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  • pj_animation 9w

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    For my 200th post, i write out of something I love, poetry in rhymes. To my friends, thank you for all the love, i give it back in plenty that you may have more.

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    Words to a sentence
    As the flow is endless
    Bringing along its essence
    As it firmly hooks a presence
    Poetry potery not in absence

    Words in potery
    To bring along poetry
    As its essential entity
    And doesn't focus on quantity
    But rather bring along its quality

    Words bring peace
    From a broken peace
    With a passion of ease
    To the hearts with a sieze
    And the mind feels a breeze

    Words from the writer
    A heart full of banter
    Broken barriers of laughter
    A moment of now than later
    To form a smile that grows fatter

  • pj_animation 11w


    Love for the art
    I do play my part
    We formed a pact
    As it seems an act
    All from a simple start
    I observe the rising chart
    And engage in little chit-chat
    A brainstorm for a scheming stat

    A brainstorm for a scheme
    Words flowing like a stream
    And working with a perfect team
    Illuminating the soul with a beam
    Like a fog forming through a steam
    So silent as the words do the scream
    As an ice beautiful with topped cream
    A melodious flowing rhyming to its brim

    A melodious flow to prime
    As the words do cast a dime
    And they bond like planned crime
    Sketched through thought and time
    Polished for the flow to come out fine
    Like a melonchy of guest in perfect dine
    Its a moment for these rhymes to shine