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  • fabricated_fantasies 13w

    Awakening the Dawn

    There's light at the end of the tunnel
    Just reach the cavern and dive
    There's Hope at the end of the night
    When a new Dawn awakes the might

    Take your mighty sword and swallow the painful feud
    Hold tight
    It's a rollercoaster ride

    Let the darkness engulf you
    And let your griefs be taken away
    Only then light will shine bright
    Brighter than the reflecting piers
    Piers that bind you
    Entangle you
    Stray you to a forbidden coast
    You float
    Float with the weeping sorrow
    You caress despair
    Igniting a flame within

    Deep down you will find peace
    Deep down in the depths of the seas

    Sleep tight
    The mighty Dawn awaits
    A new fight
    A new quest
    A new beginning calls your pace

    Sleep tight dear warrior
    You have fought with ace
    You will fight again
    And again
    Rising like a pheonix from the ashes
    Sleep tight
    As the night shoves the tunnel to your face
    Sleep tight untill you find strength
    Sleep tight till the dawn awakens


  • claralynne 28w

    Open Sesame

    Emotions intruding.
    Lack of control.
    Feelings illuding.
    But you know you got this.
    You can feel it in your gut. ..

    My darling, You've had all your doors shut!
    Open Sesame!!!
    Let all the bricks fall.
    Slow your step. .. . .
    And listen to the birds call.
    There's a song for those who listen . ...
    Don't forget your vision.
    There' s No more time to stall.
    Breathe in the fresh air.
    And Try to remember what it's like to really care ..
    You keep forgetting, You haven't time to spare.
    Your soul is beautiful and you are so rare.
    Find your strength like the Phoenix that you are. .
    And keep in mind that the sun will always come out tomorrow.
    No more do u have to bury yourself in your sorrows.
    Love surrounds you.
    You need to spread your light.
    Shine bright.
    Even on the darkest of nights.
    You have found your sword in the Stone.
    Remember how much you've grown!
    And know always that you are never alone.
    Open Sesame.

  • claralynne 34w

    Rain And Tough Terrain

    I have grown tired.
    Tired of writing.
    Tired of fighting.
    I'm not even sure what I'm fighting to gain.
    Is it days filled with sun or rain?
    Do I desire smooth sailing?
    You don't really learn anything that way.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    That's what will cure this pain. That's what'll get me off this plane. This plateau of nothing.
    A purpose is what I seek; it's what I desire.
    I loath the day that I lost my fire.
    A perfect storm.
    It came and all turned to ash.
    Cold, wet ashes.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It comes again and again.
    And now, I just sit back and wait to see what will transpire.
    But I already know that's not how it works.
    The answer lurks.
    I need to hold my head higher.
    The Phoenix cannot rise above and fly if I'm not holding my chin up high.
    Rain and tough terrain.
    It's causes me so much pain.
    How will the Phoenix ever fly from the ash if the rain keeps falling?
    I can't help but wish the sun would quit stalling.
    I'm so tired.
    I wish the skies would quit bawling.
    At least at night.
    So that I could write. And poor my feelings out on a blank page of white.
    As I understand it, storms come and go.
    This storm is slow.
    Its hard to remember who I was when the storm began, what seems so long ago...
    I'm missing that spark; that inner desire.
    Stagnant. UnInspired.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It ought to clear up soon, I'm sure. It just has to....
    I know there's more to my world than just cold,wet ashes. So much more.
    So as tired as I am, I will conquer this tough terrain no matter how far it may go.
    And I will charge through the rain until it clears.
    Tired eyes with tears.
    Face-to-face with my fears.
    Fighting through the storm.
    My destiny.
    Trusting the universe.
    Finding my answers through time.
    Knowing the Phoenix will fly in due time.

  • words_of_lasya 68w

    I'm sad!
    I'm hurt!
    I'm tired!
    I'm angry!
    I'm broken!
    I'm in tears!
    I'm lying on floor!
    Yet, I'm not lost yet!
    I will rise from ashes!
    I will fly high from same ground,
    That let me down n burned me out!


  • treble_clef 71w

    This piece...   
    I know I haven't done justice to it.. 

    It's for all those little innocent children who become the objects of lust in the hands of their own so called protectors - be it a father, uncle, aunt, teacher, or a priest... and so on.

    The innocent child/teenager becomes the victim of sexual abuse without a hint of realising that s/he is being abused. Even when the act comes to light, it is hushed to save family honour, or of the Institute...  My near and dear ones too have been the victims of such heinous act, pushed the matter under the carpet, for honour, self preservation (which is an irony in itself) and what not.  It becomes an open secret which everyone knows yet no one wants to speak up.  The numbers among my close circle (across generations) itself is shocking. Awareness, reporting is definitely on the rise, but there are still tens of thousands still suffering.. and it's heart wrenching..

    Here I've used Fire as a symbol, first as a source of warmth/protection, then the destruction, and the Pheonix in the 3rd para a symbol of resurrection, renewal, a new beginning.. 

    #wod, #symbol, #burnt, #fire, #pheonix

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    (*Please do read the caption for details on the background, setting, and the symbols used) 

    The little girl
    was mesmerised by
    the flickering amber
    The warmth was welcoming, 
    false reassurances
    enveloping her. 
    Closer she inched 
    for the dancing orange
    was so inviting. 
    Her eyes reflected
    its promise of

    Where was the saviour
    to warn her
    of the destruction? 
    Protecting embrace 
    was now 
    the grip of suffocation. 
    Choking the life
    out of living
    leaving her half dead.
    Charring her soul, 
    dark flakes falling off
    her writhing core. 


    Did I not pretend 
    I was deaf to your screams? 
    Didn't I turn a blind eye
    when you were burning? 
    Did I not turn my back
    without any shame? 
    Oh! How I wish
    you rise, rise like a Phoenix,
    from your grey ashes.
    Soar high in the vast blue skies,
    never to be burnt again
    by the devouring flares. 


  • sumita_panigrahi 83w

    People will use you and then treat you like trash, you aren't trash. U are beautiful the way you are. If people treat you like you don't exist and they don't give you a damn.
    Then why you.��
    What is the need of killing your self respect. Who don't even admire and respect you, when you are at your death bed.��
    Leave. He/she isn't the one then.
    Start healing.��
    You are incredibly beautiful. Believe me. Whomever you are, rise and shine like a pheonix.��
    #mirakke #life #love #pheonix #youarebeautiful #keepgoing #neverbeg #selfrespect

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    Some people treat you like trash,
    You aren't trash, your place isn't in recycle bin,
    You are a perfect encantadora in need of sun to rise like pheonix ✨

  • peddatimma 98w


    For the one who can
    Set soul on fire and burn you down
    For the light is seen
    When the wick is lit and burning

    For the one who can
    Kindle the fire in your heart
    For it needs to reach
    The one who is far apart.

    For the darkness to come up
    For only in dark you can
    See the face of beloved
    That shines from your fire.

    For the time that can
    Bring rains to resurrect the pheonix
    From the ashes of fire
    Of your inner self..

  • zoya_charmz 104w


    The darkest fears bewildering me,
    I fear no more now whatever it be.
    The paths I crossed had shaken me
    Still never lose hope and the exact key;
    To unlock the closed doors,
    To unchain the every shores.
    I knew I need to break out of that cage.
    Even when massive tsunami arises
    Or the mighty thunderstorm begins,
    Strongly have broken the barriers often.
    Being charismatic and energetic ever,
    I fear no more any fortuitous failures.

    But suddenly I heard a voice raised to me,
    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear"
    "How would you vanquish the danger?
    How would you boost yourself further?"
    I suspect if it was my own spirit then,
    I counter it far with my inner strength.
    The catastrophe I faced couldn't break me apart,
    I gained courage and conquered my every fears.
    Moulded myself more stronger like a true warrior,
    Took rebirth like the Pheonix of Greek folklore.
    A new life "Rising From The Cloud Of Darkness",
    Victor ever after "Rising From The Sacred Ashes".


    "The Dark Side Of The Moon" Challenge
    The line ---
    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear"
    Is taken from George Roger Waters' lyrics, 'Brain Damage' by Pink Floyd (1973).

    I don't know if I could justify the line but thanks for the beautiful challenge...�� @carolyns_challenges
    #cees_dsm_chall #lyricprompt #ceesreposts

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @writerstolli
    #pheonix #risingfromashes #cloudofdarkness

    Image - Blue hills of Assam, India
    Image credit goes to myself.

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    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear"

    Please read the caption!


  • smily_aina 105w

    Let the fire in your eyes
    become the zeal of phoenix
    And not wreak havoc
    like the chimera


  • when_silence_speaks 106w

    Rising from the Ashes

    The heart is dark with fear
    Its walls are about to collapse
    What would happen?
    What should I do?
    I hear myself repeat again and again.
    The words born out of the darkness,
    They burn inside.
    I cringe. I am in pain.
    Hopelessness overcast, everything goes numb.
    Reaching the end of the Road,
    There is no beyond.

    The world closes in.
    The darkness spreads like fire.
    Life stops!

    And then a distant voice reaches my ears
    "Wake up dear, its time to wake up.
    A new day, a new life awaits.
    You will get late.
    Wake up now!"
    I open my eyes to a blinding light
    Am i really alive?
    Or is it just a dream?
    I am in a daze.
    Suddenly,I feel softness on my brows.
    I feel a soft touch on my cheeks.
    Nothing distinct.
    But I feel it.
    Am I dead?
    Am I in heaven?
    Am I home, where I should be?
    I hear myself asking.
    I hear someone whisper,
    " You are safe.
    You are protected.
    You have nothing to worry.
    Just take a deep breath.
    Take in the light that surrounds you.
    You are in light again.
    You have risen again.
    Just like a pheonix, you have been born again.
    From the ashes of your past, you will fly yet again.
    I will hold your hand.
    Just know that I am your heaven.
    And your heaven is where you are."

    I look.
    I look around.
    And then, I look deep into my heart.
    It's not black anymore
    It's not dark anymore.
    It's filled with a light.
    A light that soothes.
    I move my hands, and I feel the weight of my wings.
    I move them and I find myself above the ground.
    Flapping them I soar towards the sky.
    Finally I feel free.
    Free from my past.
    Free from the shackles of darkness.
    I am free.
    And I am in heaven.
    My body shakes with excitement.
    I am still soaring.
    The pheonix has risen again.
    From the ashes of the past.
    The pheonix has risen again.


  • quarantinistani 110w

    Growing Pains

    Saw off.
    Burn off.

    Light weight.
    Fight weight.
    Life's hard.
    Don't wait.

    Strike first.
    Strike fast.
    Chin down,
    hands up.
    Rise up.

    © Quarantinistani

  • ankitj 118w

    No theory !

    Fighting me would be similar to that of a pheonix which has raised itself from the ashes and the best part is your rudimentary theory confine upto rising from the ashes part and nothing beyond that !

    I understand yet ignore every single conspiracy of yours because those conspiracies were once the catalyst of rising this pheonix from ashes !

    And the illusion is you win everytime except where it is required.


  • kamaikan 122w


    A fire once raged inside me
    It burned all through that which brought me strife
    I felt full, I felt free, I felt alive
    But, what I thought would make me burn brighter
    Doused my flame into nothing
    I was in darkness
    I was in pain
    I was in need to feel alive again
    I was cold
    For so very long
    But I learned
    Learned how to sow pain into victory
    Learned how to adjust my eyes to the darkness
    Learned that all I need to feel truly alive was to love myself
    And like magic
    My flamed returned
    Like a phoenix rising from it's ashes
    Burning brighter and stronger than ever before
    Ready to set my world ablaze with divinity

  • hopemaybe 127w

    Only a Phoenix...

    Dark, gray and black.
    Life is tough.
    The truth hurts very often.
    So much pain, I hear and see.

    A realization creeps in.
    Tried to free me from worries.
    It breaks all walls.
    To me my soul speaks.

    Only a phoenix knows how ash tastes.
    He stretches his head towards the sky.
    A spark can ignite a fire.
    And watch over you protectively.

    Vicious circle of worries,
    Are hidden inside,
    A miracle dampens the impact.

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    I take a look back.
    See love, suffering and happiness.
    I am happy and laugh
    The day the soul spoke.

  • jfhpoetry 138w


    The pheonix is not a myth.
    It is every woman who has emerged
    From the ashes of her burnt innocence.
    She is every woman reconstituted
    From the shards of her own glass tears.
    She is every women's moonlit tears hardened
    Into a new version of her Self.
    No, the pheonix is all too real.
    I know. I am one of many.
    I am the pheonix reborn,
    Glorious in my beauty.
    Miraculously strong.
    Unconquerable. Unquenchable. Undeniable.
    ©Jane Hunter / ©JFH Poetry 2019

  • quillsecret 142w


    No fire could ever burn brighter than his soul that was flaring to life. In the seat of pain now sat a meaning, in the throne of hopelessness now purpose wore the crown. The shackles that once earthed him was breaking apart and I could not wait to see the Phoenix fly.

  • prudence_rose 142w

    She didn't let the fire burning inside her,
    Turn herself into ashes..
    She rose, just like a pheonix
    Because that was what she was meant to be

  • blue_pheonix 142w

    Thought of writing something for PHEONIX since very long, finally did it today. It's more like the name gave me the sudden power of writing it.

    #writersnetwork #mirakeworld #haikulove #dailyhaiku #haiku #pheonix #bluepheonix @mirakee

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    Airing the gyre high
    Ashes shaped in wings, for she

  • wondorouswords101 151w


    These words became a pheonix it's wings reaching from each end of the world prospering in the summer..

    This is not a sentence.This is not a story.
    This is a poem. For all to see.
    For all to treasure.
    For everyone to believe it's Purpose.

  • heenajoshi 157w

    Dear Rejection,
    I don’t accept you.
    You may sneer at me,
    but I will have the last laugh.

    Xoxo-A Pheonix