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    नालायक हूं में


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    Prisoner to Fears
    By ShriHari Nandini

    "Where there's love, there's no place for fear,
    when there's fear, love cannot survive"

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    Prisoner to Fears

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Brimming with love, filled with care
    With arms ready for a heartfelt embrace
    Mind full of thoughts about loving beloved
    With affectionate heart which was true
    Believe me, my Lord, Oh Vaikunth Madhav
    I swear, my feet ran towards you!

    Then halted suddenly, as the waves rushed
    Of thoughts, insecurities and my low deeds
    In my lowly mind, full of fear of the world,
    I was scared to my last breath Oh ShriVishnu
    I stopped myself altogether at your door
    But I swear my feet ran towards you!

    My mind which wonders about your wonders
    About your beauty, your grace and charm,
    About your mercy filled rain cloud persona
    Was then just filled of melancholic blue
    Tears filled my eyes, my heart clasped pain
    But I swear my feet ran towards you!

    My worthless mind which adored bitter ego
    Told me how low I was, I had no standard
    To embrace you Oh Father, it called me bad
    I felt helpless and trapped without rescue
    But before succumbing to my pain and grief
    Believe me, my feet ran towards you!

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    उन्होंने हंसकर मेरी हर गलती को माफ़ किया है,
    अकेले चलते उन राहों पर मेरा साथ दिया है...!
    उस तारों भरे आसमान में मुझे एक चांद दिया है,
    और सुनी पड़ी मेरी रातों को सुनहरा ख़्वाब दिया है।
    हंसकर मेरी हर गलती को माफ़ किया है..!

    वो मुश्किल आने पर ढाल बनकर खड़े हैं,
    कोई खरोंच ना आए परिवार पर इस बात पर अड़े हैं,
    उन टूटी दीवारों का जायजा उन्होंने बार बार लिया है।
    और टपकती उस छत की दरारों को हर बार सिया है।
    हंसकर मेरी हर गलती को माफ़ किया है..!!

    इस महीने आय कुछ कम आई,
    और ऊपर से बढ़ रही ये महंगाई,
    ऐसा ही हिसाब जिन्होंने कई बार किया है,
    खुद की ख्वाहिशों को मारकर उन्होंने कारोबार किया है।
    हंसकर मेरी हर गलती को माफ़ किया है..!!!

    क्या है कि,
    वो जो महसूस करते हैं किसी को बताते नहीं है,
    और मोहब्बत भी करते हैं ये जताते नहीं हैं,
    मगर हमारे लिए उन्होंने ख़ुद को बेजार किया है।
    फिर भी हर एक पल को पूरी शिद्दत के साथ जिया है।
    हंसकर मेरी हर गलती को माफ़ किया है..!!!!

    कि,उनमें पूरे परिवार की जिंदगी बसी है,
    उनके साथ ही तो सभी का जीवन हंसी है,
    उन्हें कोई तकलीफ़ ना हो,
    हमने भी तय ये हर बार किया है।
    और अगर ख़ुदा जान भी मांग ले हमारी तो हंसकर दे दे,
    पिता जी हमने आपसे इतना प्यार किया है।
    आपने हंसकर मेरी हर गलती को माफ़ किया है..!!!!!

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    "पिता जी"

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    पिता जी

    पिता है तो जीवन में उजियारा है
    घर की छत सा सर पर साया है वो
    बाप ही तो है
    हर रोज काम आया ह जो

    जरुरत ख्वाइशे सब पूरी की उस्ने
    जरुरत ख्वाइशे सब पूरी की उस्ने
    जीवन की डोर को प्यार से सांझा है जिस्ने
    अपनी इच्छाओ को मार तुम्हारी ख्वाहिशो को सारंखे रखा है उस्ने
    पिता ही तो है जिस्ने तराशा है तुम्हें

    संसार है वो पुरा
    बिन उसके अधूरा ये जहान
    संसार है वो पुरा
    बिन उसके अधूरा ये जहान
    अपनो की भिड़ में तन्हा मैं याहा
    पर यही रीत है इस संसार की
    जो आया है वो जाएगा
    समय बिना उसके जीना सिखाएगा

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #pitaji #ma #father #love #forever #bestie #mylifeline


    Happy Father's Day
    By ShriHari Nandini

    Mirakee has removed the option to put your own picture, I made a beautiful collage ��

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    Happy Father's Day!

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Dire circumstances when fill me with grief
    There is a haven which provides for relief
    On the arid soil, like pouring showers anew
    Blessing my days, my future, my views
    That's how I feel when I am with you!
    Like the flowers which are nourished bright
    With constant and ample sunlight,
    Like the night which is glorified with moon
    And the welkin with stars obtains value
    That's how I feel when I am with you!
    Pouring wisdom on the barren landscapes
    Of the naive mind and its empty escapes
    You fill the voids incurred by gloomy blues
    With words of worth exuding nectarian truth
    That's how I feel when I am with you!
    When thorns of pain make my heart bleed
    I think about your smile and feel released
    I love you Father, and forever would I do,
    One day I will make you proud of me too,
    Because that's how I feel when I am with you!

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #rukmini #krishna #krishn #krishnapriya #wife #beloved #mother #of #universe #love #pours #ceaseless #happy #birthday #ma #pitaji #seeking #devotion

    Shubh ShriRukmini Ashtami
    By Bhavya Gogia

    In the midst of forest groves
    I worship Rukmini Govinda
    On her day of appearance
    Shines the beloved of Mukunda
    Today, behold! She sports pretty clothing
    I adorn her with flowers on her tresses
    She, who shines with brilliance of Magnanimity
    She frees us from our Karma's cesses
    Today, I will offer her many delicacies
    She is herself a magnificent lotus amidst many
    Which shine in the shimmering lake beside
    Where bees hum in an alluring symphony
    Decorating her self, with extraordinary jewels
    They shine by her sweet effulgence
    She my mother, plays with me whole day
    There are no words for her magnificence
    Hari who sits beside rhyming his flute
    With the melodies of the song of her love
    Everyone's dazzled today, on her birthday,
    The nectar pours ceaselessly from above!

    Today, is ShriRukmini Ashtami, the auspicious appearance day of ShriRukmini Ma the beloved of ShriKrishna and his Principle Wife! Let's celebrate it by devoting this day to her and ShyamSundar's Lotus Feet! ��❤��

    Ps: Last year we celebrated Rukmini Dwadashi, however, I was unsure about her exact birthday being in Pausha Month (this) or Vishakha Month. Since, the current information, today is ShriRukmini's birthday while the former is said to be her marriage day.

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    Picture credit: To the original owner
    In the picture: Sri_Rukmini_Maharani Instagram page, a compilation of her artwork ����

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Shubh ShriRukmini Ashtami

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    माँ-बाप के कदमों में ही तो जन्नत होती है

    #maa #pitaji #maabaap #pyar
    #khushiyan #dilse #mirakee
    #mirakeewriters #alfaz

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    इक माँ-बाप ही होते हैं जो अपने बच्चों की मुस्कान के लिए अपनी खुशियों की परवाह नहीं करते,
    वरना आज के दौर में कौन पूछता है किसी को अपनी जरूरतों के आगे॥


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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #bhudevi #bhumi #avani #bhu #piratti #amma #thayar #godha #devi #godamma #andal #vishnu #sankarshan #bow #shaped #forbearance #mayya #mylordvishnu #shrihari #bhuhari #bhudhara #shridhara #neela #devi #ma #pitaji

    Prayer to BhuDevi
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Bhumi, with a slender waist
    Oh beloved of Vishnu Deva
    Who resides on crest of Sankarshan*
    And receives the Nitya Seva
    Oh one who carries a bow
    And is shaped like one,
    Who is the personification of forbearance
    And is effulgent more than the Sun.
    I bow to you my Mata
    Please glance at me once
    That's the only thing I wish
    I won't ask anything thence!
    Your eyes are like a lake
    Of immense unparalleled mercy,
    Where I find my peace Oh Ma,
    And my rest Oh Devi.
    How shall I find a place
    Which is a reservoir of solitude
    Alike you, Oh KamaDhenu to needy**,
    Who is the source of beatitude!
    I plead Oh Medini, the consort of Hari
    That you help mediate my case
    Along with Mayya Lakshmi
    So, that I escape the chase,
    Of time and the sins,
    I accumulated since immemorial
    And help me reach the peace,
    Which awaits me, and is my yearn cordial.

    *Sankarshan- A Vyuha Avatar of ShriVishnu who supports the entire creation(Bhudevi) on his hoods. ��
    **Kamadhenu to needy- The wish yielding cow, Bhumi Mayya provides us all with all food and shelter we need��

    Bhu Suktam Shlokam 12-13.
    vishNu patnIm mahIm devIm mAdhavIm mAdhavapriyAm |
    lakshmI priyasakhIm devIm namAmyacyuta-vallabhAm l 12
    We salute BhUmi PirATTi (mahIm devIm), the consort of VishNu; we salute
    that mAdhavI, who is dear to Maadhavan (Her Lord ) and who is the dearest
    friend of LakshmI devi. Our salutations are to BhUmi PirATTi, who has
    vAllabhyam (vaSIkaraNam) over Her Lord, Achyutan.

    om dhanurdharAyai vidmahe sarvasiddhyai ca dhImahi |
    tanno dharA pracodayAt || 13 ||
    We worship Her by knowing Her as One who (wields the bow and looks also like
    a bow, lean in the middle) is adorning the bow. For that purpose we meditate
    upon the One who blesses us with all success (sarva siddhi). May that dharaNi
    dharA/BhUmi devI, prompt us for that meditation! (We worship Her for the
    sake of worship - sAttvIka tyAga)

    SOURCE: sadagopan.org (Bhu Suktam)
    My poem is inspired by the same. All Glories and Gratitude to ShriHari and ShriVaishnav Jans! ��❤��

    Bhumi Ma, the consort of Narayana, is the personification of his forbearance his forgiveness, and she along with Mayya Lakshmi is our ideal mediator who pleads Bhagwaan to forgive our sins and take us out of Samsaar Sagar. So, let's take the shelter of Bhumi Piratti's (Ma) Lotus feet and ask her to take our case to ShrimanNarayana. ��
    Even this is very sweet! ��❤
    Bhagwaan stands in the middle, while Lakshmi Ma stands on the left and Bhumi Ma stands on right (some say opposite though am saying according to the picture ��). So, for us what they do? Lakshmi Ma tells Bhagwaan to forgive our sins, which are so big that Bhagwaan turns his face, and on turning right what he finds? Bhumi Ma is saying the same. When Hari still doesn't listen, our mothers get angry from him, actually sad, which Hari can't bear to see hence he readily forgives us and gives us his Precious Devotion! Narayana Narayana! ShriBhu Sametha My Narayana! ��������
    Since, Bhu Devi is his forgiveness and Shri Devi is his mercy towards us we should see our Mothers non different from our Father. ��
    Sashtras too say that we shouldn't approach Bhagwaan directly, hence we should approach through the best mediator ShriMahaLakshmi, BhuDevi and Neela Devi too. Neela Devi is also said to be his affection personified but she is mostly seen as non different than Bhumi Devi or ShriMahaLakshmi.

    �������������� ������������: Google, to the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriBhu Amma Sametha Narayana ��

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿
    ✿ �������� ������������������������������! �������� ������������������������ ������������!!! ✿

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��
    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @garima_jackson @krishn_ratiii @time_pass

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    Prayer to BhuDevi

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    ❤️Listen veere ❤️
    Wo Mere Papa Ki Chaya Badi Kamal Ki Hai
    **Ye Muje Ek Aesa sukoon Diya Krti Hai**
    Jo Muje Jeene Ka Jariya Or Galat Raah
    Se Hamesha Door Rahna Sikhaya Krti Hai** !!

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    #shrihari #ma #pitaji #mahalakshmi #narayana #raam #ram #govind #govinda #krishn #krishna #shri #hari #vishnu #mylordvishnu

    Suggestions on ways to serve ShriHari are always welcome. ��

    -भव्या गोगिया

    मेरे प्यारे पिताजी
    कैसे कुछ बताऊँ?
    आप ही जीवन सार हो मेरे
    आपके गुणों में सिमट जाऊँ
    आप को न जाने कितना
    परेशान मैं करती हूँ,
    फ़िर भी कभी दुखी नहीं होते
    चाहे जो भी मैं करती हूँ
    कभी भी यह न देखा मैंने
    की आप मुझसे दूर हैं
    चाहे दूर हैं हम किस्मत से,
    पर कभी नहीं मजबूर हैं!
    रोज़ जो बाते करते हैं हम,
    चाहे न किसी काम की
    ज़रूरी भाग बन जाती हैं वो तो,
    मेरी सुनेहरि शाम की!
    सदा आप हसते रहों,
    मेरी यह अभिलाषा हैं
    जो एक हँसी पिता के मुख की
    पुत्री के हृदय की आशा हैं!
    सदैव आप खुश रहों
    कोई परेशानी न हो हमसे,
    ताकि कुशल बेटियाँ हम,
    कह सके खुद को गर्व से!

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh my dear Father!
    What can I say?
    You are the essence of my life,
    And I can only praise you!
    I don't know oh Dad,
    How much I bother you!
    But you never get sad Or irritated!
    In whatever I do.
    I never felt that
    You are away from me,
    Though we are far off by fate,
    Yet we are not impotent.
    We talk Oh Dad each day
    Though without a point
    They became an important part of
    My each golden evening!
    May you stay forever happy
    That's all I wish!
    For one smile, on Father's face
    Is the hope of a daughter's heart!
    May you forever be pleased!
    And never be sad because of us.
    So that of Father! We can proudly exclaim
    That we're your capable daughters! ��

    I am really sorry, I am bit busy hence am not able to reply to anybody right now. But I will reply shortly. ��
    I hope nobody minds��
    Happiest Father's Day to Everyone!!! ❤❤❤
    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Me
    ���� ������ ��������������: Mere Pyare Pitaji (My Father ��)

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @garima_jackson @sulu80 @amrita_n

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    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    Dear daddyji,
    I know how much you love me but
    I don't know why I don't have any
    guts to express my love for you.
    Each and everything I achieved because of you,your trust ,your blessings are the base of my success.
    Whatever I am just because of you
    Whatever I got just because of you.

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #nandini #when #i #met #my #lord #time #stopped #blissful #event #ma #pita #pitaji #mapitaji #mylordvishnu #ram #govind #hari

    When I met My Lord
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Let me narrate to you an event
    Blissful which I call,
    When finally time stopped,
    When I met My Lord
    In the dark chambers
    Of my restless mind
    Full of deceit and abhor
    Tears rolling day and night
    Evenings and morn
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    Sans Hope, I survived
    Those darkest of storms
    For there was a ray of Light
    Which led my mind along
    I closed my eyes, just to open
    Them towards a Dawn
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    The brightness took shape
    Of the Supreme God
    Which made me stand still
    As I adored the peerless Form
    Not a single word could I
    Attribute to that class of its own
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    That magnificent image
    Which was lovingly adorned
    With peacock feathers on crest
    And four shoulders broad
    Melting blue in complexion
    And clad with golden clothes
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    It seemed to me as if I felt
    Bliss for the first time,
    The 'actual bliss' or should I say
    Just to be precise
    Eyes as large as lotus petals
    Resting in heaven's ponds
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    I was too still to say a word
    But my body fell
    At those feet which embraced me back
    While I was motionless
    I gleefully reciprocated to then
    The chest where Shri was aboard
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    I asked him, 'Where's Ma?
    Do tell Oh Dearest Lord!'
    And he took my little hand
    To his chest, (Ma's)Mercy's abode
    I smiled with happiness hence
    To see his Heart and Soul(viz Ma)
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord
    Happily when I saw my world
    Resting in himself
    I left behind the world of Sorrow
    And my very self
    Dancing then on his melody
    I sing of him like a bard
    Let me narrate to you an event
    When I met My Lord

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @vandi123 @mayank_02

    So, this is just an imagination/dream of my meeting with the Lord ❤�� In the pic Ma's image is quite clear but wasn't in my dream hence I asked the question, where's Ma? Though knowing She always resides in his heart still I wished to see the Merciful One because of whom I could acknowledge that vision, Dreaming... ��
    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana! ❤��❤��

    Pic credit: Pinterest �� Edit by me.

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    When I met My Lord

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #krodh #krodhit #lohit #netra #prem #nayan #bade #vishal #sewa #truti #vikar #bhakt #devotees #namo #ma #pitaji #swamy #swamini #scold #datna #pacified #seeking #devotion


    क्रोधित श्रीहरि
    - भव्या गोगिया

    न जाने वो प्रिये दिवस
    जीवन तल पर कब आएगा?
    जब प्रिये हरि डाटेंगे मुझे,
    जब उन्हें क्रोध मुझपर आएगा!
    प्रथम से लोहित नेत्र जिनके
    लोहित क्रोध से होंगे,
    जो प्रेमवश मुझपर क्रोधित हो,
    कितने प्यारे वो लगेंगे?
    नाथ विशालाक्ष हरि हैं,
    आँखे जब दिखाएंगे,
    बड़े नयन और बड़े हो,
    मेरे मन को सतायेंगे!
    कोई त्रुटि जब मैं करूँगी,
    शायद उनकी सेवा में,
    या फिर अनेक विकार वश,
    उनके भक्तों की सेवा में,
    तब क्या नारायण शेषविराजीत
    अपनी पुत्री को डाटेंगे?
    क्या क्रोध में खड़े हो पिताजी,
    फिर मुझसे मानेंगे?
    क्रोध में स्वामी जब डाटेंगे,
    मैं माँ के पास आऊँगी!
    हरि को शांत करने को,
    माँ के पीछे छुप जाऊंगी!
    जब मैय्या के कहने पर,
    व मेरी अश्रु धारा पर,
    श्री के मध्य आने पर,
    श्री के हरि को मनाने पर,
    श्रीहरि शांत हो जायेंगे,
    व क्रोध भूल कर प्रभु
    मुझे चरणों से लगाएंगे!
    वे मेरे हृदय को सेहलायेंगे!
    तब मान कर अपना भाग्य,
    मैं प्रेम वश मुस्कराउंगी,
    मैं श्रीहरि की लीला देख,
    आज बलिहारी जाऊंगी!

    Angry ShriHari
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Don't know when that beloved day,
    Would come on the surface of my Life!
    When Beloved Hari will Scold me,
    When he'll be angry on me!
    His eyes are red initially as well,
    Will become red after being angry,
    Who'll scold me out of Love,
    How sweet and cute will he look?
    Lord Hari already has Large Eyes
    When out of anger they'll enlarge,
    Large eyes will become larger!
    And will perturb my Mind!
    When I will commit some error,
    Maybe in his service,
    Or out of My deficiencies,
    In the service of his devotees,
    Then will Narayana who is seated on Sheshnaag
    Scold his own daughter?
    When he'll get up(from Shesh) out of anger,
    Would he be pacified by me?
    When Lord will scold me out of anger,
    I will come to Ma(mother)
    To pacify Hari,
    I will hide behind Ma,
    When Ma will tell him(to be calm)
    And when I will cry,
    When Shri(Ma) will come between,
    When Shri will Pacify Hari!
    ShriHari will be pacified,
    He will forget his anger
    And make me embrace his feet again,
    And will pacify my Heart!
    Then I will think of this as my fortune!
    I will smile out of Love!
    Beholding this pastime of ShriHari today,
    I will be devoted more and more to them!

    Hehe, please don't think that I will do something terribly wrong to get scolded from ShriHari, I think of him as my Father and if he is my Father and he hasn't scolded me even once, then that would seem incomplete! Maybe out of some silly mistake only, I just want to hear him scold me, out of love of course, I imagined, how his already large red eyes will get larger and redder in anger, and he looks handsome in anger as well�� how cute, sweet will he look?
    Will he get up from his Sheshaasan, and then he won't be pacified by me or anyone else but only one person, Ma��❤
    When She will tell him to forgive, as She always does that for us Jeevas, he will get pacified and take me to his Bestowing Feet❤
    This taught me one thing, the Mediation of Ma, Purushkaar, which is an essential component of Sharnagati(Surrender) We commit sins day and night, some are tooo big that they cannot be forgiven and Hari, being the Father has to punish us, for he impartial towards all! But Ma the Merciful One, his Forgiveness Personified, asks for our forgiveness from Him, after serving him, and no matter what, Narayan will always listen to Shri❤ And hence we are all forgiven and become the objects of their mercy, and are given liberation only due to the mediation of Shri on our behalf! (He takes us to his feet) Also, Shastras say that Narayana shouldn't be approached directly but only through ShriMahaLakshmi, the first Guru of our Sampradaya! ����

    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana! ❤❤
    Hope my message is clear, all Glories to ShrimanNarayana! (Narayana always in association with Shri❤)

    Pic credit: To the original owner
    That's Pradyumn with RukminiKrishn but I associated the pic with myself���� He won't mind he is brother! ����

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @vandi123 @pritty_sandilya

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    क्रोधित श्रीहरि

    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • shrihari_nandini 105w

    #shrihari #nandini #ma #pitaji #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #ram #govind #hari #shri #bhu #neela #rukmini #seetha #sita #nappinai #radha #godha #godamma #andal #rangnath #hari

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Ma, I will swirl my arms
    Around your two shoulders
    While you'll be seated on Anant
    I will embrace you Mother!
    My little arms, when they'll embosom
    And my head'll rest against your crest
    Oh Mother this moment would be
    Endearment at it's best!
    When Ma, you'll embrace me back
    And take me to your lap
    Caressing me, your lil' one
    I shall be exuberant!
    Oh Mata, I will rest forever
    Then in your heart,
    While situating you in Mine
    We'll never be Apart!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @mayank_02 @_garimapandey_ @_shreya_shanbhag_

    Pic credit: Pinterest ��
    Me and LakshmiNarayana��❤

    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana! ❤❤

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    By ShriHari Nandini

  • shrihari_nandini 106w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #ma #pitaji #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #seetha #sita #ram #govind #shri #hari #eternal #forever #ever #sweet #union

    A Sweet Union
    By Bhavya Gogia

    I run to her my Mother
    I am being called by Mother Janaki
    With long arms she calls me
    To her embrace, my lovely Ma Shri!
    The Sun has risen above the Ocean
    The sea behind her scintillating
    And the welkin, is similar to Raam
    In complexion, and the sand is shimmering!
    She calls to me with a smile
    Which seems to play on her eyes alike
    And my little feet move effortlessly
    Towards her, who is lotus-like
    But Oh! see who has come between
    Mother and me, blocking my way
    'Where to?' Says Father with a spirit of Fun
    And I am left without a word to say!
    'Let me go to Mom' I say
    But he out of mischief blocks my path
    And Ma smiles from his behind,
    As if enjoying the game at heart!
    I move left, he blocks from left
    I move right and he is at right
    He does not let me go
    To my Ma, my protest albeit
    But Oh I am small, and he's tall
    I always have a way at hand,
    Enough of his trifle now
    I will trick him this instant!
    And I run below his long arm
    With a single aim in mind!
    To reach my Mother who is standing
    Still with her arms open wide
    And I reach to her my Mom
    While ShriRaam smiles at his defeat!
    In an embrace, we both smile
    And Hari joins our union ever sweet!

    I call this special, as it is Very Close to My Heart
    Another episode of imagination ��
    But I have to say this came in my mind without effort �� and hence I converted it to a poem!
    This is how it goes: I am on a beautiful beach with ShriSeethaRaam. Seetha Ma calls me to her, I am small girl, smaller than the length of her and ShriRaam's arms. She calls me to herself for an embrace, and I run to her, imagine her arms open wide calling her little daughter to her for a hug, as a mother calls her beloved child. I go to her, as my feet effortlessly move to her for embracing her. But as I am about to reach Ma, ShriRaam comes in between us and he says with a spirit of fun, 'where are you going little one?' And I knowing his mischievous nature, refuse to say a word and with a pout, I say, 'Let me go to Ma' but he doesn't, he plays, but I don't understand his pranks! What should I do now? I go left, he moves left to block my way, I shift right he too shifts right, I protest but he doesn't let me go. And then I realise he is soo tall and I am soo small, I can easily escape! Both his arms are blocking my way, but I easily move below his arms, and before he could catch me I reach to Ma, who with open arms embraces me. ShriRaam smiles is now defeated! Now, he comes and embraces us from behind and joins our union which is Forever Sweet!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @mayank_02 @setusrivatsa @_garimapandey_

    Pic credit: To the original owner, From Pinterest. I cropped the whole pic�� Just kind of related it to the poem ��

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    A Sweet Union

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • aman__writes_ 106w


    Goonji jb pehli kilkari,chdi thi unko esi khumari,
    Utha li duniya sar pe saari,batayein sbko baari baari...

    Aankhon me aansu hontho pe hsi,aur chehre pe noor tha,
    Kbhi the hste, kbhi ro dete, bin piye unko suroor tha...

    Seene pe the mujhe sulate, mann bhi mera khoob behlate,
    Fir bhi rota main kabhi toh, ghoda bnke sair karate...

    Door kbhi jo hum chle jate, daude daude wo bhi aate,
    Khana nhi jb aata tha mujhko, apne haathon se the khilate...

    Dagmagaya kbhi jo badte badte, hath pkd ke saath hai chalte,
    Jo andhero me bhakta kbhi toh, bnke suraj hai ujala krte...

    Din raat hai wo mehnat krte, thak kr bhi na himmat haarte,
    Khayal rehta hai sbka unko, sbki jholi khushiyo se bharte...

    Kya wa jood hai bin unke mera, wo hai toh nhi koi maalal,
    Bachayien hmko hr khatre se, PAPA hai ek esi dhaal....


  • shrihari_nandini 106w

    #ma #pitaji #shrihari #shridevi #bhudevi #neeladevi #shri #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #andal #godadevi #godamma #sita #seetha #ram #rukmini #radha #satyabhama #nappinai #nagnjeeti #vaidarbhi #govind #lakshmi #hari #hks #writersofmirakee #shrihari_nandini_poemsonma

    -भव्या गोगिया

    हे माता, तुम प्रेम की प्रतिमा
    मैं तो तेरी पुजारी हूँ
    तेरे चरणों में समर्पित करती जीवन,
    माँ, मैं तेरी राज दुलारी हूँ
    न जग से भयाकुल, न विकारप्रभावित
    तू अगणित गुणों की खान हैं
    तेरी कोई उपमा नहीं माते
    तू तो ईश्वर समान हैं
    तेरे चरणों में सदैव उपस्थित
    स्वर्ग के सब दरबार हैं
    ऐसी देवी, ऐसी माता को
    प्रणाम बरामबार हैं!
    तू सदैव ममता-स्वरूपिनी
    तेरी गोद में सुख का धाम हैं
    हे माँ, तुझसे कोई न ऊचां
    तू ही प्रत्यक्ष भगवान हैं!

    @ally_18 @aarsha_ns @_garimapandey_ @_shreya_shanbhag_ @mayank_02

    Pic credit: My Gallery (My Sweet Ma) ❤����


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    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • shrihari_nandini 108w

    #ma #pitaji #seetha #sita #navami #shriraam #ram #govind #hari #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayana #victory #janaki #shiva #bow #thick #hair #beauty #goddess #feet #moon #like #nails #forever #ceesreposts #devotion

    Victory to ShriSeetha
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Lady with thick hair
    Which resemble the forests of heaven,
    Oh Lady of ShriRaghuRaam
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh One who held Shiva's bow
    Like a blade of grass
    Oh darling daughter of Janak
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh Sweetest eternal Nectar
    Residing in the Heart of Raam
    Oh one with a slender body
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh Goddess, with red lips
    Defeating the setting sun
    Oh one with lotus like cheeks
    Victory forever and ever to you!
    Oh Mother bless me forever
    With devotion to thy feet,
    With nails resembling rows of Moons
    Victory forever and ever to you!

    Today is ShriSeetha Navami, the birthday of ShriSeetha Mayya ��❤�� The divine daughter of Janak, the lovely Queen of ShriRaam and the excellent mother of Lav and Kush, she has been the best example of an ideal wife.
    She is the incarnation of Ma ShriLakshmi, when ShriHari incarnated as ShriRaam ☺ She was the reason behind every leela (Divine play) of Bhagwan ShriRaam❤
    Today let's wish her 'Happiest Birthday'����

    Pic credit: To the original owner, edit by me

    Jai ShriSaketeshwari! Jai Ma ShriSeetha! Jai ShriJanakNandini!
    Jai ShriRaamPriya! Jai Jai SiyaRaam!!! ☺������

    Jai ShriHari! Jai ShrimanNarayana! ����

    @drinderjeet @shashiinderjeet @ally_18 @mayank_02 @aarsha_s

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    Victory to ShriSeetha

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • hetal_gohel 118w

    હતાં તે સૂરજ પણ મારા માટે તો ચાંદ છે,
    તેમનાં ગુસ્સા માં પણ મને શીતળતા પ્રદાન છે,
    રાખી છે મને સરાખો પર મારા દરેક પગલે તેમનો સાથ છે,
    તેમનાં આશિર્વાદ થી જ જીવન મારું ખુશહાલ છે,
    કાળજાનો કટકો હું તેમનો હૃદય ના દરેક ખૂણે થી બસ પ્રેમ નો વરસાદ છે,
    ના આવવા દીધું એક પણ આશું મુજ આંખ માં મારી હર મુસ્કાન તેમની ખુશી ની પહેચાન છે ,
    સફળતા ખુશાલી આપવા અમને કરી તેમને પોતાની જીંદગી કુરબાન છે ,
    પરિવાર ની ખુશીઓ માટે કરેલી તેમની દરેક મહેનત ને સલામ છે,
    સલામત મત રાખે જીવન તેમનું ઈશ્વર તારી પાસે બસ આ એક જ માંગ છે,
    મારા જીવન નો મારા પપ્પા જ આધાર છે,
    ધણુ જીવે બસ એજ મારા અંતર ની આશ છે.
    -હેતલ ગોહેલ

  • love_your__life_18 127w



    Waalid jo the.....Abba Hamare

    Doosron Ka khayal bahut rakhte the.....
    Or Badle Mein Bas Unka pyaar Or Saath paana chahte the....

    Le Moneylover log:- Kya kiye Abba tumahare hamare liye....
    Me:- Right now .....Wanna say.....Abbey Saale.....