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  • pallavi4 15w


    It was warm and wonderful
    The day I swallowed the sun whole
    To absorb its light and energy
    Were my lurid goals
    It grew in the pit of my stomach
    Till it burst into silver showers
    Providing the lonely moon company
    A slew of scattered silver stars
    I would have liked to keep him close
    But he chose to remain triumphant
    However he didn’t let my efforts go in vain
    Or let me be rendered redundant
    I now traverse the ebony skies
    Feeling less melancholic and old
    Hugging each luminescent falling star
    Before they are gone and turn oh so cold


    4th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • pallavi4 27w

    The autumn leaf

    Life is hard but for me, a golden autumn leaf
    Floating dreamily solitary atop the pond
    Shady trees with their fiery leaves
    Still remind me of memories fond

    Overlooking the pond in the village
    I was a part of an umbrageous tree
    Swishing and swaying gayly in the wind
    I lived like a careless, carefree dupree

    In the spring dressed in green robes
    I was strong, glossy and able
    Come summer I enjoyed the sunlight
    In the summer breeze I was adept and stable

    Attached to the old world sycamore I lived
    Among friends and family together
    Thought I did we would merrily live
    As a powerful unit forever

    Come the fall, we went from wearing greens
    To cloaks in oranges, reds and golds
    We started swaying in the chilly draft
    And breathing in the autumn cold

    One day a great gust broke me off
    From the cluster of the other leaves
    I sauntered slowly down to the pond
    Half golden, half dried like the rest of the tree

    And on the calm waters I lay silently watching
    Waiting for the others to join me now
    Forming a golden pathway by the pond
    They fell away from the shady bough

    I watched as they were swept away
    By autumn’s chilly winds to different lands
    I was destined to die alone and lonely
    Why me, I couldn’t really understand

    But till that day arrived I decided I would
    Not be like other leaves but float aimlessly
    I would watch as the world passed me by
    Unworried, unattached, nonchalantly

    Slowly as winter came I lost the golden sheen
    Completely dried and wilted I became
    I was ready to pass on to better worlds
    I knew in death life wouldn’t be the same

    And then one day, just like that it came for me
    Like any another day I was floating alone
    I perished with an eye till the very end
    On my beloved now bare sycamore .


    13th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- 1935 by Peter Holme iii on 500 px

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  • pallavi4 27w


    I come riding on a high tide
    To kiss the white sandy beach
    Foamy, frothy billowing in the wind
    I roll away slowly out of reach
    Jewel toned and freshly salty
    Every drop of me is wet as the rain
    Sea shells, fish, crabs and turtles
    Life teems in my every grain.
    Blue my heart, blue my soul
    Blue the depth of my salty waters
    Blue the sails of the boats that float
    Undulating till the wind turns them into tatters
    I tip toe in the daytime and make my way
    Gently to the grainy sandy beach
    With the moon I ride hard and roar
    In the quiet of the night hear me screech
    Carefully I plan my every ride
    Sometimes I’m low , sometimes high
    Crashing down to melt into the soft sand
    My waves slowly turn into the tide
    The heart of me stores schools and shoals
    All manner of fish and creatures of the deep
    Coral and seaweed bloom and multiply
    Rocks of all kinds cover my floors in heaps
    Drop by drop I am the ocean vast
    In the sea shells hear me climb and vane
    I am in the calm waters of the deep in the sun
    And in the high tides over the night I reign


    8th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so very much for the repost @writersnetwork!

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  • pallavi4 35w

    Dear spring,

    Bowed bare branches bear the brunt
    Of forgotten forsaken falsified hopes
    In the torn tattered twigs reside
    A sunny springy summer that has eloped

    My once strong safe shady boughs
    Nurtured big beatific bewildering dreams
    The painted pacific pathways lie covered
    With my fallen once luscious leathery leaves

    In the broken battered bulbs lie
    The wish for a hopeful happy handsome tomorrow
    Instead the cold clammy clustered heaps
    Spell undying unbridled unexplainable sorrow

    Dreary dark defiant winters follow me
    To discover silence solitude solace
    My auburn arid autumn leaves
    Are by chilly chaotic cruel snow replaced

    I’m envious of your fresh fantastical flowers
    And luscious luxuriously laden trees
    Bringing a weary wornout winter
    On its very knobbly knock knees

    Your glossy grassy greens uncover
    Aesthetic artistic aspirations
    Cheeky chirping cheerful birds accompany
    Nature as it flits floats fulfils its expectations

    I always wistfully wholly wish to be
    More dainty delicate delightful as you
    You bring a cherubic cheery childlike exuberance
    And sense swathing sweetness known to very few



    12th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 36w


    He arrived in the middle of the night
    One day long after everyone was fast asleep
    He was here to swallow all hope and light
    Into every crevice he wanted to seep

    He had been created to tarnish the world
    To hinder all happiness and joy
    While the populous lay deeply concerned
    All his negativity he planned to employ

    To swallow all who were weak and frail
    Who would succumb to his contagious self
    He would devour the population like a flame
    Rejuvenating and revamping himself

    They underestimated what he could do
    The havoc he could unleash upon them
    His aggressive rage latched on like glue
    They writhed plagued with fever and phlegm

    He made it difficult for them to breathe
    Broke their spirit till it was in shreds
    Carved out a niche all the while they grieved
    The lack of infrastructure and hospital beds

    From to another he leapt and progressed
    Wiping out a whole generation in the process
    He badly infected their lungs and chests
    Till they all cowered down feeling oppressed

    He wrapped himself around the earth
    Gradually tightening the cord around its neck
    This strangulation slowly caused a dearth
    Of people till they were left the size of a fleck

    They wheezed and sneezed till they died
    The virus wiped whole families away
    They couldn’t get rid of him no matter how they tried
    He massacred anyone who stood in his way

    They came to accept his rule over them
    Of someone’s murderous craze he was a testament
    To their ghastly fates they were condemned
    While his catching self remained pestilent


    8th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Bob Lambiase

    “Contagion” title taken from a 2011 movie with the same name

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  • pallavi4 38w

    Idiom used: “As Light as a Feather”
    - That means to be very light in weight.

    As light as a feather

    I floated alone in the sky
    As light as a feather
    To pay homage to a glorious morn
    And the wonderfully warm weather

    I listened to the gurgling waters
    Of the gushing stream
    Saw thickets of luscious forests with
    Fragrant fresh fruits on trees

    I watched bees, bugs and butterflies
    Flittering around the grass and flowers
    Little birds playfully rejoicing
    In the puddles after the summer shower

    Dainty delicate daisies covered the fields
    Waving gaily in the afternoon breeze
    Children happily played in the summer warmth
    Running around trees covered with chartreuse leaves

    In the eve over the cold mounts I floated
    Appraising their magnificent, majestic might
    Slowly pink and orange streaks appeared in the sky
    With golden flecks in the dwindling daylight

    Twilight- my favourite time of day made
    Hazy horizons hanker and turn obscure
    The luminous moon opened his sleepy eyes
    The twinkling stars came to life once more

    Abuzz with the flapping of gossamer, glossy golden wings
    The night was lit by a thousand fireflies
    I wrapped up my wondrous day by
    Leisurely traversing the raven skies


    25th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 42w

    Volcano eruption

    Several hundred feet below the surface
    I lay embroiled in my own simmering rage
    Fissures around me lay dormant too
    Slowly gathering momentum through the ages

    After what felt like a thousand years
    One day I mustered up the courage
    Accumulating all the magma tears around me
    Lunged upwards like a savage

    With a mighty explosion in the dead of the night
    I lurched from the crater- a mile high
    I jumped with glee on rediscovering
    The beauty of the star spangled sky

    Gathering all my molten and gaseous power
    Making my way through the closed vents
    I’d erupted free to breathe the air again
    Marvelling at my magnificent ascent

    From magma fuming deep in the earth
    I flowed as lava and poisonous gases
    They’d long forgotten how devastating I could be
    It had been ages since I was last seen by the masses

    The huge eruption caused by me made the world
    Come to a halting stop all of a sudden
    Happy in my victory I gobbled all in my way
    Easing myself all those centuries of burdens

    As molten lava I flowed lustily
    Meandering down the mount’s slope
    Long enough to watch peoples faces of dismay
    The blood draining and the loss of hope

    In my grandeur I forgot all my misery
    Or the fact that I’d been chained for so long
    My mile high excursions were a fantastic reminder
    That the earth was where I truly belonged

    I was dense when I burst out of the crater
    Flowing from the top of the mount
    Slowly the top of me solidified
    Releasing gases in great amounts

    Reaching record temperatures I enjoyed
    Press coverage and other attentions
    Pictures of me decorated the newspapers realising
    Notions about me had all been misconceptions

    Fearfully the village in which I resided
    Was emptied overnight and left vacant
    People ran after not apprehending
    That I was Satan’s own agent

    Singeing the earth and all around
    Melting rock, grass and debris
    I lay cooling finally at ease after having
    Discovering the elating joys of being free


    25th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 57w


    You can try to break my fortitude
    You can try with all your might
    I will never concede and accept defeat
    In the dark I will be the light
    Many have made the effort over the years
    Many have come and tried
    Through the pitter patter of the rain
    And catastrophic ebony nights
    To break the strength in my back and the
    Ability in dire circumstances not to take flight
    I will stand tall in the raging storm
    And for what is right
    If you’re waiting for me to cower
    And out of scare , run and hide
    You will be sorely disappointed
    And be forced to bid your time


    13th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Writersbay

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  • pallavi4 67w

    I lock one in a bubble of desperation
    For I am a mirthless, colourless preoccupation
    Making one wander aimlessly, dismally
    And fidget through the hyperventilation .
    I create a tensed, taut vulnerability
    Obnoxiously dipped in gross suspicion.
    I produce a stomach full of butterflies
    And a sweaty, sickly depressed situation
    That is unpleasantly, squeamishly restless
    A panicky gloomy submission.
    Never do I relax my grip for
    I am a grave, destitute, dark condition
    I cause sweat and embarrassment
    And a sinking feeling of dejection.
    Fearfully they submit to my authority
    For I create a ruthless sense of destitution
    Where one finds it easier to succumb
    To the feeling of worthlessness and it’s combination
    Of hopelessness and crippling insecurity -
    Of shivers, scare and haunting humiliation.
    I thrive on the jittery angst and dismay
    I am the nervousness of resonating rejection
    The exclusion and embarrassment
    Of renunciation and finally elimination.

    I am Fear


    Thank you so much @writersnetwork and @mirakee . I am truly honoured.

    1st of October, 2020

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner,
    - In this world and the next by Liza Hasan

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  • pallavi4 79w


    I was born of a small match of wood
    But little did that match know
    What it had given birth to
    For I would never be someone’s beau

    I started tiny, at the end of a flint
    Slowly gaining vigour and spark
    Finding life and finally breathing
    I hoped to leave in the end, my mark

    From one object to another I leapt
    Flitting from the furniture to the walls
    The more I had, the more I wanted
    Whatever it took, I had to have it all

    Consume I did one by one
    Whatever came in my way
    My now leaping flames withstood
    The winds that were billowing that day

    I licked and devoured one and all
    The whole house to the ground I did raze
    My feral form slowly grew ferocious
    From a kindle I became a blaze

    Boom and crackle, play I did
    Enjoyed myself with all my might
    They tried their best to put me out
    Struggling and suffocating in the night

    Engulfing the house, I revelled
    In the chaos and pandemonium I’d made
    No water or hose could put me out
    I rejoiced seeing the look of worry on their faces

    Elated after seeing how long I had lasted
    Till the sky reached my mile high flames
    They would rue the day that they met me
    And remember me as the fire they couldn't tame


    Pic credit: Pinterest , "what else is there" by Michael Vincent Manalo

    14th of July, 2020

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