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  • stellaire_mystique 18w

    Yeah it was easy to move on....but unfortunately I died while moving through...

    I never had a regret of my decisions no matter good or bad they went but this is the first time
    You made me regret for falling in love with you
    It left me shattered
    I am alive but I am no more alive
    I smile but no matter how hard I try I can't be happy
    It's like I am walking but I don't feel that ground anyless
    I might talk to few people but I just cannot trust anyone anymore
    Yes I might get full stomach everytime I eat but still I am always hungry
    Yes I am breathing but I am dead from inside
    I got fucking hurt but I didn't even made a sound of it
    I am killing myself from inside everyday
    You wanna know how bad it went for me ....
    I craved for you but now I don't want you...
    This insane anxiety is like a parasite inside of me growing every second I can't even sleep for an hour now without a thought spinning in my head about you...
    I cannot make decisions anymore because everytime I think about something it gets overwhelmed with your thought...
    Yeah it was easy to move on....but unfortunately I died while moving through...
    Now it's not just my brain that reacts to your thoughts but also my body that every inch of it aches with an essence of your absence...
    I am not aware of what I am anymore or what will be the leading consequences of all these sublime reactions been charged up....
    Because a part of you will never leave me alone....Can also be the reason for why I can't let you go off me...
    Just so can't deny that your presence was my Pride....

  • syncope 40w


    I feel everything yet nothing all at once. I am faceless/graceless. I am the spiderweb that grows unnoticed in the corner of your room. I am a parasite in your brain and I WILL kill you. I live off of your hate and love what you loathe. I've invested years in your fears and I sink my hands into every tender spot. Kneeding the knots digging our plots. My soil is useless an emotionless dustbowl/ but I can see you enjoy rolling in it. I fancy kissing you in an authentic way. I contemplate freeing you so I can free me. We can then be two anemic garden gnomes in this weary desolate landscape/ evenly draining the blood out of an opposum on some unexspecting couples porch.

  • tokingbetweenthelines 47w

    The parasite persists

    What meaning has my life?
    What power?
    What significance?
    What value, if any at all?
    What vain contentment
    allows me to draw breath
    and give nothing back?
    What have I been
    but a leech,
    sucking at the teat of
    the 21st century.

  • slylemuse 56w

    Racing, facing the world
    I stand up tall to say, I know who I am
    I've sat in the shadows becoming a pearl
    Your irritant parasite did not destiny me damn!
    The hands coming to ensnarl
    I slipped and dipped through the exam
    Spinning through each story in a whirl
    They tried so hard to squeeze me back into the cracks, crammed
    Now I'm free, I excitedly twirl
    Sorry not sorry I couldn't be programmed

  • conflicted_ 73w

    I live in a shell,
    A good shell, which very much can give and gave, the strength and power require to deal with hardship of this life
    But what is a shell when the soul fears it's very own insecurities of past lives?
    Look in the mirror you don't have a broken shell, it's your image of yourself beneath the shell which you feel broken and to fix that,
    you break your shell,Your coping habits;
    You put this shell to more pain than it's supposed to endure...
    Deep down, unknowingly ;
    You become your biggest enemy,
    You become your very own parasite,
    And this shell which serves as host between you and this world would eventually wither...
    In time you'd understand and be thankful for your shell,
    In time you'd stop hurting your shell,
    In time you'd feel no fear,
    In time you'd feel nothing.
    #shell #ghost #soul #enemy #habits #fear #feels #parasite #host

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    But what is a shell
    when the soul fears
    it's very own insecurities
    of past lives?

  • anush18 77w

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    I dreamt I were born as a human being and now I've woken up and I no longer know If I'm a demon who dreamed he's a person or If I'm a demon who's dreaming it's a person.
    ©anush18 ( yours deadmeat)

    P. S. - @zikra_official_ You inspired me to write this.

    @yayinology @thewordplayer @colourfulgreys @cosines @writersnetwork @saya__ @zilch__
    #NovemberInk #anxiety #parasite #dead
    Ending #NovemberInk (inspired by diah ��)

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  • james_taumas 81w


    Venom flows
    Steals away emotion
    Leaves only one
    A poison
    Cancerous and debilitating
    Weighs down the heart
    Fills it with dark
    Cannot think
    Everything conspiracy tinged
    Rip away the parasite
    Love dawns.


  • lockhart_red 101w


    Do not be a parasite,
    Having a host body
    To rely upon, to live and grow on
    Have your own sense and body

  • thebhavnasaxena 102w

    Good things

    They told me, all good things must
    Come to an end, but nobody told me why
    So I never stopped putting extra sugar in
    My milkshakes, running away from demons
    Because they scared me, I never stopped Borrowing light from others when dark clouds Overshadowed me, because childhood was
    The best thing I knew and I was unable
    To let it go.
    All good things must come to an end
    'Cause if they don't, they grow upon you,
    Till they cross the line into being a parasite,
    Till they hollow you out from the inside,
    So let the good things go, say your goodbyes,
    If you don't, how far do you think you could
    Walk with your feet rooted in the past,
    Send it away to rest in memory, the
    Thing that you loved once, for madness
    Is the fate of those that keep their ghosts,
    Or else they must kill that which they loved
    In a bid to survive.

  • conflicted_ 105w

    Tell me how does it feel when you are born as a daughter when they do not want a daughter?

    #daughter #trapped #hell #parents #abortion #girlchild #feels #desires #wants #expectations #toxic #symbiosis #parasite

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    To be trapped with a bunch of malicious symbiotic leeches who would only remind I am their daughter when I achieve something good

  • abeautiful_soul 105w


    As soon as you celebrate that it's gone, it returns back to you.


  • grantcreates 110w


    Feed. Feed. Feed.

    My head itches more each day.

    Feed. Feed. Feed.

    The pain won't go away.

    Bite. Gnash. Wear.

    I can feel you on my skin.

    Suck. Drain. Tear.

    I Will heal and try again.

  • sacreddreams 111w


    You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan. No plan at all. You know why? Because life cannot be planned. Look around you. Did you think these people made a plan to sleep in the sports hall with you? But here we are now, sleeping together on the floor. So, there's no need for a plan. You can't go wrong with no plans. We don't need to make a plan for anything. It doesn't matter what will happen next. Even if the country gets destroyed or sold out, nobody cares. Got it?

  • unearthly_fool 112w


    Insecurity waits to find you
    On a dark, vulnerable night
    Plotting to pounce on you
    Like a disloyal parasite
    It will attack your existence
    Till you bleed all over
    You'll build walls of distance
    Or just run for cover.
    And when you're stranded in the thunder
    You'll miserably want to hope again
    But all you see is the stained mirror
    Echoing back your tainted reflection
    Why isn't it so bright anymore?
    Did the haters dim your spark?
    By mocking your unfortunate constants
    Or has abandonment left a permanent mark
    Made you feel lost and unimportant?
    But you see, insecurity feels at home with instability
    Cause none of the nice things come with guarantee
    Love and riches, fame and wishes
    Will come and go as they please
    But why do we let worldly woes
    Have power over our well being?
    We might never be enough for others
    But we're still souls gleaming in innocence
    Capable of fulfilling our divine purpose
    Without having to seek our worthiness.
    So let us truly love ourselves
    In the best ways that we can
    There's peace in acceptance
    Of all our glitches and flaws.
    We'll end the cycle of self-hate
    Even when the going gets tough
    And we shall never be the unloved victims of guilt
    Once we believe our love will be fulfilling enough.


  • poeticfarmer 112w

    In these times of Self-isolation, boredom does show itself a lot. I decided to try a cinquain poem describing boredom. Do enjoy!
    #poetry #cinquain #writer #boredom #parasite #host #poems #creativity #mental #flourish #dullness

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    Sad, deprived louse
    Flaunts itself in my brain
    And causes my mental spring or

  • pi_infinite 116w

    Anger - towards these thoughts, towards the expectations imposed on me, towards myself for being so weak.
    #body #parasite #bodyimage #society #expectations

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    My body doesn't feel like it's mine
    Instead, it feels like a parasite
    And I wish I could cut
    Some parts off with a knife
    Not to hurt myself
    But to finally feel
    Like the person I am
    Who I'm meant to be
    Who they want me to be
    Who I wish I was
    Who I'll never be.
    And it turns to aggression
    That poisons my thoughts -
    How can I ever laugh
    If a battle is fought
    Every time that I move
    And remember my looks
    And that I am "too much"
    To ever be good?

  • barkha99 119w


    The rainbows never spread on my bread
    as I swallow stars from my own sky.
    Pockets full of graphite,
    I am ionized in my own air
    leaving traces 400 miles away.

    The colors in my palms
    changed from blue to red
    as they touched your collarbone.
    The litmus corrodes
    into a rusty water gun,
    you fire phosoporic acids.

    The whites in me
    have been particularly envious
    of the greens in you.
    My innocence always had a
    chubby face but now
    the skin falls off
    when you pull my cheeks.

    You start building trophies.


  • sparklingteja 119w

    Poor is the host,
    While the rich is the parasite.

  • _samkit 119w

    Best Picture
    Best Director
    Best International Feature Film
    Best Original Screenplay

    #Parasite made history at tonight's #Oscars

    My Review :


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  • harshita_witty_smart 108w

    #love #parasite
    Message: parasite never wants it host to die. It's the natural phenomenon that parasite kills it host. But the fact is parasite itself dies after the death of it's host. Here mother refers to host and child is parasite

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    Love of Parasite

    Born a little bud
    In the lap of mud
    Wrapped in glowing dud
    My heart pierced before it spud.

    I cuddled him in my arms
    Keep safe from any harm
    I feed and keep him warm
    He is my little charm.

    The time flies by
    Now he is a handsome guy
    For me all the worldly pleasure he can buy
    He never let her mother cry.

    I grew old and weak
    Give him my part of steak
    Leave my bones bleak
    I am no longer a teak.

    On the gloomy day
    I lost my way
    I can't feed anymore as a prey
    On the moist soil I coldly lay.

    He cried out loud
    Heart pierced to see his mother in shroud
    Sky is enveloped by despair thundercloud
    Nature plays the monody oud.

    The child is bereft
    His peace has left
    His life no more pumps in breast
    Its wrong to call him a pest.