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  • pj_animation 6w

    Human connection was lost long before the pandemic
    Humanity is dissolved and gone yet higly academic
    Our sweetness as honey only favours with money
    We are a crowd yet it is forever lonely

    A global network of communication
    Yet pure lack of understanding
    Advanced in technology
    Only weaponised to annihilate

    The pandemic shone light to who we are
    United in a disjointed form of un-oneness
    The distance made a yearn for connection
    That we had lost since the technological age

    We are robotised and evolve less human
    Glued to the screen of self-destruction
    Lost in a world that was long found
    Together yet very alone

    I yearn for understanding our race
    I yearn for the growth of culture
    I yearn for all positive vibes
    I yearn wishes were true

    I'm lost in a dream
    Where love is more than an emoji
    Im lost in a dream
    Where human connection is stronger than the internet
    I'm lost in a dream
    Where humamity is perfect in its own imperfections

    I'm lost in a dream which to wake from I want not
    For the real realm is bitter and broken
    Where the glass is always half empty
    And where darkness covers the broad daylight

    I hope humanity will save the humans
    For the humans to save the race
    A race with dignity
    Dignity with pure connection to humanity

    #humanity #love #soul #pj_illmind #readthisJ

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    I'm lost in a dream that I wnant to wakeup not
    And enjoy the peace of its lost calmness
    Living as a free spirit

  • pj_animation 10w

    The past still my present
    In a dome of pretense
    Throughts in a crescent
    Logic out of essence
    My mind an ill-tent

    Within my dark thoughts
    Puzzled in my mind maze
    Lost with encroaching doubts
    Roaming with unknown gaze
    Long gone is its own stout

    I'm my own outcast
    Shredded and torn apart
    My demons can't out-cast
    Can't get to my own part
    Filled with a rage without outburst

    A tour through my mind
    Lost and blown out
    For which I cant find
    Sanity no longer about
    With sight yet as blind

    The tour of my mind
    The past still its present
    Within my dark thoughts
    I'm my own outcast
    With sight yet as blind

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth

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    As I surf through my mind
    In search of self therapy
    I uncover my demons
    And I'm no longer afraid
    They keep me safe
    In my own insanity
    I gain sanity
    From the toxicity
    Of the world around me

  • pj_animation 10w

    The was a time when you were hopeful
    And aimed to reach for the stars
    With unlimited amount of joy
    And fiddled with laughter
    Just like a toy

    There was a time you had unending smile
    Packed to brim with positive energy
    With eveeything touched vibrant
    To the world it was joy
    And to the heart love

    And this is the time it all feels a fantasy
    Like a dream that faded with time
    A joy that died in its own prime
    Faded away the ecstacy
    No longer vibrant

    This is the time the smile is upside down
    A frown that forms its own delight
    With a light full of darkness
    Closed end of the tunnel
    To shun the light

    There was a time you were hopeful
    And it was buried by shattered love
    There was a time you had unending smile
    And it faded across with the distance social
    This is the time it all feels like a fantasy
    This is the time when the smile is up-side-down

    Lost between the lines of lost hope
    Clogged within a mind of self-doubt
    Unfound within a beimmed daekness
    Scorched in a time-loop so saddened

    But with a beleive to rekindle once lost hope...

    #hope #soul #pj_illmind

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  • pj_animation 10w

    Kukua youth ishskua a crime
    Ni a guaranteed jail sentence
    Na kupatwa past curfew, death sentence
    Kwa vitabu za utumishi kwa wote
    Youth ni equivalent to murder
    Paint kwa streets zimejaa red
    Streams zinaflow blood

    The murder charge
    Injustice imekua in-justice
    Wakituambia sisi ndio viongozi wa kesho
    I guess our future tumeiacha in the past
    Na kuona tunaishi kwa the past-present

    Wakisema education is the key
    Lakini locks za mlango zimebadilishwa
    Ndo maana youth wameziweka kwa kichwa
    Juu tuliambiwa akili ni nywele

    Kutembea kwa street ni jail term
    Kwa sababu in my country land mimi ni refugee

  • pj_animation 10w

    WHAT IF?

    What if I'm the image
    From my mirror
    Living inside the glass
    Opposite of what I am
    Loving all I hate
    With hate to all that is loved?
    As my left is right
    When right became left
    With me an illusion
    Living a dillusion
    What if I'm the image
    From my mirror
    Living as a shadow
    In a glass wall
    In a lifetime
    Through a lifespan
    Waiting for the shatter
    As I simply fade
    Through black and white
    To the fades of grey
    A coloured image
    In the flow of time
    Reversed in prime
    What if I'm the image
    From my mirror
    By the shadows
    My right not a right
    What if the mirror is my image...?
    I'm lost in wonder

  • pj_animation 11w

    All things are difficult before they are easy

  • pj_animation 12w

    Filled with thoughts
    Yet nothing to write
    Filled with doubt
    And nothing is right

    The maze of my mind
    Is in a block
    The race of my thought
    Is already clogged

    Was black and white
    The shades now grey
    Was shine and bright
    The words out my way

    My pen is speechless
    My ink bottle deserted
    My thoughts seeming less
    The mind stripped off its dress

    I'm in a race
    To clear my head
    Trying to face
    The demons ahead

    My thoughts in a den
    Locked and gone
    I've lost my pen
    But the writing isn't done

    I lost myself
    In a colony of words
    I found myself
    In a melody of nerds

    Through the writers block
    I stumble upon a rock
    And pick a pen
    That clears my den

    #pj_illmind #blocked @miraquill

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    It is a writer's greatest nightmare, as they give the page a stare, and the pen to write wouldn't dare. It is not a fear, but the demons do a snare, thoughts that wouldn't share
    It is the writers' block

  • pj_animation 12w

    Emerging from the dark
    Soul of a free spirit
    As I write my heart
    Glued to the sky
    Engaged in a monologue
    It forms love in the air

    Emerging from dark
    Mazed mind apart
    I become my part
    A soul on its track

    Soul of a free spirit
    With a bleeding pen
    With each minute
    To the thinking den

    As I write my heart
    With poetry as the art
    Mind forms a peaceful act
    And then comes a peaceful pact

    Glued to the sky
    As mind takes a fly
    As the eye makes its pie
    The heart is free from its pry

    Engaged in a monologue
    Free from corrupted dialogue
    Chaos avert from the channel-logue
    Peace makes a plightful vogue

    It forms love in the air
    The heart its rightful heir
    Joyful as a carroted hare
    As a pot-full honey finds a bear

    A soul on its track
    To the thinking den
    Comes out a peaceful pact
    A heart free from its pry
    Peace makes a plightful vogue
    As a pot-full honey finds a bear.

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    A PATH... PT.2

    Emerging from the dark
    Soul of a free spirit
    As I write my heart
    Glued to the sky
    Engaged in a monologue
    It forms love in the air

  • pj_animation 12w

    I am a mess
    With lots of less
    Seeking out a bless
    To shine upon me face

    The streets of my mind
    Filled with rage being blind
    Seeking peace hopes to find
    Among the chaos hoping to climb

    As the heart seeks peace
    Among a shattered pieces
    As blood pumps in a race
    Violent peace in a chase

    Clearly can't see
    Fogged like morning sea
    Conflict within won't flee
    The violence within at its peace

    Finding peace in the violence
    Finding voice in the silence
    Finding rush in patience
    Finding in a sense

    I am a mess
    In the streets of my mind
    As the heart seeks its peace
    Yet clearly I can't see

    Hoping to find sense from non
    Hoping to find patience within the rush

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth #soul @miraquill #genuine_readers

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    Taking a simple walk
    But me heart is racing
    Making a simple talk
    But me mind is messing...

  • pj_animation 13w

    The kissing booth
    My lips find their sooth
    As attached to gum and tooth
    Pleasure in passion and truth

    No longer in yonder
    And from its wonder
    The rush feels younger
    Pleasure and passion is stronger

    Uplifts from down
    A heart's new dawn
    Saved from its frown
    Pleasure and passion drawn

    A strong bond
    From its in-bound
    Love in its right sound
    Pleasure in passion surround

    The kissing booth
    No longer in yonder
    Uplifts from down
    A strong bond

    Pleasure and passion
    Its pleasure in passion.

    #love #pj_illmind #soul #broken

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  • pj_animation 13w

    A little quiet
    In a lonely place
    Among the voices
    Completely soundless
    As if locked in sound proof
    Can you hear me?

    Quiet as a mime
    Silence in slime
    In volumes of dime
    In its own prime
    Noice is a crime
    Peace of its time
    Can you here the silence?

    Simple yet delicate
    Volumes of message not understood
    As served in golden plate
    Yet washed away in tones of flood
    Like a vampire date
    Feeding on the hosts' blood
    The silence
    You hear yet still cant?

    In a maze
    Of mimed walls
    Set a blaze
    In concrete stalls
    Here it comes


    Silence Can You Hear Me...?

    #mentalhealth #pj_illmind #pjwild_mh @miraquill @writersnetwork #readthisJ

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  • pj_animation 18w

    For the past few weeks, I've been mental. Surfing through the polar and bipolar swings, the moods of personal doom. My mind was/(is) clogged and my thoughts blocked. The nib of my pen was broken and the ink was overflowing, but it only painted the walls of my mind red. Filled with suicidal thoughts, but couldn't comit, i guess it was the fear of dying twice, a shadow with life, a Walking Dead.

    A walking dead
    Frozen head in-deed
    With mental in need
    Drowning in the bleed
    With a silent plead

    Running with wild thoughts
    With thoughts on drought
    The thoughts locked in its loft
    Confidence with lots of doubt
    Fear with a second debut

    In a maze
    Of my thoughts
    In a gaze
    Of my soul
    In a blaze
    Of my sole

    A walking dead
    Through a blade
    On its sharp end
    At a steepen

    From the depth
    Of the darkest end
    From drowning
    While afloat

    For long I'm gone
    Longer I hope to stay
    For the less I say
    The more I do pray

    #mentalhealth #mentalawareness #pjwild_mh #pj_illmind

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  • pj_animation 24w

    Im afraid
    To venture into my mind
    And get lost
    Between entangled thoughts

    I'm afraid
    To take the step
    From the dark
    To face the spotlight

    I'm afraid
    Of the silence within
    As its noisy
    Yet with no sound

    I'm afraid
    To open up
    The doors
    Coz the window is broken

    I'm afraid
    Yes I am
    More of the known
    Than the unknown

    I'm afraid
    To love again
    Because of the pain
    And the hate that tags along

    I'm afraid
    To let the darkness
    That harness my demons
    Because they keep me safe

    I'm afraid
    Not with the feeling
    Of weakness or fear
    But of myslef if let out

    I'm afraid
    Yes I am
    But the darkness
    Keeps me safe
    So I embrace
    In its cafe
    On a tight lace

    #pjwild_mh #pj_illmind #readthisJ #miraquill #mentalhealth

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    I'm afraid
    Yes I am
    But the darkness
    Keeps me safe
    So I embrace
    In its cafe
    On a tight lace

  • pj_animation 24w

    Is it right
    How I connect with many souls
    Yet I feel the empty side of the glass
    Is it right
    Having lots of friends
    Yet be friend-less in a lifetime
    Is it right
    Finding love
    But it turns out a fantasy
    Is it right
    Staring at my image
    And right becomes left
    Is it right?¿

    Is it right
    When I was afraid of the dark
    And now I embrace its chills in thrills
    Is it right
    That I'm open
    Yet all seems locked inside
    Is it right
    That I live each day
    Yet seem to be the walking dead
    Is it right
    If I share my mental
    To heal the already fatal
    Is it right¿?

    Is it right
    That I'm present
    Yet as very absent
    Is it right
    Being free
    Yet no freedom
    Is it right
    To hold so tight
    Yet loose it so lightly
    Is it right
    To shine the light
    Yet embrace the dark
    Is it right?¿

    Is it right
    I wonder
    Is it right
    Beyond yonder
    Is it right
    I wonder
    So I take flight
    From the fright
    Is it right
    Beyond the yonder
    Is it right¿?

    #readthisJ #mentalhealth #pjwild_mh #pj_illmind #genuine_readers
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    iS iT...

    Being found yet as lost,
    Being lonely among lots,
    Being broken yet not crippled,
    What if following left is right,
    Is it....

  • pj_animation 24w

    In the dark room
    I find my calm
    As the mind zoom
    From a shadow palm

    In the dark room
    I feel free
    From the gloom
    A personal spree

    In the dark room
    Finding freedom
    As I do loom
    And feeling random

    In the dark room
    My personal space
    As I groom
    An empty vase

    In the dark room
    As I embrace
    A darkened loom
    As I brace

    In the dark room
    No longer afraid
    In the dark room
    Just as I said

    In the dark room
    Consumed in fume
    In the dark room
    I always assume

    #mentalhealth #pj_illmind #pjwild_mh

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  • pj_animation 25w

    I see the light
    From the dark seems bright
    I squeeze from a grip tight
    A heard plight
    Taking flight

    From the dark
    Alittle spark
    Like aimed dart
    Alittle smart
    Will always be a part
    For never apart

    Gives hope
    A simple hop
    Not tied by rope
    Knot to the top
    Hangs its hope
    From slippery slope

    From the tunnel end
    Lost by the bend
    Alot at its pend
    As the light tend
    Hope it blend

    A fine tune
    Softened dune
    Soothing tune
    It is soon
    Better at its noon

    I see the light
    From the dark
    Gives hope
    From the tunnel end
    A fine tune

    Better at its noon
    Hope it blend
    From slippery slope
    For never apart
    Taking a flight

    A message of hope
    Not fancy not dope
    A soul to heal
    From a torment hill

    #pjwild_mh #pj_illmind #hope #mentalhealth

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  • pj_animation 26w

    If only I could imagine
    If only I could grant a wish
    If only I could travel through time
    If only I could make it come true

    If I was God for a day
    If I I was an angel in disguise
    If I was a miracle worker
    If I was able to quench thirst

    Then it would be
    And it could have
    As it always were
    And how it would be

    The power of pen
    With casting words
    Like a thousand swords
    Powerful only in its truth

    I express
    Not to impress
    From the heart
    To touch a soul

    Was afraid of the dark
    Now i walk through it
    And embrace its cold
    To create a light

    If only I could imagine
    If I was God for a day
    With power of my pen
    To let it express

    I find beauty
    Through poetry
    As its my potery
    I have a duty

    We are together
    In this journey
    Through the path
    To understand life

    #pj_illmind #pjwild_mh #mentalhealth

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    Only If...


  • pj_animation 27w

    I'm silent
    Yet as loud
    I'm quiet
    Yet with noise
    I'm alive
    Yet as dead
    I breathe
    Yet be breathless

    An irony
    I confuse
    Not to be confused
    I smile
    To cover the scar
    A beating heart
    Scattered in pieces
    Not to be loved

    I speak
    Through writing
    I write
    Through speaking
    I seek
    Through inking
    I ink
    Through seeking

    A bleeding heart
    That fills the ink jar
    For the pen to get freedom
    And the hand to experience joy
    And a mind to conquer its free will
    Working together like a spinning wheel

    #mentalhealth #mentalawareness #pj_illmind #pjwild_mh

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  • pj_animation 32w

    To you I offer my penance
    Before the end of the sentence
    As it turns loud and tense
    The steps I leave in past tense
    In zeros and tens
    My soul in suspense

    I tend to follow the dark
    My favorite color hence black
    With an inner silent bark
    I rarely turn the back
    To the misdeeds I'm stuck
    With shock never struck

    My nerves are dead
    As feelings came to an end
    I drown in the deep-end
    Pool fill of tears my stipend
    My fears never lend
    Just waiting for the end

    A smile to the media I post
    To the shitty I'm deeply lost
    And the joy my only cost
    I drift through the coast
    The tides play the host
    A silent cry spot

    In my bottomless pit
    I'm totally split
    Locked in the crypt
    Darkness spit
    Yet its lit
    I'm lost in it

    And so to you I confess
    As I try hide this mess
    Not to be viewed as less
    And shun a darkly chase
    As I find my place
    Away from the dark palace

    #mentalhealth #pj_illmind

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  • pj_animation 33w

    I fade through time
    I'm lost
    In my mind
    Through my thoughts
    Its dark inside
    Dark fantasies
    Lights out
    I'm burned
    Back turned
    I'm haunted
    By the ghots
    That live within
    I didn't let them in
    They grew and stayed
    And they're home
    In the skull dome
    To danger I'm prone
    But used to the pain
    I may be insane
    But sanity ain't luxury
    If I'm sane I'm mad
    Insane and sad
    To the sweet dream
    I'm glad
    But the darkness
    Creeps with its salad
    Into the bad lands
    I creep
    I'm locked
    I stay
    Welcome to my mind

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth #mentalawareness #darkpoetry

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