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  • gutfeeling 17w


    Following others blindly can make you an evil person. You just don't realise it.

    Be mindful, be critical, be considerate, and be good always!

  • tarh_tapung 21w


    My floorboard's creaks call out your name
    Your footprints on them like tattoos
    Now u have them shut, afraid of the world
    You used to like keeping ur windows open the way I do

    The lilies we grew together
    Stand upright with blossoms
    Remind me of last summer
    When they showed the charm you'd passed on

    I can feel everything here hoping you'd come back
    Can't tell them that you won't
    Shrivelled up petals waiting for you
    Longing for ur glance, they refuse to fall

    The delicate touch of your whispers
    Still lingers around my ears
    The promises that couldn't be kept
    Haunt me still, my deepest-darkest fears

  • _sonakshiwrites 32w

    You are the light in the dark hours ,
    You pass through black clouds to get your silver lining ,
    It's like you indirectly tell us ,
    We all have to go through dark times to find our light.

    You are someone which every planet needs ,
    You are someone which completes the solar family ,
    You are someone which we man need everyday ,
    If you are there , we don't realise your importance ,
    But when you aren't there , we realise how we ignored your importance ,
    It's like you indirectly tell us ,
    Be grateful to the things which you have ,
    Rather than mourning after which we don't have .

    You give us so many things ,
    But without uttering a word ,
    It's like you indirectly tell us ,
    Work hard in silence , let your success be the noise

  • mila_alizeh 36w


    They are searching for nectar,
    The shades they reserved for gathering,
    That green garden of glorious weeds.
    It hurts when you already know that
    They don't exist but still you search for it.
    It hurts more when your favorite people
    Gone mad of searching their home-
    That are already cleared by last evening.

  • snehajacob 39w

    The rose you gave me is thriving in my garden but you left me to see how she blossomed admist all odds.

    The rose is a constant reminder that plants thrive admist all odds. But sometimes humans doesn't stay that long to surpass the difficulties.

    #rose #plants #relationship #thoughts

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    The rose you gave me is thriving in my garden but you left me alone to see how she blossomed.


  • in_fragments 44w

    What are you gonna do to help the trees today? It's easy not to care when you are blind to the needs of the trees.
    #pod #poem #world #life #trees #plants #climatechange #thoughts #inspiration @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The Feeling Wood
    (Trees Hold History)

    Some hundred year old guardians- the trees;
    grown out from the roots of time,
    they've witnessed so much of war and beauty,
    looming, tall and divine-
    and their stumpy graves, bled of all glories,
    mankind will never let it end;
    cutting them down, all digging and deadly,
    delivering our decline.

    Look down and count the rings of the body,
    how long was it allowed to live?
    For decades, maybe 30 or 40,
    I lean in closer to inspect the signs;
    they carry scars like me, hold history,
    burns from forgotten wildfires-
    possess awareness we can never see,
    senses we don't realize.

    They feel the climate shift around their leaves,
    gawk at how we've ushered in
    complete and untimely catastrophe
    to change the course of our lifetimes.

    There's hope in humanity's new energy,
    their seeds and growing slivers-
    each tree allowed to form is victory,
    freshly planted, seeking light
    from the blazing sun, heats up a few degrees-
    the warmth is only getting worse;
    we live on and need be the remedy
    until we're swallowed by fire with the pines.

    Trees grow in layers, form in harmony
    like cells regenerate in us-
    we must keep planting past the debris;
    protect their future and ours,
    so when I die, bury me underneath
    a brand new tree, no coffin-
    my decomposing infinities
    will endow this soil with love.

  • in_fragments 44w

    Chronic pain holds me back from so much, but at least writing doesn't take too much movement.
    #pod #poem #body #pain #life #thoughts #healing #garden #plants #flowers @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Tender Bones, A Menace To The Butterflies

    Tender body, tender bones;
    the people don't know
    that my tendons and I
    know aching in and out-
    debilitating aching;
    the kind where your insides
    wrench and sever themselves;
    the kind where your spine
    is always soft and misaligned;
    where pain shoots up your neck
    like lightning bolts
    and your clavicles click in their sockets.
    Merely meandering
    down the street is difficult
    when your kneecaps are lambasted
    with sensations of a million
    tiny, rupturing needles,
    and your gait sways clumsily,
    knocking hips into everything
    and finding bruises on your waist
    all because your right foot
    never fully meets the ground.

    Tender body, my tender bones,
    most of the time stuck inside,
    laying in bed and daydreaming
    about a life of comfort and reprieve-
    contentment that seems
    too far away to be possible,
    turning every "what if"
    and "maybe one day" over
    on my tongue; but they've become
    sedatives now, not goals anymore.
    Now I'm only wishing
    that gravity didn't feel so heavy
    it could smoothly tear the skin
    right off my cheeks like a facemask.

    How am I so young, but my body
    so old?

    Every morning is a battle to wake up,
    and a bloody quest to pull my way
    out from a moving meat grinder,
    hoping I'll survive
    with each limb in tact- all before
    I've even dealt with the day.
    My ambitions all feel
    infeasible with the pain.
    I cannot interact with this life
    when my baseline is half dead.

    Meanwhile, in the garden,
    mom falls to her knees,
    thoroughly pulls up weeds and gently
    pushes down seeds,
    finding great gratitude
    in watching them grow,
    and fulfillment in knowing
    that they're hers, like little children.
    She is happy, passionate, and stressed-
    but the weight is worth it
    because they all flower eventually
    into such wonderful rewards;
    so she digs up the soil
    and welcomes the dirt on her back
    as she tills with determination
    and full-forced grunts.
    How does she do it?

    My mother loves to garden,
    with thumbs as green as the truest tree,
    and her body has been dealt
    much worse agony- how does she push
    her way through the pain?
    Do you think she pushes the veins
    right out of her working wrists?
    As if her energy could expand
    and give her strongest lifeblood
    to her blooming broods,
    singing to stems
    and watering thirsty leaves,
    worrying about the upkeep
    as if they were the most alive things
    she had ever seen.

    Tender body, tender bones,
    I do not want my worth to result
    from how well I can please
    other meat machines.
    It will be decided by my ability
    to reconnect with the green,
    learning techniques to cultivate it
    beyond the limits of my body
    and my mortality,
    so that maybe one day
    I will become a person of substance-
    a person whose body
    has been beaten by a broken
    and ruthless world,
    yet can still rise to meet it
    with a straightened back,
    a strong and healing brain,
    a brand new green thumb
    and skill on my side.

    For now, my thumb is not green.
    My thumb kills things.
    What must I do
    to make things come alive?
    Am I only ever a mere menace
    to the butterflies?

  • __crazy_girl__ 46w


    Animals,plants,and trees are a part of nature.

  • drishty_das 49w

    Why do you think
    no flowers will bloom
    on the plant
    grown from the seed,
    you've yet not sown.


  • sayaliparkar 51w

    I keep falling in
    Love with my

    Wonder fills my
    Heart /to see the
    Seeds /that were
    Planted deep down
    The pot /making
    Their way out

    Trying to hold the
    Gold of
    Sunlight in their
    Leafy arms

    and embarking
    On the adventure of
    Standing firm against
    The wind

    -Sayali Parkar

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 51w

    weLcomE hoMe baBieS

    When you came home
    traversing all the distances
    between us
    We took a fresher breath in air

    As and when you are unpacking
    your baggages you yearned
    to hook into the space
    reserved for yours to reside

    One by one your younger mom
    were making you ready
    to let you unwind yourself in
    by the window side of our room

    The eldest amongst you hugged me
    and that sealed mine heart in love
    The first touch of yours
    invoked that parental caress

    One by one the five of you
    got lined up to rejuvenate
    in the free embrace of sunlight and air

    Our space lightened up
    with the five elements of yours presence

    It feels greener
    looking at each one of you breathing
    near the core of our being as such

    Your younger mom pampered you up
    with the splashes of her care
    And each of you felt dancing easefully
    in her welcoming embrace

    We have become plant moms yet again
    with the birth of your presence around us

    And this gave a rebirth
    to our consciousness
    to nurture and nourish
    each one of you
    with the parental caress

    Wish you grow in good health
    in all seasons to come

    Wish we share a healthy space
    to grow together in love and care

    Thank you babies
    for coming home to us!


  • benhurbedford 51w

    In a heap of Nature.

    I can hear the Lions roar inside my disturbed mind. A sun rises among the silence of the forest. Dry leaves fallen, stained by my bed side.
    I lay among the mammals of might. They guide my journey way through the dark moonlight.

  • cibiksha 56w

    மரமும் மனிதனும் தாயும் சேயும் போன்று#வளத்தவரே வலி அறிவர்#plants are like my children

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    விதை போட்டு
    பக்குவம் பார்த்து
    பிறந்த இளங்கன்றை எடுத்து
    வேறு ஒரு இடத்தில் வைப்பது
    பத்து மாதம் சுமந்து பெற்ற தாயின் சேயை பிரித்து வேறு ஒருவருக்கு கொடுப்பதற்கு சமம்!!

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  • breaking_barriers 58w

    Not every yellow blooms together and not every yellow blossom falls together.
    There are ones that fall-bloom too.

  • julie__ 59w

    Most living things are around
    Wherever living things are found.
    On land or sea, that swim beneath,
    Most of them have got their teeth.

    Humans need their teeth for treats,
    'Cause, you and I, we love our sweets.
    We chew our candy, gum, and chips,
    Our chocolate bars and licorice whips.

    But other beasts have different treats,
    Like veggies or assorted meats.
    They eat these foods to stay alive.
    They know these help them to survive.

    Herbivores and carnivores;
    The two main groups this tale explores.
    Each group is different, there's no doubt.
    Put them together? ... Oops! ... Look out!!

    Herbivores all love their greens.
    Their teeth are made for just that means.
    They chew their grass, their hay and oats;
    The horses, cows, and Billy goats.

    Hamsters, rabbits, sheep, and moles,
    Veggie munchies are their goals.
    Giraffes and hippos, llamas, too,
    Salads are their favorite chew.

    But looking at the other side,
    Carnivores want meat supplied.
    They like their steak but extra rare.
    No spice, no sauce, no savoir faire.

    Lions, wolves, and crocodiles,
    Hyenas with their laughs and smiles,
    Foxes, sharks, tyrannosaurs
    All are known as carnivores.

    They watch the ones that eat their plants,
    Bide their time and wait their chance.
    They're not cruel or hunt for fun;
    They just pursue ... 'til dinner's done.

    All these beasts might be amazed
    At what us humans like to graze.
    We will eat all kinds of things,
    From brussels sprouts to chicken wings.

    A juicy steak or salad plate,
    Buffets to us are super great!
    Pork chops, pears, or carrot sticks
    Is how some people get their fix.

    Are human beings carnivores
    Or misdirected herbivores?
    The other beasts don't really care,
    As long as they're not in our fare!

    Those beasts have menus on their mind
    That nature's restaurant has designed.
    (And mouse or pig or alligator
    Never have to tip the waiter.)

    For all the stuff we humans eat,
    The vegetables, meats, and sweets,
    There's one thing that is clear to me.
    We love our food variety.

    As time goes by we'll choose the foods
    That fit each other's different moods.
    For now, at least, you need to grow
    With good foods that your mother knows.

    So, eat the foods mom makes for you:
    The roasts, the fish, the chicken stew.
    With all the great meals that you see,
    Eat your peas and broccoli!

    Written by_ julie
    All rights reserved.

    #meal #wod #food #carnivores #herbivores #human #nature #plants #wildlife #wildanimals #momkitchen #chicken #sweets #vegetarian #nonvegetarian #mirakee

    @rahul_govindan @the_muted_voice @iam_ssk @revathychandrasekhar

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    Glossary Of Food

  • hybrid_ammai 66w

    Planting more trees is much better and easier than inhaling the polluted air.


  • jan_balan 68w

    Those nights

    Fought through darkest night
    To find the rainbow.
    I'm yours
    As rivers are for sea,
    Tears for eyes,
    Rains for clouds
    Fruits for plants

  • sobia_hussainn 76w

    A Tiny Factory

    It all begins with a seed..
    A new life is born in the core.
    A delicate embryo.
    As it grows,
    It tears apart the curtains of darkness
    and spreads out its roots in the dirt.
    so that when it emerges from the dirt,
    it's strong enough to stand tall..
    And finally it gets to feel
    the very first, warm and gentle touch of the sun rays..
    A soft wind blows around it.
    "Wow.! It has carbon!! Let's make some food out of it..."
    So the baby leaves absorb that warmth
    along with carbon..
    And the water ascends through the roots to help them out.
    As they make food for themselves,
    as they Grow Stronger..
    they Strengthen their surroundings too..
    We feel fresh around them..
    And take in the oxygen that they give out.
    What a healthy relationship!
    What if these beautiful tiny factories of oxygen were not around?


  • in_fragments 78w

    "Trying to heal
    in the same place you got sick
    is like a plant trying to flourish
    while its roots are drowning in water.
    Difficult, painful, not impossible-
    but harder than it was ever
    supposed to be.
    Deep-seated currents
    are constantly pulling me
    into the depths of my own bad habits,
    the flashbacks to trauma my body gets stuck in,
    the ideations running through my veins.
    I feel death and lost memories here,
    lingering always, and all at once,
    yet I can never catch a grasp
    on either of them, and split my mind
    into pieces trying.
    The toxic tides, still rolling at my feet,
    but I stretch outwards, up to the sun,
    taking in the water as it rushes me
    and continues to rise and fall.
    The pressure is uprooting me,
    sending me downstream, and I have
    no choice but to float along it now,
    to adapt to sudden movement and find
    safe soil to sink back into.
    I wonder where we are going.
    What will I be like when we get there?"

    I don't know. I have no choice but to go. I've already been on my way a long time.
    #pod #poem #water #plants #growing #life #thoughts #inspiration #selfcare @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Drowning Roots

    Trying to heal
    in the same place you got sick
    is like a plant trying to flourish
    while its roots are drowning in water.