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  • pallavi4 24w

    The beach

    The delighted foamy waves came and hit
    The indifferent and sturdy rocks once more
    They were ecstatic, joyful and celebrated
    By diving again and again towards the shore

    Their warmth in the gayly bright sun warmed
    The shoals of jiggling coloured fish
    While the plumed corals came alive
    The nearby palm trees swayed and swished

    The clammy drenched sand stood guard
    As the whimsical waves reclaimed their home
    Children built resilient sand castles by the shoreline
    Claiming the almost empty beach as their own

    Industrious little red crabs waddled their way
    Towards the water and were swallowed by the tide
    Vapid seashells and conchs reappeared
    Vulnerable but refusing to any longer hide

    The guileless waves continued their undulation
    Climbing higher and higher every time
    Till eve came and gladly went it’s way
    And the crescent moon came along with night

    The chattering sea subsided considerably
    Calm and quiet it all became docked with the stars
    The placid water was done playing for the day
    And sat nonchalantly till sunrise, counting the hours


    4th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture clicked by me- Koh Phi Phi Don,Thailand 2017

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  • solyjust 24w

    No one knows better than your childhood toy.
    Talking , and playing as if he is another boy.
    precious moments have been spent together.
    Where you both share the secrets and joy.


  • i_shukriya 24w

    Drops were treated as human here.

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    The drop said- what fate have I go...

    I negate my individuality & offer perception,
    Break into crumbs & scattered with exception,
    It blooms, the flower smells, when they reach me.
    Clasp me, & after don't know me,
    If descend towards earth, nippling it too.
    Even after being trampled, I sacantify every courtyard.
    If in drain, other's call me dirt.
    but if in the clouds, than get accquainted.
    Quenching other's thirst, I smell the veil of other's.
    Become silent, from someone's eyes, & fall spill.
    I 'm small drop & bear every pain...