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  • scarlet 2w


    I heard genuine laughter behind me and turned impulsively. An all too conspicuous camera swooped in to capture the moment - awkward smiles replaced the genuineness I saw.
    It is on these occasions that I long for the old days when the camera captured us inconspicuously... when we could talk and laugh without inhibition....when no one intruded on our own little moments.
    In the race to capture them, we've lost precious memories behind fake smiles and awkward glances.


  • rachelhoron 3w


    Faded photograph

    A young girl smiles back

    Not at the camera

    But over the camera’s shoulder

    If it had a shoulder

    Innocence from the age of summer young

    Captured in a bookmark of a timeline.

    No name, no date

    Frozen in a warm moment

    One the subject may still remember



  • cozy_folk 6w

    My favorite band in the year of our lord 2022 ��

    #letter #wod #steeringwheel #photograph #music

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    I will never learn
    What that was on Joey's head.
    A steering wheel hat?

  • allsunshinensunburns 6w


    Yellowed and wrinkled,
    Memories of long ago-
    Etched in the halls of time
    Out of reach, for the time to follow.

    Yet the words- they spring to life
    Dance around the fireplace
    And- shake the memories alive.

    The crumpled leaves,
    Say words our hearts now ache to say-
    Call them, who were so dear to us one day.
    Now gone, dusty photographs.


  • _saloni16mishra_ 7w

    Caged in a 4×6 paper piece
    Holding memory more than this
    From root to wings and shining glare
    I could feel even those floating hair
    It feels so fresh as daisy
    The laugh that meld like salt in sea
    The silence sings each drop of noise
    From click to flash and body being poise
    Each page of that chapter
    Hour before and after
    Starts reeling around
    Hewing our bond
    And holds us together
    Against distance altogether

  • manu162 8w


    It has been a while
    that I was staring at it,
    But I still don't know
    whether its  4*6 or 5*7.

    It has been a while
    that I was compared to you,
    But we are still there
    sitting next to each other happily.

    It has been a while,
    that I looked back
    But I still long
    for the moments we used to have.

    It has been a while,
    that I have grown up
    But I still feel the need
    of the love you showered on me.

    It has been a while,
    and I am still the unpretty one
    Even now waiting for your
    pretty aura to reside within me.

  • mysteriousde 11w

    #mirakee #miraquill #hindi #urdu

    Bg -: I've passed from an age
    Where I've enlivened my childhood
    Caption-: there's a life in halcyon memories
    Spend sometime in front of
    There's an age that still laugh..

    पुरानी यादों में आज भी जिंदगी बसती है
    वक्त बिताकर देखो तस्वीरों के आगे
    इक उम्र है जो आज भी हंसती है!!

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    इक उम्र से गुजर आयी हूँ
    मैं बचपन जीकर आयी हूँ !!

  • abhibd 14w

    Every time I look at it ,
    I get goosebumps,
    A shiver run down my spine,
    And I feel you holding my hands.

    And I am back at Paul's ,
    Our place for hot chocolate & pakoda,
    You in your blue dress ,
    Sitting opposite me ,
    Holding our hands on the table.

    For a moment the distance vanishes,
    And we are besides each other again,
    The phone calls seems non existent,
    As we are taking face to face again...

  • indecisivegal 14w

    I found a photograph under my bed
    As I glance over
    Couldn't hold my breath
    Akin to a baby monkey
    Smiling wide unaware of the
    Worldly known
    standing still like an owl
    Staring on the right side
    Saying I am alright.
    After a few hours ask
    My mom to check
    is she alright
    With a sweet smile alike
    announced that's
    a photograph of me
    A baby monkey indeed:)

  • diamond49 14w

    I keep your smiling picture
    In my wallet
    Which I clicked secretly

    I still remember that moment
    You were playing with your hairs
    And I was roaming to click a perfect shot

    Didn't clicked the sunset or dawn
    But the sunshine of your eyes
    Which was perfect as I got

    Whenever I take out
    Sitting on window seat of bus
    Or on a bench at the park

    It reminds me of you
    And every bit of us
    In that photograph of you

    It says our eternal love
    And make me feel you're here
    Holding my hand sitting next to me

    So, whenever I feel alone
    I take out the photograph of you
    To feel US..


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    Photograph of you

  • exploreelysian 20w


    It captures
    Fills us with
    Joy, grief
    And ecstasy.


  • aye__writes 21w

    Late but I hope not too late.

    #photograph #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I do not use my camera frequently
    your photograph has been captured by millions of cells in my eyes,
    not ready to let go of the image of you.

    I love the little things
    darling it's true,
    I adore this kind of bijou.


  • amaaraa 21w

    For my love for photographs.
    Such a beautiful poem, a photograph is, it gives you all the privacy.

    #photography #photograph

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    My day starts where yours end. Your day starts when mine dozes off. 12 hours apart we are, held together by silent poems, photographs. I see your sunrise flickering on my eyes. You see my sunset slowing melting down. A part of each other we carry through silent poems. These silent poems are vernacular, lying in our specific region and are not hand written, yet they make us talk with each other.

    A photograph might seem really simple to you. When you go deep in it, you will find more complex poems to be deciphered. A written poem already contains a meaning, but these photographs are the ones that need to be decoded.

    I see my grandma, taking out an old album whose surface is full of dust. She cleans it off with her dry, wrinkled hands. Her bony, bluish hands glide through each photograph and with each photograph her smile changes. Do photographs really tell us in which way we have to smile? I ask her this question and she again gives me a different smile.
    Afterall, created from the same water droplet, snow and rain are not the same. Snow gives a different smile and rain, a different one. And that's what memories captured in a photograph are like, full of nostalgia, creating a whole poem in the myriad of lost hopes, and each poem creates new and different smiles.

    A long lasting zephyr runs through me. I plunge into a warm blanket with my head not engulfed in blanket, creating no barrier between me and the zephyr. The moon and clouds play hide and seek with me, clouds hiding moon from my eyes. I remember how my mother used to hide me from my brother when we used to play hide and seek. I pick up my camera and click a picture and it again creates a poem of a cold night. When I will see the picture somewhere in a distant future, I will remember the coldness covering my head, the long lasting zephyr, the warmth of blanket, the hide and seek with clouds and moon, the hide and seek with my mother and brother.

    Isn't the picture of the cold night a complete poem in a vernacular language that needs to be deciphered? And the most exciting part, only the one who has lived the photograph and the one who understands can decipher it.


  • thelogist 21w

    A photograph isn't just
    A capture of time
    But it's a tombstone of
    A story that now exists
    Only as a memory.

    A photograph locks in itself
    An era of that has now
    Vanished; and preserves
    From the wrath of time a dream
    Those eyes once prayed for.

    A photograph contains smiles
    Laughs and tears, joys
    Friendships & vows,
    Secrets, hurt and regrets; questions
    And stories we no longer talk about.

    A photograph is foe of time
    As it keeps everything intact
    And brings back everything to mind
    Making hearts curse upon the virtue
    That everything heals with time.

    #photograph #wod #miraquill

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  • mimmywrites 21w


    I wish I were a photograph
    You smile for even on your worst

  • m_e_r_l_i_n_2004 21w

    Photographs hides your personality

    And darling,
    Photographs are the lies
    Behind your life
    Which always showcase what
    You are not.

    Photographs are your pal
    Which always shows that you are
    Pale and pare down all your flaws.

    Photographs aren't mirrors
    Yet they act like one.

    Photographs alter your sadness
    Photographs alter your scars
    Photographs alter your pain but
    Photographs can never heal.

  • mathilde 21w

    Photos are beautiful, yes they are,
    But they don't depict the whole story.
    On how I broke, and how I repaired myself,
    Those stories are never told.

    That printed smile on the paper,
    People assumed all is fine,
    But it's me under the vineyard,
    Who has to get pierced everytime.

  • miss_silentlyweird 21w

    This is not the reality right? Tell me is all dream, yesterday I was just holding you and kissing your forehead but now you're gone. We do not know how to start, you're the person that taught us to be strong, I know time will come and death will knock at the door but we never expected to be this soon. I love you mommy, rest in peace we love you!

    #endofdec #photograph
    #listofdec #wod #miraquill
    @miraquill @writersbay

    I was so excited to write for this challenge yet this is what it turned out to be.
    My mom (not biological mom leave us ) so i do not know what so good in this new year��

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    December Gloom

    I feel dry to write
    My gut tell something isn't right
    Maybe everything that end— I fright
    I know I'm not a person who's bright
    And that what I always forthright

    But I never expected this happening
    I hated goodbye and ending
    This is the unruled parting
    I fed up with grief and regretting
    When you leave us — it's devastating

    This house that feels home
    Became quite as doom
    Your hair, smile, moods, call
    Love, laugh, care and overall
    Mark in my heart forever more

    ~ I wish we live in the photographs so that time will freeze in each moment~


  • vandu9 21w


    A photograph is a living memory to see lost and loved ones and is a prized possession for many.

  • pelumeey 21w


    what else delays your intent,
    moves you towards the life you are not?
    what's that,
    that moves you to despair?

    the camera flashes,
    makes you glow
    but you know
    you are not