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    I would call you the moon at night
    And you would bathe me in moonlight
    Your touch eclipses with my shadows
    Marking holy, the days in furloughs
    Solstices you've embraced
    For me to be graced
    These singularities that hold
    Too many similarities to behold
    Wormholes you've made
    Through galaxies to evade
    Those few discrepancies we met
    Even time you've made to abet
    These white dwarfs that maketh us
    Would've needed supernovas ardous
    Black holes we are in raves
    Colliding gravitational waves
    Creation and armageddon, these fingers entwine
    Breathing its last, we call this divine

    Bereft left the dreams I craved
    Purpose I search for in those raved
    Souls too full to leave no place
    For me to occupy in grace
    Shunned a choice made to run
    From grasps, this acumen
    Faster each time
    Hiding in rhyme
    These secrets would hide
    No one with insight to catch me, I lied
    Try as you might
    Wish you'd alright
    For me to be born
    Anew at light to adorn
    But maybe these clean dresses
    Still hide the same muddy heart in recesses

    Let me embrace our differences
    Letting drop all offences
    Kissing your lips in passion
    Leaving sighs in accretion
    Lifting you just right
    Leaving you in delight
    Straying through these recesses
    Making delirium as it progresses
    Leading you astray
    Taking you away
    Putting you in clouds
    Making rain in crowds
    Holding you in shivers
    Letting you flow in rivers

    Seep I will into every crevice
    Leaving you to grab hold of reality
    Grace I will in aegis
    Making you pull back covers of verity

    Whispers we will exchange under the night sky
    Interwine we will, taking sips of starlight
    Wishing noesis, we'll lay bare in moonlight
    Souls melding, we'll let slip of restrain, thus untie
    P.C: Ricardo Gomez Angel


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