    becomes me.


  • writeweird 52w

    this poem is about time and progression, memories, nostalgia, golden days and dark cold nights. I miss what has happened, and I'm afraid of what is going to be.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #dark #pain #abstract #hurt #black
    #absurd #time #india #other #misc
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #age #poem

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    where the day end's

    look at home,

    the night is dark
    and yet forgetful

    warm room with
    bodies sound asleep

    cosy air breathes
    through the windows

    as the leaves fall
    somewhere in the future

    and a rainy day
    is on the offering

    carelessly stoking
    arms of the clock

    it's a shelter still
    this warm room

    filled with things
    that will be --

    old and dying,

    as the leaves fall
    somewhere in the future

    for enough springs have
    come to pass

    now that i sit here
    looking at old photographs,

    visiting home.


  • sane34 52w

    To be with a being other than yourself, to know how the other has a self different from you and you have a self different from the other, the realisation that you need the other as a company or gratification of desire must only rise I believe with a mutual understanding that the other be a company as such that you feel with this one you can go against a world, conquer and perhaps fail together and with long commitment of abominable friendship as a friend philospher and guide, than mere ordinary lovers. Hence, there will be culmination of respect, the understanding that "one is merely a human".

    And still beyond.


  • writeweird 52w

    the clock ticks to magic tricks.

    #dark #thoughts #other

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    i know what you're thinking it's not true

    there is no truth but the moment
    you are in right now

    the world is ever changing and breathing
    life into empty spaces

    some become white clouds and
    blue skies

    some become a forest where my
    thoughts go to die

    decompose into flesh and bones
    and tears

    boarded windows from which the
    red eyes pry in

    remain a constant reminder
    that there must've been so much

    everything came crashing down
    from heaven

    and created this ever lasting
    moment until it dies

    a horrible death in the never
    ending silence

    freed of the violence that
    gives birth to life

    one catastrophe a time.