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  • p_a_u_l 32w

    A Poetic Plea

    If I raised my hands to a fight
    Surely I can raise my hands
    (To beat Cancer)
    If I found a way to fish without bait
    And my catch still ended up looking great
    Surely I can find a way
    (To beat Cancer)
    If I beat them in a race
    And I make them eat dirt everyday
    Surely I can make a way
    (To beat Cancer)
    If I keep prodding my stick
    At my enemies eyes
    Needing them to go blind
    Surely I can keep prodding away
    (To beat Cancer)
    If I dream about something big
    Something larger than anything
    Surely I can dream about that thing
    That thing
    (To beat Cancer)
    Or I could just pray
    Pray in everyway, not just for one day
    If it's the only truth I'll say
    I'll say it
    (To beat Cancer)

    Copy and share your own version
    Of an illness around you
    That's throwing you a diversion
    Mention (Pray)
    To keep this in motion


  • mrspectacular 54w


    I can remember making you feel so blue,
    Snobbing you without giving a cue.
    How bad you must have felt, I'm sure I have no clue
    And frankly of your attention, I am not due
    But somehow, some torture does ensue.
    Each time you pass by, my eyes stick like glue
    As I remember I heaped on you, so much hue
    And today I feel it will my chances, for a fresh friendship, imbue
    But I do hope you can, the bad memories, lue
    And give us, a new events menu.
    Frankly I do know you have many in a queue
    Hoping that every other gentleman does, a slacking, rue.

    Please if I may ask may we start again as friends?
    Hopefully, at a better place, it ends
    But please let all of those previous moments be just one of the few bends.


  • prodigious_girl 75w

    So I scream my lungs out
    and plead with God,
    "I don't want anyone if
    it's not him, God!
    I - I can't open up
    these veins again,
    my soul again,
    and pour into someone else,
    someone that's not him, God!"


  • thehealer10 95w

    Liberty and Justice

    I can't breathe.

    Don't you see me on my knees,


    I can't breathe!

    Just a little please,
    I just need some peace.

    Can't you hear me pleading?
    Haven't you noticed my breathing?

    Heart Racing.
    I'm no longer on my knees,
    Get up off me please!?

    Oh you want peace?
    Give me Justice PLEASE!


  • mrspectacular 104w


    Oh Lord, bring me to a place of joy
    Where excellence and I make an alloy.
    Make me once more as a happy boy,
    Remove from me this agony that does my heart cloy
    And does my peace destroy.
    Oh Gracious One, send me from your throne, an envoy
    For in you, have I placed my foy.
    Please I need to know what truly is joy
    Because these ones are rather too coy,
    It's beginning to noy.
    I know not if these delays are part of your ploy
    But with very vital aspects of my life it does toy.

    I need you to bring all of this to a succeeding end.
    Do not let it take another prolonging bend,
    For it has already been a maze too difficult to comprehend.
    You said you are a friend,
    Help me give victory, a hend.
    It is pertinent that a hand you lend
    To give my broken life, a mend.
    Have the gate of victory, once again open'd,
    No more of this pend,
    For my garments of patience in the frustrations, I have completely rend.
    You said, You are the good shepherd and to me, you will tend.
    Please lead me to a path that would cause my life to ascend.

    Bring me into the land you promised me
    One swelling with satisfaction's glee.


  • mrspectacular 104w


    Speak to me, sweetness
    I long to feel your awareness
    That does with an awesome bliss bless
    I long to have the words of your lips give my heart, a caress
    For not hearing from you is like being put by pain under duress
    In a little while, I mess my dress
    With tears that seem endless
    Give me a feel of your peace-blessing finesse
    Your words are like gold. I want to harness
    And I assure you this is not a matter of second-guess
    Without you, my heart is stricken by many-an-illness
    I am a mess
    Not hearing from you does my soul oppress
    It is like my happiness is out under the press
    I am made restless
    And haggled by increasing stress
    And putting my soul in a tight tress.

    Please with thy attention, put my joy at its peak
    And away from loneliness' beak
    No, I'm not an obsessed freak
    I'm just one with a heart that does easily leak
    A little puncture brings a reak
    As a result, not having it being used makes me weak
    For there needs to be an interchange of fluids of emotion
    Lest my heart burst into flaming commotion.

    Please do not let us go that way
    I beg you this day.


  • mrspectacular 108w


    I took a walk down the street in the night
    Although it was wrong for a fellow of my status, it felt very right
    It was one of the moments that made me feel, though demented, very alright
    The moon shone so bright.

    As I took the turn into my palace
    I heard a voice that made my heart race
    For when I looked around, no human figure I could trace
    I could see no one so it was worthless to bring out my mace

    But then coming from the eyes of one of the palace's gargoyle was a light
    Oh did it give me such a fright
    I froze although I wanted to take flight
    I shut my eyes so I could not see whatever horrors were in sight

    Then the voice came again
    It gave my chest such a pain
    I had lost all powers of my brain
    Both minor and main

    It said relax dear
    I was bombarded by fear
    I wondered, what did I just hear?
    I must be hallucinating a lot this year.

    I looked back to confirm that it was just I & the creature
    And indeed it was just I and the sculpture
    Then my mind must be preyed on by hallucination's vulture
    As was with my nature.

    But I was incorrect, thought-wise
    For of the realest reality, this experience did comprise
    It was not a disguise
    As I had thought otherwise.

    It flew off into the dark clouds above
    For a few seconds, it did hove
    And then with a calmness as was characteristic with a dove
    It came down into the nearby grove.

    To that place, I quickly rush
    And what I saw gave my fears both a license and a hush
    A license for there was the great disparity between the creature in the sky & the one that stood now before me in the bush
    From my world of what I considered real, it gave me a push.

    The gargoyle had turned into a beautiful damsel
    I stared in surprise a while and shut my eyes in its lid cell
    For looking at her made me unwell
    And for the task ahead, I needed to be well.

    She stood there in the nude
    Regardless of the fact that she was before a dude
    I could not open my eyes for I thought it rude
    To stare at her in her state so crude.

    I ask that she covers herself with some leaves from the garden therein
    So that I am not moved to sin
    For I must admit, seeing her that way made my celibating containment grow thin
    But I was not going to throw away so easily my win.

    She covers herself up in the Adam and Eve style
    And then pulling close to me, she was agile
    She looked like one troubled with so much bile
    Like one with a complaint to file.

    Looking at her, I ask what the matter is
    That plagued so much her bliss
    And gave her such a fiss
    Clearly, she needed a liss.

    I was glad and at the same time terrified to be chosen for such a task.
    I ask that she does, in the moment, bask
    And see me as her knight although without a cask.
    To talk to me about her burden I ask.

    Looking at me, her lips, she does restrain
    But then she is betrayed by her pain.
    She thought to herself, "If I would hide it away from him, what would be my gain?"
    And with that, she begins to drain.

    "Christabel is my name
    I was before now, a dame
    At the top of my game
    But it seems as though I had made an error that was very lame

    For one certain day, while the sun was at its brightest,
    The queen summons my entire family and I as one whom, her throne, slightest.
    My skin at that moment felt tightest
    For I thought of the worst reason for the summons even when I wanted to think of the best.

    She looked at us with so much disgust
    With the fury on her face, she was ready to turn us to dust.
    She however said she was just
    But that to punish us, she must.

    Hence she took in her hand, her scepter
    And stretched out, she opened us all to this chapter.
    My entire family and I were made gargoyles thereafter
    She & the other knights burst out in uncontrolled laughter.

    Shortly after, she sent for the royal sculptor
    Asking that he with his expertise, an engineering of perfection, with us doctor
    Taking us up, he does as instructed by our captor
    Four of those sculptures there are the family of Niator.

    Please for our sakes, prevail on the queen to relieve us of this punishment
    That our lives may be given a refurbishment
    I pledge on behalf of the entire family, never would there be a repeat of that moment,
    Whatever it was that caused the Queen to order on us, such torment.

    With that, I storm off into the palace in fury
    I was so mad, I could the entire palace bury
    Up to my mother's room, I hurry
    To demand an explanation for this heartlessness's flurry.
    She is surprised and terrified as she finds the matter rather gory
    That very night, she summons her court from chief of special duties to jury
    Tabling before them my query
    For as expected, it gave her so much worry

    After deliberating on-end,
    A conclusion they finally attend
    That they are sure would give the matter, a positive bend.
    Asking the current chief magician to, his hand, lend.
    At the instruction of the queen, he does on the matter, descend.

    Out to them, his arms he does stretch
    Some magical words on the papers of our hearing, he does sketch
    That he may, their human essence from where it was locked in, fetch
    And the affliction meted on them, letch

    In a little while, they all take the regular human form
    What we see take us by storm
    We are reprimanded in astonishment's dorm.

    They are all naked before our eyes
    The royal fashion designer quickly brings forth some clothes even though not their size
    That they may buse them to do to their nakedness, otherwise

    Having fallen in love with your mother,
    I tell the queen I want only her and no other.
    I ask that all plans to make us one, she does further
    And in a few days, in the royal ballroom, we all gather.

    We are right there joined in matrimony by the priest
    He would not call it holy for he still considered your mother a beast
    But regardless, that could not twist my wrist
    For I still considered myself as one topping the lucky list.

    And that, my dear children is how I met your mother,
    This beautiful woman.


  • mrspectacular 108w


    All of you will I adore
    More than I have done to any other before
    You'll have the exclusive privilege of controlling my heart's core
    I promise thee a union void of dolor
    From the day I will meet you to every other day in the fore.
    Yes love, it will be a sweetness galore
    Oh yes, I'll let you have Love's entire lore
    And even more.
    For you,my dear, are my joy's ore
    And as such, you should be located in Care's parlour
    Beyond the reach of pain's razor.
    Herefore I ask Love, let me be your man of valour
    And against the aforementioned, your brave warrior.

    I would give all of me to have your hand
    To have on your finger, my band.
    My heart has been on an errand
    The perfect home to fand
    I sure do owe it a garland
    For finding such a beautiful hand
    A perfect love island
    On which it can comfortably land
    One on which the biggest of Love's structures can comfortably stand
    Oh please I plead with thee, follow to your new castle, my love's wand
    Thine palace awaits your tender-loving hand.


  • mrspectacular 109w


    For so long I have waited for the moment of rapture
    To give me a capture.
    Waited for a real smile to throng my denture
    But it has been such an esture.
    They say you have in your hand, my future;
    Please I plead for a kind gesture,
    Give this issue, a cure.
    Give victory to my side, a lure.
    I know I am but just manure
    But for the time being that I am of the human nature
    Please can my existence not stink like some pile of ordure?
    Why must it look like a wasteland instead of lush pasture?
    Why must it experience so many-an-ugly rupture?
    It is high-time this should be given a suture
    Because it has been no less than a torture.
    It was meant to be a beautiful adventure
    But honestly from where I stand here, it is taking the guise of a wasted venture.

    You did that of others and they were not half as unfortunate,
    The nasty cookie of a hold up none of them ate.
    So why should mine experience such bate?
    Why would you make it belate
    Even to such a late date?
    Don't I deserve to be elate
    If yes, why all these bombshells with a plan to frustrate?
    Look at me, I have been standing so long at this gate
    But somehow the whole vibe to keep up the chase is almost hebetate.
    My mind is at the whole situation, irate
    Because it is damn too late
    To still be on this plate.
    I need to be sate,
    There is just one thing that will assure that state
    And that is when on success's table, I am found situate.

    Please run for me this package
    For indeed, I need a movement to the next page
    Make the accolades throng in a barrage.

  • soubia 110w

    Suno Na meri yaad aati hai kya,
    Akele jab tum hote ho yaad satati hai kya??

    Yaad hai mujhe tumne kaha tha meri fikr hai isliye door ho,
    Meri muskaan ki peeche ki kahani kuch sunati hai kya??

    Suna hai donuts khane chod diye hain tumne ,
    Sach sach batana donuts ki mehak meri yaad dilati hai kya?

    Tumne kaha tha ta-umr saath nibhaoge,
    Toote waadon ki tees dil ko chubhati hai??

    Suno Na meri yaad aati hai kya,
    Akele jab tum hote ho yaad satati hai kya??

  • mrspectacular 110w


    Come to me, my dear
    For the pain of not having you I can no longer bear
    Come and give this consignment, from this Earth Wharf, a clear.
    Before now, of you, I had such a great fear
    But now I need you in top gear.
    Your voice beckoning me is what I want to hear
    Come to me in a motion linear,
    For my passion for life has been made sear.
    Yes I know taking me away would cause some people to shed a tear
    But it would also prevent any more wear,
    It would most likely be, for everyone, the best year.

    So take my hand, bring me beyond the river
    For at this juncture, I am no longer a believer
    I thought I would make an expert caver
    But apparently I was not that clever
    Because now the rocks above me have given my head, from my neck, a sever.
    I thought I would make an expert diver
    But apparently this is no friendly river.
    It is so cold, I have caught a serious fever
    So please take back your gift, life-giver.

    Let us bring this joke to an end
    For the reason behind it is now very difficult to comprehend,
    It was meant to be a friend
    But now it seems to attack me on-end.
    We would have thought to make an amend
    But this is not some tear that one could mend.
    It is more like a large lump of pain, that does pend
    In dealing with it, we have made a bumbling huge spend
    Yet the pain, it does not hesitate to defiantly vend.

    I agree with you all.
    I think it is high time I answered death's call,
    To his bullet I should immediately fall.
    For of what essence is it if I would just go on feeling like gall.
    It is painful walking this hall,
    A torturous experience in all.
    I think it is not an overstatement to say we've hit a brickwall.

    So let's kindly count our losses
    And the few glosses,
    For I have tried over and again to join the league of bosses,
    To become one of the many colossuses
    But my license, the chief never endorses.
    Every avenue I try, he flosses
    And stations at the entrance, powerful garrisoned horses.
    Stripping me of any kind of good josses
    Making my life one of worst of mosses
    A little finer than some seriously ugly rosses
    A little more beautiful than an area of sosses
    Successfully making me feel like a member of the league of albatrosses.

    I guess that was His plan all along
    To show me that I do not, in this life, belong.
    Little wonder He put in so much chiong
    In making sure I turned out a deformed flong.
    I bet, up in his residence, he'll beating a celebration gong
    That he had finally had me hung.

    Come snatch away my breath
    O kind Death
    Conquer my health
    Put me six feet underneath
    Amidst the brown'd wreath.

    There is basically no use keeping me alive any more,
    For it would only make the world much more sore.


  • saight 109w

    Lost Soul

    I am dead inside,
    With a heart like a diamond
    Impenetrable by emotions,
    I feel like the walking dead
    Living each day like a vegetable
    Lost without purpose,
    I have asked for help,
    But I'm not sure I really want it
    Because the feeling of
    hopelessness and worthlessness
    Have become my companion
    Is there really hope,
    For this lost soul?

  • mrspectacular 112w


    This place is nice
    But I want more.
    I would pay whatever price
    To move beyond this shore.

    On this mountain I had been on-end
    Point out to mine eyes, somewhere new.
    Help me to ascend
    That I am acquire the newest spirit brew.

    I need to add more weight
    The foods of this dimension can no longer meet that need.
    Please help my deplorable plight
    And supply me with the new dimension's seed.

    Please do not let me, on one spot see my death.
    Help me take flight in your spirit
    That in the day I exhale my last breath
    My days on Earth would be counted worth it.


  • mrspectacular 117w


    I am too irresponsible
    To take care of this life I've been given.
    The gravity of most of my actions are incomprehensible.
    By them I will be completely riven,
    If I am left to myself.

    I know next to nothing
    Concerning important maneuvers.
    Consequences follow everything.
    I'd have a lot of hangovers,
    If I am left to make decisions myself.

    I cannot, the willpower given, rightly exercise.
    I find myself making errors stupid.
    I ask myself if being given that willpower was wise
    Because I make a fool of myself, in a way that's rather intrepid.
    Please send help

    Don't let my life be brought to an end
    On account of some of my so-many-a-misdeed.
    I cannot, this terrain ,alone contend
    For I would be consumed with light-speed
    I need thee now.


  • iam_rose 119w

    The dark
    For she has
    Stars embed
    In her eyes that
    Scatter the gloom
    And let my soul bloom
    Despite its deserted looks
    I am blessed with her shade
    That never let my petals fade
    I am the only flower with thory seige
    Yet I never preach to spread hate,this
    Makes me the most adored flower
    I am called the token of love
    I am soft in touch as dove
    All I yearn for the lasting
    Bliss,knowing I just
    Am allowed for a
    Breif stay,I love
    To be smelt
    Even if I do
    Wither yet
    I am left
    With lot
    To give


  • missypoetic 138w


    I never knew how much
    the blankets could suffocate me—
    keep me still, still in it's comforting
    embrace. I've never felt so,
    so uncomfortable.

    The fan whines with it's persistent
    encouragement to get up already.
    However, my blankets hug me tighter.
    And I will stay with them, until I sleep into the afternoon—maybe longer...

  • bellemoon99 145w

    Dear life

    Labile dear life, what should I do with you?
    I want to be happy, make my dreams come true.
    And yet I find it so hard not to slip into madness, please let me know you'll offer me kindness.
    Labile dear life, what should we do?
    I'll learn with you so dance with me too.

  • purpleenigma 151w

    Raise your daughter
    With the wild of the hurricanes
    With the tenacity of evergreens
    With the ferociousness of a lioness
    With the heart
    That you were told to hide away.
    Oh mother
    Raise her to be strong oak
    Because this world will
    Try to break her.
    Oh mother
    Raise a warrior.


  • soulfulsymphony 158w

    I tried writing something new. Leave your views in the comments and do follow me on Instagram. I would be thankful alot.
    #sad #anxiety #depression #innervoice #voice #opinion #pain #broken #soul #sufering #plea #mercy

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    Anyone listening to me?
    I am the inner voice.
    You don't know me because you have locked me up in a dark corner. It's a small space where demons wander and no light has ever entered. You have put me in heavy metal chains and you always zone me out.
    You never listen to me. Never let me out. You make me suffer and ignore my screams. They have been growing everyday. But you always let me hurt and put on a smile and went on with your day. You never care for me.
    I am in pain.
    Please free me from these chains, let me hold you and make you whole again. Please listen to me and you will never have to feel broken again.


  • oceana 163w

    A Writer's Plea...

    My soul is crying
    The writer inside me is dying

    I can't put my pen down
    I want to write till dawn

    Please let me write
    I promise, I'll make everything right