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  • iforever 2w

    A lot of talks
    Seminars and shows
    We have talked on every forum you know
    Initiatives against global warming taken to restore
    Natural balance and forests everywhere you go
    Inspite of all that is being done
    We still need awareness of everyone
    If each human does their bit
    Nurturing plants to give
    The oxygen used by one needs to be returned
    For this sow small plants in pots and urns
    Return the daily oxygen you use many
    From saplings in your garden and balcony
    If each does their own return
    We can surely enjoy mother nature's abundance for years to come

  • realityvision 18w

    Oxygen Vs Words

    Oxygen in air makes fire to grow, same oxygen in water put off the fire, words we speak may be same but the place, emotions decides the meaning of the word. Learn the skill of speaking. Have a nice day

  • biha_soundarya 27w

    Heart : I'm signing the document with the lawyer today
    at 11am
    Conscience : Ok. Make sure the terms are in your favour…
    down payment, and other things… as per rules and
    comparables of the prices there. Don’t let any
    fine print come into play.

    Heart : Ok
    Conscience : Just don’t want you to have any unacceptable
    surprises. Don’t be stressed with the signing. It’s
    still a major accomplishment and take the personal
    win where it is. Don’t have anxiety and second
    guessing yourself.

    Heart : I didnt sleep at all.
    Conscience : Sigh why not?

    Heart : There's so many things running in my mind.
    Getting ready. Wearing the Tom Ford Bitter Peach.
    Cause I'll feel you're with me.
    Conscience : I’m always with you.
    Heart : Thank you ❤️

    **She never thought what she manifested actually happen even before her planned timing which she set as next year. She was merely trying without putting much hope. At the same time she wanted to surprise him because he worries and she often almost daily being suck into her deep dark depression and anxiety hole. He was without fail has been pushing her daily. Even when he is busy or when he is travelling. Even when he doesn't tell her he is travelling. Her gut feeling on his is so strong that she knew things that is unsaid. But she understood why. She is most thankful that today 20th Nov 2021, she did it. That manifesting dream happen which became significantly important as it is closing the year and proving that all great things will start happening. And all this the daily push out of the bed. The simplest thing like "Get up and wash your face, go to the balcony, get some fresh air, eat proper food, exercise". This, all this was he pushing her. He has more faith on her than anyone else in the entire world. And she hoped one day, she could just pour her love to him the best that he deserves the most. Like how he been watering it to her great being daily. He is her oxygen**

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    20th Nov 2021 Manifestation


  • rishabhpal22 33w

    The Divine Saviour

    Since Time Immemorial, I have scouted this blue oasis.
    Unaware, chasing a wild goose,
    For what I seeked the most
    Had long left behind a horrifying hell.
    Yet; the last time I had taken a peek at the looking glass,
    The mist had not yet engulfed.

    The grass on which I walked was still sparkling green.
    Feels just like yesterday, when smiles adorned the faces of children.

    In the blink of a weary eye, we lost it all.
    Well, the grass is now blue, crumpled and 3-ply
    A brave army of gurneys and plastic
    Await your conscription

    Some with their faces revealed, others masked

    Perhaps they smile, but who knows anymore?
    At least, they say
    The furnace has the company and the oxygen

    The faces of those children, now forever tainted.
    And in the midst of this pathetic hell,
    Your Divine Saviour sticks by the scripture
    Painted, dead, bearded, vain.


  • enchantedmedium 38w


    On Earth we breathe until death. Then we transition and our soul continues to exist. We travel to a higher vibration where we take our learned life lessons with us. If we choose to come back to Earth again, living on oxygen, or choose to head into a completely different dimension, it is our decision backed and supported by our own free will.

  • theiva_ 44w


    Selfish people removed selfless trees
    For oxygen they are paying fees
    Trees provided food to eat
    We recreated them to wooden seat.

  • avinashpallko 52w

    Marte dum tak ...

    ( Hospital me oxygen cylinder pe ati jati ukhadti hue sanse, jindagi ka flashback, aur khwaish bass tumhe akhri bar dekhne ki )

    Aye Rabb kuchh saanse udhaar dede ,
    Bass itni si gujarish hai...

    Kisi ne gale laga ke karz diya tha,
    Bas use chukane ki khwaish hai..

  • 1008dr 53w



    Sab khatam toh nai hua na
    Ko kisi ka chhuta wo kisi aur ko mila
    Zindagi ke is khel me aaj fir zindagi ko
    Sabse upar ka sthaan mila .

    Aasuon se sanjoya us sapne ko
    Jo aaj kafan me tha lipta pada
    Jeete jee wo ladta to tha hi
    Aaj 2 gaj zameen ko bhi mohtaaj hai pada .

    Khel khel me aaj fir bebas tha insaan khada
    Akelepan se jhunjta khabro ko wo tatolta
    Kahi door dawai ki killat toh
    Kahi oxygen ka tha akaal pada .

    Bekhauf sa chalne wala
    Aaj prakruti se dara hua tha
    Bimaari se jhatke khaakar
    Toofano se choor ho chuka tha .

    Bemausam barsaat sa kabhi bhi kuch bhi hota
    Aaj jinke saath hasta kya pata wo kal kabr me hota
    Anishchit si chal rahi thi zindagi kuch roz se ,
    Bas ek hi aas lagaye the sab
    Kab chhutega ye jahan is rog se
    Ke kab chhutega ye jahan is rog se ....


  • sweetgirl 53w

    उफ़ क्या कहे....

    उफ़ क्या कहे अब हालातो के बारे मे
    हवा भी मिलती है हीरो के भावों मे।

  • scribbling_words02 54w

    किसी ने सोचा था हवा को खरीदा जा सकता था,
    इंसान जमीन खोदने में व्यस्त रहे गया था।

    असली सोना जहा मुफ्त में मिल रहा था जब,
    भगवान का शुक्रिया इंसान नही कर पा रहा था ।।

    IG:- @benevolent_thinker


  • kv1504 54w

    The last light of hope was still lit,
    Yet his fear had not been overcome even a bit.
    The love of his life was still in his hand,
    Things were not going as they were planned.
    They had everything people, fame and money,
    Yet he was helpless in saving his sweetest honey.
    He could see her running slowly out of breath,
    And then his soul died along with his loved one's death.

  • lifeistooochota 54w

    कोई ऑक्सीजन के लिए
    तो कोई शराब के लिए
    इधर उधर फिर रहा है


  • love_your__life_18 55w

    #Our Earth Is suffering from Covid��
    Peoples Are Surviving On Oxygen Cylinder��

    Do We Really Care for Our Mother Earth??

    Nope ....��

    Save Nature��

    Save Mother Earth��

    Save Environment��

    Save World��

    #happymothersDay #mothersday #motherearth #earth #environment #oxygen #covid #motherearth #latepost
    #mirakee #miraquil

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    Happy Mothers Day


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  • thandebaste 55w

    अशांत है मन,
    उखड़ रही है सांसे,
    घूंट भर हवा के लिए,
    इंतज़ार में है आंखें,


  • logomaniac 55w

    I don't know what to write
    My nerves go weak to hold it tight
    A vicious cycle, like an infinite,
    My white coat, turns red on the inevitable fight!

    My cage is broken, my heart is open,
    I bleed through my eyes,
    The air is frozen, my lungs are broken
    My limbs go weak and fragile!!

    That nasty looks, Ahem!! I go wild
    Demons do lay in me;
    But I choose to serve the mankind
    Treat me as human, I can't take that jibe of divine!!

    My limbs chosen you, over my child
    I poured my heart to see you smile;
    Months pass by, Yes, I do have a family of five
    Waiting at doorsteps, but my priorities were high!!

    All that sweat and blood,
    You just effaced like an eraser;
    Sometimes goons, sometimes punch,
    Let it go, but those arrows of abusive words??
    Flowers or shoes? Demons or superheroes?
    Let it be crystal clear,
    If it's tough, then make it briefer,
    As those efforts deserve much better!!


    #pandemic #oxygen #covid # frontliners #warriors #doctors #respect #pod #repost
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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  • political_guruji 55w

    #Faridabad #Oxygen
    Oxygen Refilling Management System (9518282248, 9560627291) (18008911008 toll free no.)
    Oxygen Plant in Faridabad is filling cylinder at Rs 240. No waiting as they are filling 1000 cylinders in one go.

    You have to fill the form given in the picture, they will contact you through a call or Whatsapp with a time slot. You'll have to carry your aadhar and reach the location at the given time

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  • harsh77 55w

    Kona bola tha jungles todne ko
    Aaj bhatak to rahe ho na oxygen ke liye

  • mudasirfirdosi 56w


    You are gasping too much air
    Said the eminence from his castle
    People are dying in flocks,
    empty lungs and full of fear
    Don't you know murder is a sin,
    that too of your mother
    I will sentence soon enough,
    If the plague lets you breathe.

    ©️Mudasir Firdosi

  • political_guruji 56w

    Through a trusted source. #Delhi #Oxygen cylinders & beds

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  • pranpuri 56w

    use oxygen cylinders
    naturally released by trees

    Car workshops
    Repairing shops
    food preservation
    steel works
    medical purpose
    N most important