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  • ataraxia 29w

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    Growth often lies beyond those boundaries you once believed to be your limits

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    The walls built to keep you safe
    began to hinder you instead.
    so you are discovering ways to escape
    Traded convenience for curiosity,
    You're wounded but free


  • lostthoughts73 33w


    Fear is good at getting a start
    But seldom does it last
    Gripping claws don't dig deep
    Leave gashes red to weep
    Without it, you might be hesitant
    Then shall we play pretend?

  • cheshtasharma 51w

    We as humans always get attracted toward a few negativity a person bears and forget all good aspect of that person .
    Growth as person is only possible when we look good aspect in person because that will drive positive energy in us !

  • ayayrunsblog 54w

    You're An Original

    There's only one of you,
    So what? My significance is small.
    But there's only one of you,
    I would rather be tall.
    Can't you see you're unique, will you take a look around?
    Will you please be quiet? I want to hear their sound!
    You have the voice of an angel and I love it when you sing...
    But they're so much prettier, I wish I was thin!
    I think you'd lose yourself pretending, I can see it now...
    But pretending is what I know, what I do, what they love.
    'Til you're stripped of your personality, with emptiness found any part thereof...
    I'll just be like them, I would do as they do.
    But is that worth the price of you losing you?
    Well I don't know my worth...shouldn't be much anyway...
    I can tell you you're worth far more than that, why settle for black and grey?
    Mmm, I think you're right... all this pretending takes a toll on my health
    You're an original not a copy,
    So please be yourself!
    I will do just that, thank you for reaching out to me.
    You're welcome friend, anytime! Anything, to help a friend in need.

  • evelovestar 56w

    I can't complain

    I've tried before
    To blame and complain.
    I've tried it all, It made no sense.
    I walked the Earth, feeling so dense.
    I've tried before,
    I've tried and failed.
    Now if a thought comes through my head
    A negative, dense, or heavy complaint,
    I close my eyes, and I say please,
    I breathe in, and feel relief,
    As I replace it with
    An I love me,
    An I love you,
    A word of praise,
    A compliment,
    Or simply say
    I only choose love and light today.


  • kendrasteel 57w


    My, my, my...

    How you've grown apart
    From the rage in your heart,
    And allowed yourself to heal.

    Sit with me,
    Under this monstrous tree,
    And let your past fly free.

    I will be with you,
    For we are but two
    Unsettled whims
    Making ourselves
    Whole again.


  • regianajlaa 63w


    Making repeated affirmations to your subconscious mind is the only known method of developing the emotions of faith voluntarily.

  • gwencanfield2 66w

    Language, Borders, and Culture
    Part 2

    As the lighter airtight feathers
    Of big communities spread
    far heard hollers and whispers
    Echo endlessly the Victors words.
    On the eve of judgement coming
    The voted veto of vetted velour
    On satin robes of the most high
    highest hung formation chiseled
    Out in blinded judges.
    That sit on the courtroom floor
    And there, begin to count down
    All the rights,  all the wrongs,
    All the words said, and thoughts felt.
    Until the scales of justice are unequal
    Only then can the trial start
    on the seat of a criminal in the making
    One that's slowly learning truth
    Perveted in its journalling of growth
    Serial killer, stalker, or friend,
    and sometimes even father, or lover
    Sibling or walking dead.
    taking upon themselves the role of God
    Its last stand up, upon the
    Countrys highest stage
    and hitting its bottomless trenthed
    Of Lowest darkness mangled mark,
    its sight, still partially blinded
    by foolish aims and emotional marks
    Points onto a stellate magnet
    Opposites extremism, pulling up arms
    attracted, impartial, dichotomy
    Begotten by one moment of left behind.
    Solitudes loss of sanity
    Beguiled by misguided muses
    Shot by misfired ammunition
    Of decriminalized blindsides playing ball before being spoken to
    In this nonsense of nonthoughts,
    of the stupid, deaf,and dumb
    Men that thought that they could be
    Or at least pretend to be divine
    or from the Gods mankind climbed.
    as the angelic hosts surround
    This blackhole of stupidity
    Arrogant mistakes humanly hover
    Ignorantly stepped out inside
    Full witness of every crime
    Any and all alleged claims made up
    If they serve the greater purpose
    Of keeping man in servitude
    The victimless crime spree gangsters
    Misled as their stage name states
    Wished their pegleg breaking pie rated more than just splintereed following
    in a hall of open doors,
    a house of fun and mirrors
    were reflecting others wrong doings
    helps to protect a threshold of yours
    from being pushed open,
    exposed and projected
    or your worth being made fun of
    or value being sent to  regection
    a collection of the doors, and windows to a vulnerable place in our
    human souls here the eyes
    are the only entrance
    and their only claim to fame love.
    The soul filled lovers and  mourners
    Mourning unrequited love that was cheaply bought and then priced
    Well below to be resold
    without remorse, Without loyalty
    points earned but Left for dead,
    for nothing, for better
    but never for the worst.
    The courtroom is now busy
    Buzzing with commoners all about,
    Its chambers each filled
    to capacity tight,
    popular celebrity,
    idols of adultery,
    the newsroom is hot on the presses hitting stands, staking claims
    With alleged before any of the accused to keep from incriminating
    the lying liars, that are the true writers of history, fixing books and the reports.
    Standing up room only
    in the court room today,
    The play is about to begin, silence
    The actors are coming on stage!

  • gwencanfield2 66w

    Language, Borders, and Culture
    Part 1

    The parchment poses in
    Prose and poetic propositions
    out of time, out of line
    Out of place out of light
    the offer stands still and begins to listen,
    beggers Can't be choosers
    And listeners can't be heals
    And the district phone lines
    pole out the poll place
    Voting life, liberty and happiness
    Joy and peace bring up
    And give the hopeless a voice
    A Light that shines out all darkness
    Of the maddening crowds
    And lights up the coming way
    For all to see, almost glaringly.
    Obvious in its oblivious naivity.
    All of our lifelong ordered sentences, words, paragraphs, stanzas built up,
    Laid out, deep, and marshy
    Luring all the senses in its
    Literary temptational marvel.
    Only to Just be seen, but for one moment
    Then its made to wash out
    just as quickly away as it's coming.
    When gravity beckons to us with its oncoming pull of a tidal wave,
    There's always a dangerous
    Underneath called the riptide
    Change of scene, liquid fast salt
    Foaming in a breech capped wave crashlands, garlands, no man's land.
    On the corrupted nakedness
    Of a beach somewhere, it topples off,
    Like topless dunes of grainy sand.
    and lands naked on the barren ground
    the remaining waves echoing
    in ribbons simulating sound.
    The silky, sandy ripples
    Running down to its landing
    That run just parralel to the seabirds nested perch on the fisherman's stand.
    Until it is engulfed in harbored shores
    that underestimate the usurped surge
    A power struggle between
    water and all landforms.
    A fit of delighted sighs
    Sieze the sighted sighs
    And fits of laughter heard
    by seashells murmuring
    in a clammor for the forgotten pirates' buried in lost treasure
    found in the claims staked here
    on this shoreline solid ground.
    Not too long ago clammed up in legalize
    Tongue tied in an affirming seizure
    Stripped and searched by the unlawful.
    For youthful fountains everlasting
    that could outlast, out talk,
    outdrink this overlook.
    That little thing in life that's
    Always the sure constant,
    The promised end of life
    by death's lurking welcome.
    So aging out? Nothing to it.
    Thats a friday night's fun
    A weakened entertainment
    In my nightmarish story, son.
    the chronicles of the 36
    My pivotal point charted,
    Marks the end of my
    Secondary term of presiding
    The eighteenth chapter of a trilogy
    Part 2 complete. Of my years,
    Of my birth, my life, and destiny.
    Death, and ending for us all in one
    Sold to the cheapest bidder
    Brazen or maybe drunk.
    Of a dozen or more 3 rules remain.
    With a sherlockian type of "whats it?" posing as a son of parchments paper
    Trail, a novella in dramatic intrigue, adventurous deflection, rom-com.
    A plotted thick post, that must be made, from quandry rock or stone
    so that the readers mind can play; Detective! in a misadventured booking
    Are you ready for life?
    Watson, Games Afoot!
    To run out like an overdone
    set of reruns, ghost written pages
    Indivisible, and perfectly under stated. Imagination brimming up with an award, the prize is the winning
    The game isn't for the bored.
    Those stealthy barefoot,
    and understudied young slips
    Epochically misporportioned
    But still believable in its plot.
    Weaning itself from the contractured and creaky, rusted hinge on the abandoned back gate of a snow fort,
    one that was embattled until
    it wasnt revoltionary 360 was turned.
    Its expected Length, cut and shortened
    To not be rejected by the massive book
    a reported discrepancy in this authors
    Chagrine, the Cheshire cat
    Himself even came unhinged.
    Such longitude is better served
    Like a tall tale drinking water
    From an imaginary brook.
    better to be matched twining
    with itself than left on the shelf
    Or put into another class of wrestling, grappling, with a disembowled fish
    hook, Line and sinker, politely holed up
    Like a seductive whorehouse Sign
    On neon signs lying to those that look.
    But bumped from its place in line
    because it ate that last tempting morsel
    and then couldn't scale down history
    to be measured out, rewriting the won
    counted as something worth more
    Than just the remembering, forbidden
    To be told so that the children
    Live oblivious, truth Doesn't
    get correctly passed on.
    remiss in its duty to warn
    Repition circling the drain
    The best explanation given
    For this revision is the addage to
    At least do no harm.
    Waiting in history, weighted in this ore
    A vein of silver, gold, oil, or egos
    Are The spoils of war.
    The game is afoot, Filled with pride,
    shackled with chains of grace, 
    its one saving merit is its
    intricately etched detailing for
    Language, borders and Culture.
    Fiction sounds facticious
    who has the right to know?
    Of its chains, balls, and locked
    Up wisdom, peaked at by peers
    And secretly worn in a pocket
    A billfold, a key holds it back
    And that lock can't be picked
    Lost control by those wheels
    Calculating ends that cant brake.
    On earths territory the truth is
    History is the foundation
    But also the merry go round
    Where all else is built around it
    Laying on top of its own shame
    Or its perceived erraneous make up,
    That the Victors, chose to stain
    Chords of dna intertwined like a maze
    A failing drunk pilots crash test dummy
    Missed its last plane laboring to fly
    The tagline, the gold nugget
    The Takehome point here
    Wisdom blossoming on the final fronteir
    People are awakening,
    from a hypnotized slumber
    induced for many decades
    By the hidden undercover. But the root,
    The trunk, the beginning of our end
    The very Vine of our story must
    Be grapes into a thin drawn line.
    Choices to choose, consequences
    Freefall. Can we look far enough back
    In history to know how to predict
    Our future or is our climate becoming
    Heated by debate that isfueled by facts
    Of nothing, we've been taught to believe Paying my dues, as the child tarnished
    In my innocent youth, marred with
    The scars of generational abuse,
    and told to carry the heavy cross
    of my parents past hurts
    They had good reason, questionable
    Delivery producing regretful fruits.
    heavy in mind and heavy in hand
    Manually hardened like a stone levee leveraged legally, Scrapped
    and chipped away at
    Like a rock quarry block, bolder
    Avalanched that can't seem to stop.
    Blocks of work, blocks of time,
    chunks of rubble, boulders powered
    Sandblasting to smooth nothing
    With tiny shredding outer coats.
    Pebbles on a sandy beach
    Are diamonds under pressure
    Dead dinosaurs lubricating oil
    Fields, and reserves. Renewable
    Because the death follows life
    And life always births more dying
    Useless dirt, a trash pit, a dump place, 
    a junkyarddog, untouchable Rats nest
    A paradise of parasites, ova, and worms.
    working all the angles
    Treasures bound in heavens cloud. Foggy in its shifting mastery
    of fulfilling dreamscapes
    While staying down to earth.
    Geometry of earths former physicality
    Deceitfully planned in perfect form
    Of space, of time, of mankind,
    the human race, all colors, creeds, sex, dramatic genders and boys or girls.
    Ared up by translations
    mixed Tape, knotted yarns, the line
    That cultures draw here, crossed
    Over by countries with no borders, erased fully with out a mark
    out in full sight but clocks invisiblity
    Lines in bloody ethnic gang violence
    Drama of the upserd.
    Statistically made from dust
    but born in spurned hate
    Loves allegiences broken
    left over by ugly malice.
    Then it slowly starts to swim
    From wells of springs, lakes,
    creaks, and oceans of
    Freely holy living water of love.
    Wasted into a washboard
    of bound up constipated clay mud
    from dirt that did became us
    Crushed from once strong, sturdy boulders, drop the heavy rocks of
    small town but nearsighted gossips
    Lazy to the core, selfishly
    collecting up all they can grasp at
    to raise them above their neighbors.


  • gwencanfield2 66w

    Baby Steps

    Baby steps;
    Like your first time walking.
    Or after your crutches are gone.
    When it (your crutch) has been there
    Helping you along, or maybe
    Just maybe it was holding you back
    Your whole lifelong in just 1 step.
    It can be scary;
    Almost intimadating and slow.
    Those first steps, you take
    Are much like a babies as it grows.
    So unsteady, so unsure,
    Slow, and uneven at first.
    Even faltering at best
    but with each step that is taken,
    the more your confidence grows
    and the stronger and more sure
    That each step that then follows
    That very brave first step,
    then becomes more sure
    Until you are even running
    Like never before, run away far from here
    Leave your crutch, no longer needed
    In your journey of growth,
    Then freedom, it you will find
    This walking is normal and maybe
    You come by it like a natural.

  • beatificvibes 72w


    What brought out the fear
    Was the thoughts others would hear
    When I removed the covers and expressed the sincere
    All the heartbreak, dark places, or the weird

    Could the world relate ?
    To the words on the page
    Or would I be alone in the words I say
    How discouraging it would be to be seen as strange

    It was a boundary I had to put down
    I am proud, a way around doubt was found
    The shame within aims to destroy thoughts profound
    But I don't allow it to keep me quiet, I'll write it out
    I'll say it in front of crowds
    Maybe a little hesitant...
    Oh well, it still counts


  • him_godson 75w

    Every living creature has a season to bloom,
    Everything on earth works with time,
    The time you've chosen subconsciously to bloom,
    You might be fighting your battles but not seeing where you are going and how you'll get there, but keep faith within your heart and know that I am God,
    Some trees go on all year long with green leaves,
    That's the depth of how deep their roots go and reach for refined wells,
    Some trees may have lost all their leaves during winter seasons,
    Yet they are aware that to bloom again they'd have to let go of those leaves and remain naked and I the God of all creations will restore what has been broken,
    Much better than it was previously,

    There are seasons that seem to take away everything we love and have us believe that we are being punished, but in actual truth we are as a catapillar becoming a butterfly,
    Every living creature presumes transformation,
    It's pretty typical with a human nature,
    You presume transformation within before it reveals without,
    Even if you don't show it, it will manifest itself,
    Take for instance a child,
    A child is an observation, adventurous being, likes no limitation and simply IS the purest form of a spirit,
    Playing, Laughing, crying and exploring new tools to play with,
    Simply having no worry at all,
    Yet as the child presumes growth,
    All those tools that once mattered are dropped down gently and a new course of life has been taken, thus letting go for transformation to occur,
    There after we see a functional and reasoning being also questions the existence and the average population's behavior,
    Thus now choosing to become and filtering what not to become through guidance of our creator,
    Soon the child sees that there's more to life than that meets the eyes now opening the third eye to be the mediator,
    So seated under trees discovering the fruits within and planting new seeds that'll beautifully bloom later,
    All the experiences placed before that being is a reminder because in truth what's hurting you now will soon not matter,
    For all your blessings will be brought by heaven in me on a silver platter.
    From there on things will be better.

    #readers #writers #Spiritual #personalgrowth #peace #poem #shortstory

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    Life is the greatest gift ever given.

  • bethinkful 77w

    I will make of you a story
    It will emerge in you as
    A blinking face of change
    Beginning as mere ripples
    In the ebb and flow of tide
    Under the enlightened moonlight
    Entering from below, then
    Rising upward through the
    Blood, upward and outward
    Leaving on its own accord
    Fueled by energy of newness
    But held and blown by the
    Breath of the expanse of
    Ancients, archetpyes, guides
    That reside within the unity
    Of collective oneness and

    ©bethinkful / Image ©luizclas (Pexels)

    #moonlightc @writersbay
    #personalgrowth #higherself #journey

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  • mypenandthemoon 81w

    I used to hate the part of Me
    who always went out of her way
    to please somebody so they would stay. Now I pick that damaged part of me
    with all the care in my arms;
    I cry with her and gently pat her back
    I tell her it's not her fault she was alone,
    It's not her fault she felt so needy
    that she searched for someone else's
    company to fill the gaps within her
    I look in her weary, sad eyes and tell her
    that it's not her fault they found it
    beneficial for their own gains.
    I let her know I have no hate for her anymore,
    that I'm sorry it took so many wounds
    to finally understand her story
    I let her know she can grow with me
    without feeling burdened or indebted
    After all, she's the part of me
    that's seen the worst
    of both time and people .


  • ombhojani 84w

    I'm battle-ready.
    I hope you're steady.
    Because, I promise you,
    I'm totally battle ready.
    I've picked up my battle-axe.
    I tell you,
    Now is no time to relax.
    I'm done being tagged mediocre.
    I'm done being tagged below average.
    I'm here to prove it's my age.
    I'm here to show I'm no under-average.
    Here, I walk in with all my rage.
    Now I'll show you,
    Rather burst your bubble.
    Of thinking me to be some ordinary sage.
    You'd want to be a bit too safe.
    Because this rage,
    O it ain't any ordinary rage.
    This comes once in ages.
    I'll destroy you,
    And your ego,
    That too in proper stages.
    I promise you,
    You'll remember this for ages.
    Because I'm battle-ready,
    And I've picked up my battle-axe.
    And I'll make sure you've got no time to relax.
    Just like you didn't.
    When my chips were down.
    Now I won't just put your chips down,
    I'll make sure you don't have them to begin with.
    So I hope,
    I genuinely hope that you too are battle-ready.
    Because you may hit someone when they're low,
    But I can't steep so low.
    But rest assured, I'll destroy you.
    Slowly with every single blow.
    And I promise you,
    That I'm battle-ready,
    And I expect you to be too.
    #battle #personalgrowth #enoughisenough #growth #battleaxe #notimetorelax

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    Because I'm battle-ready,
    And I've picked up my battle-axe.
    And I'll make sure you've got no time to relax...

  • atulkatoch2610 86w

    Sometimes you just start walking straight towards dreams.
    You can plan many things but in the end, It's your instinct that will help you.
    You should be flexible about your plans, you don't know what turns life may take.
    Be positive and keep walking, While learning and changing to a better personality.
    And the end result will be a success.

    Join in my dream journey. Be a part of webtalk blogger army. Join link in
    Bio. Your time and engagement have some value. Start building and earning today. ����

    #Motivation #dreams #success #personalgrowth
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  • sarahrachelea 87w

    The best woman you will ever have
    Is the one who's gonna
    Transforming, motivating
    Inspiring and aspiring you
    To level up your growth
    And become a better man
    Iron sharpening iron

    ~ vice versa

  • chai_neek 94w

    Perception of self
    The mold for one's vision
    when point of contact
    is everyone else

    Views of the world
    are shaped by
    aesthetics that melt

    A mirror, a moment a minute
    Becomes an image
    so murky
    yet so resilient
    glass cleaner won't help

    Nor do we need it
    What is present is perfection
    With self reflection
    comes wealth

  • soulwithflow 96w

    As you start to become authentic and let yourself be free, it's like a light starts to shine out of you everywhere you go.

    Most people have been hiding in the dark caves of their limited self-images for decades, so when they're suddenly exposed to the light of your authenticity + freedom, it's like a flashlight shining in their eyes; they'll immediately want to dim your light.

    Because your light exposes their conditioning. It exposes that they've been hiding their true self for decades, and it forces them to see themselves, which is very uncomfortable.
    So your presence will subconsciously make them feel insecure.

    Depending on the person, they will either be inspired by your light, look at who they really are and come out into their own light.
    Or they will have to dismiss your energy mentally.
    And the easiest way to dismiss someone is to paint a negative picture of them in your mind.

    So they'll perceive you as a "show off" or assume that you're trying hard to stand out, because they have no other way of making sense of your freedom.
    Of course they won't say this. You'll notice it in a subtle snicker or subtle joke when you dance, sing, or express yourself in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

    In a subtle way that hides their insecurity, they'll try to undermine you. To pull you back down to their level as if to say "You're not better than me so stop acting like it."

    Most people will quickly 'dim their light' to make these people feel more comfortable around them. But as Marianne Williamson said, 'Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.'


    #selfdiscovery #selfrealization #beauthentic #authenticity #personalgrowth #selfawareness #consciousliving #consciouspoetry #poetryaboutlife #mindfulness #zenmindfulness #theself #beyourself #findyourself #soulfood #beherenow #bepresent #inthemoment #wisequotes #awareness #presence #befree

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    Fake people
    hate the company
    of real people
    because it instantly
    reminds them
    of the mask they're wearing.


  • darlingforever 101w

    I've carried the weight of the world on my shoulders

    Now it's time to stand on top