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  • anush18 58w

    ���������� ✨

    It's been two years since I had this curiosity to explore this domain. So what I recently got to learn is that Magic ���� ������ ���������� ���� �������������������� ���������������������� ������������ ���� ���������� �������������������� ���� ������������������������ ������������.

    I don't know if this is a good description for this amazing domain but I am not satisfied with this, because, definitions never had the power to please me.
    Magic is something as pure as a prayer. We believe in prayers blindly, and so in magic as well. Magic is believing the other person's intelligence to get us trapped into the tricks in no time. We are greatly influenced by the aura of magic, but little do we know about it. Even I don't know, but in this world of James Randi who made amazing magicians like David Copperfield, I love to be dumbfounded by these two souls, whom I have not came across but they cross my mind oftentimes.

    �������� ������������, public speaker, actor, author, mentalist and illusionist. The youngest magician of India. His work is more magical than his eyes, though he is one of my favourite. I can talk for hours when it comes to them but very rarely I find people with my interests and that's good in a positive way, I get to know wonderful things by them which I never knew.

    You got magic with him, it's true indeed. Not only his magic, the unexplored domains, like, Our own country's traditions, food, culture, why a specific state is famous, so so many things. I didn't know people like those are taking births but his birth has inspired me to start working from a younger age, to follow your passion from the very beginning without any guidance, just with your efforts, persistency and determination. (Ofc this is not a paid post :∆ )

    ������������ ������������, aka, Dynamo. Oh, I can't forget the day when I came back home after giving my 10th boards and that was the day when I got to see his magic for the first time, it was his tour in India and it captured my heart, he fell sick, he lost ways of living in a healthy way but he didn't lose the purpose of his life, Magic. He came back with Dynamo: Beyond Belief but he is still our crazy magician impossible. He taught me one of the best lessons of life, after his performance he left the place as soon as possible, he wasn't proud, he wanted people to react comfortably, it taught me that we don't have to put efforts for appreciations, we have to put efforts for achieving our holy grail.

    These two are the best souls I've ever felt, never seen but I am looking forward to a day like that when I'll really feel those souls with the set of eyes.

    P. S. It's lonnggggggggg!!!!! Sowwy!
    Go to hell. Suka.

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    P.P.S. Anyone who thinks magic is in props should take away piano to find music. ~Neel Madhav


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  • kauthar 59w

    U think it was worth it?
    She said to me
    Ignoring her is hard,
    She always a negativity
    U try to ignore her,
    Thinking she would quit...
    And you be at peace just for a minute,
    But no.
    Instead she doubles it,
    And get the job done...
    Making me cry for no reason
    U think it was worth it?
    Was her consoling words
    I try to get back on foot and try hard...
    To count my toes but,
    whenever I reach the 6th, she appears
    With thousands of more thoughts...
    And her usual phrase
    U think it was worth it?
    But I heard enough
    It's time to resist,
    It's time to dispose, and stand up on my feet,
    It's time to finish counting my toes...
    And it's time to reply...
    To the usual convo she always start
    It's time to say,
    Yes girl, it was...it was worth it
    Why? cause I love it
    And love the way I do it...

    Finally i embraced but still no sure if she
    Quit or will try to come back once more...

    Did you mean it?
    I heard a similar voice, turned around
    And boom..............

    Negativity in my head
    #poetry #passconc #random @writersbay #wod
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    In my head? Thoughts?

    Was it worth it?

  • miss_silentlyweird 59w

    Hey can I ask you a question?
    Is getting cold isn't?
    The thoughts are getting darker and so are you
    likewise for your vision about everything.

    Is it like an invisible autumn walk in your heart
    making the leaf of emotion fall,
    Should we be happy to finally let it go?
    Or should we mourn in dying branches of our soul?


    #passconc #autumn #invisible
    #wod #pod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay

    Just try hshshs

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  • waitaminute 59w

    Yeah its gonna be okay,

    But hey you don't know me,
    Will it be?

    May be i dunno you,
    But you ,me and everybody going through same,
    So if I think I will pass it,
    And I feel you are stronger,
    I can, you too,
    You don't need to dig your things to tell me,
    I don't have medicines for your wounds,
    And its not easy to have conversation with someone you don't know,
    But thats how it starts,
    When you find known things getting strange,
    You look for comfort in strangers,
    All I wanna say we all are stars of constellations,
    Any of us shines dim,
    Sky loses its beauty,
    Like these stars, individually they all are far away from each other,
    But together they make shapes in sky without talking, without conversations,
    Everything gonna be okay,
    Your silence says a lot than your words,
    And you are a star of our big constellation,
    Even if you don't say anything,
    I get it,
    Even if you don't know me,
    I share your pain,
    Because we are going through same,
    And we gonna pass it,
    We are far away from each other,
    Under same sky, same constellations.


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  • rashenree 59w

    I can feel it
    The warmth
    Or is it cold
    It's cold
    A cold that warms my heart
    It's the approach of green
    The sweet petrichor of Nourishment

    It brings hope with it
    Not just hope, Confidence and
    Of the Divine
    A Closeness
    A Love
    A Oneness

    I see now
    All I have to do is grow
    Flourish and flower
    Forget the pain of drought
    Forget the thirst of disappointment
    Spread my roots
    Grow up and grow down

    Revel in the rays of Beauty
    Drink to my fill
    From the eternal well of well-being
    I really do see now
    All that is on my plate is to grow
    And grow I will, for to grow is law

    So let it come
    Let it have me
    As I am having it
    Let it quench me and drown my doubt
    Let it fucking rain

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod @writersbay #wod #autumn #passconc

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    Let it Rain


  • absynth 59w

    a (trans/sent)ient conversation

    "I think solitude is a state while loneliness is a condition."
    She said once during a transient conversation.
    That made me ponder about the difference between the two
    And seek some clues in the cyclical moodswings of Autumn
    Who reigns as a queen, a ruler supreme
    Over the earth in short bursts
    With a hand on the armrest of death and another on that of rebirth
    While seated in all glory on a throne of detritus.

    The invisible crown she wears
    Rustles in the air and encircles her head
    Without touching it
    Unlike the hearts she breaks
    Into shards of cliches
    with her brutal ways
    And never apologizes for it.
    She never stays back long enough
    To reveal the essence of her true nature,
    That's really clever of her
    To keep the mortals busy with renewal.

    If she had mastered the art of solitude,
    then she wouldn't be back,
    Busy enjoying the perks of privacy
    Behind the yellowing walls of her perennial palace.
    That leaves us to believe that she seeks the approval
    Of every falling leaf and promises them another chance to be green;
    An agreement which Autumn signs with ease
    onto the paper of the passing breeze.

    The search for our roots is a lonely pursuit
    While holding onto them imbues solitude
    And transient conversations like these
    Are drops of dew
    That add bits of clarity to our points of view,
    Baptising the withering cherry blossoms and maple leaves
    lying in the laps of empty park benches
    Then dusting them away with the meandering zephyr's broomstick.
    When the brunettes, blondes, auburns and greys-
    All blend into the same soil,
    Autumn shows us some colorful ways
    To paint the transience of life.


  • pallavi4 59w


    I am a fly on the wall
    Invisible, discrete and omnipresent
    I watch people come and go
    Watch the sun rise and the moon crescent

    I am a fly on the wall
    Inconsequential and insignificant
    Neither do I have a voice nor
    Is my existence to anyone an irritant

    I am a fly on the wall
    Always a watcher, never a participant
    I observe all manner of behaviours
    That of saints and that of dissidents

    I am a fly on the wall
    It has been so long that I’m now hesitant
    To ever make my presence known
    That of this world I too am a resident

    I am a fly on the wall
    My presence is both imperative and pertinent
    I anticipate situations and reactions
    Making my every move provident

    I am a fly on the wall
    New information is my intoxicant
    I know of every structured move
    I know of every little accident

    I am a fly on the wall
    What I know is now potentially maleficent
    The nature of being invisible is such
    Knowledge makes me very pestilent


    12th of May, 2021

    Pic credit : Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - by Daido Moriyama

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  • monsteralive 59w


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  • yayshi 59w

    Not only when lush green
    We love trees when they shed too
    We seasons always celebrate diversity
    Why can’t you humans do?

    When life fails you second after second
    It’s a vain to whine
    Before a season autumn never ends
    Gloomy times will take their time

    When I shed, I am sad
    To part with my buddies green
    But sad doesn’t mean hopeless
    I am as proud as I seem

    To stand strong when the time’s tough
    I every time vow
    For if my leaves never fell apart,
    How I could I ever regrow?


    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersbay #invisible #wod #autumn #passconc #poems_yayshi

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  • yayshi 59w

    You looked down on me as if I had never looked up
    You hated me as if I never knew what love was
    You pinched me as if I was numb to all the pain
    As if you were deaf to my voice, you shouted at me without a pause

    Every single time you let me down as if my heart was invisible to your soul

    And when the eighth time I turned my heart into a pulsating stone
    This time too you proved to be wrong
    All you made me was insensitive and lifeless
    And you take the credit for making me strong


    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersbay #invisible #wod #autumn #passconc #poems_yayshi #quotes_yayshi

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    And when the
    Eighth time
    I turned my heart
    Into a pulsating stone
    You take the credit
    For making me strong


  • realnotreel 59w

    Dwell not, O soul, on yesterday,
    on sorrows past and gone -
    the sketch you drew so long ago,
    today may be redrawn.
    Dwell not upon tomorrow's wars,
    nor borrow from their pain -
    that energy you need today
    let not your worries drain.

    Dwell not, O heart, on failures past
    though each one left its scar -
    rich lessons you have learned have forged
    the person you now are.
    Dwell not upon your victories,
    for those shall also pass -
    let not your pride construct a shrine
    to trophies made of glass.

    Dwell not, O soul, on others' gain
    nor envy those with much.
    Contentment, paired with gratitude,
    brings peace no wealth can touch.
    Dwell not on anyone's downfall
    as though it lifted up
    your own estate; we're siblings all
    and drink from the same cup.

    So what is left, O soul - where does
    the prudent soul pay heed?
    Become less of a taker,
    always give to those in need.
    Where is the plot of ground to plant
    your seed - which soil to plow?
    Sow seeds of love, be brave, and dwell
    in the eternal now.


    @pic credit: Pinterest.

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    Conversation With My Soul.

  • emptypen 59w

    Hey, those dry tree trunks and winds don't complain about the forest fire,
    Because, they, themselves created it in the first place.
    Listen na, those wild, flood waters are not playing blame games over the destruction that they already created.
    But they are trying to calm themselves down.
    Can you see that lion who just clawed a pregnant dear?
    He is not harming himself out of guilt.
    Instead he will take care of the child and the mother.
    If we have created the chaos,
    It is our responsibility to handle the consequences,
    Rather than escaping, blaming and self-harming.
    Endure the pain.
    Own your wounds.

    #personification #passconc #wod #pod #autumn

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    If we have created the chaos,
    It is our responsibility to handle the consequences,
    Rather than escaping, blaming and self-harming.
    Endure the pain.
    Own your wounds.

  • writersbay 59w

    Start the first line of your prose or poem with a word or phrase from a recent passing conversation between you and someone you don’t know.

    Tag and share with #passconc

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  • wild_aish 59w

    Words once came to me, like fireflies to the dark. Now they just refuse to leave the corners of my lips. I talk less, very less. I hardly ever leave my bed, hardly ever turn the lights on. I have made the darkness my abode, the ceiling is my canvas and you are my muse, still.
    It used to be very easy once upon a time, when you were there. Knowing you have a cause to wake up to, a rather sweet one, is the best feeling of all. I wish someone could make me feel the same, once again.
    I feel pity for those who think I've never been a victim of love. Little do they know, my love maybe dead, but it stabs me in the back every night before I fall asleep. Little do they know, I never snapped out of it. It's like a free fall into a deep psychedelic tunnel, the fall being the only best part of it. The bright futuristic patterns, neon pink lights, farsighted illusions hypnotise you so bad, before you find your way out, you realise there is none. Love is that drug, the one that takes you on a forever high and abandons you at a 'dream or die' dead-end. It's all downhill from here.
    Not that I wish to fall out of it either. I just wish it had lasted longer- the inevitable fall, those drugged butterflies and wild daises, your poetries that ended in my name and my pink skies that reflected your promises. Your drunk confessions, my sober rejections, we were just- perfect.
    My world was perfectly upside down, until the day you left, without a warning of course. My little dream bubble, my safe space, you were none of that anymore but a dark void filled with alluring memories topped with elaborate lies and intricate guilts. Memories I try to put to sleep, but fail.
    I never loved anyone since. I mean, I wish to, but somewhere deep, I'm scared. Scared of losing him too; like I did you. And this time, I'm just too weak to clean up the mess love makes of me.
    // What do you know the pain of being strangled to near death by your own obsessions, when you were never obsessed to begin with? //
    ©wild_aish #love @mirakee
    #passconc (first line from a conversation with a stranger ↓)

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    " I wish you were here right now. "
    " For some reason, I wish that too. ".
    / An excerpt from a conversation that was abruptly interrupted by our subconscious minds when our hearts were drunk, pathetic and not to mention, in love.