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  • deeshaa 15w

    Try to fill the colors of happiness in the painting of life.


  • harisusa7 16w


    Poetry is a painting that speaks to the soul
    Wild night and day, lovely sky and whole,
    Young little tipplers, slow and dear,
    My flowers will go and interfere!

    Proud of my night since I hoped before,
    Across my flowers I heard the shore
    A wind like a bubble is the bird;
    Who'll never hold my tremulous word?

    April hushed around us, insistent,
    Softly on the cheek of consistent
    Wild and beautiful, thy full content,
    Make of my name an upright intent.


  • chesed 16w

    ... a story with my eyes

    Let me tell you a story with my eyes about all I see and I've seen.

    Let me tell you a story with my eyes, a tale of yays and loss.

    Can you read in my eyes the episodes stored in its depths and the meanings of those lines.

    Detailed in pains and joys, an arsenal of all that life as had to offer.

    Can you see the glow of hope, radiating within them, circumvented with dreams ready to burst forth.

    Swirls of knowledge, and strokes of freedom.

    Let me tell you a story with my eyes and I hope that you see more than I can say.


  • moonflowerr 17w

    We all add our different #colour to it no matter how big or small and these colours keep adding one over the other and then there's no separate colour they get so mixed and lost but each one is very much there. There's always gonna be a time that our favourite colour of the #painting gets lost, we cannot control it but that never gets lost, it's still very much in the same painting, we can feel it every moment, yes, we would always long to see it, touch it and it's painful that we couldn't but that's how this painting works. And it's #beautiful!

    And this painting is life and colour are us (the lives in it).

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    A painting extended in every direction till infinity.


  • genejo 18w


    Blue sky hues of pink with a touch of radiance the sun provides.
    Shadows of the branches of many bare trees beautifully complete the colors of the clouds in the sky.
    As I gaze upon the painting earth provides. I realize we abide in a canvas, brilliantly designed.

  • melodious_nightingale 18w

    #painting #wod #poetrythatspeaks


    This divine masterpiece has no words as it comes face to face with your reality��

    I may not have anything to say, but I let the art speak for itself
    - @melodious_nightingale

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    How do I caption this painting?

    How do I caption this painting?
    A creation of my imagination that has no words or meaning to explain it
    Just throw all the paint on it
    It makes sense to me as it illustrates a journey of its own
    So how do I caption this painting?
    It is a canvas to my imagination
    Or maybe my reality....
    Art always requires a bit of mystery that I only know the truth of.....
    If you look closely
    you can hear a voice cry out
    But many tried to keep it silent
    Being held by many chains
    But soon the light comes in
    And the cracks are no more....
    That's how I caption this painting


  • sachinanithaanilkumar 18w

    Another Last Stroke!

    As I took my brush after the last stroke, a blow of warm air from the canvas startled me.Then I checked over my colours where I felt the blow from. "Yes, she is alive", I told myself. It was the breath of hers, the one who I was painting. She looked at me, a look that made my heart go numb. She started to show off her dance moves to me over the wooden hanging bridge. Her moves were so slow and as smooth as the river flowing in the background. Her flow came closer to me and she extended her hands towards me, asking me to join the party. I knew it was the creation's call for the creator. I gave her my hand and stepped into the bridge. I could feel a taste of reality in every breath that left me afterwards until it stopped. I looked back at the portal to my filthy word for a moment. It was closing like a shutter. At the same time I felt her dragging me into her world on the other side of the bridge.

    Ages passed. I lost her to another one who painted her far better than I did. So, I found some colours and painted my room on a tree and got into it. I wanted to get to my Canvas where I painted her, so that I could get her back and live this life again. I found the canvas but it was empty. Probably this happens when the portal closes, I assumed. I decided to paint her with all my heart all over again. As I took my brush after the last stroke, a blow of warm air from the canvas startled me.

  • jpwriter 18w

    An Artist Touch

    Vernacular artistry remains a part of me
    It's engraved as the grains
    God carried to his buried beaches
    It's the fruit of my loins
    like cherries, raspberries & peaches
    To each their own & to own their speech
    For freedom is a liberty unlike any other
    It's your thoughts that are brought
    Inking what you're thinking
    Painting from cover to cover
    The earth was my first canvas
    The plethora of blue pastels,
    Hinted heavily in forest green
    Ranging to rare Munsell's
    My quill, my brush, An artist's touch
    With it's feathers long & proud
    The feel of such
    As the hand will clutch
    Painting words that read out loud


  • kalaprincess 18w

    Colors on her face

    As I stand holding my filbert in hand
    I touch the paper with hues of yellow like sand
    The hues mesmerise the deep tints of blue
    How amazed the water is spreading all over the nude
    Rich redness on her cheeks
    I can see my muse looking back at me
    Her eyes need a slight touch-up
    Maybe then its likely my brushes might give up

    No they keep brushing all over
    Her pale, nude face with yellow tint
    The crease looks flat and fatal
    Now her chin is round and glowing

    Impatiently I work towards her fine jawline
    Petal roses and orange crimsons on my mind
    Swift strokes on her sides and her high bun
    I think by now I should have been done


  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 18w

    No matter whatever the art form it is, the way one practices it, depicting their thoughts and views about things through their talent. Just like a painter does with colors and writer plays with words in order to put their heart out creating something different everytime.

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    The painter fills colors to the canvas according to how they feel, with happiness he brushes the bright colors and with messed up mind and mixed feelings he tries to do justice to the art by adding whatever colors they want.


  • meedeh 18w

    #painter #painting #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    "The delight for life,
    requires lots of hearts
    which does not part." #life

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    A cryptographer painter,
    with vivid canvas.
    Staring at the paint on my wall
    Eyes try to imagine,
    words with many colors and textures.

    Life is natural piece of art.
    Universe exhibition of dark energy
    Scenes of saddened grey
    Gloomy and ill-lit.
    Uttered. ..all strives to shine will rise.

    Holding a color palette,
    conceiving a painting;
    Expression of the mind
    Into the lifes of characters.
    To paint our abode, we inhabit.

    Mixing colors of experience,
    evergreen moments.
    Using strokes of hope,
    I see the light sheer.

    Tone it with varied patience,
    tears admired in pain.
    Texture it with kindness,
    dreams changed to light.

    Wielding the brush,
    Brush it with confidence,
    Thoughts into reality.
    Gleam at a glance,
    to capture the universe.

    Images of life.
    The dance of time, stands still.
    Sublime glamour is visualized.
    Blooming from Heaven.


  • abhayrao 18w

    Piece of his soul

    Urgency more like a need than thrill
    It was desire as much as a vision
    Bringing to life an idea of freedom
    Something you feel so deep within
    A reflection of swarming colours erupt
    Path breaker trying so hard to disrupt
    To please the beholder without conforming
    Transporting our senses without informing
    Neuron pathways like rivers undiscovered
    This canvas a spark to future endeavours
    Each brush stroke another layer refined
    Dissolving the boundaries we thought predefined
    Painting my scars and hopes and dreams
    Human triumph and anguished screams
    Hues of tomorrow, shades of yesterday
    Holding you in the moment, making you stay
    Turning that lingering gaze into passion
    Inspiring awe as well as compassion
    A painter that signs with a piece of his soul
    Art is my medium, not the final goal...

  • xoliswamgidlana_ 18w

    Painting compliments Poetry.

    A writer usually first imagines a scene they want to write about,
    A painter usually first paints what they can never imagine.
    Through artistry both a writer and painter tells a story by exploring their thoughts and feelings.
    Painting compliments Poetry.

    A writer depends on a pen and paper that creates a black and white scene,
    A painter depends on colours of paint they have and brushes to create a colourful scene.
    Although both scenes created, trigger the amount of art one can explore to experience art.
    Painting compliments Poetry.

    There's no amount of words that can express the true meaning of the art an author can write,
    But in words an author forms art.
    There's no specific colours that a painter can use to create a portrait that speaks one message to all,
    But any colours used to paint forms art.
    The main significant purpose of writing and painting is art,
    Therefore painting does compliment poetry.

    Portraits of importance are usually accompanied by biographies and writings that carty descriptions of them,
    Long writings on ancient events are usually accompanied by drawings that entail an idea of the stories.
    Painting and Poetry are common and therefore compliment each other.

  • divyanshi28_03 18w

    A painter,an artist of all times.An imagination needs visualisation of a journey that is in one's mind.And an artist falls prey to such imaginations and often ends up bringing it to the world through his weapon of art.
    Life is practical while living,but life is even beautiful while painting.
    #painter #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill #art #painting
    #imagination #wod

    "Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings"-Henry Ward

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    To A Painting Of My Garden

    In an undeciphered hour,
    A tree outside my house seemed roaring in excitement
    Rabbit's burrows forested in my garden and
    Lilies falling upon the deserted bench,
    kissing the rusted abandoned two souls
    who are seated there,
    sun kissed in love.

    As soon as I completed my art
    I saw the truth with my unreluctant eyes.
    The tree was self exhausted moving along the wind
    Leaves falling on the ground waiting for their ruins
    to bring them to an end.
    Lilies began to fade and losing their scent,
    they caressed the two souls
    offering a farewell through their last breath.
    And the sun kissing upon the faces of invisible souls,
    is still pretending to have mercy on them
    and rays dancing from east to west.

    In an undivided close attention to my art,
    I kept gazing to my abstract painting,
    the two lost in love,
    they were saint lovers,
    I imagined in my heart,
    that struck in my mind,
    and the sight of them came out to be
    living on my dark canvas.

  • take_a_glance 18w

    Painting my thoughts, I made a piece,
    Not easy for everyone to understand, it was my inner soul expressing!
    Therein lies the beauty of truth,
    barely fancy carrying a touch of feelings,
    it was a masterpiece on its own.
    Painting my thoughts, I made a piece

  • akshay_vasu 20w

    Since eternity, I've been gazing at a painting painted by a painter who never paints, while hearing the poetry of a poet who never writes or recites any poems.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • love_was_my_breath 20w

    We may not realise it now , but certainly later ����
    #life #painting

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    Life is a painting and little shades of gray have to be filled wherever necessary to make it beautiful


  • pain_of_pen 20w

    #painting #poetry
    Thank uhhh writersnetwork for❤

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    Take reality as base colour
    Blend it well
    Don't leave any blank space
    Start with scribbling some mountains
    Just like poetry needs practice
    It will take some time to draw perfect
    But, I bet one day you will
    Try to make some flowers and grass
    Keep it simple and do some detailing
    Like poetry needs simplicity and dedication
    Make tree, blooming or lifeless
    Your taste
    Want it to look bit sad or happy
    In the end,
    Sprinkle some glitter to make moon and stars
    Some Imagination to make it attractive
    That's how you paint a poetry
    //painting and poetry are same you paint and write what you want or what you see//

    ~little yet big~

  • _kawaiiyuki_ 24w


    ‘She was a painting devoid of colours,
    A moon with an unknown lover'

  • __soubz 26w

    Life's a painting..!
    #life #painting

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    As a kid
    I stroked a masterpiece of my life
    Stained it with my laughters
    Which are now
    Washed away by agonized tears
    I shed as a teen !