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  • 2write 16w


    Each paint color
    Represents an emotion
    From sadness to laughter
    Is in darker to lighter hues
    Sun scatters its' warmth
    From the horizon
    Waves of ocean
    Come by and then vanish
    Reminding everyone
    Of time in motion
    An endless journey
    From pain to this painting
    It tells a story
    Of deep devotion
    Throughout this painting
    A life is being woven.

  • mohsinaaftab 16w


    Yahi kuch lamhe mayaasar the,, zindagi me,, tujhse mulaqat ke ..
    Ab tujhe dekhun,, ya baatain krun ..
    Dekhti hun to bakhuda,, ji chahta hai,, band krke in aanho ko.. hifz kro tere naksh ko,,
    Phir yaad aata hai,, chand lamhe hain, keh dun jo bhi kehna hai ..
    Par ab alfaz sath nhi de rhe ...

  • deekshiii 18w

    The colors on my canvas,
    Scream the words,
    Visible only to my eyes,
    Sounds only I can hear

    They stand right in front of me,
    Telling me who I am,
    And the beauty of living.


  • stephanie_spencer 18w

    Painter Vs Poet

    As I pick up my pencil the draw
    my mind is empty and I can't think of nothing at all
    Leading my hand across the paper
    I began to adventure across the pad
    envisioning a picture I once had
    As I close my eyes
    I began to allow my hand to continue to guide me
    creating an amazing picture I can't wait to see
    but wait, I wonder what could it possibly be
    A beautiful sunset
    Oh wait! there is more I'm not done yet
    This picture is going to be amazing I bet
    just wait and see this beautiful sunset
    shining down on the mountains high above
    and onto the little houses filled with love
    I believe I like this master piece of art
    Okay, now let's get to the fun part
    Let us paint this amazing picture to bring to life
    and add a little light blue, orange,yellow,green,brown,pink,purple because I think that would be nice
    Now look at this beautiful picture
    done by the artist of a poet and painter.

  • paperwhites 18w

    "I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry,
    and I see summer—its dust and lowering skies"

    —Toni Morrison

    Thank you very much @writersnetwork ��

    #painter #joy #vacation #wod

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    Poem from a Paintbrush

    I sketch summer as a woman
    cocooned in a daisy sundress,
    a turquoise bow and wheatish
    schmaltz straw hat similar to
    Sorolla's portrait of "women
    walking on the beach"

    She was shuffling with saltwater
    breeze in her espresso hairs, a
    half-squeezed lime in her hand
    and a lapis voile kerchief
    dangled around her neck

    Her redolence was of babul
    gum and the red sandalwood
    Straddling under an umbrella
    canopy with a drink of young
    apple juice, summer looked
    like a diva tossing between
    the sun and sand

    There were ocean droplets
    dancing in the air, seashells
    flirting the harp with the waves
    and dolphins ricocheting in and
    off to the heart of the coastline

    Behind the magenta and the
    watermelon hued sky, summer
    gazed like a long sunset of joy
    keeping up a little longer with the
    twilight for a tight summer holiday


  • radnika 18w

    Painting A New World

    On the canvas of the world
    I'm painting new strokes
    A different hue and colour
    A different story to be told.

    I paint new contours to mountains
    I splash new flows of rivers
    I trailblaze new vales and curves
    With the strokes of my brush.

    This was the easy part of the painting
    The difficult part was painting man
    The brush and paint had to learn anew
    A man who loved and respected himself.

    My paint brush with a daub of colours
    Smeared across the world canvas
    The ideal man in harmony with nature
    Growing and nurturing life.

    My paint brush with the myriad colours
    Painting a world that respects man
    For his abilities and achievements
    Creating a rainbow of a fulfilled life.


  • aphroditenow 18w

    Thankyou for EC

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    Song of a Muse

    Tonight I won't sit still
    And let hands dig up the cold graves
    Or let the frienzied fingers carve out sadness
    In frost.
    Tonight I won't sit still
    And let the brush choose paints
    Or let the strokes stagger along the canvas
    I know some hopes are like deaths,
    Can be tasted only once.
    I know I have left the hope there in the dust
    Amidst million faces and million voices,
    Amidst million moments blurred with million images-
    Perhaps a kaleidoscopic dream.
    I soak in the shades,
    My eyes can no longer tell apart crimson from scarlet.
    The canvas reminisce about beautiful flowers,
    Insane with fragrance.
    Insanity lures me.
    I tear through the canvas.
    I trample the blank sheet.

    A fresh page.
    A fresh start.
    I know some hopes are like deaths
    And death visits life only once.
    Tonight I will resurrect love.
    Tonight I will grasp the sun within the glint of slush.
    Tonight the mad woman would find her lost love.
    Tonight the mad woman would cry in deep delight.
    Tonight it would rain to the rhythm of dulcimer.
    Tonight I will glean joy-
    A lovely, innocent joy;
    A joy that would smell of childhood...

  • rekha_123 18w

    Piece of Emotions

    Canvas is my page and I paint my poetry with the colors full of emotions,
    I create words from the brush strokes of creativity.
    Beauty is in my hands,
    And I spread it in cool shades.
    As the colors sparkles in the sky,
    My poem shines very high.
    Emotions glimpses in my painting,
    I have ocean of passions which keeps changing.


  • lanzhan 18w

    It painted on
    the mirror the
    grieving of midnight
    Forlorn the beauty
    of yellow moon
    that dipping in seaside
    Elusive the strokes of
    the painter's brush
    that piercing the
    night sky and comfort
    the saltiness of tears

    ©lanzhan 01202022

  • kefi_kat 18w

    A yugen philocalist
    Who paints a silent poetry
    Canvas is his oenomel sanctuary
    The world is his numinous inspiration
    His perspective is a metaphorical philosophy
    Aliferous brush strokes justify his reasoning
    His pallette filled with aeipathy
    Emotions hidden beneath
    The colors of his identity
    A bel-esprit of mystery
    Entelechy to solve life's conspiracy
    A vagary, agog to find his destiny.

    Yugen - a profound, mysterious sense of beauty of the universe they triggers deep emotional response
    Philocalist - who finds beauty in all the things
    Oenomel - something combining strength & sweetness
    Numious- feeling both fearful & awed by what is before you
    Aliferous - having wings
    Aeipathy - an enduring and consuming passion
    Bel-esprit - A person of great wit or intellect
    Entelechy - realization of potential
    Vagary - An unpredictable, wandering journey
    Agog - eager

    #painter #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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  • san_wordzz 18w


    In the midnight of choked September,
    I picked a rather rugged paintbrush,
    To stroke the deceptive autumn you reciprocated
    For the springs I grew
    on your bare heart,
    When you were a crippled vagabond,
    Fighting to break
    the presumption of
    your penumbra existence.

    The brush soaked in
    the countless minutes of our broken
    archaic tales,
    the 'bruised expectations'
    Of a 'forever camaraderie',
    the 'melting sunset' shading the night of betrayal
    To paint the silent yet troubled emotions.

    But alas,
    Cataclasymic pigmentation is all that it's bristles had,
    Which made my painting
    An allegorical strangulated version
    Of Frida Kahlo's
    'A broken column'
    That screams of untamed desolation irking my happiest dream
    Which tingles my verbosity
    And ties it to a clinical winter,
    Whose melting floes finally give birth
    to a rather shy and infringed poet
    Who finds her
    soul mate in poetry.


    Seasoned sunset in Background refers to the experience I am getting at the end of every day

    PS:- I am on writersblock since a very long time and this is a failed attempt at #painter challenge. All I know is that I am trying.
    Do share your honest feedbacks :)

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ‌��

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    More than the canvas, it is my brush that captures the brew of breathing emotions painting a solitary scenario of seasoned sunset of my life.
    ~ san_wordzz

  • susann 18w


    Who can compare to you?
    Everything you touch
    Turns to magic
    The morning sunrise
    Fiery like a dragon
    Mother nature
    Overwhelming kindness
    Seas and oceans
    Endless possibilities
    Daily miracles
    You give life
    You take it back
    You are generous
    You are wonderful
    You are glorious
    You are patient
    You are Love
    You are the Universe
    I adore you
    You are my favorite painter

  • jpwriter 18w

    An Artist Touch

    Vernacular artistry remains a part of me
    It's engraved as the grains
    God carried to his buried beaches
    It's the fruit of my loins
    like cherries, raspberries & peaches
    To each their own & to own their speech
    For freedom is a liberty unlike any other
    It's your thoughts that are brought
    Inking what you're thinking
    Painting from cover to cover
    The earth was my first canvas
    The plethora of blue pastels,
    Hinted heavily in forest green
    Ranging to rare Munsell's
    My quill, my brush, An artist's touch
    With it's feathers long & proud
    The feel of such
    As the hand will clutch
    Painting words that read out loud


  • muskaanbhatt 18w

    An another poetic painting ❤��

    Actually, I had already wrote portrait poem about him, so this time I involved just his face soul body and heart. ��❤

    #pod #wod #painter
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    I was high in thoughts of you
    There I thought why wouldn't I paint my thoughts about you

    I went to my studio which were already full of my poetic paintings
    Took that white plain canvas once again to put my thoughts on it, with the help of your love strings

    I somehow managed to portray your essence in your absence
    Took all the vibrant colours and splashed it on the canvas

    Painted your face with a mix of golden and silver shades with some shiny glitters
    As your face is always full of natural shines and captivating without any filters

    Your body, which I outlined with my wonderful thick brush
    And painted it all with bedazzled bright glistening colours with a mix of my own blush

    To depict your soul, I bought my favourite rose petals and prepared an original colour
    As because your soul is so pure and original, I refused to paint it with ordinary chemical colour

    I tried to paint your heart but I couldn't as heart like yours can't be painted with any hue
    So instead of painting your heart, I pasted my own on it with my love glue

    I tried to create a splendid painting of you
    But I failed as I can never create and find a beautiful heart like you

    Showed you my poetic canvas with a fear , that you might dislike my art of recreating you on canvas

    But you felt astounded and pleased by saying you refurbished a better me on your canvas with no errors

  • traveller_inn 18w

    There is no colour in my flower paintings until you realise or release your yard

  • traveller_inn 18w

    மெல்லத் திறந்தது கதவு
    ஜன்னலின் வழியே ஓவியமாய் !

  • traveller_inn 18w

    என் குழந்தையின் கிறுக்கல்கள் யாவுமே ஓவியங்களே !

  • traveller_inn 18w

    Be a child in front of my paintings
    To be a good human

  • msushil 18w

    Oh! Shiva
    From the painting
    Your trident
    Pierces me,
    Blood never oozes out.
    Ache gives me bliss.
    Ego gives me you
    But you give me
    The painting
    That I want to emulate.

  • muskaanbhatt 18w

    T W O


    One blood red, full of life
    Other dead and dull
    One with no scars
    And other full of cracks and rifts

    The red one was glowing with love feelings
    While the other was dying inside without any revealings

    One was defining it's original purity
    While the other appeared shattered with no original clarity

    The red one appeared simple but not so idiosyncratic
    While the other looked bold yet it was highlighting its presence so antic

    One was holding happiness of the whole world
    While other was hiding pain behind those rifts mended with gold

    One seem soft, sober and inexperienced
    While the other looked beautiful, but had suffered many crumbles which made it experienced

    One with perfect fettle, hasn't seen the traumas of life yet
    While the other had lived it's life everytime in breakdown and in mending its cracks with no regret

    The perfect one was pulchritudinous yet not strong as it hadn't endured ache a single time
    While the broken one was showing it's beauty with the strength it has got, of mending itself and cleaning it's own grime