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  • pallavi4 5w

    The autumn leaf

    I was a golden autumn leaf
    Floating dreamily atop the pond
    Shady trees with their fiery leaves
    Would remind me of memories fond

    Overlooking the pond in the village
    I was a part of an umbrageous tree
    Swishing and swaying gayly in the wind
    I lived like a careless, carefree dupree

    In the spring dressed in green robes
    I was strong, glossy and able
    Come summer I enjoyed the sunlight
    In the summer breeze I was adept and stable

    Attached to the old world sycamore I lived
    Among friends and family together
    Thought I did we would merrily live
    As a powerful unit forever

    Come the fall, we went from wearing greens
    To cloaks in oranges, reds and golds
    We started swaying in the chilly draft
    And breathing in the autumn cold

    One day a great gust broke me off
    From the cluster of the other leaves
    I sauntered slowly down to the pond
    Half golden, half dried like the rest of the tree

    And on the calm waters I lay silently watching
    Waiting for the others to join me now
    Forming a golden pathway by the pond
    They fell away from the shady bough

    I watched as they were swept away
    By autumn’s chilly winds to different lands
    I was destined to die alone and lonely
    Why me, I couldn’t really understand

    But till that day arrived I decided I would
    Not be like other leaves but float aimlessly
    I would watch as the world passed me by
    Unworried, unattached, nonchalantly

    Slowly as winter came I lost my golden sheen
    Dried and wilted I became
    I was ready to pass on to better worlds
    I knew in death life wouldn’t be the same

    And then one day, just like that it came for me
    Like any other day I was floating alone
    I perished with an eye till the very end
    On my beloved now bare sycamore .


    30th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “1935” by Peter Holme iii on 500px

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  • divyanshi28_03 6w

    I breathe,wait and hope again
    for you among the passing clouds.
    Restless thumping conquers my heart
    why are you taking so long to light up my sky?

    Every line I ink bridges my heart to your soul.

    Our love can sustain growth
    If I hold your hand and you hold mine
    Above the clouds among the stars
    Our spirits align
    We touch the moon
    We touch the stars
    We touch the land of divine.

    Flowers of love
    blossoming in divine garden
    Stars watching them bloom at night.

    Kept( list poem)
    I have kept the delicate memories of us
    deeply rooted within me
    Wind slips down the window
    Whispers to me
    I never let it steal our secrets that I keep
    Under a blanket of coarse rustic love
    I have kept all of you and
    broken decayed part of me.

    Wind singing through window pane
    Touched me,wishpered your name
    All the secrets you parted with her
    have reached me again
    When the wind took my hand in air
    She felt my frozen pain
    Running through my vein.

    Walking through the garden of love
    when I passed through the memory lane
    I recollected all the happiness that we gain.
    Once upon a time
    The two nostalgic souls loved each other
    And later they found love forever.

    While exploring all of her
    He found mysteries hidden within her
    While looking for stories within him
    I found a poetry of imperfections
    Lying by him.
    The two decided to surrender to each other
    Accepting the imperfections
    Embracing each other forever.

    (You once told me)
    You once told me that you don't need feathers to fly
    You just need me to touch the sky
    You once told me that I was the centre of your world
    And I own your pen and you own my fancy words.

    Let's travel to the moon
    Let's breathe amongst the clouds
    Let's promise in the universe
    Let's pull each other in gravity
    Let our bodies rooted on earth
    But souls in the sky.

    (Color) white
    White moon quiet,soft and dear
    Comforting the sleepy souls
    Sits back,watches and hear
    The story of our love
    The story of two saints
    The two white roses
    Losing each other
    In each other's pain.

    It was a battle of love
    It was a battlefield
    Losing in time
    Winning in hearts
    was the destiny indeed
    All you believed in me
    All I believed in you
    All we believed in us
    We took to embrace our pain
    All we knew was we are
    suppose to meet in heaven

    This time I came up with something different
    So far I have taken to many miraquill word prompts and challenges.I have blended few to give it a color of love.
    #metaphor #wod #combinaton #monostitch #haiku
    #growth #kept #personification #nostalgic #enso #youoncetoldme #travel #color

    Combination= You and Me
    Monostitch.= heart to soul
    Growth = love
    Haiku. =Flowers
    Kept = Memories
    Personification = Wind
    Nostalgic =Memories
    Enso = Imperfections
    You once told me = secret
    Travel = moon
    Color = white
    Metaphor = Battlefield
    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #love #wod

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    Jar of Blended Love


  • madinah_writes 6w

    Nothing tastes sweeter than lovehate.
    Things may seem a little fastslow or early late,
    And lovers could be friend foe.
    But love boat would always row.

  • rubychris03 6w


    The feeling you get when someone leave without goodbye,
    The feeling you get seeing someone you love being possessed by another,
    That feeling that cause discord and heartbreak between brothers.
    The only person that can control you more than anyone else.
    "PAIN" what a word I hate the most.

  • rubychris03 6w


    That feeling you get seeing people in love but u are always emotionless,
    The feeling of people always criticising you for being heartless,
    But then you look back and remember the days u thought your smile will last forever,
    The days when you always tell your love, that we will be together forever.
    But then you woke up one day with a strange feeling,
    Only to find out that you are "BROKEN" beyond repair.

  • pallavi4 7w


    I was born on a day in spring
    When the petrichor from the sweet smelling grass
    Infused the air
    I was a chartreuse little bud who found
    Great comfort in knowing I was one of
    Leaves growing on a tree previously bare

    It seemed my responsibility to become
    Big and green and strong
    It wasn’t long before me and my brothers covered the entirety of the tree
    And started caring for the young that came along

    Together we made up the tree
    Like the tree had once us made
    There was life all around us as birds chirped
    Bugs and bees teemed in every green blade

    In the summer we lazed in the morning sun
    And danced to the tune of the winds that blew
    Everyday I awoke to a day of fun
    There was always something new to do

    The rains brought with them sustenance
    And quenched the thirst of the big ol’ tree
    Significantly larger I became
    None was glossier or as enthusiastic as me

    As autumn approached things quietened down
    Golden robes we now adorned
    The tree seemed fatigued and tired of carrying us
    The thought of perishing had me in pieces, torn

    One by one my friends fell to the ground
    The winds that had once played with us
    Now sternly blew them away
    Some to far away distant lands
    Some to form a golden pathway and stay

    With winter fast approaching I know
    Although I’m still attached to my beloved tree
    My time is almost done
    From being a vibrant and energetic leaf
    A wrinkled surface my glossy being has become

    I know I will soon fall to my death
    Like the others my tree too will become bare
    All around me is misery and mourning
    I try, reminisce and focus instead on all the fun I had there

    Once we are all gone and the snow arrives
    Laden my tree will be with so much more
    Than the weight that we leaves were once
    We will instead become the had beens, a part of folklore


    14th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me - Kashmir, Srinagar (2021)

    #wod #patheticfallacy #personification #leaf #autumn #life_cycle #inevitability #death #life @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • i_shukriya 7w

    Sometimes, its like heart says try next turn, may be this time you hold your one's but after a while brain says that no all are of same kind. Why to go through the same again.
    Sometimes, its like heart says I really love him, I need him, may be I am wrong after a while brain says no why should I need him why not he, why he not use to hold me back.
    Sometimes there is greif sometimes angry
    #start #wod

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  • pallavi4 9w


    It was warm and wonderful
    The day I swallowed the sun whole
    To absorb its light and energy
    Were my lurid goals
    It grew in the pit of my stomach
    Till it burst into silver showers
    Providing the lonely moon company
    A slew of scattered silver stars
    I would have liked to keep him close
    But he chose to remain triumphant
    However he didn’t let my efforts go in vain
    Or let me be rendered redundant
    I now traverse the ebony skies
    Feeling less melancholic and old
    Hugging each luminescent falling star
    Before they are gone and turn oh so cold


    4th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • rubychris03 10w


    I remember when I loved seeing you come,
    When I look outside the window to look for you,
    But now I don't feel it anymore,
    You bring back memories I thought I have forgotten,
    The memories I thought was the best,
    But no the only thing that made it special was the "NIGHT".
    Can you ever make it happen again?
    But the answer is no.

  • rubychris03 10w


    I try to control you but I can't,
    You way too strong than I thought,
    You toss me around like a toy,
    And never give me chance for explanation,
    Woe unto you Mr emotions,
    Never have I seen something like you.

  • rubychris03 10w


    You promised me forever but I'm seeing never,
    You said I'll always wake up by your side,
    But you left before I could even sleep,
    I know I wronged you, but you weren't supposed to just leave,
    I gave you my heart, but all u gave me in return is heartbreak

  • kamikazemind 10w

    Your eyes says a thousand words,
    that your lips cannot mumble.
    And then I pressed my lips onto you,
    it is where my cherry lips belong.
    It could our one last moment,
    made my eyes wet.
    You held my face softly,
    and I held yours.
    We were crying together,
    but in silence.


  • rubychris03 10w

    #personification #writersnetwork #wod #miraquill
    Thanks for reading guys and please leave a comment ��

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    Opening my window to see if u are there,
    Checking my phone to see your messages,
    But no I don't think that's never gonna Happen,
    Cos I was born to be "LONELY"

  • rubychris03 10w

    Fake life

    The expensive watches I flaunt on social media,
    The money I spend lavishly,
    The people I go out with,
    Does it really make the real me.
    All those are,
    Don't be deceived by what you see,
    Cos I'm only living a fake life.

  • rubychris03 10w


    Born from jealousy and wickedness for mankind,
    Is what have changed the lives of many,
    Many seek revenge out of hatred,
    But what can we do to stop this,
    Oh! Hatred, what a word that I despise the most,
    Which had claimed the life of many.

  • rubychris03 10w


    When too tall they complain,
    When too short they complain,
    When fair they complain,
    When dark they complain.
    Why are humans "INSATIABLE",
    Let us be ourselves,
    Stop making people change themselves for you,
    Learn to say nice things to people

  • rubychris03 10w


    Oh! That one word that expresses many ideas,
    It gives meaning to almost everything,
    It can change the way people think,
    And most of all it is beautiful.

  • rubychris03 10w

    No Good bye

    If only I knew you were gonna leave without a note,
    If only I knew you were gonna leave me in so much pain,
    I would have told u my heart,
    I would have made u stay a little longer,
    But no, u left me with
    "No Good Bye"

  • rubychris03 10w

    Law of karma

    A life of pleasure and vanity I lived,
    Leaving the truth behind,
    I thought I had a great life,
    Till my past collided with my future,
    The life I have now is more of displeasure and pain,
    And then I think of these words,
    "The law of karma" has caught up with me.
    ©Ruby Chris

  • queen_butterfly 11w

    #deadlilac #monostich #personification

    Thank you for the read, WN❤️

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    There are poetries growing over the putrefied parts of me~