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  • gutzwvw 36w


    When her hair turns white.
    The rights shall be written.
    The dreamers smitten.
    The pages torn.
    The histories manufactured.
    The fantasizes fractured.
    Few can hold her gaze.
    As her mind is a haze.
    Do not be fazed.
    Pikichu and I.
    Have hatched a plan.
    We've summoned the clans.
    The kunais have been sharpened.
    We shall turn the tide of this doomed time.

  • amantes 97w

    A rainbow to his life

  • shreya4 104w

    Rishton k naam v kitne ajeeb hai
    Wo sirf dost hai
    Magar ghar walo se jyada kareeb hai .

  • lol_ash_is_sleepy 120w


    Pikachu is not totally fiction after all,
    There's this cute rodent called Pika,
    This Pika is Pikachu's inspiration,
    Found in the foothills of Sikkim,
    But the scientists think it's new,
    Pika is one tiny Indian rodent,
    Its standing posture, its ears,
    Have been the inspiration,
    Not just now but for long,
    Since antiquity it's there.

  • lol_ash_is_sleepy 120w

    The candle Pokemon

    Alone -
    The ghost candle Pokemon (Litwick);
    Cold -
    The abandoned house (in which he lived);
    Dim -
    The small fire on his head;
    Afraid -
    The trainers and their Pokemon;
    Hopeless -
    The candle Pokemon;

    Curious -
    The electric mouse Pokemon (Pikachu);
    Creaky -
    The stairs in the house;
    Dusty -
    Every inch of the house;
    Hiding -
    The candle Pokemon;
    Friendly -
    The mouse Pokemon;

    Surrounded -
    The candle Pokemon;
    Warm -
    The feeling of a quick friendship;
    Bright -
    The smiles on their faces;
    Brave -
    The mouse Pokemon;
    Hopeful -
    The candle Pokemon;

  • the_flash_ 125w

    Carry On for you

    You, you found me
    Made me into something new
    Led me through the deepest waters
    I promise loud to carry on to you,
    You, to carry on for you, for you.....

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  • im_shinchan 148w


    I do not want to lose my best friend because she is more valuable to me than diamond...
    (My Cartoon Bestie ??)


  • im_shinchan 149w

    Suno Bestie

    Aapna ख़याल Rakha करो।
    Kyun की Mere पास Ek ही Cartoon है ...
    - Sarthak Gaur


  • soulscientist 149w

    Happy Woman’s Day

    Much to the dismay of the family, “she” was born as an unpleasemt suprise..
    Little did they know she would be like renaissance to their dark lives,,
    She was given a place to survive but treated like a 2nd class citizen..
    But she had that charisma,stealth to serve the nation,,,
    Her blood stained days would deny her entry in the temple..
    Condescending, mainsplaing were the gifts she recieved in ample,,
    Time and again she was required to prove her sanctity even if she was a goddess..
    The society tactfully tried to confine her within the role of mother, wife,sister or even an enchantress ...
    Patriarchy was like an epidemics which gave her dreams a slow death,,
    Even the woman in her life were regressive,archaic and behaved like a constant threat,,
    But her leap didnt depended on the surface or the shoes she wore,,
    She would scale mountains,run governments,kill terrorist and guard off-shores
    She was like the finest alloy of wit and the mesemerising beauty of nature,,
    She didnt believed that times would change , but that she would be the harbinger of equality among all creatures..

  • thoughtsofaditya 152w

    Unexpected friends are awesome. We don't expect too much. They give their best to us like Ash and Pikachu, they start their journey with a fight and become best friends.

  • ujjwal_cs007 154w

    every beautifull song has a
    sad untold story....

  • iandonnovan 163w

    @somi_kaushik, a small piece of write up for my lady love.

    I cannot stopping loving her,
    It's hard.
    It's really hard to stop loving her,
    Not because her eyes are magical.
    It's not because her hair is as silky as fur,
    Or the skin as smooth as velvet
    It's not because she's more prettier that the moon.
    Its not because her lips are soft and tender,
    It's not because every kiss of her makes me feel warm,

    Because she completes me,
    She gives me freedom.
    She believes me,
    She trusts me.
    She's great because she loves me,
    Even after knowing the hardships.

    I cannot stopping loving her,
    Because she knows when to be mature,
    And when to be childish.
    She knows what's correct and what's not.
    She knows the struggles waiting for me,
    She understands that I'm not always free.
    I feel bad that she has to adjust a lot,
    But then, it's all for us to have a great future to tie our nupital knots.

    I cannot stopping loving her.
    Because she's a pure soul,
    Who understands the importance of the word love.
    She's someone who make me feel comfortable.
    She's the one who's warmth keeps me warm.
    She's the one,
    whose cute smile can bring life in me.
    She's the one,
    Who laughs her heart out.
    She Knows I cannot get her all the luxuries today,
    But still she loves me.
    I believe that one day,
    I'll have it all for us.

    I cannot stop loving her,
    Because she TRUSTS me.
    Because she has a cute little nose.


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    I cannot

  • arul_raj_20 177w

    90's : Pokemon (First time as a tv seris)
    2000's : Pokemon (Still wasn't over it as a tv seris and video game franchise)
    2018 : Still playing Pokemon go

    25 years it's has taught me to go after my Dreams no matter how big the challenge or opponent may be!!!

    For you it's a cartoon for some it's a way of life !!!!


  • alokvatsa 181w

    [ It's gonna be long, but it'll be worth the read. ]

    " Whenever we get trapped in darkness we have two options with us, either to direct our attention to the despair and misery or to direct our focus towards the light. "
    © alokvatsa

    Imagine that you're travelling through a scary dark tunnel and numerous monsters are chasing you and if you are to live then you've to keep moving, there's no other way out. You don't want them to consume you. You love your life, you love yourself. The darkness seems very terrifying when you’re stuck, unable to navigate your way ahead. You don't want to risk your life. So now you've to run for your life. Much is at stake now. What would you do?

    You'll run with all your might.

    You will keep on moving in this situation even if you're hurt, broken or burnt. Even if you can't run you will walk or you will crawl but you'll do what all is in your might to not let those monsters eat you.

    At first, you see that this tunnel is dark and endless. In the same way we believe about the tough situations of our life that they're endless. No life situations are not endless.

    Then at the very next moment you see that there's a light at the end of tunnel. The light which has the power to slay all these monsters, all these demons. The light which is eternally beautiful. But this light seems like the most elusive thing to you. Yet you keep on running chasing that light which is coming from some external source. At one moment it motivates you, it raises your hopes but at the very next moment it fades away leaving you in darkness again.

    Till now you don't know when and where this tunnel of darkness ends. Whether this tunnel really exists out there or is this only a creation of your mind? You also don't know whether all those monsters exist in real or not? Some of them may be real, some of them maybe a figment or your imagination or you can call them self created demons.

    You're running but still there's no light in your vicinity although you get to see it from time to time. Now you're stuck in a mirage. You start doubting the existance of light after a few setbacks. There's hopelessness and sadness all around and you want to submit. No, don't submit yet. Don't you give up now.

    Let's not cry upon our misery, but rather embrace it as a doorway to inner transformation.

    I say that the light is right here, in the tunnel itself, and that light is you. It is just that you have to ignite that light. Don't look away, look inside. Monsters and demons won't stand a chance when you choose to shine your own glorious light.

    You're a STAR and your light, STAR-LIGHT.

    Everything you're searching outside is already there, inside of you.
    External motivation will fade away.
    Be your own inspiration.
    Shine your own light.
    Fight your battles with all your might.
    Never GIVE UP.
    You're ENOUGH.
    You're THE POWER.
    You're the LIGHT


    ~ I originally wrote this poem for my sister a few days ago. She is an inspiration. ��


    The next message is for those who are still having patience and time to read. ;)

    P.S : I reached 0.5K readers milestone yesterday but for me it doesn't matter at all. What matters more is the support and love of some of the very amazing persons I've got here. Never ever in my wildest dreams I had thought that Mirakee would become my second abode and people here will give me so much. Milestones gives us some moments to sit back and reflect on what beautiful journey we've gone through while reaching there and oh boy! What a journey it was. I'm really blessed. :)

    I just can't express my gratitude towards you guys. I'm speechless. My creations already got much more love than they deserved and I'm sorry for not being able to reply and attend to each one of you individually.
    But yes, I do pray for you all. My wishes and support are always with you. Stay blessed always y'all. ��

    This piece is dedicated to @writersnetwork and my Mirakee Family. ����

    Rise and Shine !!!

    I'll wear the garb of a reader for some days now. So I'll not be writing now. :)


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    S T A R - L I G H T

    One night,
    Everything was so gloomy,
    There was no light.
    Monsters everywhere,
    All my hopes were fading out of sight.
    I tried lighting everything
    from smoking lamp to candle-light.

    I used my mind, I used my might.
    I was lost, I tried to end my plight.
    I wanted to submit,
    I thought that I've lost the fight.
    That's when I accidently found my powers
    Hidden in this brilliant star-light.

    This light
    turns on by itself at night.
    And shows me a way
    from darkness to the light.
    Slowly uneviling her beauty,
    Oh what a sight!

    Now I purposely
    Never turn on any light at night.
    I play in her sight,
    I bathe in the beguiling starlight.
    Spectacles like this,
    A stargazer's delight!

    It seems like
    I'm about to take a beautiful flight.
    I can see everyone shining,
    So pure, oh so bright!
    No, I won't stop now,
    Till I win, I'll fight.

    Yes, I will take this flight
    And shine my light.
    Now I'm not fearful of the night.
    Nights will come,
    I'll face them with all my might
    As a doer, now I know how to defeat
    The darkness of this night.


  • nannurajput 197w

    I'll never stop loving you..,
    Not even for a second...❤

  • stiffler 198w


    What is this universe and the creatures contained within?
    Are they food? Companions? Or just bred to fight? I cannot know but with their help I will defeat every gym, for power and infamy.

  • nannurajput 200w

    Ishq- ek junoon

    Tere baare mein na sochu esi raat nhi ..,
    Par tu tode dil mera teri aaukaat nhi...

  • maktub 233w

    #KawaiinessOverload #Pikachu @intricate xD
    When you can't keep calm CUZ ITS FRIGGIN PIKACHU ����������

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