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  • _rutu_writes_ 1d


    Let me handle life!!
    Am very certain that I know one thing about life and that's I know nothing....
    Let me handle life and then life handles me.

  • silhouette_of_a_poet 5w

    In an aimless search
    My boat runs aground
    In open seas
    Flares go out like matchsticks
    A solitary convention
    Plays the bright shadows
    Of sweet regrets

    Rivers flowed upstream
    Napalm skies
    Quenched by tears
    A trickling tsunami
    Cold flames licked me
    In a delightful torment
    The search ends

    A cliche serendipity
    The blind archer
    Always strikes me
    In the heart
    When clocks forget to keep time

    #paradox #oxymoron

    //This goes against the flow//

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  • hash_05 5w

    बात कहूं गर एक तो बाल खुले रखा करो,
    चेहरे का नूर अच्छा लगता हैं...
    न बहम नही है मेरा
    चाहो तो तुम्हारे चाहने वालों से पूछ लो...


  • nocturnal_enigma 5w

    -nning; -ning ~

    It was the beginning...
    of a day; Morning.
    Let me running...
    away till evening.

    It is beginning...
    of the end; Meaning?
    Let my tears running...
    again; Just whining.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • hash_05 7w

    पन्ने लिखे तेरी यादों में जलाए ज़वानी में
    घूमे बेपरवाह होकर हम बर्बादियों में

  • hash_05 8w

    हाल-ए-दिल बयां करता चला गया,
    कुछ पन्ने अधूरे छोड़े
    कुछ दास्तान लिखता चला गया....

  • sagejuvenile 9w

    The more I travel, the smaller the globe beneath my feet becomes and yet the larger the weight of the world on my shoulders.

    I travel to seek out the essence that defines me, and yet the more I travel the less this quest commands my interest.

    Some people once told me once I scratched this itch it would just fade away, but the more I scratch it, the more it spreads.

  • muskanjalotra 10w

    This is the constant paradox❤️
    #paradox #writernetwork #rwu #mirakee

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    Constant paradox

    Never be ashamed of your own status.
    Follow this rule for every non constant thing.
    But the plot twist that nothing is constant.

  • wordsbykarma 10w


    I am locked onto a strange paradox.
    A recurring emotion of emptiness - a volatile realisation that my memories aren't really mine. Amidst the circadian smokescreen of all human activity, I see myself as a collector, at most a mere witness.

    I accept the daytime lies of my politicians.
    I welcome the evening news of insurgence against establishments.
    I see past your lies of a hopeful world.
    I even smile at your wicked games of hide and seek.

    No, i am not bitter. I do not feel resentment towards flaws of humanity. I see everyone's reason for doing 'things'.

    In the end - we are all just collectors.
    Witnesseing this world through our eyes on borrowed time.
    Collecting experiences, stockpiling memories; Only for them to be pulled away in a backward trance.

    You and I are both locked onto this paradox. And sooner or later this debt must be paid with memories.


  • alveeranaaz 11w

    Let them do what they want to do
    And don't judge for what they are doing

  • nocturnal_enigma 11w

    * Back after 9 days break. ~

    * 12.9.2021; 5.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    #paradox #contradiction #dissatisfaction

    #concretepoetry (A person wear a hat) #NuEmConcrete

    #livingc @writersbay

    * Begin with #sometimes #wod @miraquill

    * Based on characteristics of my Doubutsu Uranai-
    Purple Sheep (See also #NuEmSheep)

    "Your type of women tends to have high aspirations, and hold huge expectation and ideals toward others. Therefore, in contradiction, you may be feeling dissatisfaction on the inside.

    Although you value relationships with others, you also like being on your own. Therefore you may suffer from your own contradiction.

    Although you are a passive sort of person, you do possess perseverance and are a person of action. Once you are on fire, you show unbelievable energy."

    * While based on my birthdate, at Sln.me, it stated that 1 of my characteristics is 'Dissatisfied'.

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    Paradox ~

    Sometimes, there's a lot that I expected.
    Sometimes, I become very dissapointed.

    High aspirations,
    huge expectations.
    It's a contradiction.
    Feeling dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I like to socialise.
    Sometimes, I like to isolate.

    I value relation...
    ship. I like isolation.
    Another contradiction.
    Suffer. Dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I am passive.
    Sometimes, I am active.

    Passive. But, person of action.
    On fire, to the point of exertion.
    Again. It's a contradiction.
    Dissatisfied; Dissatisfaction.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • biha_soundarya 12w

    Heart : Listening is something so important in life isn't it?
    Conscience : Some say communication.

    Heart : I don't know. But I truly feel that listening is
    the mother of all things being right.
    Conscience :You're very passionate about this.

    Heart : I am. Imagined how listening happens even when
    we are a child. Imagined a toddler who just learn
    how to walk, putting all effort to get the attention
    of the parents with their gibberish baby talk. But
    the parents are addicted to their phones and don't
    even pay attention that the toddler has to climb
    on the parents and hold the parents face and pull
    it towards the toddler which literally screams :
    "Mom! Dad! Listen to me!"
    Conscience : Oh that's so sad ☹️
    Heart : Yes it is. Imagined if that's us, even as adult
    craving to be heard and yet listening became so
    cripple to us human ☹️

    **She notices how selfish human has become. How ignorant and how egoistic all of us have turned into. Listening become so expensive, the highest trait which is so difficult to master. If only we learn to listen. Listen to even the silence of words that is throbbing to burst out words of love, beauty and wisdom. Just imagine if listening was not cripple**

    #pod #tod_wt #writersbay @miraquill @mirakeeworldwidewriter @mirakeeworld #wod #paradox

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    If listening was not cripple


  • biha_soundarya 12w

    Heart : Do you know what writing can do. It is so powerful.
    Conscience : Yes it is.

    Heart : Lord Byron says "A drop of ink may make a
    million think". That is simply how powerful it is.
    Things that can't be said, things that was
    forcefully silenced, things that are forcefully
    buried and voluntarily kept as secret and things
    that was covered to hide the ugly side of human.
    Just with a drop of ink. It just shakes the whole
    world and birth the truth.
    Conscience : And that's how it should be. The freedom
    of speech spoken by the unspoken.
    Heart : And so it shall be.

    **Her opinions has always been ridicule, laughed at,
    stomped on, and she has always been called as too
    opinionated. She is silent but loud. She wants to let the
    world know on the many social injustice happening to many, happening to the races, to the cultures, to the religion
    and to her. So the only way is for her to keep making sure
    every drop of ink that she write with relates and could help others. Every drop of it ✒️**

    #pod #tod_wt #writersbay @miraquill @mirakeeworldwidewriter @mirakeeworld #wod #paradox

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    A drop of ink may make a million think


  • dolphin_unsettled 12w


    Sometimes you feel close to me
    like warm Sunshine in monsoon
    Otherwise you are a distant star
    like worlds apart going parallel
    Swinging from euphoria to chaos
    together we are a beautiful mess.


  • thorvi_mule 12w


    Your finite words simply left me with a few infinite thoughts!

  • the_speccy_outsider 12w

    I have learnt mostly from the intangible teachers in my life. And I now crown them the title for they deserve it.

    I believe my past is still pristine, being entirely paradoxical in nature. Albeit, I want it to fade and not become subfusc. I only want to remember all the good memories. Being a rational human being I often tend to incline towards remembering otherwise.

    The popular saying goes that failure is the best teacher. But sometimes, failure can also lead to rigmarole of frustration. Which then spirals and creates adversities for us, resulting in plethora of mental imbalances.

    To all the experiences, situations, memories, people, non-living things that came into my life and influenced my living, I thank all. For it made me who I am today. And the reason for the principles and values I hold today.

    On this occasion of Teachers' Day I promise to hold everything dear to me and let go of everything that poses detrimental to me.


    #sometimes #paradox #epistrophe

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    Sometimes I learn from the past
    Adversities I went through in the past
    Memories and experience of the past
    All the people I met in the past

    Indeed a great Teacher, is the past

  • subhaprakshit 12w

    Paradox or any explanation Is meaningless when people are at the verge of being Countryless. I hope everything goes well In near Future.

    Trigger Warning: War-torn Scenarios.

    Floatsam O' thee craddle crib
    tainted thou long sail over the mazarine clement sea,
    O' how thee forbid thou kinswoman to ease
    tulips shade their scents along thy alpine tree.
    Where the rubab's string sings cusp poetry spring
    O' where thou ghalib has lost far beyond In attan eve,
    thy streets are red
    mihrab and minbar frightened
    where thou sheaves of wheat around the mosque and hijri year underneath,
    alas! the erstwhile doctrines you sell over thou cold war skin.

    O' thee ruthless king how thy (P/p)rime rests In peace
    why the azans even ring far bounded through his curshed shrine rifts;
    Children cry by the null mortarshell
    their mother had died
    father Is missing and their brother on neva returning runaway,
    their eldest sister has been lashed In back midst of the men,
    the parting tears In eyes and dusty breads on her wounded hand.

    O' thee fires stay a little while on the cimmerian gale
    thou cuss may fell upon the tyrant- over the Kafir's head.
    You thee forasmuch ruler
    how dare you snatch the prophecy away of my friends,
    do lease my mighty words, cease the warlords suppress them.
    O' free thy cyclopian vehemence
    cyclophosphamide metaphors, rescue thy burnt sorcerer's eminence.
    O' thee my beloved land thy broods are In paradoxial pain,
    they flee to live
    they live In presence of your Grief, they die on your lap.
    O' why thou roads are red
    mihrab and minbar frightened
    where thou soothing sheaves of wheat around thy capracious Land.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @fromwitchpen @yamini_poetry @kosachaya @fatty_07 @inky_quill_scribblings
    #readwriteunite #paradox #afghanistancrisis #delusion #wod

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    Children cry by the null mortarshell
    their mother had died
    father Is missing and their brother on neva returning runaway,
    their eldest sister has been lashed In back midst of the men,
    the parting tears In eyes and dusty breads on her wounded Hand.


  • shrey2310 12w

    #paradox , maybe?

    soul refers to a cell here, functional and structural unit of life. Idk how true it is but i just saw it in a picture how a star dies forming supernova and how a cell is born from the pre-existing one. Also, idk if this suits for paradox but who cares, the challenge is over anyway

    Criticise please :)

    (25, messed)


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    A death of a star, forlorn and far
    away from us, yet glowing they are
    Large as a giant, heavy as a death
    born within the dust
    in dust will they die
    when they divide into two
    yet they'll shine like
    a child's innocent eyes

    A birth of a soul, so close, so tender
    maybe in us, maybe from us
    small as an atom, light as a feather
    born from the existing ones
    when they divide into two
    but themselves they'll kill
    or they die with some cause

    for the biggest of the star
    that dies too quick
    and the smallest of a cell
    that may live too long
    in a same way they do so
    /maybe death of a star, is birth of a soul/


  • nevaleepoetically 12w

    I think too much
    Of what to say
    That I think all of
    My words away

  • its_just_her 16w

    Pour the sand onto the hands of my soul
    and rub it deep into the wounds that styles my palm.

    Look beyond the bruises that cut deep into my flesh and see the burning fire of vengeance that looks back at you.
    Feel the deep wounds that with years have tried to heal but merely countless scars that scares my very being remain.

    Again i say look at what reminds of me but with out pity.
    I try to stand up but...but every bones
    every part of me screams with pain-
    pain so deep, the fear that creeps in each time i try to raise my head.
    help me!! Save my fading soul and the slowly beating heart that spreads it tiny branches across my being.

    Please help me...

    Don't let him come close to me
    For so long i tried to fight back
    but with those hit that from the back of his hands create burning flames on my leathery flesh.
    Ahhhhh...i...i can't breathe
    For years and years i have been in this position
    my bones are getting used to the posture.
    Each tears that drops from the source of my eyes are screams of thousands of unspoken words.
    Help me....

    Please don't let me fade into mere memories
    I am still here but slowly becoming a shadow
    My mother awaits me at home
    My father always looking back at the gate with hope
    I do not desire this as my fate.
    Again his groans of hate feel my ears
    Looking at my now small frame
    he smiles at my helpless being
    Mocking me with darkened glares that lines his eyes
    My pale lips slowly pathing to say the last i could but merely the sound of nothingness dances in the air.

    One the single thundering of my heart remains as my face finally crashes to the floor everything becoming blur and numb
    I heard something snap
    feeling nothing and falling into eternal nap
    With the sudden gasp for air and with the last i hould find in me
    I rose again...with the slowness of a dancing leaf i fell against the floor with leaking blood

    With the sand filling the open wounds of my face
    I tried to cry in agony but nothing
    I tired to carry the expression of pain but again nothing
    Slowly giving in to defeat my eyes began closing
    only with the last of my words escaping the barely opening of my mouth.


    And into dust i began to fade
    With ears filled echo and laughter
    While the remains of me dance with the wind and scatter.