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  • aaureate 3d

    My place to be


    Snow clad mountains shift uneasily
    as I gaze at them
    Little do they know that they are the inspiration for me
    I love to sit in a balcony opening to sky extending all the way to the lake nearby
    I can hear magpie calling her sweetheart and bulbul singing her heart out
    I close my eyes and ride on the back of zephyr
    Rain sometime distrupts my balcony time though
    But as the sky clears, my creative juice flows by
    All I need is a cane chair with a footstool,
    a cup of hot tea and the balcony with a view
    That's when my pen bleeds blue

  • truevibes 4d

    Where hope doesn't abandon me;
    Where the sky watches over me;
    Where the land shelters my feet;
    Where the wind pleases me to feel;
    That is where I ink my thoughts.

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 4d

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    Will abound
    Secret worlds
    Can be found
    As you slip into sleep
    Sinking down
    lost so deep
    Demons laugh and Angels weep
    In moments of your darkest sleep
    Universe trapped
    In total black
    To catch a star
    Look through a crack
    Magically wish
    Yourself away
    To grass so green and a sunny day
    Now within a rainbows end
    Mixing colors
    Bright and grand
    Feet bare and warm
    In golden sand
    Whether left
    In a sleepy universe
    Bright or black
    Where you finally end
    Depends upon
    What dreams you dream
    Or, what dreams you lack..


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    *A UNIVERSE BRIGHT OR BLACK..(a place I like to write)


  • _lostsoul___ 5d


    It's where I overwhelm
    It's where I write
    The quietude compels everything
    To be solemn,
    To be authorised
    By the one feeling agony inside.
    At the pace of a bee sting
    The winds are gone.
    Time to flow through the deserts
    Is pretty low.
    Inks are shattered by the tip
    Once u get on its nip.
    We overwhelm for a limited time u see all others are just a fancy breeze roaming around the winds to honour to please to remember for an eternity at ease

  • dipalirana 5d

    Had I been a woman of the romantics era I would never come out my vicarious tales of a bygone era
    A time of proud and intelligent genteel women I would become the inspiration of Austen and bronte
    In the years to come
    My lock would live in a world my own and not of pope
    I would March out and lead the romantics era

  • akku31 5d

    Hostel room

    Amid sliding windows
    And creaking wooden doors
    A strong breeze blows away
    The monotonous gloom
    A sprawling lush green
    Garden paints the outside scenary
    Sleep so profoundly sweet
    Making the morning brighter
    Absolute silence making it ideal
    To turn my lamp on and
    jot down a Lullaby

    Yet the cold breeze during winters
    Sends a shiver in my spine.

    But happily the room is mine.

  • moon_line 5d


    She is beautiful ❤
    She may float or fall
    Buzzing bees
    Dancing trees
    Glimpse of birds
    She is glaring
    At giggling faces

  • smartsam 1w

    Earth my Home!

    Form soil I came
    to soil I will go!
    Let me feel my origin
    where I'm to be so!

    Bare I lay down on
    ground distance afar!
    Nowhere in space or moon
    but brown land distant apart!

    In city I live
    softness easy acces
    all find here!
    But ground & earth real beauty
    its fragrance in rain is real!

    Since a boy
    I played barefoot on earth!
    No doubt I love it so much
    & I value so much it's worth!

    I walk barefoot on ground
    & my feet feel pebbles random!
    Im just a human as you
    no Superman neither
    any phantom!


  • feflourflowers 1w

    The past is the past but for some reason I feel like I'm living my own past of a never ending resolution,
    Non emerge of wold war .

  • abhibd 1w

    By the window screen,
    Beside the wall and curtain,
    Hidden to all the eyes from outside,
    Just gazing at the sky ,
    The twinkling stars brings forth,
    The selenophile thats buried deep within,
    And with it the memories ,
    That were thought lost in time...

  • johnbenson 1w

    Writing place

    I write thing in my mind
    Even outside under the pine
    Sometime it comes out in my room
    Things come out
    And sounds like doom.


  • soundsofsaddness41 1w

    Where I Write

    In bed at night,
    I sometimes write.

    I am a work,
    It's worth a look.

    In the car,
    It's not that far.

    I wash the clothes,
    And think of prose.

    That's when I say,
    All about my day.

    And when I write,
    It just feels right.

    Whether tommorow,
    Brings joy or sorrow.

  • anamika17 1w

    The best place of mine,
    Where I dare to shine.
    The corner of my bed,
    I often sew my thread,
    Mixing soulful strings,
    Emotion that brings
    Some of my finest rhythm,
    What the readers could fathom.
    Peaceful corner of my bed,
    Where my ink sometimes bled.
    Mingled with emotions few,
    Sometimes dry, often with dew,
    Beautifully woven lines,
    Calmness with happiness combines,
    A dreamland for me,
    A cheerful place, full of glee.
    Some are very personal,
    Few are really emotional,
    My lines flew occasionally ,
    Though they're not trained vocationally.

  • aaureate 1w


    Vermillion sky sulks shades of grey
    As sun decides to set far away
    Homesick birds return home weary
    A lone tree outside my window calls it a day
    A kitty on my lap purrs as I gently stroke her back
    Logs in fireplace crackle in amber as I push it in with poker
    Leaf of my journal stays in attention for the call of the march
    A chair with a green cushion is now ready
    Thoughts in my quill parade as I sit with 'myself'

  • chasing_the_serene 1w

    The corner that now I wish didn't exist

    On the corner of my bed
    Near the door towards the balcony
    My warm and cozy space
    All to myself
    A little corner
    Of my own
    That's where you'll find me
    Living in a world of my own...

    But sometimes I wish too flee from that world...
    Of needless thoughts and hopeless imaginations
    To the truth
    Where I should truly belong
    A corner of my own!!! It's not a desire... Rather a necessity which I sometimes pray I didn't have.

  • shabbz_felix 1w

    No place like home

    From childhood to womanhood
    From cooking on firewood to stove top
    Dancing in the wind in the children world
    Forming shapes for the future years
    Not knowing how much was lacking
    For the adventures wandered on errands
    To school, church and garden visits
    Or sometimes a party lime or a town visit
    Flattery prospect of a discipline life
    Accepted perplexities with humbleness of heart
    Folktales stories in lamp or candle lights at nights
    Though some scary ones gives us nightmares
    A place of welcoming friends from far
    In strength and cheer
    sweet memories share
    Mother baking bread scented from near by distance
    Kindness and empathy
    My mother's natural call.
    Tied human beings to embrace our birth place of existence.
    Though as sibling we often fuss and fight
    But nothing would take our love away.
    But with time some grown and some whither away
    Make not us a single reserved
    Engaged in whatever ours hands finds to do
    But there is no place like home
    When we abide and give to eat in peace.

  • carrie09 1w

    In the backyard of my home sweet home
    A place in verdant serendipity
    carpet in delight green, green grass
    surrounding by the whispering pine trees
    In the solitude of an autumn falls
    there,I lay down my tired brittle backbone
    mind wandering with the floating clouds
    Beautiful Imagination run wild
    then, I closed my eyes in meditation
    Feeling relaxed and peaceful
    healing my wounded scars
    wonderful feeling inked my soul,
    Come hot summer season days
    the wild mosquitos chase me away
    from my favourite place at
    backyard home

  • re_ms36 1w

    //Where Emotions Breathe//

    I don't have a special place to write
    But that where i do, holds a fragrance.
    The fragrance doing rounds around me;
    Arousing a feeling of grand accomplishment,
    Of breaking the bounds of messed emotions
    And letting them breathe in the white shrouds.
    Solitude, holds me and my thoughts together;
    Together we create a souvenir of our Lives.
    When people surround me, they call me blind there.
    In my world of thoughts, i keep recollecting the tides.
    The place I sit at, caresses my burdens and memories;
    And gradually I began to feel a little less heavier.
    The place where i write, then never remains the same.
    It becomes a reminder of all the emotions treasured,
    And ofcourse of all the backspaced words and lines.
    When the poesies i do read in tranquility or for tranquility,
    I feel myself nowhere, but again in that Place of Universe.

  • poetrycity 1w

    I wish to sit under that sky where the suffocation within my past self blooms like a song betwixt fireflies, my soul lost amidst dark clouds and quill bleed grief and solace.

    I wish to rest in your arms where all my pain started dripping off on the land by the warmth of your hug, our hearts pierce the spiritual silence, scratches on my skin turned into metaphors for last lines of my poetry.

    I wish to hear that melodies in 90s songs,
    heroin's outfit in 80s films,
    hero's innocence to win his love at all cost.

  • muskaanbhatt 1w

    Some random lines I created while counting sheeps , during the tries of taking day naps������

    #pod #wod #place @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Kisi kai liye bala
    Toh kisi kai liye bhali hu mai
    Jiski jesi niyat uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye zehmat
    Toh kisi kai liye rehmat hu mai
    Jiski jesi sonch Uske liye wese hu mai

    Kisi kai liye khoobsurat
    Toh kisi kai liye badsurat hu mai
    Jiski jesi shakal uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye sachi
    Toh kisi kai liye jhoothi hu mai
    Jiski zuban jesi uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye achi
    Toh kisi kai liye buri hu mai
    Jiska qirdar jesa uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye ameer
    Toh kisi kai liye gareeb hu mai
    Jeski aukaat jesi uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye padhi likhi
    Toh kisi kai liye anpadh hu mai
    Jisme jitna ilim aur hunar uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye imandar
    Toh kisi kai beimaan hu mai
    Jiska jesa imaan uske liye wesi hu mai