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  • enxzone 4w

    The Rain Did not Only Downpour on Me..
    It Took me Some Time to Agree Upon..
    Trying to fit in to a Stereotype..
    I Failed to Idolize Myself..
    Desperately Seeking for Protection..
    Disregarding Myself Being My Protector..
    I Alone am not Poured By Such Misery..
    Countless Among Us While Hide Such Misery..
    I Decided My Injury to Glance Upon..
    Thoroughly While Acting Upon..
    My Life is Based On My Own Action's Wreak..
    And In Realising So, I Turned Unique.

  • genejo 5w

    Silent Power

    My spokesperson is my voice proudly with confidence with each word that my brain is now operating functionality to detach my lips to let my voice powerfully be heard outside our safe place that was hostility taken unfulfilled with the silence of claiming dominance of Fear that was used to silence me.

  • joban8 10w

    To let you rise

    Tere krke hi apni juh ton nasseya ,
    Tere krke hi tera shehr v shaddeya,
    Shadd k mulak, 7 samundar Paar aa k beh gya ....
    Tere nafey maukam krke sajjna -
    dil nu jeondeya ji dhakaun ton hi reh gya....


  • joban8 12w


    Tareek kandd dil di Te likh lyi ae,
    Dabb lyi asaa oh har chees sajna,
    Jehri Teri taang vich uth rahi ae,
    Naam bullan to hta lya ae ,
    Jeon di koshish tan Jari ae
    Par tattri nu tere dukha ne dba lya ve ...


  • captainfatimahabiba 13w

    #refrain @writersnetwork

    Dedicated to all the #heaARTists of @miraquill

    One shouldn't be recognizing an artist merely through the lenses of paints, colours, brushes, swirling the lines to draw some painting or twisting the words to produce a rhyming philosophy or performing some stunning stunt in front of camera or uttering the borrowed words on stage or something beyond or back the scene.

    Rather it needs to be cross introspective in order to plant every plant of the garden named, ART.

    //at first it's not something to be learned, acquired or taught but inherited, it is breathed in our breaths. //

    》》A new born baby is an artist in his own unique way, his single art of #crying to get him everything.
    》》A toddler's art of random #babbling surpasses the art of mature oration for being so pure so cute so natural.
    》》An infant's art of #discovery opens to him the doors of immeasurable joy.
    》》A kid's art of making innocent #excuses unfolds the ways to get escaped.
    》》A teenager's art to #feel is the beauty of youth indeed.

    //but then inheritance begins to get replaced by earning the learning...//

    When ,
    ☆ a girl begins to learn the art of #hiding fears.
    ♤and a boy learns the art to #overcome his.
    ♢a woman begins to learn the art of #comprising her wishes.
    ♧and a man to #adjust his needs.

    and it continues by preaching and practising and empathizing various arts of life that one finally learns the #art_to_live but the bell rings and the chapter and class gets over forever.

    Life is too short to live.
    So stop judging and start appreciating.

    ||Being artists we can never be perfect being differently oriented.
    But being heARTists , let's give a collective try to master this art of leading the hearts.||


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    The he-ART-ists

    The best of arts is to lead the hearts
    To nurture someone's bloom
    To inhibit someone's gloom
    Swirling the nib to wordify utopia
    Scrolling the brush to erase dystopia
    The best of arts is is to lead the hearts


  • artheartpoetry 9w

    .Go Ugly, Return a Masterpiece.


    My cross to bare is lack of confidence.
    The ability to must even a small amount
    of what I need to fool the world by telling
    them without words just what I'm about.

    I have fallen so short in my ability to bring
    the world around me to bow at my feet,
    Instead I have let everyone and everything
    Get under my skin and kill with me with defeat.

    If there is a god then I have chalked it to
    he never thought that I would need this armor.
    Instead I've a perfectly sculpted image of
    my horrors and all of my dishonor.

    But on this planet, on this earth that's not how it works.
    They didn't believe in change and never will.
    You are born with what your born with and
    from there, you must play the game.
    You must kill or be killed.

    So I've done all I can with all this ugly
    and I've aimed all my hopes high in the sky.
    I've vowed not to let the vultures make me their feast.
    I've kept my head down low enough that I will come out of this hell...a masterpiece.


  • cparker7 14w


    I'll stand strong to overcome any obstacles coming my way.

  • emyflorencemoses_ 17w

    Let's remember to teach our children to fall as we teach them to rise and shine
    Let's remind them it's okay to fail while we teach them to succeed
    Let them know it's fine to have a dream broken when they dream.
    Let's show them some things cannot be fixed as we fix small things for them
    Let's read them biographies while we let them watch happy endings
    Let's teach them life in the early stages so they're not shocked at reality!...

    Let's teach them this world will have trouble and that He has overcome the world!
    And that there is hope.

  • himashree08 19w

    The road I took was unknown that turned out to be most miserable in my life
    Going through all the phenomenon wasn't easily erased

    I kept walking to see the end
    Do you know what I earned?

    I earned a road leading to phenomenons opposing miseries


  • our_fallacy 24w

    Nothing will be forever held in darkness for light will always have a time to shine.
    Tryna write somthin inspirational here cause I normally do the opposite:/

    #poem #rose #overcome #darkness #light #writersnetwork #dull #dark

    Silhouette vanquishes the little rose
    Petals shaded dissonant
    And mourned as it
    Fall back into the moonlight shade

    Begiulness turned into
    Half cold crisp yellowish leaves
    As feuillemort when the moon summons
    The rose to dance back into it's umbra

    That night the sky bled
    Moon's rage covered the entire landscaping
    With solely the skin of rose in flames
    Calling out every last bit of blasphemy

    Dewdrops trespassers climb onto it's petals
    Draping around it's stems
    Light rays trail the sky
    As the moon flee back into its realm

    Alas the rose was set free...


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    Silhouette vanquishes the little rose
    Petals shaded dissonant
    And mourned as it
    Fall back into the moonlight shade

  • itsssiya 25w

    True To Me

    what does it mean to truly love someone 
    what does it mean to feel complete
    Will i ever know what love its like
    Its starting to physic me outt……
    Ohhh oh oo
    Is it just me 
    Am i being paranoid 
    Will i ever find someone to love
    Or will i be lonely baby…..

    Everybody has it 
    Some people want it
    But they cant have it 
    Is that someone me 
    Will i find someone 
    Its a small world 
    Will i find someone true to me 

    What does it mean the feelling of love
    What do i have to do to be enough
    Im losing hope 
    Its slipping away 
    Ohhh oh oo
    Is it just me 
    Am i being paranoid 
    Will i ever find someone to love
    Or will i be lonely baby…..

    I know im worth more than anything in this world
    I want  someone who sees that in me too….
    This world is bigger than us but i want love
    Thats more than that bigger than the world bigger than the multiverse 
    But that someone must me true to me………

  • twenty_one 26w


    Me being in guilt is a breath choking situation. You neither have a solution or a alternative. Just keep on feeling bad over a past thing which will never ever change or being modified.
    Why did you do ? Some asked me
    I was wordless reason-less pointless brave-less... I didn't know how to tackle and to shut people's mouth and my hyper-mode brain then...
    But now !!!
    If someone tries to question me... My one and only reply would... Please lend me a solution or fly off..
    Making your mistakes right will give us so much experience than everything else. May be the same situation may not come again. But similarly situation would occur..
    Feeling bad, guilty, upset, broken will make no change.. but understanding and overcoming will make huge difference .

  • anushka123456 30w

    #overcome your fear, #learn to face problems, #empower yourself

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    No one likes to have problem, neither they want to deal with it
    But they are the one which test you and bring out the best in you
    They empower you and make you confident enough to face any situation
    And teach you the biggest life lesson.
    So learn to face them and overcome your fear and there you go there will be nothing else that can defeat you

  • starkanonymous 34w


    my misery is an ocean

    of my own ineptitude

    my inability to process

    this emotional albatross

    vast miles of pain and

    love and anger, hatred

    depression and of lust

    this emotional albatross

    sea of unending anguish

    of an unforgiving agony

    how can I transcend this?

    my emotional albatross

    show me my shadow self

    so I may step inside and

    accept my true nature, once

    enlightened step across

    leave these ships and this

    wreckage all behind for

    all I become, god size, and

    just overcome the albatross


    (All Rights Reserved)

  • heyoka_warrior 34w

    I once witnessed an alien spaceship
    One night in the middle of a town feast;
    A flying UFO with colorful lights;
    Raised my head out of the blue, I saw it;
    A kid saw it too—I wonder if some people did.

    I dreamt of aliens a few times in my sleep—
    Greys or whites and browns I recall;
    White spaceships were invading the place—
    Deflated balloons as they touched the ground;
    While browns told me some things— I forgot.

    There was also when I was in the moon;
    It's like there's alien war and explosion;
    And something's after me I guess;
    I avoided it or did I pray and overcome?
    Just one of the odd dreams, faint memories.

    I have a T-shirt with alien and spaceship print;
    When I was lost exploring in the darkness,
    I was drawn to them because I felt the same;
    Like an alien, an outcast, a loner, an odd one
    Did I find harmony with their cold company.


  • indigo_ink 35w


    Every obstacle,
    Every obstruction,
    Every obsession,
    Every objection,

  • unblossomedyet 36w

    We might fall and shatter but again rise and overcome!!!


  • b_gotti 37w


    The fierceness of the night now over. All that is left standing is you. Morning arrives finding you somber. With it, creeps in skies of the truest blue. Lighting the scene as it bids darkness adieu.Chaos and destruction lay in the devastating battles wake. Nothing is left undamaged, no pieces even are left to take.Where once stood memories that carried you through, now lays a crypt. Telling a tale of lives lost, now all laid out in a gruesome queue. What wouldn't you give for one precious chance to start anew.. or else, a chance to finally be at peace and see heavens view.Such sights to be seen. You would no longer be unclean. You would walk amongst sights of such you have never before gleamed. Never have you seen such beauty or pastures quite as green. Listen to the wind. There are choices to be made in this moment. Your destiny remains until this second undetermined. No time to stand here lost being ambivalent. Either continue to only view all you have suffered through and let your mind take over and misconstrue.Or..
    Let your Fate be an arrow who's aim is true. Moving forward towards the rainbow shining through the aftermath, a promise left just for you. A reminder that there are joys and better nights to come that are long overdo. Will you stay on your path and triumphantly pursue a life one day up in those pastures you once couldn't wait to view?

    Its not predetermined, its up to you. Does morning bring a poor soul who's tale is a bit taboo.. or will you rise and

    Establish a champions debut?


  • unafraidwords 37w


    flying free to overcome those fears,guilts,memories and those moments
    breaking down and moving ahead
    without waving back.


  • backstorypoetry 39w

    Failures can be disappointing but they definitely are not the end of our lives and fights.
    Keep trying.
    Quote by Amit Santra

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    #believe #believeinyourself #strength #situation #strong #problems #solutions #weak #goodorbad #experience #listen #faith #failure #fail #mistakes #winner #loser #overcome #

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    Failure is disappointing but it provides valuable insight towards the next steps. Don’t fear failure OR fear discussing failure. Something is only really over when you move on, not when you fail.