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  • poem2heart 128w

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  • hirani_amiksha 128w


    Tension on my head
    No time to look at bed
    Lot of portion to complete
    My brain is going to heat
    Focus is needed more
    Stress knocking on my door
    Just a bit of hope
    That I would definitely cope
    I have already finished two
    The third is arriving too
    Let's hope the best
    Study hard and no rest

  • kumarramesh 128w

    Books aplenty even as pillows,
    Need memory pill to shallow.
    Laptop they should surely allow,
    Pages aplenty, how to plough?

    Strange fellows appear in dream,
    Shocked, confused I often scream,
    Sometimes a man called Newton,
    And followed by Thomas Edison.

    Whoever invented examination,
    Testing our shaky determination,
    Thus making an ugly situation,
    Deserves an early extermination.
    ©️Kumar Ramesh

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  • eniim_allo 128w


    You are so near
    I have feared
    I am caring each subject
    But delaying to cover up
    Needed to shut up my mouth
    Must to study with full concentration
    English with all Punctuations
    Civics with Population
    Geography with Direction
    History with Reformation
    Economics with Consumerization
    Commerce with Commercialization
    Maths with Calculation
    Biology with Evolution
    Physics with Rotation
    Chemistry with Reaction
    No matter what will be the duration
    I will study one by one with determination
    Without interpretation
    And revision.


  • sksfantasy_girl 128w

    Ask from a dreamer
    How's your exam time?
    Drowned skeleton in horror
    In front of bundled notes
    Taking deep breath,head down
    Solace in wild imaginations
    Table blooming with red poppies
    Full moon looks eclipse
    Asking trick or treat!
    Flapping pages in cold air
    Golden pen shined mysteriously
    Guessing what will come?
    Opened few pages,synchronicity!
    Some interested,some faded memories
    Biting nails in curiousity
    Done done done

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    Exam maniac


  • authenticcreations 128w

    Ready for the test?

    The exams are coming up
    Oh, mind's confused and scattered.
    Thinking what to do and
    Wondering what not to mend.

    These may be little tough
    Oh, my body is battered,
    But it is never impossible
    For the glory will resemble.

    Off I go to prepare
    For only one last time,
    Tis the bout I waited
    And the possibilities I created.

    I am done with repairs,
    I will thrive as prime
    And I will win, stated
    My spirits which were elevated.

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    #yaminiread #writerstolli #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersnetwork #julietscorner #poem2heart

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    Ready for the test?

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  • eniim_allo 128w


    Ting_tong bell rings
    Message comes
    Exam date declared from 12th_16th of March 2020
    My mood ������____������
    Now which paper to study first???
    Where are the notes???
    What about stationary articles???
    Only ✒✒✒✒
    But what is this exam really? ����
    I will apply latest method ie called double question writing method. ��
    That means I will write the entire questions twice.
    If 20 questions are asked then it will be
    20+20=40 ������ or other way can be 20×20=400 wooh. ��
    Yeah am passed because passing mark is 40.
    Well done. Keep on going ������

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    Tension lene ka nahi.


  • maggiee 129w

    The thoughts in mind on time of exam days.
    #exam#p2h_33 #life #inspiration #life #inspiration #thoughts

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    Preparation holidays...

    Be aware of concept,
    Get great realm,
    Motivation said hiding fear.
    Yeah! Said the wisdom.

    A week before exams...

    Manage time,
    Exams are quiet near,
    Subconcious said hiding fear.
    Yeah! Said the spirit.

    The day before exam...

    All the textbooks beside,
    No time to place them aside!
    Get good sleep says head.
    Yeah! Said the body.

    The day of exam...

    Are you clear? Asks mind,
    Yes I'm says the conception,
    Write well says the dear.
    Yeah! Said the goal.

  • kefi_kat 129w


    In a serious relationship with exams these days,
    It's complicated in many ways
    They say that, What comes easy
    Won't last,
    And what lasts
    Won't come easy.
    So, Will it be easy? Nope.
    Worth it? Absolutely.
    Then take your pen, pencil sharpener, eraser & ruler!
    Let's get ready for the last finale
    And then it's all over!
    But what happens in reality:
    Tik tock, Mind block,
    Pen stop, Eye pop,
    Full shock, Jaw drop,
    No luck, Time up
    Then break up!

    ©Kefi_kat originals

    #p2h_33 #poem2heart #writerstolli #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #readwriteunite #mirakee #mirakeecommunity #pod #ceesreports #exams #thoughts #examdays #challenge

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  • poem2heart 129w

    ����This Challenge is Closed����

    ⏺️ Challenge is Suggested by @sangfroid_soul

    ⏺️ The challenge is "The thought in mind on time of Exam days"/"தேர்வு நேரங்களில் மனதில் எழும் எண்ணங்கள்"

    ⏺️Your post must be in poetic Form

    ⏺️Your posts lines must be within 5 words (No theory)

    ⏺️ Your post must be within 20 lines.(No more than 16 lines)

    ⏺️You can use picture as your choice.

    ⏺️ Tamil / English only(Other language also accepted if you can provide Translation for the post only).

    ⏺️One post per User.

    ⏺️No plagiarism. No hate speech. No Sexual content. Only original content.

    ⏺️Time Limit : Saturday(29.02.2k20- 04:00PM IST(Indian Standard Time). No late submission will be accepted.

    ⏺️Image credit to it's rightful owner.

    ♦️To participate in this challenge you have to follow all given rules. Interested people only participate.

    ��Winner will be awarded with E-CERTIFICATE.

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