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  • lexasaurusxo 13w


    Isn't it exhausting? Always watching your 6, your 10, your 2? There's nothing like always looking around like a baser, being mocked as today's fool, But I was once the one laughing at someone higher than the moon, claiming a bunch of bullshit nobody believed in, until it was me in the limelight.. I had to learn the hard way.. that maybe that high mother fxxker wasn't geekin..
    It's actually quite amazing the way this society has the aware looking so non credential.. but why is it the ones who so called 'lost their minds' have a past full of so much potential?
    The media feeds your brain a bunch of garbage that you won't even care to fathom, you won't even notice that you're just another product of this twisted fictional pattern..
    It took me over two decades to actually take a look at this f***** up society and not a damn soul around my presence can preach that their practicing sobriety.
    It be the same ones whose fingers are covered that point that infected b******* to the next one, while they're looking like an All-Star and cannot decipher a finger from a damn thumb.
    I've already said too much, and I'm not even on the same subject I started.. shout out to my fallen soldiers, it won't be long before we're all no longer Departed.

  • ekusuta 53w

    I think the paranoia started as a kid
    I'd look up at the night sky and think
    The stars were chasing me and I'd run
    Now I feel like I'm always running
    From feelings, from life, from you
    Even in my sleep I am being chased
    By some unknown entity out to get me
    It feels like the universe is out to get me
    How do you do better when the stars
    Are a thing of beauty to others
    But a death sentence to you?


  • mutilated_marionette 53w


    One word always pops into your head

    Constant thoughts that others want you dead

    Your dreams are never coming true

    There is absolutely nothing good about you

    You hate yourself more than others do

    You just sit anxious as time passes you by

    Oh what, are you going to cry

    You find no solace in the company of others

    Your worries and insecurities so rapid they seem like stutters

    You feel misunderstood

    But would you change things if you could

    We both know you lack a spine

    Procrastinating until there's no time

    Just asking that same self-destructive question "What if..."

    As if it's the latest and greatest riff

    Just keep writing your poetry

    Just keep ignoring me

    But I exist and I'm not leaving

    Not as long as your heart is beating

    You know what I say is true

    After all, you are me, and I am you

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 54w

    Go Away

    Not even here is safe anymore
    Knowing the eyes of prey watch
    Knowing things I hate lurk
    I want to feel
    I want to be able to feel
    I need to feel
    Go away so I can mourn
    Too much has happened
    Not enough support
    Hiding everything away
    It hurts
    I want it to stop

  • heyoka_warrior 57w

    Regular dreams, prophetic dreams, visions...
    And then there are nightmares, delusions...

    Regular dreams are feelings, state of mind
    In the waking hours buried subconsciously;
    Prophetic dreams are divine revelations
    Just like visions foreseeing glimpses of the future.

    Nightmares usually are haunted dreams
    Visited by demons, ghosts, and death;
    Delusions they stir paranoia, madness—
    Avoid anxiety, fear, and confusion.


  • ylviia 57w


    Since I was little I didn't have dreams like a normal child
    There were never monsters under my bed or spiders I was afraid of
    My dreams kept appearing again and again
    And as so often I never knew why
    Even till today they still follow me like the picture of my own shadow
    Seldomly but the demons of my childhood keep knocking on my door every once in a while
    Just like my way to handle certain situations
    My dreams reflect on them, showing me my own true hard colours
    I just keep running away
    Like literally speaking
    I tend to ignore things and leave them open
    Instead of actually processing and digesting what I've just experienced
    I like me a good distraction, another second passes, another day went by
    Slowly my memories fade and it gets pushed to the back of my mind
    I just keep running away
    Even in my dreams I'm being followed
    Never did I dare to face the demons who are following me
    I never gave them a chance to explain
    But that's the thing with me
    I'm a runaway
    From my real life problems till my dreams
    I keep running and hidding from the corpse that was long overdue in my closet
    But in my dreams I can't run, even though my legs have never moved that fast
    I still am confronted with my issue and hell if I knew what I was running from
    But I never dared to look behind
    Not now, not ever
    Because I just keep running
    Since I was little

  • heyoka_warrior 58w

    Stalkers hiding behind the veils
    Looking at your life thus far,
    Making you wonder what they're up to;
    Are they enemies or are they friends?

    Stalkers' in secret places prying eyes
    Makes you conscious of your moves;
    Surrounded by invisible forces—paranoia?
    Be cautious or be a fool, your choice.

    Stalkers, spies, your audience;
    Anywhere you are they follow;
    Appreciate them for wasting time on you—
    Teaching, learning, watching
    Or ignore them for being sneaky,
    Hunting and striking you where you are.


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 59w

    Sad boy

    I'm a sad boy
    A mad boy
    A little bit of a paranoid boy

    I feel really sad
    I feel really mad
    Some words are simple

    No one is simple
    I am not simple
    I am not so quite

    A deranged boy
    Sitting on the edge boy
    Craving to end it boy
    Waiting to be a man boy

    A silent boy
    Waiting for them to speak boy
    Always checking his voice boy
    Waiting to be strong boy

    A shifty boy
    Always checking his back boy
    Fearing something real boy
    Waiting to be brave boy

    A sad boy
    A mad boy
    A paranoid boy

  • miaferg 65w

    Dear Paranoia

    You twist me up
    You chuck me out
    You corrupt
    Nothing stopping you
    You are strong
    Kept me up all night
    2 hours sleep, not enough
    Distracting myself
    From you, too tough
    Sick of fighting
    Fleeing all the time
    Here you don't belong
    Are we one or two
    Am i me or you
    It feels like you're the devil
    Alive inside my mind
    When you grab my reins
    I detest
    You don't allow me rest
    To question
    Where have i gone?
    Wouldn't be so wrong
    You're turning me to ruins
    Behaving like an act of law
    Taking over
    I want to know
    Is this my existence
    or is it yours?

  • cardelljhardy 67w


    The doubt has creeped in like a monster under the bed.
    Unwanted guests surround my every step.
    The mind with unwanted thoughts and triggers
    That never seem to stop and play at will.
    The hurt inside began to climb
    Up my heart and into my mind.
    My loss of reality and hope is down
    But I returned the place where You were found.
    The anxiety ceased and the devil left.
    And my Father began to return the debt.
    Schizophrenic visions now laid to rest.
    And now I can put myself to the test.
    The spiders creep back into their hiding places.
    And now I can finally sing Your praises!!!

  • rayrac 67w


    With every blink, an added weight to the heart
    With every weight added, a heavy intake of air
    With every puff taken, a more painful thought
    With every thought, a stream of hot tears
    With every hot trickle, a tear-stricken puffy face!

    Music playing, dogs barking, doors closing
    It is not enough to keep the mind in place
    Paranoia - fear of everything being harmful
    - fear of everyone being the worst
    Paranoia, fear, depression, where is life?

    Goosebumps all over the body, cold or fear?
    Nuisance to everyone, misinterpreting or overthinking?
    Pestering, bothering, sturbonness, keeping tabs
    Trust issues or scared of being alone?
    Crying alone, feeling alone, whose fault is it?

    Dating and trusting, commitment is a hard task
    With every smile and spark, chills is an accompaniment
    Hearts breaking and bleeding, treatment to the wounds
    Pain infliction, soothing herbs to the pained body
    Not the best way but bad is not worst!

  • honeysuckles 68w


    You left me with some kind of paranoia.
    That I could never be more.
    "I'm better without you."
    Maybe that was the idea I always knew but cannot grasp.
    Because you somehow killed my core.


  • deepflowsoul 79w

    Toxic family.

    Paranoia penetrated my soul.
    One thing was said, and another was done.
    Eye twitching, heart racing,
    I constantly questioned if I was dumb.
    Out of the storm I see myself clearly.
    I was manipulated into scapegoat yearly.

  • james_taumas 81w


    Heart drumming
    Apprehension paranoia
    Wear down my neck
    Inspectors hunting
    Razor's edge pursuit
    Gates secured
    Hide in the open
    The wait game
    Roll the die
    Now up to chance.


  • faulty_puppet 82w


    The Walls keep changing
    With Colors faded and new
    The Cracks getting wider, deeper
    Changed Yet I have remained the same

    The Walls keep listening
    Choked Pain and smiles fake
    Through Its shades old and new
    Soaked Tears that I have shed

    Eight Years and still counting
    Days I have left the scars bleeding
    Sinking In a paranoid pantomime
    Reasons Or delusions, it's so confounding

    The Walls and in the space between
    I have built a place so tantalizing
    I am here never and all the time
    I Try to move, the freedom is paralyzing

    The Walls forever protecting
    Keeping The grief from overflowing
    Making Me show my back to the bonfire
    Where Everything to ashes was turning

    Eight Years and more to come
    Some Was left and some was none
    Floating Between times of now and then
    I Wait for just an end to come

    The Walls keep me from falling asleep
    Says I have to keep on going
    The Puppet dances all day and night
    And Keeps the puppet master at his fingertips


  • ajkattel 87w


    Everytime I go into that dark,
    why do I sense my own death bed?

    Many a 16 in the air
    though I can't breathe in.
    Many a bees in the vase,
    though hive in absence of queen.
    Can't wring this case in gutter,
    nor ring distant doorbell.
    For that; former is pellucid.
    And bystander rather rejoicing a bail!

    Everytime I awake,
    why I'm in my death bed?

    The aura of suffocative hymn,
    and blemished hydraulic making its rhythm.
    Sparkless chancellor
    and the blown Castle;
    Oh my king,
    why don't you kindle a light within!


  • saberous 88w

    Home Paranoia

    I walk down the path I always take.
    A dark night it is with sidewalk lights dull, but the moon is bright.
    Its chilly and I could see my breath.
    Not even my scarf could warm me.
    As I walk gradually hom-
    I twist my head so fast.
    Eyes wide, senses heightened.
    I continue on my way...walking faster.
    Until tomorrow again.


  • jadeivy 92w


    Eyes behind me,
    Beeming through my skull.
    Watching my every move,
    Calculating who I am.

    The camera spins!
    Full panel view.
    Every angle, every inch.
    There's no hiding from this.

    Each whisper made.
    Every touch performed.
    Written down for the study,
    The narrative they've begun.

    Gossip and rumors.
    Laughter and shame.
    I hear them and feel them.


  • jeitendra_shrma 94w

    the street;

    I walk
    on a street
    day in day out
    same route
    and the same destination,
    smell of flowers
    shadow of trees
    a car with a broken window
    a bird nest
    squirrels stealing from street vendors
    an atm, and wine shop
    signal lights turning red and green
    honking vehicles
    roaring engines, exhaust smoke
    hot summer or cold winter
    I cross this street in all weather,

    I see a child
    scared of something
    the laughing crowd, mocking him
    helplessness in his face
    tears and hiccups,
    It happens daily
    I cross the signal as it turns red
    these crowd and that child appears
    and drama starts
    and sometimes I doubt
    am I neurotic? it is really happening?
    or I am dreaming?

    and when cross the pothole
    I see an old man
    laughing, and talking to someone
    but I can't see the other person
    is he talking to me?
    I doubt that
    as I don't understand his language
    I could Just see fear
    in his eyes
    as he has seen something
    like a ghost?

    and then I buy a cigarette
    I smoke
    sitting near the nest of that bird
    and watch squirrels
    stealing from the vendor
    she never stops them
    and I wonder
    is she stupid or what?
    but she looks tired of life
    maybe a nihilistic
    who have lost the meaning of life
    or never had a meaning as such,
    she gives me
    same cigarette and lighter
    and I throw the bud at the same place
    I give her money
    but never care of change
    I Just walk
    without saying anything,

    and I circle a park
    where I used to play as a child
    I see myself playing there
    probably my memories
    playing in loop
    as I see these things
    which no one else sees
    wait? there are no other people
    Just these characters
    I had never seen their faces
    or talked to them?

    and in the night
    the moon shines
    shadow helps squirrel to steal
    I let them steal
    and a Young man comes
    buy cigarette and smoke
    looking at these squirrels and nest of the tree
    pays me and leave
    without asking for change
    and when I call him from back
    he ignores as I don't exist anymore,

    I look at the moon
    and as a child, I stare at the street
    I see a Young man
    standing alone
    laughing and mocking
    I see no one else near him
    with whom he talks
    or shares his laughs
    his laughs are peculiar
    and sound like an old man,
    he takes out cigarettes and smokes it
    without lighting it
    as he forgot to light it,

    I am old as the moon
    people say
    that I am here from decades
    I remember
    I came here in my youth
    I found an old man
    he used to laugh
    I stayed with him
    here on the street
    and I saw a little child
    staring at me
    from the window
    these squirrels steal
    but the old man has warned me
    not to scare them off
    maybe he loves them,


  • zainabnajmi 98w

    I've struggled with anxiety for so long. And it's gotten worse after my breakup. If you're going through something similar to this, please feel free to DM me here. We can help each other out by venting at least.

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    Forehead trickling with beads of sweat;
    Rapid breathing keeping up with the hands of the clock -
    Heart palpitating louder than the deafening silence in the room;
    Eyes fluttering awake from a dream that feels like reality,

    It's a sign of anxiety
    It's a sign of anxiety