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    EDIT: I literally just poured my heart out in this poem and took a break from writing. I return today to find all the beautiful comments from you guys, my Miraquill family and I must admit, I am overwhelmed and so so thankful for the love you have showered on this piece of my heart. More power to sisterhood! ��

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    As long as
    They force little girls
    To suffocate their dreams
    In the name of tradition,
    As long as another girl
    Is forced to carry the
    Honor of her family like
    A coffin growing out of
    Her bones, as long as
    There is another woman
    Who is silent, her lips sewn shut
    With the invisible threads
    Of patriarchy, there will be,

    A lttle girl
    Haunted by the visions
    Of all that she could be,
    A young girl humming
    Mindlessly of the worlds
    That she will conquer, as
    She learns how to rip apart
    The limbs of those who made
    Her sisters cry, there will be another
    Woman ready to be consumed
    In the fires of passion and ambition,
    Her eyes glowing red and her tongue
    A whiplash drawing blood with her
    Words as pointed as daggers,
    There will be rumours again,
    They will call her a witch,
    Curse her for being the devil's pawn,

    And she will smile,
    Bare her fangs
    And tell them,
    I am not a pawn,
    Not yours, not the devil's,
    Look closely and memorize,
    This wild is
    All woman.

  • dreamyeyes15 91w

    A pawn I may be,
    Seemingly inconsequential
    In the scheme of things.
    Manipulated, controlled.
    But when I look within
    My crown stands out.

  • h_yuki 91w

    A pawn.

    Today it was chosen.
    The toy maker made me in a pawn.
    A pawn, I mean I don't mean to be rude or anyting but a pawn, that is what was chosen?!
    I see my comrades being made while all looking down.

    But the the first bishop was created.
    High and mighty he looks down on us.
    Followed by the rooks and knights we waited.
    For the king and queen to join us.

    Their ellegance was enchanting.
    But most time the women does all the work.
    While all the man does is hiding.
    So come and play or come and look.

    While we are finally whole .
    But how are we going to be used?
    I can be sacrificial or an opportunity pawn.
    But the whole thing doesn't let me feel amused.

    #mirakee #pawn #pod
    Photo credit to the right full owner.

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    A pawn.

    Kindly read caption.

  • shashagilbert_ 91w

    I find this place idiosyncratic. The clouds chirp blue, the scent of zephyr is sand and the look on dawn's face is crimson. I make my way to the doorway. I open the door and scrutinize. There are five people in the room; excluding me. Each leaf balancing its mosaic of spectacular colours.

    "Welcome pawn, we have been waiting for you. Please take your seat" says the one sitting in the middle. His aura narrates a story itself. He doesn't have to physically attend this therapy group session to get healed. He is the king. I curl my lips a bit and nod. Joining them, taking everything in, guardedly.

    "Let's start with you pawn." He ordered. He knows I am an nebulous reflection on water. First move always starts with me. I start fidgeting, when all their gazes land on me. I have never been a fan of attention. I have worn a mask for so long that I can't even recognize myself anymore.

    /The war can end sooner,
    if we don't pretend;
    that there is no difference.
    We all know you all only matter
    and I am a mere loner./

    This is a game and I shan't put down my walls because when people come close; they see there is nothing, that lies beyond.

    "That was wise, quite relatable I must admit you are something else" mocks the rook with a noxious smirk. I clench my fist in acrimony. Relatable? I wish one day he won't live in denial. Knight smiles like licorice I noticed. It twists your guts in red. "Your turn bishop." King orders playing with his wine glass. Bishop's eyes shade to dim, as he says.

    //My head is filled with ideas
    I dare not to say,
    My words are never taken seriously,
    for I am only here
    to bless everyone and pray.//

    I am a nobody, and I know it. I take deep breaths and gather my thoughts. To say I am shocked would be an understatement. I am shaking, after his revelation. "You go next my queen" says the king. I look at her face and can't help but notice her forced smile and gritted teeth. She seems sweet and virtuous, but I am well aware of the burden her fragile little shoulders carry.

    ///You assume I do not
    wish to be pulled
    from this thorny grave.
    It's true I am in love
    with the one they call terror,
    but why do you forget;
    I am a girl who is not so brave.///

    Sometimes, I compliment strangers just to reassure myself my words will not crumble like the summer leaves and drift away with the tide. King might be physically stronger, but she is the one who can turn him in. "Well said my queen" he says with a senile grin and continues, "now it's my turn."

    ////Try and unravel me with gentleness
    I bet, you will find a naive kid;
    who never had a childhood.
    I never craved for
    the neon orange vest you put on me,
    I only wish to be in a wonderland
    away from the bitterness.////

    Maybe each passing breath is a toll. I whisper an inaudible 'sorry...' I can't take it anymore. They can't just invite me and drown me in the ocean of remorse. I gather all the stuff and prepare myself to leave. I open the door but knight's voice stops me,

    "Going home pawn?" I turn back, smile sheepishly and say, 'no.' I don't have the patience to explain anything to him. I feel lonely in company. Nonetheless, I do know this is home. This is where I shall return one day, 'Going away from it.' And leave.

    I've heard the words, "no pain is greater" before. I have witnessed winter shutting the ice cold door on autumn's face. The world is really big, we can't cover the entire distance but we can still walk the distance that counts.


    1 whole year on mirakee *sighs* what a beautiful journey it has been. Congratulations to us. This is home and I love my family here.

    I hope you're doing great. Missed you all, I apologize for writing this late. I have been busy. I know this one isn't that good but I hope you guys like it.

    @writersnetwork this is so unexpected. I didn't know you would gift me with a repost monsieur. To be honest I was going to leave after bidding a short farewell. But you always make it difficult. XD Thank you so so much no matter what I love you. This is home I will always come back. ��

    #pawn @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • __abhishek_ 91w

    I could ride on whichever cloud I choose,
    I might be news or I might get diffused...

    My persona was unknown, I was thrown off the throne,
    I can not be dusk when I'm just getting dawn...

    I'm a flightless bird on my own I quest,
    Demise seems flashy but I'm not that blessed...

    I, mighty pawn, shall bloom into a pearl,
    I want to wake to a new name that's all...

    Only one destiny we all share is death,
    I'm just one move away to lose my breath...

    Now at my end, I win all my needs,
    I've Phoenix's ash, I am ALMIGHTY...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pawn

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  • poetry_within 91w

    This challenge peaked my interest!

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    The Game of Life

    Battling through life,
    I feel as if I am stuck in a line.
    I see to my left and right,
    But without others I can only go forward.

    I am a small speck of my universe.
    I know not if there is a God,
    But I hope there is,
    And I pray that they have a plan for me.

    I am terrified,
    Death surrounds me, but I must push on.
    If not for me, then for those I care about.
    Those dead and those still alive.

    I will continue,
    Until I can reach the end,
    Until I can become greater,
    Look life in the face and say,



  • bonitasarahbabu 91w

    #pawn #mirakee

    The game of chess has similarities with life,
    You have the pieces that all play a roll.
    The pawn is the bravest,
    As that is the one that ventures forth first.
    In this my life,
    I am one of the many pawns.
    The pawn of culture,
    That's what I was groomed to be.
    I am fighting back against this control,
    I'll not be a pawn to fulfill the needs of my family.
    I will be a pawn to glorify and praise God,
    Strong with God, I will forever be.
    Learn to be strong as a pawn,
    But do not allow yourself to be used to please others.
    Pawns are strong
    So, be a strong pawn in this difficult world.
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  • sunankit 91w

    Pawn's life

    And I stared into the darkness
    Figuring out how light would feel
    Will the tables turn my way
    Will my wounds ever heal..

    I'm a pawn on a chessboard
    Got my back pressed to a wall
    They called me an underdog
    Who has to always fall...

    They pushed me on the verge of sacrifice
    King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops and Knights
    To keep them safe, I had to pay the price
    Like a penny tossed to a river, a pawn's life is subject to fights...


  • depths_freedom 91w

    I charged on
    Following all orders to the letter
    A mere cog in the universal wheel,
    Hoping that my efforts would ensure victory.

    I trudged on
    Watching my brethren perish
    All disposable in the greater scheme,
    Been laid out for the games of power and fame.

    I turned around
    A queen to command ruthless forces
    Living the victory built upon countless deaths,
    Decreeing an end to this perilous, ferocious bloodlust.


  • warriorofthenight 91w


    I'm expendable,
    We are plentiful,
    Another will take my fallen place.
    The game of life keeps moving;
    I'll bet that it's improving.
    I watch we pawns be directed,
    The age old hierarchy again erected
    The kings and queens shall stay protected
    Whilst we peasants get dissected.
    Why this brutal monotonous thing?
    Why can't we all be the king?
    No, silly you, there must be pawns.
    For who else shall earn the queen her bronze?
    It's not a choice,
    We have no voice.
    Centuries will come and go,
    Who but us shall ever know?
    Rooks and bishops are exalted,
    And any deaths forgotten, for the Ruler is faultless.
    Though through grading the king is highest,
    We pawns all know the queen gains triumph.
    We are the invisible force,
    Made to fight our fellow peasants,
    We must give acquiescence.
    We stay in shabby holes and hollows,
    Till the time of the game that shall bring us to the gallows.
    It's a torture, slow but sure
    We fear there is no cure.
    Glimpse into the life of a asset,
    See the neglect and threat?
    Never give in,
    Independence is no sin.


  • pacifierpunch 91w

    Chess of pawn!

    As I tiptoe between territories
    etched in black and white,
    somewhere dodging raging enemies
    somewhere floundering about my identity
    caught in a maze to serve and abide,
    and making way for everybody to ride,
    I am stranded between journey and destinations,
    switching places in a fizzy and disorientation,
    wondering if is it always about conquest
    without any prominence to love in the quest,
    can it never be peace on grounds of turbulence
    can it ever be camaraderie amidst frivolous games of vengeance,
    can everyone hold on to their places without a fight,
    can it be a whirlwind of poise without pretence of might,
    can I ever be treasured in happiness and pain alike,
    can I ever be revered for petty sacrifices in my stride,
    can it be a game of love than life,
    can it be an exchange of kindness than strife!
    Welll, still stuck at my beginnings, I begin to gaze at endings,
    knowingly that either the black or the white will never end up befriending,
    and fuelling my ordeals for the sake of their vehemence,
    they will always cherish that frivolous transience!
    so surrendering to my fulfilling purpose,
    I never strive to change what seems adverse,
    for as I subscribe to my journey with passion,
    all I know is
    blacks and whites will blend one day leaving no ground for contention!


  • swatipandey98 91w


    Once I move, I cannot go back
    Once I kill, I cannot retrieve
    Sacrifice me, to save others
    But once I get to the rear ,
    The power I have, can make the opponent quake in fear.

  • alicejune 91w

    The Queen's Gambit

    ""To the front of the line!""
    Oh, but Honey, you're actually the spine,
    To the sheltered one percent of the world.
    They will have you move first,
    As it is observed what is worst,
    Regardless if you're the Oyster or the Pearl.

    So why may it feel so wrong,
    To someday realize you are the pawn,
    No matter what is really your name?
    I believe it is a fair guess,
    To say you are never seen in your best,
    And your life, it really isn't a game.

  • pbwrites101 91w

    They told me to move forward I followed the commands and did the same,They told me to kill the enemies I did the same but when I got strangled by these rebel forces no one came for me ,I stayed there for a long time and then I realized that despite following all the orders I was the one who was left alone in this belligerent war.
    All the sturdy chiefs and leaders and barbarians, who were present were unable to rescue me and busy in fighting for their own life. And when their was no hope of being alive the mighty king of king send his royal guard for rescuing his soldier so called "Pawn".

  • ndichuu 91w

    The insignificant pawn.

    I'm a walking disgrace.
    I found mere solace in oppressive embrace.
    I'm just a by the way, I'm used to replace.
    Replace my place so the rook would find grace.
    I moved from my spot to have a title " In case".
    In case he moves the queen he won't ace.

    Surrounded by King and Queen,
    The bishops and knights.
    The rook that's high and mighty.
    I'm lowly with only one step and angle to go.
    I move diagonally when they're tired of them.
    In spite of all I try to reach the end of the board.

    But with all my insignificance.
    I still protect the king and queen.
    I'm bound to transform if I just keep going.
    Chess would be nothing without me being there.
    Though I'm just a pawn among other pawns,
    I could rewrite the board's shades.
    I could be more powerful.
    If I just keep going.


  • the_horror_box 91w

    Be the Pawn for the Day

    We may be pawns sometimes. We need not necessarily feel bad about the same.

    Even though a pawn is sometimes a leverage for the enemy and sometimes a low performance speci in a war, yet it is one that can be converted to any other fighter.

    The pawn will also sometimes mark the territory for its chief in the enemy territory, thus helping in conquering.

    Thus, we too can be pawns, just do not do anything bad, do good and focus on becoming a better human being.

    Try to find out new things and pursue new hobbies because one day, one of the hobbies will help get recognition.


  • saloni21 91w


    Yes i was one of the pawn in game
    Stringless puppet never made to step back
    I sacrificed and you checkmated

  • dreamyeyes15 91w

    A pawn I am in the game of life
    The bishop my religion, testing my faith,
    The rook my family, my home and hearth,
    The knight I wait for in vain, he does not come,
    The Queen she stands regal and strong
    Ready to defend when all is lost.
    The King stands tall, I look from afar,
    My love growing, unnoticed,
    Ready to be sacrificed, if only he would see me for what I truly am.

  • chinnurenju 91w


    Weakest but also Powerful.
    Soul of the Game...
    Became the Game changer..
    Can be a Attacker and
    Can be a Defender.
    Determines the game..
    Powerful but the Weakest.

  • theorem 151w

    Title:- Checkmate
    Theme:- Risk & Strategy

    Kingdom White, Kingdom Black,
    Two armies, one battlefield,
    Eight pawns against an unpredictable strategy
    Stand tall without a shield

    Kingdom White, Kingdom Black,
    Both have knights in shining armour,
    Two for the run and half for the kill
    Breaking into the defence, they refuse to cower

    Kingdom White, Kingdom Black,
    Two rooks each, protecting their King's ground,
    Trampling the enemies down a straight path,
    Unaware of the threats around

    Kingdom White, Kingdom Black,
    Every bishop, a secret part of the plan,
    With a unique gait, designed to kill crosswise
    It conspires against the heart of the enemy clan

    Kingdom White, Kingdom Black,
    Victory is not decided by fate,
    When the Mighty Queen risks life and limb
    The King goes defeated by a Checkmate!

    #poetrywednesday #pawn #chess #netflix

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