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  • enxzone 5w

    In the Lands That We Sowed and Developed..
    We the People Associate Autonomy..
    As the People Themselves bask in Loquacity..
    As we Seek and Wail the Chosens Disband..
    Savoring the Act with Jacosity..
    Only to Retrace when Water Shallows..
    Irony being, We Accept Them as Our Shadows..
    Erupting Yet for a Sense of Freedom that's Already Eaten..
    We Fail to Realise We have Already Lost our Garden of Eden.

  • dreamersneverlearn 5w

    Ode to the introvert

    I see your face as you walk through the door
    Nervously glancing around the room
    Just an average day ,
    until your anxiety comes out to play
    You don't want to be here
    Too many people with endless conversation
    You'd rather be home
    You're being awfully silent
    They put you to the test...
    Questions and inquiries as to why you're not like the rest
    You feel their eyes on you ...
    They dont understand
    You don't fit the mold
    You're a problem that needs solving
    Why aren't you laughing ? Why do you feel uncomfortable?
    They will help you be normal &
    become someone new
    Don't change a thing , my fellow outcast
    Everyone is different
    There's nothing wrong with you

  • bushbaby 18w

    The Outcast

    Who are you, sculpted Downcast,
    Bitter, frowning lass,
    Twiddling your thumbs 'fore you speak?
    Missing a tongue,
    Wearing fretful, furrowed brows,
    Smiling, yet, as you lie through your teeth?

    Who are you, befriending Lonely,
    Fibbing you were bored when
    I caught you peeking through the slits in the blinds?
    Longing gaze fixated on the gathering,
    The tender moonlight guiding
    Paths of silent tears hastily running
    From some hidden horror in your eyes?

    Who are you, masked as Mean,
    A side of you I've never seen,
    Barking like a dog demanding
    To be free of its leash?
    You are the outcast,
    Invisible to a tolerant glance,
    Tragic, self-fulfilling prophetic tale
    See, cages create criminals
    Just as criminals play charades;
    And for the two of us,
    It seems
    Our label materialised into a cage.


  • yourpoohbear 25w


    There’s a stillness inside you
    That refuses to explore,
    They are loud and quite disturbing
    And they fight a losing war.
    I am here to tell a secret:
    You are not what once had been.
    You’re a hoard of outstretched liars
    And a soul remains unseen.
    Your reflection doesn’t know you,
    Although you’re living in the mirror,
    You’re ashamed of what you look like,
    So you’re always aiming to get thinner.
    You don’t like your smile
    Or the “abomination” of your face,
    The kids at school are mean
    So you’re feeling out of place.
    You feel all eyes are on you
    So you duck your head in shame.
    You’re blushing at that cute boy
    But he’ll never look your way.
    Your clothes are more than modest
    And you admire all these models.
    You worship weight loss tea,
    Sipping out of baby bottles.
    You know life has no meaning
    So you don’t know why you’d try.
    You will be stuck on land
    Unless you’re aiming for the sky.
    You are right where you started,
    You haven’t even moved an inch. Whenever anyone gets closer
    You know you always flinch.
    It’s like you’re in oblivion
    Where there’s no one left to greet you.
    You try to take a step forward-
    But your feet will never get too.

    #stillness #feet #sky #outcast #flinch

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    It’s like you’re in oblivion
    Where there’s no one left to greet you.
    You try to take a step forward-
    But your feet will never get to.

  • dreamersneverlearn 29w

    That girl

    Theres a voice inside me , that lights the sky
    A presence of both strength and pain
    She laughs at anger and sings aloud
    She is the girl
    I always wanted to be
    Her dreams are endless
    And bound to appear
    Her past is haunting
    But still, nothing she fears
    Anxiety is an illusion she can keep afar
    She is the life of the party
    No awkward exchange
    She believes she's special..
    An orchid that grew from toxic waste
    Her life will be adventure
    Her love will be intoxicating
    Her dreams will not die
    But i am a hopeless broken woman
    A mere fan of her dance
    Desperately clinging to that optimistic girl whose voice can light the sky

  • dreamersneverlearn 29w

    Take me to The woods

    This hip modern world is not my place
    Its filled to the brim with absolute hate
    We judge and argue over a simple opinion
    Its almost like we refuse to agree
    All these hateful comments online
    so proud you must be
    You proved to the world you're ever so cool
    This modern world is filled with fools
    The earth is slowly dying
    Wars continue to rage
    You'd think we'd ban together
    We are a " Christian Nation" after all
    I thought you christians believed in peace?
    Instead you're targeting gays and spreading more hate
    Ahh even as a child i could see
    this world was never meant for me

  • pallavi4 33w


    I am not like the others you know
    Unlike anyone you’ve ever met before
    The scars I still bear from my past have made me
    A poet writing rhyming metaphors

    Anxiety prone am I to daily events
    Depressive and lacking confidence inside
    I prefer melting into a crowd indefinitely
    In an attempt to my flaws hide

    I wear a heavy cloak of invisibility
    Where I become inconspicuous to the world
    It makes it easier to cower from the mean
    Things that at me may be hurled

    Being different is a powerful thing
    I’ve often heard people say
    I wish they could walk in my shoes
    If only for just for a few hours in a day

    Plagued by self doubt and lack of self esteem
    That stem from my abusive childhood
    Affect the way I see the world and in the
    Little ways I need myself to be understood

    I am not the man you think you know
    My insides don’t match what’s outside
    You think I’m strong because I look tough
    All the while in knots my stomach is tied

    Unable to grasp and take things in my stride
    I struggle badly with relationships in general
    Unable to comprehend what others mean
    I come across as crude and unamenable

    Conscious of the way I look and behave
    I feel like an outsider most of the time
    Not able to grab happiness like others I make do
    With making the lines of my poems rhyme

    Outwardly everything seems fine to others
    Because these secrets deep within me lie
    People like happy people and towards others
    They simply turn a blind eye


    30th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • heyoka_warrior 35w

    I once witnessed an alien spaceship
    One night in the middle of a town feast;
    A flying UFO with colorful lights;
    Raised my head out of the blue, I saw it;
    A kid saw it too—I wonder if some people did.

    I dreamt of aliens a few times in my sleep—
    Greys or whites and browns I recall;
    White spaceships were invading the place—
    Deflated balloons as they touched the ground;
    While browns told me some things— I forgot.

    There was also when I was in the moon;
    It's like there's alien war and explosion;
    And something's after me I guess;
    I avoided it or did I pray and overcome?
    Just one of the odd dreams, faint memories.

    I have a T-shirt with alien and spaceship print;
    When I was lost exploring in the darkness,
    I was drawn to them because I felt the same;
    Like an alien, an outcast, a loner, an odd one
    Did I find harmony with their cold company.


  • heyoka_warrior 36w

    Breech Journey

    From God's breath of life in mum's womb,
    An embryo was formed, a peculiar;
    Head up, feet down, why didn't I turn?
    I was conceived, received in wonder.

    Did the thunder beings favor me?
    Did lightning strikes when I was born?
    I didn't choose nor did I plan this;
    Did God thinks it's best for me?

    Breech birth it was but not Caesarean
    For I did come out of mum's birth canal;
    Was I forced to do it or did I finally decide
    To face the world with strange eyes?

    Childhood years were not so pleasant
    With all its drama, pain, and lessons;
    An outcast in this exile, I bore
    The weight of my life's purpose.

    Darkness was fond of me, I adopted
    The void, the depths, the fire, the storms;
    My soul was battered, mind injured
    From fighting foes and my violent demons.

    Innocence torn like broken angel wings,
    My wounds they turned into wisdom;
    Obstacles bumped along the way, I fell;
    Thank God, my Messiah caught me.

    I came out fine, resilient, and able
    With carefree, happy-go-lucky nature;
    I withstood the serious blows and thrived;
    God upheld me in the power of His might.

    With all sobriety I focused on the race
    By the grace of my Lord and Savior;
    He shall finish in me until my last journey
    And I shall dwell in His Presence forever.


  • dreamersneverlearn 36w

    Baltimore refugee

    I can't wait to escape this town
    Me and my baby
    Hand in hand
    All you false jokers, leave you all behind
    Banish your cruel words from my mind
    Apathetic people trying to be so cool
    Sacrifice your own integrity
    You all look like fools
    Constantly trying to drag us down ,
    Gain more likes on the web
    Maybe try making a real friend instead?
    But that requires loyalty and trust
    Something toxic people always do lack
    I can't wait to escape this town
    Me and my baby on the right track
    Hand in hand never looking back

  • wiredweirdly 43w

    I just now saw that I've got more than 200 followers. I know this might not be a big number for y'all bit it is for me, really. Thank you so much everyone following me, reading my scribbles, liking, reposting them. I'll be more than happy if my writings help or comfort any of you in any way. I'm still far off from being an eloquent writer but still I try to vent my feelings out in this form. It has come to comfort me somehow. So if it helps even a single one of you, i'll try harder to improve.
    Also this one's dedicated to my comfort people (special thanks to bangtan sonyeondan my bts men) they all really got me going through rough patches in life (I'm not that old haha no i am but yeah life's becomes tough sometimes). This is my pathetic attempt at thanking them in this way. Someday I'm gonna write something really cool (like 5% romantic poetic my loml, bias Namjoon says, write haha who am i kidding?)
    #comfort #support #cold #darkness #light #smile #stay #alone #outcast #possession #miracle #thankyou #bts #bangtansonyeondan #bangtan #namjoon #friends #love #dedicated #mirakee #writersnetwork #writing #readwriteunite #mirakeewriters #scribbles #grateful

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    surviving in that far off place
    among people who couldn't care less
    they said i would never be a part of them
    for my notions were nonchalantly side stepped
    but you staying beside was a miracle
    it still is one of my biggest possession
    you who held my hand
    waited till i was ready
    comforting, supporting me through thick and thin
    finding you was like returning back to home
    and i hope you know
    you are the reason
    for our million smiles shining bright.


  • sam_no_mi_ma 44w


    An outcast
    An outcast is always an outcast
    Breath, broken
    Tears and secrets
    All hidden
    The shade of being someone else
    The skin of the surrounding
    Cast over poor spirit
    Strong and steady yet a weakling
    Someone else, a changed self
    Yet an outcast
    Always an outcast


  • warriorofthenight 47w

    Soaked Gown

    They don't understand and she knew they never would
    She'll never tell her story, even if she could
    She was a lady, well bred and raised
    Now she's an outcast, fending for herself though fazed
    Life will throw you in the dirt and take away your home
    She's learned to improvise, adapt, walk the unknown.
    She stood in a soaked gown
    On a ruined cloud,
    On the edge of town
    She looked at society,
    Scandals, offence, impropriety
    She bore arrows of truth,
    Old soul yet in youth
    And laughed at our fragile pride.
    We're no longer life or death,
    We're no longer thankful for every breath!
    She's away from technology, from our toxic culture
    People waiting for you to trip up so they can swoop in like a vulture.
    She stood in the gown she wore while we threw her away,
    On a disbanding cloud of dreams to be betrayed,
    On the edge of the axiom of our perfect little town
    She didn't want back, nor look with a frown
    She found something much better; a natural euphoria
    Mayhaps we'll join her to leave these lies and dysphoria.

  • close_stranger 50w


    Being MYSELF does it mean to be OUTCAST from society?

  • feuillesfall 55w

    I became an outcast,
    In the society I once belong
    Memories didn't last
    For what I remembered is wrong
    That I remembered,
    I am one of them
    That I was brilliant
    But there are things I can't
    I can't do but I should,
    Then I think and ponder
    But I am always wrong
    So my thoughts were void
    Void, sans perception
    That was their critic
    I was judged but
    I idolize them for being perfect!



    #outcast #alone #lonely #mirakee #writersnetwork #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #filipino @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay

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  • dreamersneverlearn 61w


    My days are empty
    Telling friends I'll be there soon
    I sit & let the day pass by
    Living in my broken mind
    This is where i want to be
    Just a pen and me
    It's no offense , in fact my opinion of you is nothing but the best
    I guess .. I'm just different than the rest
    My mind is broken
    I crave fireworks
    So i dive into the fire , as it burns I feel alive
    A new plan is made seems a good fit
    By the time it hatches I'm bored with it
    My life is shattered
    Running in circles has left me exhausted
    I dug this hole with secrets and lies
    Even I , ask myself why
    Yet only I have the key
    But my mind conveniently
    Hides it from me

  • emopoet 64w

    #Outcast is something that I went through... It's that feeling when you can't be understood by anyone but you have to stay be people's side and pretend that nothing happened. And then... You're waiting for someone... Anyone.... To just listen... Listen to what you have to say....

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    On the outskirts of the conversations
    Unnoticed I stay; feeding on
    The scraps of life people throw away
    Cast out & looked down; there I stay
    Awaiting for someone to hear my say
    Someday, maybe I'll be included
    Till then I live; like a ghost in an array

  • james_taumas 67w


    People pass by
    Ignore me
    Embarrassed and disgusted
    Clothes now rags
    Saturated in filth
    Contain my trauma
    Unforgiving streets
    Spare change drizzles
    Kind souls takes pity
    Night arrives
    Pavement now my bed.


  • pallavi4 76w


    I am an outsider , a pariah
    A creature who is unwanted
    I am a vagabond , a castaway
    One whose existence is unwarranted

    I was duped and tricked
    Into doing something I did not want
    And then slowly and slyly pushed out
    Till I turned haggard and gaunt

    To be a vagrant and look to the inside
    Wondering what it would be like
    To be accepted and absorbed
    Instead of your head being put on a pike

    It is difficult to remain a fugitive
    And have to fend for oneself
    While others make merry
    And throughly enjoy themselves

    To stand alone and on the outside
    Takes a different kind of courage
    To stand strong and resilient
    Even when you are disparaged

    I am untouchable, a refugee
    I am both unembarrassed and unashamed
    I may never be one of the crowd
    I may never be allowed in again

    Inspite of knowing what is true
    When others choose to close their eyes
    It is better to stand alone with the truth
    Than be together with them in their lies


    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Automat (1927), the haunting beauty of being an outcast by Edward Hopper

    2nd of August, 2020

    #blue_pov @bluepuppy01 #outcast #outsider #vagabond @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • mysterious_soul__ 78w

    Dear Hatred.

    You hate the changes in me;
    Have you witnessed the reason ?
    You hate the 'chaos' of me;
    Did you wait and listen ?
    You hate the choices of me;
    Have you left any option ?
    You hate that I left you;
    About my outcast, did you mention ?