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  • writtersfeelingz 6w

    Akir jeelenge ek baar

    Itna bi ghamand nahi hai

    Mere bhai

    Hum pyar se pyar kiye hai

    Jeelenge ek aur baar...

    Akir insaanon se galati hoti hai

    Unke jazbaato se nahi...

    Akir jeelenge ek aur baar....

  • writtersfeelingz 6w

    You can't afford

    When you can't hold your

    Mood swings

    At your worst

    Sweet heart, trust me

    You can't afford

    A relationship....

  • bhardwaj_ 8w

    During periods when you will be a bit irritable
    when it's something else
    it will mean something else
    i am also angry
    when i am about to say something
    So someone will interrupt me and ask that by shedding so much blood, would you be able to live normal?
    Then that lava of anger will cool down
    And I will hold my ear and tell you.... Just like you said on the call today that that time I am angry (Sorry)
    ok baba i made a mistake
    Will you be sorry??
    and you also smile and say
    "Let's forgive".
    If ever I was with you in these times then turmeric milk for you
    will warm up
    And if need be, I myself from the market
    I will also buy sanitary pads and bring them for you.
    I will also cook some healthy food
    There is a woman inside every man,
    Because he is born from a woman.
    and believe me
    By doing all this on my virility
    Doesn't matter....️
    I will bear your every anger in those days...when you will get angry with me on the matter...then I will give you support that I am with you...when you need someone in that immense pain. I will be a shadow with you.. I will take away all your sorrows, even in those bad situations, by giving a loving bosom on your forehead.. Just you keep the relationship and I will take care of you.. ..lifelong, forever....

  • ___scintilla____ 8w


    Why did God give periods
    To women
    To bear child of men
    Who sometimes refuse to take
    Care of the responsibility
    And women are left to face the
    Shame , insult, punishment alone?
    Not all men and same nor are women
    Sometimes men are the ones who accept
    Other's mistake and turn it into a beautiful future
    Whilst women are the still the ones
    Who pull down other women in the society
    Who tear each other apart
    Who enjoy on Other's defeat
    Because they cannot win on their own
    However when the child is born
    The crying of it, the cracles of its laughter
    Make women think it was all worth it
    Or was it ?

  • popsweety_abi 13w

    Three Days!

    Her thoughts and physique
    bristle for a sign.
    Sometimes she wonders.
    Why today?
    Sometimes weird 
    The other phase,
    She's dizzy and wants to cry.
    Her emotions race like a zig-zag roller coaster.
    Why it aches me?
    She needs some relief.
    But her hormonal charge doesn't allow her.
    With cramps, she
    falls asleep day and night.


  • silentobserver14 21w


    It could be better now
    Without the need for pain meds
    But he bailed on half baked plans

  • yourarmy 25w

    It's 3rd day. She has become quite moody. She yells at me, easily gets irritated by our mischievous son, she gets tired doing daily chores and sometimes passes out on the sofa leaving the television and lights on. I am used to it now. It had been 4 years that we are married. But each month brings the same mood swings to our home. Now I am an expert at managing these situations. I help her wash clothes, all credits go to our hardworking washing machine. I keep our rooms clean, I take charge of our son on these days and she tries to be calm by talking less controlling her will.

    But sometimes the situation gets out of control. Ruthvik, my son gets into a fight with his mom. He stays clueless about his mom's behavioural changes. He says," mom it's difficult to understand you, sometimes you are too nice and sometimes you are really bad". I am not mad at him, because when I was of his age I went through the same situations. I fought with my mom for preparing something I don't like because it was easy to prepare. I fought with her for not sleeping beside me for a few days. I was upset when she refused to play with me. I got mad when she couldn't come to the family trip. I was heartbroken when she bet me for pushing her into the pool. But I have seen her crying after beating me. I saw her sleeping hungry when I didn't eat food. I saw her sleeping on the floor so that I shall not get scared. I miss her that hug that came after her beatings. I miss those tasty food made to convince me. I miss her. I failed to understand her mood swings but she never failed to love me the same. Love you maa.

    #yourarmy #moodswings #periods

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    Mood Swings


  • alltimefamished 29w

    The day of the month

    Her hormones were messing inside so was her mood. Tears fell off her cheek, and pearls of laughter joined in together.

    It was a vague day or she thought so.

    Her head was down with sorrow. A light knock on the door made her look up.

    A bowl of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and chips with a letter beside.

    "If you want more, you know where to come!"

    Took a mouthful, ran downstairs. Dad was smiling ear to ear.


  • lightnessandark 30w

    Leave guys, I would want my period to treat me right

  • shayaristall 37w


    Every women bleeds
    Don't whisper behind there backs
    When you see Stains on there beds
    Educate your Daughter & Sons
    Taboo is the last things we need
    Screams from the roofs through words
    It's normal for every women to bleed...

  • lostthoughts73 41w


    Swept up sweaty I'm never going to be ready
    She is

    Motley affair tingling hair her prickly glare
    It's everywhere little string of dream love care
    Her veins become her bare
    Reveal desire warm lips make pair
    Shudder it's hurts not now not here
    Another day her flow was quite severe

    It's part of her from her lips to her tail
    An artwork she has many shades
    Yet only one her pleasures and pain

  • vijivg1708 43w


    Born As A Women....

    Can't Explain The Pain!
    Can't Tolerate The Stress!
    Can't Behave Like Normal!
    Can't Wait For Anything!
    Can't Eat The Food Properly!
    Can't Even Sleep Peacefully!

    Mood Swings

    Symptoms May Differ Each Women !!
    But Pain Will Be Same

  • neehaa 43w

    सबकी सोच वहीं सिमट जाती है,
    बात जैसे ही पीरियड्स की आती है।

    नाम सुनते ही चुप कराया जाता है,
    ये आया है किसी से ना बताया जाता है।

    हर महीने इस दर्द को सहना पड़ता है,
    पीड़ा में भी ठीक हूं ये कहना पड़ता है।

    सशक्त नारी भी कमजोर पड़ जाती है,
    जैसे ही यह माहवारी आती है।

    हर महीने इस मुश्किल दिनों से करती है संघर्ष वो,
    फिर भी जमाने के नजर में है अशुद्ध वो।

    उसकी संघर्ष की शक्ति भी मलीन पड़ जाती है,
    जब अशुद्ध कहकर उसकी आस्था तक रोक दी जाती है।।

    #girls #girlslife #periods #menstruation

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    हर महीने इस दर्द को सहना पड़ता है,
    पीड़ा में भी ठीक हूं ये कहना पड़ता है।

    उसकी संघर्ष की शक्ति भी मलीन पड़ जाती है,
    जब अशुद्ध कहकर उसकी आस्था तक रोक दी जाती है।।

  • halvis_nirne 45w

    Sweatpant buddy - 3


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    It's that time of the month,
    Now I have to deal with her,
    And her other four versions,
    She acts all cool during cramps,
    But do cuss on the inside.
    She needs ice-cream, hot chocolate,
    Warm sweatpants and a comfy blanket.
    Don't worry, I will get them all.
    But most importantly sanitary pads and tampons.
    She wants to watch her favourite movie,
    And have some butter popcorn.
    She wants all the love and care,
    And the very next moment "bitch, who cares!"
    She fights like a warrior,
    But hates getting pain and tired.
    A part of her wants to stay put on the couch,
    While another to take a hot shower.
    She mocks me saying
    "Tell me do you bleed? " (superman JL)
    And then, we both burst out in laughter.

    She is my sweatpant buddy
    With a bloated belly,
    Trying to be comfy in her sweatpants
    While I join with her in my own sweatpants.


  • imgarima 49w


    महीने का आना क्यों श्राप लगता है?
    क्यों सुनने में भी तुम्हें खराब लगता है...?
    मंदिर जाने से लेकर,
    किचन में जाने तक से रुका है,
    जमाने की इन रीतो में,
    तुमने खुद को क्यों आज भी घसीटा है?
    क्यों तुम्हे ये एक अभिशाप लगता है..?
    लाल रंग तुम्हे क्यों पाप लगता है..?

    ~ गरिमा प्रसाद

  • kalp_cloud 51w

    Menstrual Hygiene Day

    The cause of life.
    They are indeed painful but they aren't sinful.
    Even if you can't support atleast help by not cursing.
    Our existence itself is followed by it.


  • roopa7 51w


    Periods(shh...shh...don't shout much...really weird)...it's natural process of women..let's  talk about periods..Am not brave to dicuss this things about...

    .....when I was in childhood ...bleed for more than 5 days ( exactly when my PUBERTY  hit)...it's really disgusting to go to school ...

        PERIODS are not pure and nor impure,we 're ignorant....

        We don't talk about it like sane educating  people..why carry pads in polythene bag...why not in transparent bag....in this instance, periods are really disgusting for me...apart from this issue...it was an natural process..

    I feel little pain due to cramps ,moodswings...moreover...I felt too much pain due to society treats us an monster (why we 're unwell.....we're perfect),won't us allow to kitchen or else temples...such priests talk or else touch  ...makes them SIN .....Let' s kept the topic aside...so what about your birth..neither your wife or daughter ..(does'nt undergo sins while you're contact with them)....These things make me disgusting..

    Even after I grew up, I ask God “To continue this world, we have to bleed every month. Are you serious? Every month. Cramps, mood swings. Can you change your design? I don’t like it. It’s disgusting. .

    Conclusion: I hope we youngsters has choose an effective way  to normalise our biology and Stop disrespecting or offending anyone...we contribute a little efforts to change this idea on the bloody minds..I know overwhelming majority had believed that same idea or gossiping around us...WHAT THA.... can't we change it..

    Do goddesses undergo this? Let’s not talk about taboos. Let it happen to men at least once in a year.”.
    .....Happy international menstrutal hygiene day....

  • shreyakheal 52w

    That Time Of The Month

    That time of the month
    All woman go through
    This fall happens
    Once a month
    Some suffer
    For some days
    I am for three
    And many
    For a week.

    I wanna ask
    Why it's still a taboo
    Oh shit
    I said it out loud
    The thing I talk
    The room filled with women
    And the men are out.

    Because we sufferer
    Suffer this alone
    Some are lucky
    They don't feel the cramps
    Some are not lucky like those.

    The cramps we may hide
    Oh girl
    You got a blood stain
    You think people are blind
    Make it disappear
    Before anyone sees
    As for them it's obscene.

    The pads
    Are still packed
    By the black bags
    Or by the newspaper sheets
    Oh by the way
    To all the sellers
    Thanks for the covering
    Now the robbers won't stole
    This expensive thing.

    But I don't mind
    I'll be more than happy
    To leave that newspaper
    For some other woman or girl
    I prefer without the covering.

    Time has changed
    Mentality is not
    Time will change again
    But I guess
    Mentality will not.

    These things
    Will still be considered
    As taboo
    So guys hush
    First empty the room
    Let the men out.

  • dhruvi_diaries 53w

    What is the worst thing in the world?
    Getting your periods on your birthday


  • writers_ink_ 53w

    Each and every month we bleed
    do you know how I feel
    You are so quick to judge
    after seeing my mood swings and grudge
    without knowing the real cause
    do you know how I feel
    when you think it's not a big deal


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