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  • pallavi4 3w

    Imperfect Love

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting, especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in the past.
    When you forget the tender touch of kindness and the sails of your boat get used to storms instead of quiet, calm seas — there comes to exist inside of you a stone like resistance to anything that could possibly give you solace.

    At times people closest to us are able to convince us of our failings to an extent that even if we are somehow able to shake them off , that nagging feeling of being a failure never really leaves you.

    Love is like an elusive soft white blanket, the reassurance that even if everything is not alright at the moment , it will be in the future, a guarantee that all we are weathering will one day come to pass and that we will come to live a more peaceful life filled with a sweet fragrance that only love can emit. An aroma so tantalising that it would sway even the most cruel of beings.

    Having been through emotional traumas, we cling to the only ray of hope we are able to find around us, thereby becoming addicted to the heady rush of affection . Slowly and gradually as the scars heal, so does the heart . All comes to a lull . When we do not feel worthy of this comfort being provided to us, fearing that it will all eventually deteriorate and collapse only to go down the familiar path of regret and delinquency, that is when we begin to self sabotage our own precious relationships , almost self fulfilling the prophecy that no matter how hard one tries, one cannot truly break free from the bonds of defeat and ruin. That all good things must come to an end.

    If there was a cure for disbelief in oneself and a miraculous resurrection of one’s self esteem every time we were shown unkindness and made to feel small and insignificant, then would there come to exist a sense of tranquility and harmonious restfulness that once having found love, it would help us come through all the obstacles and internal wars perfectly without ripping out parts of our soul and tearing us apart . Love would then reign and we would be able to find true happiness and contentment forever.


  • pallavi4 5w

    Broken bulbs

    Life was a beauteous garden
    Where we both once roamed
    Through the groves of shady trees
    And droves of flower beds we combed

    The blood red tulips wildly grew
    Into great bushes with rogue blooms
    Larks sweetly sang songs of love
    Bearing brightly coloured plumes

    When we got struck by thunder
    We perished like a drowning boat
    The chill that came to surround us
    Didn’t let us for long remain afloat

    We weren’t strong enough to weather
    The inundation of our garth together
    A little rain and we ran for shade like strangers
    Only to remain apart from each other forever

    Life became a desolate wasteland
    Into a deserted jungle the Eden grew
    Filled with thorny stems and broken bulbs
    Foliage refused to thrive again anew

    Feral weeds now cover those grounds
    Where once we walked hand in hand
    Flowers refuse to bloom to cover
    The desperately melancholic lonely land

    Somewhere buried with those torn petals
    Lies my heart still cold and wet
    Refusing to build another Shangri-la
    Still filled with anxiousness laced with regret


  • pallavi4 6w


    You exist now in fragments,
    In moments that are
    Now lost to time,
    To the memories that are jaded,
    Faded but still held
    By loose threads.
    I keep picking
    Through these moments
    And looking at the night sky,
    Studded with the stars that we used to
    Count and wondering -
    Was it really all meant to end this way
    Or did we do this to ourselves.


  • pallavi4 7w


    Copious nimbus
    Clouds scattered
    In the great vast skies mar
    The clarity I hope the azure
    Heaven provide
    In guiding
    Me further


  • pallavi4 9w


    I was but what you’d deliberately lost in a
    Turbulent storm, while I struggled to keep afloat
    Thrashed side to side by treacherous winds
    Barely clinging to the edge of my boat

    I held on in hopes of being being saved one day
    Of finding calm waters in the bosom of the constant uproar
    The lesser you paid heed to my pain
    I awaited your undivided attention even more

    The upheaval and turbulence forever kept me
    In a state of panic and perpetual fear
    I found happiness in the bits you threw at me
    Swallowing my pride, my exigencies, my tears

    It took me a decade of being alone
    Never once seeing a glimmer of sunshine
    What I’d thought was only my own, I realised
    Had never actually, in reality ever been mine

    The more I clutched at the water in my hands
    The more it rushed away from me
    I was left humiliated, my existence denied
    Embarrassed for all to publicly see

    Do you call such perseverance survival ?
    One that leaves one’s soul bare and sore?
    The abasement when you’re made a laughing stock
    Leaving you mentally anguished galore ?

    I endured the violent typhoons you caused
    I overcame, outlived and resisted
    Weathering it all, never heeding my wounds
    I suffered silently but I continually persisted

    I survived


  • pallavi4 9w


    The wind blows vagrant clouds in the azure sky
    Making way for the dawn everyday
    That is how time sorts people in our lives
    Into those who stray and others who stay

    Keeping up with change is difficult
    We lose people to the sands of time
    Some folk move on to greener pastures
    Some stick by our side like bread and wine

    Connections fade, friendships falter
    Even ones you thought would forever stand by you
    People come and go like the water flows
    Because forgiving follies is a tough thing to do

    But just as surely as the moon rises at night
    Clearing the uncertainty of the dusk
    The only thing that makes relationships last
    Is the building of unending trust


  • pallavi4 11w


    The mystical land of cherry blossoms
    And ancient remedies
    The land where city life meets culture-
    Kyoto is very fascinating to me

    To be a part of the spring festivals
    And witness the abundant Sakura trees
    To watch graceful geishas perform
    The rituals of the tea ceremony

    Beneath their beguiling kohl rimmed eyes
    Lie scores of secrets untold
    Their hand painted kimonos are exquisitely crafted
    Carrying forward a legacy of the old

    Concealed in the knots of their obis
    Are traditional fanfare
    Their white faces are painted to perfection
    Making people stand and stare

    Embracing a quiet and serene life in the hanamachi
    And visiting one tea house after the next
    Maikos playing the shamisen or the flute
    Geishas in Kyoto do it best

    Preserving centuries old practices
    Geisha are considered moving works of art
    Of Japanese heritage they are if not the biggest
    A considerable big part

    I want to for a fraction of time be a part
    Of these artists when they are in motion
    Far away from the metropolis and hustle
    Bustle and the various commotions


  • pallavi4 12w


    Worldly pleasures cannot compete
    With the serene quite and calm
    Waves of comfort
    Which only a home can provide
    When the nation is not stricken by a
    War that is irrational and for a
    Worthless cause.


  • pallavi4 12w


    I saw you once again today
    You came to me like a vision in blue
    With lotus petal shaped eyes closed in meditation
    Immediately I felt drawn towards you

    Dressed in tiger skin and a skull necklace
    Carrying a trident with a small drum
    Your forehead smeared with ash I saw
    While around you was a pleasant hum

    A serpent adorned your blue neck
    In your hair was the crescent moon
    One palm was raised ready to give
    A commendable disciple a deserving boon

    The Ganges flowed from your hair tied in a bun
    While you were seated smiling pleasantly
    A third eye lay open on your forehead
    Everything about you looked heavenly

    With a brilliant white halo around your head
    I was given an auspicious sighting in your form
    I knew that all I could do was to lie prostrate
    And ask for strength to weather all storms

    I see the form of you I pray to each day
    Whose picture I keep piously on the shelf
    You appear whenever I meditate and dive
    Deep into my subconscious only to lose myself


  • pallavi4 13w

    Love at first sight

    I fell in love with you long ago
    A love that’s lasted through space and time
    Your leathery smell makes me weak at the knees
    So does your leathery gleaming shine

    I love way you make me feel tall
    God knows I need that boost —
    I love the way I feel when I have you on
    For years under your spell I’ve lived seduced

    Your shiny belts and buckles combine
    To make you a piece of art
    The money I’ve spent in this lifetime on you —
    No one would mistaken me for being smart

    Long has lived my one sided love affair with you
    Not that the difference you would ever know
    So help me god and break this spell
    Instead of shoes , help me find a beau


  • pallavi4 14w


    What I wouldn’t give to be loved
    And to love with all my might
    To discover a sky filled with stars
    That shine only to light up my lonely nights

    To discover delicate spring blooms
    In my love garden each day
    To resign myself to a happy, carefree existence -
    Shiny as a glistening light ray

    To listen to summer sweetness in words
    Pure like lily white jasmine
    To reignite long forgotten passions
    Lying dormant and dead from within

    To dance under thunderous clouds
    Soaking up affection in the rain
    To forget the days of self imposed isolation
    Say goodbye to the internal strife and pain

    To sip cocoa come the fall and watch
    The autumn leaves swivel to the ground
    To find unbridled happiness and laugh
    In togetherness like no one is around

    To snuggle up to one another in winter
    Unwilling to let the cold penetrate our bones
    To unearth a true soulmate
    Someone with whom I can grow old

    What I wouldn’t give to be part of a story
    That’ll be just for me and mine
    What is the price of finding true love
    I keep wondering all the time


  • pallavi4 15w

    Let bygones be bygones

    I lie sprawled like discarded rubble
    My face stuck to the cold hard floor
    Torn in pieces, shredded dreams have now
    Left my soul empty and alone

    Your sharp words cut through me
    Pierced my skin, lacerated my hopes
    My confidence lies tattered now
    My self respect I claw at to try and grope

    I’ll bear these wounds for a long time
    I don’t anticipate healing anytime soon
    The burning pain from these slashes
    Have left me shrivelled like a prune

    Slowly as reality begins to sink in I realise I’ve lost everything because of you today
    My pride, my love, my strength have evaporated
    I’ve been left dumbfounded with nothing to say

    Should I let now let bygones be bygones
    When you’ve left me with nothing to call my own ?
    Is this the fruit of my unfailing affection
    That I’m reaping today after it being sown?

    Would you have forgotten and forgiven me
    Had I mercilessly quelled your existence ?
    Would you have moved on quietly and gracefully
    After between us I’d have put unreachable distance ?

    Inspite of carrying your betrayal to my grave
    I will endeavour to rebuild my empty life
    Never letting another come close to me again
    Never wasting my time again in conflicting strife


  • pallavi4 17w


    The thunder brings hope, joy and life
    Ending the gnawing from the burning heat
    Torrent rain floods the earth and sky
    Puddles invite frogs while slaking the thirst
    Of the arid, parched, dried land seeking
    A refuge, a revival and a renewal
    To rebirth lush greens, flora and fauna .


  • pallavi4 18w


    Plagued with questions one night while
    Reading, I fell asleep, spiralling quickly
    In the darkness of my own mind. In my
    Dream I saw I was at my grandmother’s
    Place, standing listening to someone
    Beating the door in the back of the house.
    Located on one end of the bungalow, this
    Door was situated right under a huge
    Banyan tree and had always seemed
    Very spooky to me.

    I moved towards the sound involuntarily
    And just as I was about to open the
    Locked door, I heard a low , strange growl
    “You, you’re what I want”. It was not a
    Human voice. It was something completely
    Different, I knew instinctively in my heart.
    The hair on my body stood up inspite of
    The weather being quite warm. I’d only
    Heard of demons and unearthly
    Paranormal beings until that day, but I
    Was sure that this was something evil.
    It had come in search of a soul, my soul.

    I froze and in my inability to move, kept
    Listening to the incessant pounding
    On the door in front of me. It apparently
    Couldn’t get in without me inviting it in.
    All that separated me and inevitability
    Was a wooden door. It was pulled and
    Kept rattling for a long time. Once out
    Of my daydream like state, I put both
    My hands on the door, refusing to relent.

    I could hear the growling from the
    Other side. A faceless, nameless danger
    Loomed large. Even in my dream I knew,
    Instinctively that whatever this was it
    Was potent enough to rid me of my
    Very soul. I will not give into you, I could
    Feel the voice from inside say.
    And so I didn’t.

    It was then that my eyes flew open.
    I was shivering with fright and covered
    In sweat. Unable to understand why I was
    So scared of losing myself to something
    Whose existence I could neither see
    Nor comprehend but knew was an
    In ignorable truth. A presence, a possible
    Demon had been at my door, for me.
    It was a strange dream and to date
    Scares me when I think about it.


    23rd of January, 2022

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “Moon Forest”

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 19w


    I am a minuscule speck of dust
    A tiny grain of filth
    I am the swollen wooden floor
    A can of water spilled

    I am the grimy furniture
    A mess upholstered with despair
    I am the candle splattered table
    A leg broken off of an ornate chair

    I am the spider webs of desolation
    A tangled thready nightmare
    I am the peeling paint on the walls
    A thing at which people would once stare

    I am the falling plaster of loneliness
    And stuck between the past and present
    I am the rusty pipes that clang
    A series of dirt laden crannies and dents

    I am the shattered porcelain vases
    A bouquet of dried and rotting flowers
    I am the mangled music box
    A grandfather clock left counting hours

    I am the frayed and threadbare carpet
    A once celebrated and admired finery
    I am the crumbling brick walls
    A burden full of doubt and misery

    I am the broken hopes and desperation
    A basket full of your incessant lies
    I am that house you left abandoned
    And conveniently forgot to say goodbye


    14th of January, 2022

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner- The New York Times

    Thank for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 19w

    Life Lessons

    Dear younger me,

    I am writing to you today to dole out some important life lessons that I’ve accumulated over the years. I know you are restless and more often than not, do not listen to anyone’s advice. This causes you to learn by falling on your face and hence learning the hard way. I trust however that coming from me you will pay heed to what I have to say and let it help you get out of sticky and uncomfortable situations more easily.
    Here goes-

    1. Learn to trust your instinct - what you feel inside your gut the first time something happens is usually right. Trust that feeling.

    2. There is no substitute for hard work- you may or may not be the most intelligent person in the room, but you can certainly become the most hardworking . And hard work always pays off .

    3. Don’t let anything get you down- you need to learn from mistakes and move on again. If you let things get you down, you’ll never move ahead in life.

    4. Perseverance- you need to keep at a task if you hope to achieve the impossible. If you let go of it the minute you sense failure, you’ll never succeed.

    5. Failure is a stepping stone, not a dark hole- every time you fall down, get up, dust yourself , learn what needs to be learnt and move ahead.

    6. Depression is not the end of it all - you can be depressed and yet work towards your betterment. Being depressed is not the end of life. Talk about your depression and get the help that is needed to solve it. Therapy helps.

    7. Never lose faith - or sight of what you want. Yes there will troubled times and times when nothing will go your way . It is then that you need to be steadfast and hold on to your faith (in god, in others, in yourself and life).

    8. Never assume - anything about another person’s thoughts or intentions or their abilities.

    9. Do the right thing- even if it kills you, even if you are angry , even if the one you are trying to help hurts you. Doing the right thing make you not have any regrets later.

    10. Always tell the truth- except when the truth will hurt someone. Value honesty and tell the truth , always . The lesser lies you tell, the lesser you will need to keep track of what you’d said earlier. That is simply exhausting and not worth it.

    11. Never hurt people- by your actions or words. Be aware of what you are saying and doing to and for other people.

    12. Never expect goodness to be rewarded- you need to do the right thing and not expect to be rewarded for the same . Doing good never hurt anybody.

    13. Do not confuse sarcasm with wit- no the most sarcastic person is not the smartest one in the room, they are simply small minded and mean. Good things do not happen to mean people.

    14. Be sensitive to others feelings- there’s more to life than just your troubles and your difficulties . Some people are fighting greater battles than you. Respect them and that fact.

    15. Don’t judge a book by its cover or the condition of the same- stop being prejudiced and conceited and stop turning your nose down on people who do not look/ seem to be up to your standard.

    16. Be kind and generous. Kindness is the greatest gift you can give to another person. Forgive yourself for your follies and bad decisions. What is in the past cannot be changed and the only thing you can do is to move forward.

    17. Don’t let anger destroy you - raging over things is not the right way to deal with what’s wrong. Instead of seething, learn to take control of your rage and gradually simmer it down. Anger makes you do and say things you will regret later.

    18. Don’t hold grudges- if you hold on to negativity, it will attract even more negativity. And nothing good ever came out of being negative. Holding a grudge will not affect others but will cause you great mental harm. Forget and forgive even if just to save yourself grief and pain.

    19. Do not give into peer pressure- do not feel pressurised to do as your companions/ friends/ peers are doing. Do what you feel is right for you not succumb to what others think you should be doing to fit in.

    20. It is okay to be different- you were made different and it is not imperative that you fit in . Be proud of yourself and who you are. It is okay to be different from others. Great things have been created by people who simply thought out of the box and were labelled odd. Be yourself, at all times.

    The greatest advice that I can give you- Learn to say no and cut ties with negative people. If you say yes to everything you didn’t want to agree to, you will left with a feeling of great dissatisfaction because then you would have done things against your will. Cut ties with anyone who is negative. Negative people are poisonous and drag everyone down to their level of negativity.

    Here’s to hoping that you will spend lesser time rethinking and reevaluating every move you make. Overthinking will not change the world ! Find your bubble of happiness and learn to thrive not just survive. I hope my life lessons help you in leading a happier and more productive life.

    My love always


    12th of January, 2022

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 19w


    Like a meandering river I snake my way
    Around the cosy sofas of the living room
    Comfortable in the warmth from the fireplace
    Breathing in the smell of my mother’s perfume

    Cuddled up in a throw I like sitting by the bay windows
    Listening to the birds chirp nearby
    The words flow and form a steady stream
    Even a bad day cannot make this place seem awry

    Filtered with the rays of the morning sun
    And the moonlight pouring in at night
    I’m left alone to my devices here till I’m done
    Putting words onto paper and thus out of sight

    Outside my mother’s flowers form
    A foliage that brightens my worst day
    I write furiously till my fingers hurt
    Putting an end to my depression and dismay

    From the solace of the couches to the
    Reassurance of the snug sofas all around
    It is difficult to wallow in melancholic tunes
    When so much life is cheerfully abound

    For a poet who likes to trifle with dark tones
    Painting pictures of death and destitution
    My favourite writing place melts my resolve
    And becomes an arena of peaceful restitution

    Like a homing pigeon I venture everyday
    Into the arms of wing chairs of my living room
    Solitary but for the noises from nature
    That don’t let my words become entombed


    10th of January, 2022

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 22w

    Letter to Santa

    Dear Santa,

    Every year you make
    My wishes come true
    Make sure that on that day
    I’m not left alone and blue
    I wish I could tell you that
    I always knew
    That my secret Santa
    Every year is you

    Although there is no dashing
    Through the snow
    With no reindeer and a
    Glorified sleigh in tow
    And although you know
    That I already know
    Yet you put on a beautiful
    Wonderfully coordinated show

    I’d like to thank you for
    The love you shower on me
    For always letting me be
    As I want to be
    Not only for the presents
    Under the Christmas tree
    I thank god that my secret Santa
    Happens to be my mummy !

    Thank you !


    25th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 24w


    Wear your successes lightly, never conceding to them, complacency is the worst habit to get used to


    7th of December, 2021

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  • pallavi4 24w


    I rub my icy cold hands together
    Trying to absorb the heat from the fireplace
    Pulling the blanket around me I huddle closer
    Wearing a sad smile of nostalgia on my face

    The Christmas tree is alight and decorated
    And the house adorned with fairy lights,
    Little shiny bells and ornaments —
    All part of sharing the festive delights

    Every one I know is happy and making snowmen
    Before the advent of the snowstorm
    In a crowd of delighted faces I look lost
    My heart is desolate and forlorn

    It is my first Christmas without you
    In a state of saudade I lie moping
    Forcibly trying to keep myself occupied
    While to you my thoughts keep roaming

    You are celebrating too without me this year
    I wonder if at all my remembrance haunts you
    I stand outside punishing myself, in the freezing winds
    Knowing I’ve been replaced by someone new

    Is love meant to be fleeting and fragile?
    Last for one while the other moves on?
    What do I tell the silence that occupies my cottage
    Now that all but your memories are gone?

    When I cross your street and see your house
    Delightfully decked up with twinkling lights
    I know in my broken heart that you no longer
    Are the missing piece in my barren life


    6th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner- Todor Jovanovski

    Thank you for EC @miraquill !

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