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  • propheticsinner 18w

    Never appear too perfect

    Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no faults or weakness.

    Envy creates silent enemies.

    It is smart to display defects occasionally, and admit to harmless vices, in order to deflect envy and appear more human and approachable.

    Only Gods and the dead can seen perfect with impurity.

  • varunasopa_ 29w

    #perfectionism ��✌️

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    Perfectionism is known when you manages your day to day routine tiny stuffs to jam packed larger stuffs with great comfort , ease , impartiality , discipline , punctuality , self motivation and wrapping up those stuffs with a smooth and soothing combination and coordination of hands , mind and eyes ✌️

  • bushbaby 62w

    You do not see me when you see.

    Your vision is tainted by shards, remnants of your dream, a vision of me
    The shards caught in your lips, they cut your tongue
    I caught a glimpse of them in your words
    A few pierced your heart, silent and discreet,
    They murdered the little of you that could have accepted me for me.

    You do not hear me when you hear.

    Your ears discriminate, you welcome the good without sparing a second to hesitate
    To the bad, you are a brick wall
    You will not hear about my flaws.

    My trophies egg you on,
    My medals validate 'me' in your head:
    Me on top, me of whom you are proud,
    Me, destined for greatness and beyond.

    You prefer not to see me when I bleed
    It is frightening: I may not live to be who you want me to be
    You believe in me, you want me to succeed
    You do not want to see me on my knees.

    Instead of a push, you curse me with a shove
    You are disappointed when I merely crawl
    I know you deserve better, I know you deserve more,
    More than myself can give you, for all of the burdens that you bore.

    But now my limbs are tired and the curtain has fallen,
    I cannot play the part for you any longer,
    And yet it remains unclear; is this victory or defeat?
    For I too can no longer see me when I see.


  • rachoo 69w

    Easy as Pie

    350 degrees for how long
    The flour and butter,
    Wrestle for control;
    Too soft or too dry,
    Too much or too little,
    Too sweet or too dumb.
    My classic recipe
    For disaster

  • mrstoryteller 106w

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    #perfectionism #triedsomething new. #spellingswrong
    Hope you got my message.
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    Try as hrad sa you cna, yuor lfie isn't gonna be perfect.

    Embrace tohse imprefcetions coz thsi si waht maeks you beautiful.

    Jsut lkie tihs werid psot whcih bieng imprefect stlil puts a smile on your fcae. :)


  • mrstoryteller 109w

    'Perfectionism' by Brene Brown

    Understanding the difference between healthy striving and perfectionism is critical to laying down the shield and picking up your life.

    Research shows that perfectionism hampers success. In fact, it’s often the path to depression, anxiety, addiction, and life-paralysis.
    (Life-paralysis refers to all of the opportunities we miss because we’re too afraid to put anything out in the world that could be
    imperfect.) It’s also all of the dreams that we don’t follow because of our deep fear of failing, making
    mistakes, and disappointing others. It’s terrifying to risk when you’re a perfectionist; your self-worth
    is on the line.

    I put these three insights together to craft a definition of perfectionism.

    Perfectionism is a self-destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I
    look perfect, live perfectly, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful
    feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.

    Perfectionism is self-destructive simply because there is no such thing as perfect. Perfection is an
    unattainable goal. Additionally, perfectionism is more about perception—we want to be perceived
    as perfect.
    Again, this is unattainable—there is no way to control perception, regardless of how
    much time and energy we spend trying.

    Perfectionism is addictive because when we invariably do experience shame, judgment, and
    blame, we often believe it’s because we weren’t perfect enough. So rather than questioning the
    faulty logic of perfectionism, we become even more entrenched in our quest to live, look, and do
    everything just right.

    Feeling shamed, judged, and blamed (and the fear of these feelings) are realities of the human
    experience. Perfectionism actually increases the odds that we’ll experience these painful
    emotions and often leads to self-blame: It’s my fault. I’m feeling this way because “I’m not good

    To overcome perfectionism, we need to be able to acknowledge our vulnerabilities to the universal
    experiences of shame, judgment, and blame; develop shame resilience; and practice self-compassion.

    When we become more loving and compassionate with ourselves and we begin to practice shame
    resilience, we can embrace our imperfections. It is in the process of embracing our imperfections that we find our truest gifts: courage, compassion, and connection.

  • queenofhearts1491 116w

    Just who do you think you are?

    Just who do you think you are?
    ... Treating me like a doormat.
    ... Drowning me in work and expectations.
    ... Accusing me of being lazy and useless.
    ... Letting your moods out as you please.
    ... Ignoring me whenever you think I have made a mistake.
    ... Talking bad about me behind my back as soon as I am out of sight.

    Just who do you think I am?
    ... Acting nice and respectful no matter what.
    ... Putting your happiness before mine.
    ... Swallowing your behaviour without a bad word.
    ... Taking care of your life while my own goes down.
    ... Tolerating your egoism with a smile.
    ... Being happy without hearing a nice word or a "Thank you!".

    Just who do I think you are?
    A hypocrite because you pretend to be so nice and caring ...
    An egoist because you always put yourself first no matter what ...
    A block of ice because you never show your true feelings ...
    A liar because you are not able to admit your own mistakes ...
    A tyrant because you won't listen to others' opinions ...
    A pessimist to the core because you will always just look at the dark side of life ...

    Just who do I think I am?
    A sunshine because I have learned to dance in the rain ...
    A smart mind because I have made mistak es ...
    A wisecracker because I know what sadness feels like ...
    An artist because I have seen how grey life can be ...
    A survivor because I have faced so many battles ...
    A proud and strong woman because I have made it through rough times ...

    I know I am not perfect,
    And I don't strive to be,
    But before you point your finger,
    Make sure your hands are clean!


  • nobleturtle 133w

    Bedroom Pantoum

    Whenever the world doesn't see me,
    My mind goes miles a minute
    Are my feelings valid? 
    There's no choice but to be critical 

    My mind goes miles a minute 
    The voice says others are better 
    There's no choice but to be critical 
    I spend my time evaluating 

    My voice says others are better 
    Before I am back in the world's view, 
    I spend much time evaluating 
    What I can do to look better 

    Before I am back in the world's view,
    I obsess over what they think of me 
    What can I do to look better? 
    I search my mind for the answer 

    I obsess over what they think of me 
    Aren't my feelings valid? 
    I search my mind for the answer, 
    Whenever the world doesn't see me


  • osa_joyce 134w

    How do they even try?
    Like how do humans do it?
    How to y'all tend to place your standards so low...
    And not even care about errs?
    What about flaws?
    What ever happened to atychiphobia?
    I will never be able to try
    Knowing it won't be perfect
    Cos PERFECTIONISM and I are forever buddies
    Maybe one day I will let her go.


  • talkgodalk 139w


    Eight as a figure in reverse is eight, but hate that eight in reverse can't be change

  • alvahmara 153w

    #chainsofperfection #perfectionism #perfect #earthlychains #pods #mirakee #yaminireads #tanzreal @writersnetwork @sakshirajput @moss22 @hizmoon @hizmoon_speaks


    I remembered the reminders of my parents when I walked through the halls during the first day of my school. Their voices were like an echo in an empty room or a broken record tape repeating all over again.

    I was told to study as hard as I can to obtain the highest marks, listen attentively to the teacher in front and make sure I would remember his or her words. I was told to do everything in time and be in my best behaviour at all times.

    For a messy pigtail girl carrying a backup of notebooks, colors, and pencils that jumped everytime she moved, I did not know that I would start having eyebugs or swollen eyes because I had to review for a test the next morning. I did not know that I had less than the hours that I spent in school to finish the dozens of homeworks and activities I was given that day.

    I did not know that I had to think anxiously in my dreams about all the bad luck in the world that I may have during my presentation, that I have diligently prepared. I did not know that I would have missed the hours of running around in the park because I was stuck in a room learning things that produced different sound or a room where the mirrors where in front to see how you move.

    I did not know that I needed to handle huge blocks of stress and pressure on my own when it was invincible to others. I did not know that I would most spend the whole day typing in my computer while my partner was doing whatever he felt like doing.

    I did not know that I was placed in a high pedestal wherein I had to be vigilant about what I do if I did not want somehow spreading rumors about 'the two little goody shoes' or 'the perfect little girl.'

    Because if I did, I wouldn't have tried to be the best. I wouldn't try to be perfect. I wouldn't try to be the person people adored but I hated.

    Since every moment, felt like I was drowning at a never ending ocean, with seaweeds chained at each of my four limbs or my voice silent like a mute button on a TV remote. I felt like a river, bursting an entire flow of water because of the towers or mountains of problems that I had to solve each day. The disappointed faces of other made me feel like I was walking in thin ice. One wrong step and I would fall into a wave of embarrassment that would taint my reputation.

    Whenever I blab about it, my friends would tell me to stop worrying, saying everything is gonna be okay but what happens if it's not okay? If it's not perfect? Then they tell me to strive for progress not perfection but they do not know about the standards set for me, getting higher after every meeting.

    Whenever I blab about it, my parents call me crazy but I doubt that they will once they know how it feels. They do not know that there are whispers in the winds of silence.

    If I had one wish, I would wish to dive into oblivion, dive into stupidity to save whatever insanity is making me crazy. Except I can't for I am chained to these chains of perfection.

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    "I did not know that I was placed in a high pedestal wherein I had to be vigilant about what I do if I did not want somehow spreading rumors about 'the two little goody shoes' or 'the perfect little girl.'


  • rashmita_chakraborty 171w

    Well, those who know Bengali can relate it with "Paan theke choon khosha" theory. ����

    #perfectionism #perfect #perfection #perfectionist #adjustability #adjust #stake #stability #chaos #mutual #mutualism #complement #complementary

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    Perfectionism and adjustability are mutual and complementary.

    One moves out of its stake, and there is total chaos.


  • inmyownlittlebox 180w

    So much more

    Why want to be
    You can be
    so much
    than that.

  • vikkoo 183w

    Life is difficult if you are an introverted perfectionist with social anxiety. You want to tell people what to do without having to tell them what to do!!!

  • burnt_diaries 188w

    Thoughts 013

    Being a perfectionist is a curse.
    Not matter how hard you try, you can never please yourself.

  • inborn_scribbler 188w

    Are you a perfectionist? Well, everything has a flipside. Maladaptive perfectionism is a psychological disorder and has drastic effects on your mental health. Please spread awareness about this, because each person's mental health is extremely important for their well-being.

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee #words #perfectionism #poem #mentalhealth #logophile #mirakee #writersnetwork #rwu #inked #spilledink #psychology #mind #peace

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    Pendulum of perfectionism,
    glued to obsession,
    fuelling procrastination,
    raising suspicion.

    "Am I good enough?"
    transfixed to conformity;
    and societal prescriptions
    fermenting stress into distress.

    Piles of perceived failures,
    inflating alleys of comparison;
    a black lining of self-reproach
    on clouds of depression.

    Wings of mindfulness,
    flying believably,
    smiling in contentment,
    riveted on carpe diem.


  • whimsicalwallflowerwrites 193w

    She's an old friend I've always known
    Constant companion, endless echo, a forever shadow
    Her regular reminders sing in broken arpeggios
    "There's no time to waste, right on time is five minutes too late."
    "You can do better, you're a failure if you make a mistake."
    When I stumble over the piano keys
    She urges me to practice til my fingers bleed
    My effort is worthless in her critical eyes
    Under her lens, my flaws become magnified
    The words I write, my creativity, never good enough
    She points to my imperfections and screams that I should just give up
    And held by her impossible standards I never feel loved
    Her name weighs heavy upon my soul
    PERFECTION--she's a dominatrix seeking total control


  • procellarum 200w

    Inner Dialogue

    "You always give so much of yourself that soon, there will be nothing left. You try so hard to be perfect, when it's been said a million times before that perfection doesn't exist. But you don't know what else to do. You're lost. You aren't pleased with yourself, so you feel the need to please others. Aren't you tired of this?"

    "...I am, but what else can I do?"


  • typicalfeelings 219w

    The Heart Of An Artist

    The perfectionism of art
    Can I find inside my Heart
    I think once or twice
    After a while
    Feelings can rise
    It can give me a smile
    In memories I can deeply sink
    Feelings let me hardly think
    Why I now have to feel
    That my Heart still want to Heal?

  • these_data 221w

    how much?

    my value.
    as a woman
    as a human
    is a function of
    my appearance.

    of my intellect

    how about

    good luck.