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    Please I beg of you
    Just bring it to an end.
    I can take no more
    You just do not understand
    You do not love me
    Why did you say it
    It's evil to lie like that
    Why didn't you just save it?
    I could have done without the pain
    Suffered enough stormy nights in the rain
    I just want to finally see the sun again
    I just someone to be a true friend
    I'm supposed to pull through this but I can't seem to rise
    I have no will to live, I can not dry my eyes
    The thing I ask myself, "Are you really worth it?"
    Or am I a mere fool who really does deserve it?
    I'm begging you in this moment, to save me while you can
    For tomorrow I'll be gone & all I wanted was your hand
    © Manda H.

  • haileyoneal 5w


    Please be patient with me if you dare. See it will take some time in order to prove that you really care. I promise it will be worth the wait, us meeting will seem like fate. Please do not take, do not take my love for granted. See I've been hurt before and that makes me become hesitant. Please understand my kindness shouldn't have to be my weakness, I have been abandoned and left stranded. I have a heart made of gold, but in the past that was never enough. All I ever wanted was someone to love, to love me for me. Can't you see? I have been hurt before, again and again. Please appreciate the fact that for you I'm willing to risk, risk the chance of getting hurt again. All I ask is if you take the time to knock down my walls, please intend to stay. Because if I end up heartbroken again, I don't think I'd be able to live to see another day..

  • angie6191 5w

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    I told you,
    Even when the light no longer knows what bright means
    When night forgets about dark
    And the sky has lost faith in heights
    When the floods are flooding the shore, I will forever carry your smiling picture in my heart even when it means taking a vacation to hell I will carry me to you.
    But it was never my idea to get pushed or jump but still you put me on a cliff with your un repented pettiness,you bleached all the fairy tails that were painted on the walls of my heart because I led you to the altar of my life, Why?
    I would have laughed in your eyes,cried in your arms,get lost in your thoughts. I would have been so quick to notice the tear in yo eye than the tear in your shoe we would have been a forever because when I told you i loved you I did not lie I wasn't doing poetry I just wanted to put the love I could not give myself to good use to you, to love you because you make me a better me
    Even when you're hurting me breaking me you are making me discover me and that is a me

    What kind of delusion are you under that you can not see our illusion that you are trying to plunder. We see the lightning and not the thunder but that does not give you a right to blander.
    But these feelings that are carrying me to cemetery and putting both my feet in the grave, making me a prison of pain, birthing this trauma that I gained, not giving me self space, bruising my ego and making me evil to keep myself warm with anger with notebooks filled with conversations I cannot have with you
    I nolonger want to wake up with an apology already forming in my mouth because I cannot spell love without fear, passion without pain, affection without depression
    So I have lost my perception of love again and this time I won't morn it.

  • muvaddat 6w

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    Creativity and phase of teenage

    Iam growing. In terms of age, height , class, style , choices , priorities , decisions , moods iam growing. Some times I hate to follow the ruless of society but after some time I realize why they are important the rules . Some time mental and emotinally we broke because major breakdown happens but we just hide everything behind a weird smile and weird awkward behaviour. But adulting is a phase a weird phase with mixed condition and challenges. It has alot thing like new motives and motivation and race for achieving your goals.
    P.s: I felt this all in me as a teen and wrote this.
    #my teen life
    #my real content
    #recylcle kid
    #captions of life
    #14 year old writing

  • kauthar 12w

    Lost smile

    The wrong of others...
    Is always claimed as hers.
    Trying so hard to please others...
    Forgetting her own smile,
    Which she lost, a couple miles

  • ogheneyoma 12w

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    Everyone wants to write now,
    Everybody found out our secret about writing,
    They already know writing helps us express,
    They know about the power of writing already,
    They know writing give you power to create happenings,
    Writing give you the power to create emotions,
    They are fully aware of all those already,
    Everyone wants to write, no one wants to follow protocols,
    They just think writing is about bringing words together,
    They don't even care about the ethics of writing,
    Who will listen to silent cry still? I guess none,
    Everyone becomes a poet...

  • seraiah_smiles 13w


    I watched #Billie's i-D with Stormzy, I read some posts here on #Miraquill, I reflected on my beliefs, and I concluded with this #Quote.

    #Please #Crown #Lord

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    I have re-realized that it's not necessary that I please the crowd, the world; but rather, it is to please the Crown, the Lord.

    It's not necessary to please everybody; it's enough, enough to be me.

  • miracle2_3 16w

    Please don't make yourself uncomfortable
    To make me comfortable
    That just makes me more uncomfortable


  • aashuu43 17w


    मेरी दी हुई पायलों के घुंघरू उतार लेना,

    उस रकीब के घर मे,
    मेरी मोहब्बत की आवाज यूँ अच्छी नहीं लगेगी।


  • angels_halo_shines 21w

    Here I Am

    Everyone is their own authenticity whether it's following or leading the crowd. I am one of a kind, I do not follow or lead, I am just me. I have the ability to change the energy of a room full of people. Some ask how? All I do is walk in & my presence alone will do so. I can feel the energy of someone approaching me.
    I find that, a gift in itself. It took me years to understand my gift, once I learned about myself, I had to believe. Believe & it shall be.
    Manifestation, learn it, believe in it, took EVERYTHING to a whole new level. Its simple. I never thought it would be so easy. Positive = positive, ALWAYS REMEMBER. Don't think negative or in the end it will be you guessed a negative outcome. Took me quite a while to learn just that. I can help others in ways I NEVER & I MEAN NEVER thought were possible. I try to help others the best I can. To uplift another comes great rewards on doing so. The feeling inside your heart, is amazing.
    Learning by helping others is also life lessons.
    To learn through another is teaching a form of wisdom to want to help even more. A support system sometimes me more than you know. Kind words you never know when someone just needs to hear them. One day that may be you in their position. Seems to me if there's a way to uplift the world we should all do so. Even if it's one person at a time. We could make our time here peaceful & less angry.
    I hope everyone understands & does their part. Maybe it can be a better place for us all!!

    #unique_chall #empath #empathmind #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #ceesreposts #truth #peace #kind #please

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the love!! ❤️������

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    Here I Am

    I am me.

  • angels_halo_shines 22w

    PLEASE, God

    Y’all ever wonder why life is difficult at times? As an individual or just in general. I wonder a lot. It’s said “God never puts more than you can handle.” Really? Cuz I can’t handle anymore. Too much is too much. I am telling you. “Give your problems to God.” I do. Things never get any calmer, not for me. 1 BIG test after another & another. The never ending life of testing to see if I will lose my mind or not. I am about there. Not many can help me, besides the man upstairs. I need His help. I can’t do this as I have been. Something needs to change, it’s ongoing, undeniable dilemma. Maybe this is ALL a damn nightmare? Can I please wake up now? Let it end. If there’s no perfect ending, I can live with that!! Just let it end. Just let it end. Please hear me this time. I am close to where I cannot deal with nothing else. And you know I am.

  • missjyotii 23w

    यकीनन तुम्हें कुछ मालूम नहीं...
    और खुद को तजुर्बेदार कहते हो,

    अड़ाते हो टांग अपनी दूसरों के मसलों में...
    और खुद को समझदार कहते हो!


  • kb19160 25w

    i aim to please
    that is my problem
    i aim to please but not to be happy

    i strive to fit in
    but that is a template
    i strive to fit in but not to express


  • shubham_20 28w

    Kuch log itne please karte hai dusre logoh ko jaise agreement kiye the

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    Your love I once surrendered,
    has never left my mind

    My heart is just tender,
    as the day I called you MINE

    I did not take you with me
    but you were never left behind.

  • anbukarasi 30w

    Beautiful lie ❤️

    The void inside me made it easier to fall for you. you filled me upto the brim,which made my thorns grow back as flowers.
    But, what changed your mind, dear ?
    Or should I ask who , perhaps?
    As I see you walk with her hands around your waist and your hands around her shoulder.
    I can overhear strangers whispering," they're a match made in heaven".
    Maybe they were , I thought.
    But what did I do to deserve this agony.

    She cried with the rain, the shade of her mascara running down her cheeks matched the dead dark clouds pouring rain and every stroke of thunder that pierced the Earth matched the pain caused by him.

    You put my broken pieces into place and watched it shatter and burn to ashes in your hands.Why ?

    The love you showered, the care you gave , the promises you made , did they really mean nothing to you ?Or
    Do you remember?
    Remember, when we made vows to each other sitting on top of the roof under the full moon thinking we almost made it ;

    Did we really fall in love or was it all just in my head ?

  • barbad 31w

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    मुझे कब्रों से डर नहीं लगता
    मेरे बाबा वहीं पर रहते है

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    #I also want to live

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    Come Back

    Jisko aj mere mein hazaro galtiya dikhti hain
    Kabhi usi ne kaha tha, tum jaise bhi ho mere hi rahoge

  • vswrites97 32w

    फिजूल और उल जुलूल बाते करने में उसे मजा आता है
    मेरा दिल दुखाने में उसे बड़ा मजा आता हैं

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