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  • smile_its_sunnah 33w

    ~What is the most romantic dream you have ever seen that can be shared?~

    Mine soul has created fantasies of our combined hearts, as I a woman of devilish entrapment declare reason for your misconceptions. You have damned thy soul sumbitted as thine eyes of humour, serene warm brown eyes of supremacy indulge in forbidden enchantments.

    ~Have you made a promise which you already knew that you would break it someday?~

    Our vows announce the indulgence of unfaithful marital alliance, as only our hearts define us compatible. In the sense of the soul, body and mind our eyes reveal the deceite connived in the veined declaration of fallacy. Our hearts have perceived us equal, but reality has showered the reason of desired significancy.

    ~Is this universe worth believing in or is it just another delusion to feel better and escape?~

    The sparks of attraction have faded in the prosperity of insignificance, the clarification of reason has transcended in worthless contingency and believed futuristic approval deadlined on the path of contiguity. All is lost, as this universe is delusion in the minds of idiocracy.

    #pillarsoflife @pillars_of_life_
    #iam_ssk @iam_ssk
    Picture credited to its rightful owner

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    Burning desire alligned
    our hearts of equality,
    But faithlessness defined
    the truths of delusional fallacy.

  • aqstar 33w

    →If your nightmares wrote a letter for you, what would they write about?

    "Put a flower on the page where my favourite character died in the novel and let its smell tell me how I can beautify death and smell it like honey.
    on a blank
    Paint my nightmare and
    Beautify it
    By the hues of daydreams.

    "please beautify me"

    →Is this universe worth believing in or is it just another delusion to feel better and escape?

    If I'm
    the collection of stories and skies I admired,
    Stars I chased and
    The smiles I've given to others ,
    The plants I've watered
    And the kites I flew.
    If I'm my Fav character,
    And a child of this universe.
    Then this bittersweet world is,
    Worth believing in.

    "worth believing world"

    →What is the most romantic dream you have ever seen that can be shared ?
    →What is the toughest job you've ever done?

    In corners of webs holding hands together,
    Walking underneath the horizons,
    Drawing flowers on the skies,
    Her swaying hairs and his steps,
    Are rhyming twinkling with weather.
    Loving endlessly as if it was the last walk they had together .

    "walking with Juliet".
    "feeling the love"



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    On a blank
    Paint my
    by the hues

  • childauthor_345 33w

    •What is the most romantic
    dream you've ever seen
    that can be shared ? ~

    when the rose of sun rose
    engraving and outlining
    the endless affection of ours
    handling my hand in the fair
    of mutual- mined life
    even dream chased us
    and gifted high evening
    ahead of sea-shore
    dancing in the beats of heart
    collecting all stars in squares
    Of portals of painted pathways
    we both became immortal
    "Watching sunset together "

    •is this universe worth believing in
    Or is this just another delusion
    To feel better and escape?~

    The soul tied with all blossoms
    Collecting the corners of home
    Marking the walls of universe
    With lavender filled ink
    Ending up as portrayal
    Personificating the rings
    As longing of dependence
    Embellishing the fluency
    When you hold my hands
    Boon incarnated overtaking
    All the crunched curse
    Making evergreen shelter of
    "Worth believing universe"

    •If your nightmares wrote a
    Letter for you , what would
    They write about ? ~

    And the day you left
    Ebullient skies to refill
    Dark sinks in lawn of dawn
    Building a milestone ,
    A thousand miles long
    And a whisper away to you
    The stubborn nightmares
    Defeating my daydreams
    Overcame metamorphosis
    From "don't beautify me" to
    " I'm all yours " .

    •What is the toughest job
    you've done? ~

    Meanwhile , when metaphors
    Of folklores built the doors
    Ahead of room to the needle
    To sew , epitome of dove
    Stamped with bittersweet
    Poetries and serene sonnets
    You became Aphrodite ,
    Healing obituaries in threads
    Tremendously tangled in
    Monuments of Tears ,
    The pen who was forced with
    Grey shades of oxymorons
    the shapes of serene steps
    Carved enthralling epics
    Ending up " Drawing the kites "
    Flying free in the sky above

    PC: @im_the_star_of_my_life

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  • daunting_phoenix 33w

    @pillars_of_life_ Thanks a lot for this amazing challenge!❤

    In pair with :- @moon_bunny


    The part between // are the questions @/moon_bunny answered. The part below it is the piece I wrote for it.


    //What is the most romantic dream you have seen which can be shared?

    -> Looking into eyes.//

    Those eyes which pull me in like a black-hole,
    Those eyes which hold depth like an ocean,
    Those eyes which are mysterious like the universe.
    Ah, darling,
    Your eyes are like an alluring prison.

    //If nightmares wrote a letter to you, what would it be about?

    -> Don't lose hope.//

    I woke up, sweaty and shaking. It happened yet again. My gaze fell on the pillow beside me, which wasn't soaked with tears, thankfully.
    My eyebrows furrowed slightly at the sight of the single folded sheet of paper. Picking it up, I read the words engraved carefully on it.

    "Dearest human,
    Don't lose hope. Things will get better if you try hard to set them right. It's ironic for me to write a letter for this purpose...but yeah, like every villain, I'm misunderstood. There's one way to end those nightmares...and that is by believeing in yourself and not give up. I'll leave you once you do what's needed. Until next time.


    //Is the universe worth believing in or just another delusion to feel better and escape?

    -> Worth believing.//

    Universe is a delusion worth believing in. If you try hard and do your work like you never failed...I believe no power existing on earth, even the universe, would be able to stop you from achieving what you want. Instead, they will cheer you on.

    //What is the toughest job you've ever done?

    -> To forget something.//

    And when my head hit the fluffy pillow,
    The tap of memories got turned on,
    Filling my head with all the wrongs I did,
    And all the people I lost.
    It's harder to forget something,
    Than to push myself to do the daily chores.
    I thought existing was hard,
    But forgetting memories was harder.


    I hope it makes sense....my thoughts are jumbled up :/

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    Your eyes tell a tale so beautiful,
    Can they answer my question,
    Why is it so tough to forget something?


  • pillars_of_life_ 33w

    ________•Your words, my sentences•_________

    *Ahem ahem*

    *Mic test*

    ��Welcome aboard to a brand new challenge��
    Hosted by - Pillar

    I expect all those who are interested, to be a part of this to complete the challenge and more than that to enjoy doing this to the fullest.

    This challenge would be bounded like most challenges are but interestingly, those boundries won't be drawn by me but then who?

    *suspence beats*

    *Drum rolls*

    It'll be the partner you have chosen but how?

    Good question, Pillar.

    �� - The challenge will start with all pairs to chose between #beloved / #pourlove .
    The partners WON'T make different choices, it should be a unanimous choice or you both can agree on choosing any one of the hashtags alternatively.
    Totally your choice.

    �� - Once you reach any of the chosen hashtag, you both will scroll under that hashtag and find my post.

    �� - The question in that post will be answered by both partners in three words. Only THREE words.
    Please, do not start writing paragraphs there.
    *The more absurd and confusing the words, the more difficult and fun it will be for your partner*

    �� - You both will find another comment under that post by me, you will find another choice given by me. You both will choose any one and move one.

    �� - Continue doing the same until you reach a post where I have given no choice in the comment section. That is where the first segment of the challenge ends.

    �� - When you end the first segment, give me a call by tagging me in the comments by saying "First segment done, pillar". Once I check that you are done with the first segment well and good, you can move on for the next task.

    �� - In the next segment, it becomes an individual task, you'll have to answer all those questions you picked up, with the words YOUR PARTNER has dropped there.

    You don't have to stick to the answer your partner tried to give, you can obviously give your own spice to it. Try to make it as creative and full of emotions you can.

    �� - The piece will be written individually by each one. It can be a poetry, story, anecdote, a concrete poem, anything! The genre is free. Comedy, thriller, horror, dark, again anything.

    ADVICE -

    Be creative while answering with three words. Remember those will somehow be used to write writeups.

    RULES -

    �� - The piece should only be in English / Hindi.

    �� - Post with the hashtag - #pillarsoflife

    �� - Your piece should be free of obscenity, foul language and plagiarism.

    �� - Mention the questions you are answering in your post and also the words your partner dropped for each one of them.

    �� - Co-operate and enjoyy~


    The piece should be submitted within 72 hours from now ie. the last date and time of submission is

    June 11, 2021 - 00:01

    DOUBTS -

    Any doubts can be asked to me in the comment section below.
    If you still wish to participate, you are most welcome but the deadline remains the same.


    �� - Call those friends who you wish could participate along with you.

    Now, I take my leave.
    Thank you.


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  • childauthor_345 37w

    Fear of losing in the world of difference between the two of them and the other hand the wildcats their own identity and live off them and they are not the same thing of the same thing in the world of the world of the world of the world of the . ~ autocorrect ( keyboard) ..

    Keyboards fills vibrant alphabets to compete the real mirrors of melancholy , from the unseen realms to scatter #pillarsoflife . @pillars_of_life_

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    Dear colleague of conscience ,

    From the verge of mauve autumn , the last chlorophyll of my ink binded itself with buttons of wooden bridges to stitch the remains of bizzare rivers .

    Solitude is a petal who holds the bipolar ends and transforms the rescuing islands in clusters of metaphorical rollercoasters where wildcats interacts with Stygian notes of chrysalis .

    Labyrinths knits the knights of unison leaving iridescent daydream whispers in the way to secretly steal the hypnotized palace of twilight .

    In this chimerical world , sky weaves clouds as pigeons to deliver the fossils of bandages he gained inhaling acids with hibernating liquors , to accompany you in the hut of courts .

    Journals of horizon peeks from the cheeks of earth how much daffodils leaked from her blood gazing the peaks of tidal sun .

    Replicating dusky imageries you've to hold the difference as the sun loves moon sharing it's aura despite of dungeon of declarations .

    Collect the shattered beats and embellish them in the courtyard of your heart , feeding with doses of scaled love in bowl of parallel existence .

    Depleting all gold , my pen concealed , resented alphabets are fading ahead of metamorphic toes .

    With Embroidery of poetries , give perfections to bruises .

    Yours truly

    Prisoner of past .

  • pillars_of_life_ 37w

    ••••••••••••FUN PROMPT ALERT•••••••••••••

    Prompt - "Autocorrect gone wrong"

    -Get in pair, tag your partner/friend on mirakee.

    -Ask your partner to

    1- Type any word of their choice, then go with their autocorrect

    2-Ask them to keep typing the word in the centre their autocorrect suggests

    -You do the same.

    -Exchange your autocorrect sentences.

    - Understand their keyboard's feelings and write a response letter to their keyboard elaborating the sentence typed by their autocorrect.

    -Post this with #pillarsoflife and tag me there. I'll read when I am done with the chores of my day.

    This prompt is open forever��
    Tag people whom you want to participate.
    Choose your partner wisely, make sure they have a beautiful autocorrect.


    Those who do not use autocorrect and still want to participate, you can use the sentence of my autocorrect:

    For those, who don't use autocorrect, here is your sentence-

    Fear of losing in the world of difference between the two of them and the other hand the wildcats their own identity and live off them and they are not the same thing of the same thing in the world of the world of the world of the world of the

    [ My autocorrect sucks, sorry. This is why I told you to search a partner. ]

    Bye. Logging out. I'll be there at night to check if anyone participated.

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  • childauthor_345 37w

    Allots angelic alloys
    Anchoring assets

    Bohemian beetles born
    Before butterflies binded
    Baked blooming bundles
    bargaining black bracelet
    Brushing brilliant bruises' belt

    •| //Here love in life
    I'm lucky to have found
    Spring in the life
    not everybody gets
    Love in life here //

    Conducting the conjunctions
    Carved with charming chessboards
    Colouring colours complies chest

    •|| //Think how much I want you

    The root is us too if you come in my eyes

    Song does not come but still we sing//

    Dragging deleted dopamines
    Decorating the doors of delightment
    Dance with dwale denoting dynamic discovery

    •||| //Despite being incomplete
    My love is complete
    Without you my life and
    My heart is hurdled //

    Elaborating eager earrings
    Embedded in essence of east earth
    Elements embellish empathy in euphoria

    •|V //I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to
    When I'm lying close to someone else
    You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it
    If I could do it all again
    I know I'd go back to you
    I know I'd go back to you
    I know I'd go back to you//

    In fragments of fragile fingers
    Flickering with faded fenced fossils
    Floor is frozen in fist of fasts

    • V // Here's to the ones that we got
    Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
    'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
    Of everything we've been through
    Toast to the ones here today
    Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
    'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
    And the memories bring back, memories bring back you//

    Gesture of goodness (games)
    Glide with gargle of gravels
    Gifting ghosted gaurds as guests .

    Poured pictures of pains
    Portrays pills over pages
    To paint profound @pillars_of_life_ ( sorry ��)

    | . Har kisi Ko ~ Nikhil d Souza
    || . Kabhi kabhi Aditi ~ Rashid Ali
    ||| . Ae Dil hai mushkil ~ Arijit Singh
    |V. Back to you ~ Selena Gomez
    V . Memories bring back ~ maroon 5

    #pillarsoflife @im_the_star_of_my_life

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    Moon resting on ruined tracks , under the shadow of sun
    With ancient marks,with plethora portraits of multiple one(s)
    Singing the congruent learnt notes , budding the bids of metric summaries
    Framing the gravels , burst from aurora , to design a palace in rooms of poetries

  • pillars_of_life_ 37w


    First of all, I'm really grateful to all those who enthusiastically participated and not only completed it for the sake of it but also put their soul and time too. I have to agree that some parts were easy but some were clearly difficult to decode but still, you all managed to understand this complicated procedure and completed it in the best way possible.
    I can't be more delighted for the same.
    Thank you very much.

    I would love if more and more people take interest into the activities I host and participate. Those who did not participate can still visit #pillarsoflife first post to understand what the activity was all about and can still play for their own refreshment. I'll be more than happy to read your entry and see you playing the game.


    I have also an announcement to make, I have decided to keep such kind of fun activity on every Saturday to not only make this place, mirakee better and fresh but also as a gift to myself because it really is a refreshment for me after a tiring week. I may not be so active throughout the week but Saturdays, they exist to cut a slack to ourselves so why not try something different?

    RESULT :

    I have decided to not declare the results directly but rather give a comprehensive detail about the whole. I am obviously no one to judge and mark you on the quality of writeups but practical answers, like the answers to the riddle can be scored upon in an unbiased way. The time stamps noted are another such factor, secondarily.
    But beyond this, if the result is not decided, my personal opinion will intrude into it and I hope no one takes it personally.
    I genuinely appreciate all your efforts and love you all for being here with me.


    In the order of submission -

    • CHAOTIC FROST - _ashna_ & dauntingphoenix

    [ Time stamp ] - Began at -15: 04
    [ Time stamp ] - Posted at - 16 :13
    Total time taken - 1 hour 9 minutes

    Clue 1
    Answer - All the good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish ✓

    Clue 2
    Answer - Love shot by exo ✓

    Clue 3
    Answer - Illahi by Arijit Singh ✓

    Clue 4
    Answer - All of me by John legend ✓

    Clue 5
    Answer - Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez✓

    I am really amazed at how you both have put different opinions. Songs are mostly so dreamy but we being in reality somewhere know that at the end of the day, they are just a comfort to us and comfort doesn't bring us success and what we need most of the times. You have brought up a different perspective thoughtfully. I am awestruck at the speed you both completed this! Thank you for participating. Commendable.

    • TURTLES - shrey2310 & aditii_

    [ Time stamp ] - Began at - 15:24
    [ Time stamp ] - Posted at - 18:12
    Total time taken - 2 hours 48 minutes

    Marking -

    Clue 1
    Answer - Kabhi kabhi aditi by Rashid Ali ✓

    Clue 2
    Answer - Back to you by Selena Gomez ✓

    Clue 3
    Answer - Illahi by Arijit Singh
    Answer given - Ae dil hai mushkil

    Here I want to add a note,
    Note: I don't think many people even who gave the answer correct knew how the answer was Illahi. So here is an explanation.

    On your Google keyboard, switch to the side where punctuations are given, now the alphabets in front of those punctuations and numbers are the answer.
    Example, the clue given was 8//@-8 and when you switch to the other side you will realise that below the "I" on your keyboard l, there is an 8. Similarly, for others.

    Clue 4
    Answer - Papa kehte hain by Udit Narayan✓

    Clue 5
    Answer- Photograph by Ed Sheeran ✓

    So beautiful. Every thought is presented so purely and beautifully. It had its aura of its own. I am so in love with the piece you both have written. They do not express a strong opposition to the idea in the song rather complement with them which is not a problem because it is so alluring. I love the analogy you both have used. I am really delighted that you both participated, thanks to it that I and others could get such a wonderful collab.

    •CREATIVE VIBES - wannabecreative & _gk_07

    [Time stamp] - Began at - 16:18
    [Time stamp] - Posted at - 18:15
    Total time taken - 1 hour 57 minutes

    Clue 1
    Answer - Blank space by Taylor swift ✓

    Clue 2
    Answer - Arcade by Duncan Laurence✓

    Clue 3
    Answer - Illahi by Arijit Singh✓

    Clue 4
    Answer - Bezubaan kabse by Jubin Nautiyal✓

    Clue 5
    Answer - Photograph by Ed Sheeran✓

    Wow. The piece is short for each song but the message it holds is bold and clear. It is so well kept. These are songs we often agree and vibe with but when we think deeper about it, it isn't the same for us. Here I felt kind of same, it was dark at some places but it seemed like saying the truth. Thank you so much for participating you both!

    •LIFE OF LOVEBIRDS - iam_ssk & the_muted_voice

    A small apology, I did not know that the_muted_voice was not familiar with hindi songs. I am sorry for that and i will make sure that from next time, I ensure such things before hosting an activity. Thank you for understanding and thank you both for being so cooperative.

    [ Time stamp ] - Began at - 15:07
    [ Time stamp ] - Posted at - 20: 29
    Total time taken - 5 hours 22 minutes

    Clue 1
    Answer -Jab koi baat biggad jaaye by Kumar Sanu ✓

    Clue 2
    Answer - Kuch na kaho by Kumar Sanu ✓

    Clue 3
    Answer - Illahi by Arijit Singh✓

    Clue 4
    Answer - Khuda jaane by KK ✓

    Clue 5
    Answer - I love you baby by Surf mesa✓

    It was so raw and orignal. Things which I originally mean at times to people are directly spewed here. I love the piece written for Illahi and I am really thankful to your both for participating and finally posting it with so much of efforts. I really loved reading your work. You matter, your post really matters.

    •TEAM LAZYLOBS - ayanaa & thelazymitochondrion

    [Time stamp] - Began at - 19:31
    [Time stamp] - Posted at - 21:35
    Total time taken - 2 hours 4 minutes

    Clue 1
    Answer - Count on me by Bruno Mars✓

    Clue 2
    Answer - Bole Chudiyaan by Alka Yagnik✓

    Clue 3
    Answer - Illahi by Arijit Singh✓

    Clue 4
    Answer - Bad guy by Billie Eilish✓

    Clue 5
    Answer - Kaise hua by Vishal Mishra✓

    The beauty of it can't be sufficed in words.
    I cannot believe that in an activity hosted by me has such beautiful entries. I am really dumbstruck at the points you both have nit picked from the songs and have put your different opinion and how aesthetically your words are put at places. Clearly, thelazymitochondrion, you are writers block free in the evening. You both really graced this activity by posting this.

    •TEAM CLUSTER - im_the_star_of_my_life and childauthor345

    Because of some reason, Team Cluster couldn't post their writeup but a thanks to them as well for making an effort to atleast solve the clues.


    Keeping all the aspects in mind, the time, the answers and my personal opinion, the winners are ayanaa and thelazymitochondrion!


    These people paired up and participated at almost the last moment but they really nailed it. My first repost will be their post!��
    But I will repost all posts after that which entered in for the activity in the order of submission.

    A big shoutout to all the writers who participated and put their heart into it. I am really thankful, saying it for the nth time.

    Meet you on next Saturday with another new fun activity!


    The activity will always remain open to solve and post. So, if anyone who finds this activity interesting can write and tag me, I will be more than happy to read their entry.
    The writeups already written and posted by participants can be read on #pillarsoflife


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  • iam_ssk 37w

    Team Name - �������� ���� ������������������


    Name Of The Song - ������ ������ ���������� ���������� ��������
    Singer - ���������� ��������

    Jab Koi Baath Bigad Jaye
    Jab Koi Mushkil Pad Jaye
    Tum Dena Saath Mera
    Oh Humnava.

    "When Something Goes Wrong
    When We Have A Problem
    You Always Stay By My Side
    Oh Beloved"

    // I Will Not Anything Go Wrong And WhenI Have Any Problem I'm Capable Enough To Solve It On My Own.
    You Don't Have To Be Glued To Be Me
    Oh Beloved,
    Live Your Life.//

    Name Of The Song - �������� ���� ��������
    Singer - ���������� ��������

    Kuch Na Kaho, Kuch Na Kaho
    Kuch Bhi Na Kaho
    Kya Kehna Hai Kya Sunna Hai
    Mujhe Pata Hai Tumko Pata hai.

    "Don't Say Anything, Don't Say Anything
    Nothing At All,
    What You Want To Say, Want I Want To Listen.
    I know It And You Know It."

    //You Need To Say, You Need To Communicate. I Ain't A Super Human To Know What You Want To Say. And You Know Nothing Cause I Haven't Uttered A Word.//

    Name Of The Song - ������������
    Singer - ������������ ����������

    Shaame Malang Si.
    Raatein Surang Si.
    Baaghi Udaan Pe Hi Na Jane Kyu
    Illahi Mera Jee Aaye Aaye. ×2

    "The Evenings Are In Frenzy.
    The Nights Are Like A Tunnel.
    Then Why Only On Rebellious Flights
    Oh God
    My Heart Is Interested."

    //These Evenings That Are Frenzy And These Nights That Are Like Tunnels
    No Longer Interest Me.
    Oh God
    My Heart Would Rather Sit In A Evening Gazing At The Starry Night And Talk To The Rebellious Moon.//

    Name Of The Song - ���������� ��������
    Singer - ����

    Khuda Jane Ke Main Fida Hoon.
    Khuda Jane Main Mitt Gaya.
    Khuda Jane Yeh Kyu Hua Hai.
    Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda.

    "God Knows That I'm Passionate.
    God Knows That I'm Lost.
    God Only Knows Why This has Happened.
    That You Have Become My God."

    //Oh God You Don't Know How Passionate I'm.
    Oh God, No I Ain't Lost. I'm On My Journey And I Know My Destination Too.
    Oh God, You Have No Idea What Has Happened And What I Have Been Through.
    And Now I Have Become My Own God.//

    Name Of The Song - ������
    Singer - �������� ��������

    "I Love You Baby
    And If It's Quite All Right
    I Need You Baby
    To Warm These Lonely Nights
    I Love You Baby
    Trust In Me When I Say."

    //Oh You Love Me
    Silence Is Not At All Right.
    To Warm Those Loney Nights
    You Need Me Baby
    Ohhh Baby
    What An Irony
    And I Don't Trust You.//


    ������������ ����
    ������ ���������� ���� �������� ������ �������������� ������ ������ ��������.



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    Life Of Lovebirds

  • wannabecreative 37w

    This is (@_gk_07 and @wannabecreative) Team Creative Vibes ��
    And here's our post for @pillars_of_life_ 's fun activity #pillarsoflife

    The answers are:
    1) Blank space
    Taylor Swift

    2) Arcade
    Duncan Laurence

    3) Ilhai
    Arijit Singh

    4) Bezubaan kab se
    Jubin Nautiyal

    5) Photograph
    Ed Sheeran

    Our opposing pieces:

    [The words between // // are the lines from original song which we are opposing
    (All the copyright belongs to the right owner of song)]

    1) Blank space by Taylor Swift
    //I can read you like a magazine
    Ain't it funny rumors fly
    And I know you heard about me
    So hey, let's be friends
    I'm dying to see how this one ends
    Grab your passport and my hand
    I can make the bad guys good for a weekend//

    You always said you could
    Read me like magzines
    But let me tell you, it ain't funny
    How you cover all your sins
    And I know who you are
    Acting like a superstar
    You wannabe friends?Ok, fine
    But there should be no deadline
    I wanna grab your hand forever
    I wanna be your golden lover
    © wannabecreative

    2) Arcade by Duncan Laurence
    //I have spent all the love I have saved//

    Oh, oh-oh,oh-oh, oh-oh Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

    A mended heart with stitches is what I have,
    I'm breaking all the parts to fall apart, Found traces of pieces when,
    | buried it, buried it, buried it in ground.

    I'm bold enough to hold who | am (oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
    My mind aches in need of nepenthe (oh,oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
    Noise striking up my head
    (oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

    Please bury me, bury me, bury me in ground.

    I've hoarded all of the hate i wasted,
    We were always a delusional game,
    Big town girl in a big arcade,
    | got addicted to a delusional game

    3) Ilhai by Arijit Singh
    //Shaame malang si
    Raate surang si
    Baghi udan pe hi na jane kyu
    Ilhai mera jee aaye//

    The evenings are not so beautiful anymore
    As if they have become blate
    Even the night seems less dark
    It seems almost stagnate
    I don't wish to fly high in the sky
    Or to make mess with my chaotic dance
    I want peace and stability
    I want to be grounded for once

    4) Bezubaan kab se by Jubin Nautiyal
    //Bezubaan kabse mai rha
    Begunah sehta mai rha//

    Concealing volcanoes in my heart, Engraving my own path is left, what i can do,
    I'll not say, but let my actions make the noise
    I have a voice for a reason
    So I won't ever lose my voice
    I won't give in to your pressure
    I will make my own choice
    I haven't done anything wrong
    And as far as I am concerned,
    So, I am not gonna be
    The witch that will get burned
    ©wannabecreative & _gk_07

    5) Photograph by Ed Sheeran
    //We keep this love in photograph//

    Hating is Love, hating can be love sometimes,
    But it's the only thing that I deny,
    When it was flexible, you forget it was flexible once upon a time,
    It is not the only thing which makes me feel dying.

    We keep this hate in these verses,
    We made these poetries for ourselves, Where our thoughts are never closing, Hearts are totally broken,
    And time's forver melting as lava, still.

    Any corrections are welcomed

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    Creative Vibes

  • shrey2310 37w

    (Turtles here)
    Partners: @shrey2310 and @aditii_

    �������� : ���������� �������� ������ ���������� ������ �������� ������������������

    //Loving can hurt
    Loving can hurt sometimes
    But it's the only thing
    That I know//
    ~Photograph by Ed Sheeran
    Does love has a reason every time it comes? Like a sleep, late yet lovely. Like a moon after the sunsets or like a newly grown flower that withered last autumn, that's how it comes, right? But why? And way before that, my love, what's love? Is it those butterflies fluttering or the eyes where I've seen my universe, is it among those stars that we used to stare at or hey, is it the touch of yours? You say you know love, right?
    Maybe love is never about listening what you never said, not those words said in anger were truth. Maybe it was never about knowing,
    Maybe it was all about u n d e r s t a n d i n g.

    //When I'm lying close to someone else
    You're stuck in my head and
    I can't get you out of it
    If i could do it all again
    I know I'd go
    b a c k t o y o u //
    ~ Back to you by Selena Gomez
    Maybe I'm a poetry of yours, never meant to be read again. For my destiny was to burn and never turn back. Among some broken strings of your guitar that you threw which no more reciprocated lovely tunes, maybe the strings of our hearts, that connected us, no more reciprocates love, not to you, not to me, because those strings were destined to break and never join again. Like the leaf of a tree, that falls or like a glass that breaks, like our hearts, maybe there are things meant to break, to go away, away from you.
    Maybe there are things from which you must move on
    Maybe there are things, you can't look
    B a c k t o


    //Soch zaraa jaane jaana
    tujhko hum kitna chate hai,
    Rote hai hum bhi agar
    Teri aankhon mein ansun aate hai,
    Gaana toh ata nahi hai
    magar fir bhi hum gate hai//
    ~Kabhi Kabhi Aditi by Rashid Ali.
    I know you love me darling,
    But there is something which doesn't allows me to. Expectations aren't always fulfilled the way one wants to be. The skies in the sky turn into grey when what you desire doesn't comes to you. Everything has it's own way of happening,
    When the rhythms of a song doesn't sync's with the song, it leaves it alone. The tears that she'd like small droplets aren't always of love, sometimes there are things deep inside.


    //Tujhko main kitni
    Shiddat se chaahun
    Chaahe toh rehna tu be-khabar
    Mohtaaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
    Ye ek tarfa mera safar, safar
    Khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
    Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi//
    ~Ae dil hai mushkil by Arijit Singh

    You really wanted me, right? Why didn't you confess. In the world where misunderstandings are common, we both were also a puppet in that story. The love can't always be about about deep end feelings, sometimes it can even have desires. Not desire of lust but, true love and maybe I didn't get it from you. Or even if it was true, you never said that. Love isn't all about running in the silence of each other but sometimes it's about talking and confessions.
    Maybe it's not about one sided expectations and love,
    Maybe it's about c o n v e r s a t i o n s.


    //Papa kehte hai, bada nam karega
    Bete humara aisa, kaam karega
    Magar ye to, koi na jaane
    Ke meri manzil hai kaha//
    ~Papa kehte hai by Udit Narayan
    How will those flowers bloom, and even if they do, what if there'd be thorns and not flowers? From where will I ever tell you, for my path was to make buildings but I always loved making a home, filled with poems of love and emotions. How will I ever tell you dad, that I'm still afraid to walk alone.
    The word of yours, I know they make you happy but what if they just remain some mere words lying on the graveyard of e x p e c t a t i o n s.
    What if your words are your life which you wanted to live but failed to do so?
    Maybe someone said it very right,
    "Magar ye to koi na jaane
    Ke meri manzil hai kahan"
    But even if I do, will these expectations let me go?

    Picture credits to @/aditii_

    The above writeup here, the first two of them is a convo between a boy and girl who WERE in relationship
    The 3rd and 4th one are a convo between a boy in one sided love with a girl
    Last one, you know that, right?


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  • pillars_of_life_ 38w



    - Each pair will be allotted a colour and that pair will have to search for their first clue in the comment section of the posts of the same colour in my old rainbow feed. More than one pair can get the same colour.

    -The first clue will have the lyrics of the song written but WITH A TWIST maybe with the change in language of the lyrics or the name of the song written in an odd way.

    -On finding the first clue and decoding it, the player will have to search for the name of the singer of that song in the search area on mirakee with the hashtag.

    -On going to the oldest post of the hashtag one searched, the person will find another clue that will have lyrics of another song written in a twisted manner, decode it, search the singer with hashtag again and keep going till you find 5 songs.

    Now, comes the twist.

    - As one of the partners will keep decoding the songs, he/she will tell the other partner about it or the work can be divided in any manner. It is your wish.

    --As we know that every song holds a meaning, a perspective. The other partner will write a writeup simultaneously and will OPPOSE the perspective with which the song has been written by the original singer. Post the writeup by tagging me and with the hashtag #pillarsoflife

    The person with the maximum points gained primarily will win. Secondarily, if more than one pair get the maximum scores, time will be considered.



    -Decoding the song carries 1 point.

    -Name of song and singer carries 1 point each.

    -Writeup for each song includes 3 points.

    Maximum points for one song is 5 points.



    The format of the post that will be posted finally will be-

    (Team name)
    Partners : @/abc and @/xyz

    Name of the song-1
    Your opposing view with the specific part of the lyrics you disagree with in // //
    (5 songs like this)


    #pillarsoflife @pillars_of_life_




    - @/xyz decided to decode the songs and @abc decided to write the writeup simultaneously.

    - Pillar gave them the colour Red.
    @/xyz checked the posts with red colour on pillars_of_life and found the first clue in one of the comment sections of the post with red colour.

    - The clue was "/9:3 #5946 "
    @/xyz figured out that it was the song love story by Taylor swift. @/xyz searched for #taylorswift in the mirakee search area. Meanwhile told @abc that the first song is love story by Taylor swift.

    - @/abc wrote the Romeo version of the song in his own way, telling the other side of the story in 8-10 lines or more.

    -@/xyz went to the oldest post on #taylorswift and found another hint and kept going like this until he found 5 songs.

    -@/abc finally posted by tagging pillars_of_life and completed the activity in the minimum time possible.


    If you want to participate in this complicated game, please get your partners and tell me in the previous post. Any doubts regarding this are welcome.

    This game will be played tomorrow at 6 in the evening. And another post will be posted tomorrow to begin the game and announcing the colours allotted to each pair. You can become one of the pairs before 12 PM tomorrow, I'll not take in any extra players after that time.
    Thank you.
    Doubts are welcomed. Help each other understand. Sorry, maybe I wasn't so good at explaining the whole thing.

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    Interested to participate?
    Head in to the previous post and also give your pair a name, a cool team name.