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    I remember seeing you for the first time
    When I was seven years old
    You were cloaked in darkness
    And the air around you felt cold
    After the car accident I’d been sedated
    And I’d watched the night unfold
    You were there perhaps there waiting
    To collect my mortal soul

    Not today I’d told you then
    I still have a tale to live
    Unafraid I’d looked at you
    Hoping my folly you’d forgive

    I met with you again a decade later
    Someone had tried but failed to hurt me
    The knife he’d held had stopped inches
    From my throat giving me a chance to flee
    You’d appeared as a flash in the corner
    None of the others could possibly see
    I think you were waiting for me to
    Put myself out of the misery

    No I’m not going to go with you I’d said
    Looking defiant and with indignation
    You are not here today I’m simply
    Seeing things from my vivid imagination

    Sixteen years went by without us meeting
    Like an apparition you appeared this time
    Standing by my ill grandfather’s bedside
    Grim, bearing a warning sign
    I knew you were there to receive him
    This was the end of his climb
    By then he had lived past ninety
    And was well past his prime

    Please take care of him, you I’d pleaded
    He’s suffered a lot as it is
    Please grant his soul safe passage
    Grant him his catharsis

    Now I see you often in my dreams
    Standing by a fence made of barbed wire
    Guarding the path to my salvation
    Waiting for me like a squire
    Whenever it is my time to go
    I hope you and I can conspire
    Like friends since we’ve known each other
    For so long while life has transpired

    Embrace me I’ll say to you
    Please carry me towards peace
    Let me not awaken in another form again
    Please let the cycle of my rebirth finally cease


  • pallavi4 44w


    I am a nervous wreck to say the least
    Now that the day to meet you has come along
    I’ve tried while failing miserably to quieten
    My racing thoughts by singing a song

    Three months of having known you could’ve
    Never prepared me for what has to come
    This clandestine meeting is simply waiting
    For me to become unmade and undone

    Moist palms and rapid breaths while feeling
    The sweat drip down my back like tears
    I realise I am dealing with an anxiety attack
    Giving way to all my fears

    Much to my horror all I can think of is nothing
    I’m as blank and white as a sheet
    Little did I know I would turn into a bundle
    Of desperation just when we were about to meet

    With shallow breaths that refuse to deepen
    And ease the illness I feel inside
    My mind wants me to pick up the pace
    And find a comfortable place to hide

    I’m usually mentally strong and composed
    Calm and patient most of the time
    With you I feel I’m waiting for you to
    Give me of approval a positive sign

    Your comforting voice and compassionate manner
    Do nothing for my racing heart at all
    I feel weird and spaced out ,
    Dizzy as though I may at any time fall

    As you sit beside me and start talking
    Take my hands into your warm palms
    My pounding heart finally slows down
    I’m left with no anxiety laden qualms

    I’m able to focus finally on what you’re saying
    You’re saying you wish we’d met sooner
    I shyly smile I for I know now I needn’t worry
    Anymore about ever being a loner


    11th of July, 2021

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    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven !!
    Thank you so so much for the repost @miraquill 😊
    Thank you for the kind repost @writersnetwork 🥰

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    The Renaissance Man - Leonardo da Vinci

    “Just like disuse rusts iron
    Stagnant water loses purity
    Weather in the cold becomes frozen,
    Inaction results in the loss of the mind’s vitality”

    In these words of Leonardo da Vinci
    Is the secret to the whole renaissance movement
    “For anything less would be considered a sin”
    Unless there was a want for constant improvement

    Born to a notary and a peasant woman
    Leo interned as a young man in sculpture and art
    His mind however was inquisitive about the interrelation
    Between science and the manner of his craft

    Credited as a painter, sculptor, engineer and inventor
    He wore several hats with great flair
    To him art could inspire science and vice versa
    So studying both seemed naturally fair

    When not absorbed in making artwork
    He indulged in closely observing the the world
    From flying birds to the workings of the human body
    In his eyes it all cleverly unfurled

    He created the first parachute and flying machine
    The first machine gun, helicopter and diving suit
    He was the inventor of the first self propelled cart
    Created the first robot, modern city and armoured tank to boot

    Residing in the true sense like a renaissance man
    He lived in the pursuit of knowledge and invention
    His keen brain was too advanced for his time
    “The Mona Lisa” came to be his greatest creation

    Although his ideas went unnoticed for hundreds of years
    “The Last Supper” brought him notoriety
    Technology would have progressed rapidly
    Had his ideas been converted into reality

    His curiosity knew no bounds and made him
    One of the greatest minds time has ever known
    His radical ideas and thoughts paved the way
    For the seeds of new creations in future to be sown

    Changing the way we looked at the world
    One invention at a time
    We would be wise to learn from his dictum
    That inventions happen when science and art combine


    4th of June, 2021

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    Omg !
    Editors choice , POD and a writers network repost ?? I think I’ve died and gone to heaven today

    Thank you so so much for POD and EC @mirakee !!
    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork ! I love you guys !!!!

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    We are the dusty book I haven’t
    Picked up to read in a long time
    The shelf is covered with cobwebs
    The pages are old and layered with grime
    There is a story hidden in those pages
    That was once filled with joy
    That tale is now old and tired
    Weighed down by remorse in the ploy
    Haunted by ghosts of the past I’ve lived
    Weary of the shame and mortification
    Tried very hard to be better and not bitter
    Kept my head high through the humiliation
    A decade filled with contrition and sorrow
    Forced the book to forever remain shut
    Life seemed to have come to a standstill
    Going round in circles in the same rut
    There is a story hidden in that book
    One I’ve chosen to forget
    The generous covering of dust helps in masking
    The unfortunate truth laced with a veil of regret


    14th of May, 2021

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    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

    Thank you @mirakee ! This was totally unexpected.....

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    God of the dead and of the underworld
    My name is synonymous with the “unseen”
    Called pitiless, loathsome and monstrous
    Brother to Zeus and Poseidon, I am Hades

    As a fierce ruler of those in the unseen realm
    I watch over the three judges of souls
    Charon ferries the dead across the Styx
    Under my supervision and my control

    By not letting mortals escape my kingdom
    I rule with a deft and stern hand
    King of rivers of woe, fire, lamentation, hate and oblivion
    I am feared and universally panned

    Persephone, my wife stays with me only partially
    Her stay causes gloomy winter on the ground
    Considered an aspect of sadness and mourning
    Planting and harvests are therefore done in rounds

    Kept occupied with ruling the underworld
    And keeping a check on the souls of the dead
    The very mention of my name causes apprehension
    Fills the living with great dread

    The spoils of the ground both vegetative and mineral
    Are part of my dominion and reign
    The universality of death is my reality
    I am the god of the dead , riches and gains


    7th of December, 2020

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    Celebrating my 400th post with both pod and WN repost ..... yay 🎉

    Thank you so so much @mirakee (I’m still in a state of shock after reading your comments) and @writersnetwork ... you’ve truly made my day, thank you !

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    Starry night

    Somehow everything seems dearer today
    We are one beneath the star lit skies
    Today we exist together
    Under the dwindling sunshine
    The moon seems larger than life
    The sandy storms a perfect blue
    No arid airs cause me any pains
    For my world exists only of us two
    Look to the moon , we are here together
    This journey is almost done
    Look up to the unwavering sparkly dots
    Today we are not far apart, we are one
    In the black carpet of the night
    Today only for us do the stars shine
    Our togetherness is all that matters, my love
    For I am yours and you are forever mine


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    19th of July, 2020

    Thank you so much for the reposts @writersnetwork and @mirakee ! I’m truly touched 😊

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