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  • always_true 6w

    Pathetic fallacy

    Through the pains and struggles
    I hope to never lose sight of the little things that excite me
    But one day I hope to be as joyful as the tulip flowers on the fields of Netherlands
    And I never want that joy to fade
    Once it's there I will fight to keep it

  • prose_nexus 7w

    The sky is God's canvas
    Every stroke of wispy clouds tells a story.
    It tells how the great came from nothing
    And how the greatest shall come back to nothingness.

    On the first section of the mural is painted the bright golden child.
    When the child crawls, it is happy, sweet and mild.
    The nature below it is its friend so it plays with the leaves of trees and the smooth complexion of men.

    It matures quickly to the middle of the canvas,
    It is neither happy nor sad, it knows life.
    It knows it now so it grows quicker,
    It knows it emanated from nothing, so it is indifferent.
    It doesn't chase its childish inclinations any longer.

    The golden child had become a quivering old thing that hides itself within the pinkish-purple background.
    It wants to escape repetition but is an eternal slave to it.

    Once again, the sky is a mural,
    God's canvas.
    It tells stories of indulgence and the consequences of it.
    Nothing is hidden from depiction within this frame.

    #patheticfallacy #writersnetwork #wod #tenderc #love #life

    IG: @a_word4u

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    The Blue Mural

    Paint me another piece


  • fayello 7w

    Irony of life

    I am only human
    With life like candle flame
    That can't stand the wind
    It'll vanish with little resistance
    And never will it ignite again

    Oh how bizarre
    To watch time drain away
    With nothing to do
    To stop its flow

    I thought being human
    Was a bliss
    But I realize how limited
    And pathetic we are
    Building our own destruction

    We can't be like the wind
    That blows forever
    As if to remind us
    That the earth is his eternal playing ground

    The sun and moon
    Keep watch over us without ceasing
    Like guards they're
    Never dying never ending
    And always inflicting punishments on us

    But I a mere human
    Prisoner to life
    For just a short time
    Can't even tell their origin

    Here I am with my head lifted up
    Looking at the clouds
    That seem to be our persecutors
    They do punish us with not just floods
    But also turn the sun against us

    Death never chases after them
    As if it knew it's place
    And its reason of being was solely
    To deprive us of this little life

    Only mortals we are
    But strive and waste ourselves
    With otioses that never
    Bring real joy to us
    Oh a human life is indeed like vapour

  • cutie_hedgehog 7w

    The angry storm in you destroy us both.


  • x_eden 7w


    The winds shriek through this ugly, steel underbite
    punishing pedestrians, pigeons, and peddlers,
    desperate to touch the earth trapped
    under thickened asphalt tongues.

    - hollex

  • _alexia_r 7w

    The water cried melancholy as it fell
    And shattered into a river of tears
    Fear glistened in its writhing body
    Leaving shrubs and stones marked by dirt and gloomy wetness
    The wind seduced and embraced her but then rained havoc in her brain.
    She colonised the forest and drowned a city.
    A hurricane of sorrow kissed the world from her fingertips
    For she became a raging fire leaving destruction in its wake.


  • elli_mcfarlane 7w


    Grey sullen skies turn a green hue,
    fury in their forseeable future.

    Distant rumbling of angry thunder,
    an eery foreshadow cast on the still.

    Frustrated winds pick up momentum,
    as tears begin to trickle from above.

    Outbursts of lightening begin lashing,
    anxious dust pummeled to mud.

    Fury and rage pass leaving calm haze,
    a brief reprieve for the trees surrounding.

    Return to calm blue, but pensive Earth knew,
    this storm was only but the beginning.


  • ariamz 7w

              you told me verbally
              that no matter what happens
              you'll stay beside me.

              you even wrote
              in your diary's footnote
              i'll be the one you'll
              love the most.

              yet suddenly
              as i open my
              swollen eyes
              i can't find you anywhere
              you suddenly disappear.

              and i was left
              behind, again.

              you left me with

              funny how your promises
              turns into fallacies.

              ; ariamz. | promises to fallacies.

    #poem #patheticfallacy #promises
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    you left me with

    funny how your promises
    turns into fallacies.

    ©ariamz | promises to fallacies.

  • kennedy_williams 7w

    Blur the EDGES

    A wise man once said...

    Talking back means you don't want to listen
    Remaining silent means you are ready to understand life
    Chasing your dreams won't speed up time.
    Bad doesn't mean evil
    Love doesn't create happiness
    You didn't come in this world alone
    Giving is recieving
    Breathing is believing
    Seeing is deceiving



  • likwidsay10 7w


    She's like water
    She can be cold and hard
    Your love's warm gentle breath
    Will make her melt
    She can be molded into
    What you want
    She's transparent an' lucid
    But water can sharp enough
    To cut through rocks
    She flows like water
    As she glides thru the crowd
    She's essential to my life
    I'm thirsty.
    I need water everyday.


  • shynishyns 7w

    Tnq Writers Network for your kind repost...��

    When my silky hands tickled
    The azure blue sky,
    It sulked and turned cold and dark
    And wept like a child.

    When my silky hands tickled
    The drowsy leaves of dawn,
    They waved and danced in gaiety
    And evoked a pleasant smile of breeze.

    When my silky hands tickled
    The scorching hot Sun,
    It blushed in pink and red
    And veiled its face with the tapestry of night.

    When my silky hands tickled
    The forlorn barren land,
    All the fainted seeds became sensitive
    And gave life to Earth.

    When my silky hands tickled
    The rude and neglected rock,
    A beautiful sculpture was born
    And bowed its head
    As a mark of gratitude.

    When my silky hands tickled
    The pen resting unnoticed
    At a corner, it garnished
    My blank diary with my
    Indelible poetry.

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    When my silky hands tickled...


  • euphoriccree 7w

    What are you wearing and doing at the burial of my fragile heart? A boy killed it three days ago☺
    #pod #wod #patheticfallacy #creesameon #death #truth #tired #fedup #thoughts @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @todayis @aimansheikh

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    Death of a Fragile Heart.

    My heart finally died.
    After so many cracks and cries
    And I look up to the skies,
    The clouds also mourn
    The rain pours
    The sunflowers in awe,
    While the roses are dressed in black filled with more thorns
    The trees scornful;
    While the mountains feel awful
    The humans are joyful
    While I'm just confused.

    Cree Sameon♡

  • jana_3009 7w

    @writersnetwork #patheticfallacy



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    On a windy day
    the dancing boughs of the tree
    drop leaves of metaphors
    and flowers of personification.
    Yet dead is the ground for those
    words have left it speechless!

  • sapna2019 7w

    I love watching the
    naughty mischief little fawn......
    That jumps and runs
    like a sinless child
    talking to the breeze
    that whispers his ears.


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    Pathetic fallacy


  • inkandfable670 7w

    Journey of the sun....

    From the darken sky you born
    Like a newborn from his mother's womb
    Nurtured and cared in the lap of dawn
    Slowly and slowly you grew
    Started taking stumbling steps
    Played in the enormous field(sky),wide spread
    Your tiny steps turned in run
    Leaded you in the mid of sky,

    Where you find yourself brightly shun
    Wanted to rise higher than high
    O! shiny sun always remember
    All awaken must have to go for slumber
    When they find themselves exhausted and
    Their warmer veins get freezed
    O! Sun look at the those high hills
    Where slope begin just with other side of the peak,

    Same thing happens to you
    After passing childhood and youth
    When you knock at door of dusk your
    burning limbs get weak
    And then night (death) wraps you up
    in the darkest sheet
    In a massive grave (night sky) you get buried.


    #patheticfallacy @writersnetwork

    @writersnetwork thank you for giving me this❤
    @miraquill thank you very much for selecting it as EC��

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    Same thing happens to you
    After passing childhood and youth
    When you knock at the door of dusk your burning limbs get weak,and then
    Night (death) wraps you up in the darkest sheet
    In a massive grave (night sky) you get buried.

  • kanikachugh 7w

    I am not sure if this could suffice today's challenge. I wrote it last night but edited it to match the fallacy.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #patheticfallacy #wod

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    2 PM

    That grey t-shirt you're wearing is a pale cover of the bending sky that I could finally touch. The way it cuts in like a pie of bodice revealing youthful sternum and toned shoulders, I savor the look. The look that tells me perfection is an arrogant muse that comes out when you surrender to the art of love.

    There were unfathomable standards and glaring checklists I had been weaving in the past but didn’t realize it took only a spoonful of immeasurable love and a safe home filled with buttercup kisses to make me walk on the vanilla heavens conjuring every shade of purple Sundays.

    You stand there doing absolutely nothing, or probably combing your caramel hair but I am too lost to realize the actions your skillful hands are indulged in like those were, the last (a)musing night. I throw a fit in my mind against the mirror that feels a little more proud reflecting you back because sometimes, it swallows your beauty and let out a sigh of the sight that only I have a right to admire.

    You turn around and catch me off-guard. I feign innocence but my acts are almost like those useless hacks we see on the internet, ninety-nine percent of the times they fail. But your demanding eyes breaks down the fort of my seclusion, laughs at my ambitious lower lip that had been cutting itself under the frontal, lazy teeth, the ones that know no other place to bury themselves while gazing at you.

    What to do with this manner-less time that doesn’t know how to stop? If I could, I would wager my rest of life for this moment to run in loops. Never knew 2 PMs could also hold a charm one enjoys in an attractive evening, dressed in bold gowns of red ready to take to the places of creamy dreams.


  • tsm_3000 7w

    The sky bleeds with unknown emotions and sobs out till it drains , like me.
    Stars adorn the flawless sky as moon gives it a elegant touch.
    Moon gave peace to this soul.
    Stars gave wishes to the crazy dreams.
    But still it craves for the brightness.
    Brightness of it's sun.
    Wind growls from the pain of scars,by blowing out it's happiness unknowingly.
    As it hits the dandelions,it gets shatters and lost in the space like my shattered heart.
    Bees buzz over the fragile souls to suck their sweet glaze like you,
    But the soul gives it happily like me.
    But the soul didn't realize the bee's pain
    when it hurts the flower.
    Dusk vanishes and Dawn arrises.
    The sky got a glimpse of sun,as I got a glimpse of you.
    Sun knocks down the darkness of sky,
    You knock down my demons.
    As the sky got the fill view of sun,
    it embrace sun, craving for love .
    Sky reflects it's pain , anger and more over “regrets”.
    Finally they met, joined together.
    They may get separated , but time has sealed their fates together.

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    Don't leave me alone,if you
    then come back to me as sun returns to sky.

  • thoughtsprocess 7w

    When a pure soul
    gets wilted
    it creates a void within
    When one star falls
    from the sky
    Universe feels empty
    without it


  • msushil 7w

    Weeping stars
    Helplessly solicit
    The limitless sky
    For shelter,
    And the night smiles
    To give confirmation
    For the welkin.

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    Weeping stars
    Helplessly solicit
    The limitless sky
    For shelter,
    And the night smiles
    To give confirmation
    For the welkin.

  • jojos_tiny_chapter 7w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I get lost,
    in the forest of my own mind.
    A lingering thought,
    left floating through wooden mind
    and mossy corridors.
    The road less traveled
    stained with tears --
    a path beaten
    with hurried footsteps
    and battered love.
    I fight,
    with every ounce of my might
    to keep the dark forest of desires
    away from haunting me --
    but sick saturated mind
    melded with melancholia.
    Since then,
    I sunk into a shuddering oblivion.
    I can't help but assume,
    "I wouldn't be lost 
    if only he had loved me back."
    I terrify myself with this desire.
    The desire of darkness,
    of complexity,
    of the unknown.
    With many questions
    hovering like specters in the mind,
    I searched around the thicket with haste,
    expecting a strange man to become wise.
    All my searching,
    the answers I thought I knew,
    fade in that place --
    brooding with a dense fog
    that makes sight impossible.
    I would have never been so stupid,
    vulnerable and misled enough
    to let my heart be blinded and torn
    or my soul be condemned
    to shatter everytime I hear his name.
    Nothing lasts anymore,
    nothing seems meaningful anymore,
    I don't feel wanted anymore --
    except for the already lost and gone,
    can’t be retrieved anymore.
    A lot of thing that broke my heart,
    eventually fixed my vision.
    Thus, my heart howls
    to move forth onto
    this strangely beautiful
    and unpredictable trail.


    Inspite the risk,
    I find an odd comfort...

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    When Darkness Sat Next to Me

    Weather is confused
    Drowned in anxiety's flames
    Forever now lost
    Faded into the blur night
    I am inconsolable
    ( Tanka )