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  • harsh77 2m

    We are living in this era where people don't value the real talent and copied or fake shit inspired peoples when you do a thing which is not your comfort zone that thing makes you something in your life because its not your comfort zone, but unfortunately real talent is not welcome by some toxic peoples they are like "i didn't do anything in my life, I'm still eating my fathers money be like me" and these guys are teaching us fashion sense they don't know fuckin knowledge to earn a single coin.
    Be influenced by them who achieved somethin in their life don't be a crowd, look different in thousands, stay real, improve your skills,hobbies, and those who lost the way direct them towards to life, there is life you've to live for your own sake❤️��.
    Ik sometimes i do spit this shit here cuz this is the platform i can express my self so don't be afraid to speak.
    Speak up .��

    ��Not talking here for anyone specific
    #change #society #fake #real #nature #travel #pod #influenced #skills

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    Real one is dying and fake one is lit

  • jayanthdeshmukh 17m

    Don't Tell Me

    Don’t tell me you understand my pain
    Don’t tell me that you know
    That this is a test, strength I will eventually gain
    Don’t tell me that I will slowly grow

    Don’t tell me this is a test
    That I am different from the rest
    Don’t tell me that I should brighten up
    That opportunities to redeem overflow in life’s cup

    Don’t tell me that the answers lie within me
    That there is beauty within me that I cant see
    Don’t tell me it is okay to cry
    That eventually success comes to those who persevere,
    To those who try

    Don’t tell me that God is the judge
    That this life is his and not mine to be taken
    Don’t tell me that it is okay to walk in an emotionless sludge
    That life will be great, that I am not forsaken

    Don’t tell me that suicide is an act of being selfish
    It is not a choice for me, it isn’t something I relish
    Don’t tell me that everyone has problems to face
    I don’t belong here, let me and death embrace

  • zakariya 19m

    When one day you will feel abandoned
    By all those you poured your hope on
    Do come and peel off the shards of my skin
    And build a nest deep down my heart
    Reside therein, till you feel sheltered
    I promise, I won't make a single cry
    I would silently bear the pain rather
    Even if it tores me apart
    Oh! beloved your pain and scars
    Are yet another way to feel
    That I still exist
    Inflict more of your pain on me
    And revitalise my existence
    For I feel too numb to live.

    #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill @kosachaya @in_shaa

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    Make me perceive my existence

  • poetically_yours 22m

    Wisdom from the wise

    Drowning in a swamp of despair,
    I see a ray of hope from underneath.
    Before I closed my eyelids,
    I felt a touch on my chapped lips.
    A voice in my ear whispered,
    And it relieved me of everything I feared.
    I somehow opened my eyes,
    I see a silhouette, to my surprise.
    "It's a phase, don't make it destiny."
    Was what I heard it say,
    Could never take it out of my mind,
    Till this day.

    © Poetically Yours

  • redlostgirl 41m

    He is the cure for all her mental struggle
    She is the remedy for his fragile feelings.

  • anautumnleaf 44m

    Now i am friendless, forlorn and loneliest soul
    To hold back tears in eyes is out of my control.

    Sitting alone in the corner your absence rips me apart
    I look at your pictures hanging on wall to console my heart.

    I have no existence in the world without you
    Since when you died, a part of me died too.

    Your memories kill me inside out and i yell
    If i imagine you in heaven, can i forget i am living in hell?

    Billion times a day i pray God for your return in my life
    Your goodbye was more painful than piercing my heart with a knife.


    #miraquill #writersmetwork #pod #goodbye #death

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  • mixed__bag 45m

    People and places

    Jamie you know, people leave but places don't. They exist holding back all the memories, fragrances and the reminder that life must go on. These walls echoe forever. Hundreds of vows, taken and broken. Such places turn back time, but people move on. No matter how much someone once loved you, they stop liking you when they see you want them more than you want yourself. And we keep coming back to these places to seek comfort, in what was once there which is now gone.


  • mypinknotes 1h

    You know you have moved on when you can go back to those ugly memories and feel the emotions without getting hurt by them.

    You've moved on with the lessons it taught you.
    #mirakee #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #pod

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    The stories of heartbreak I write as if it still hurts me; it doesn't.

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  • rhythmic_beats 2h

    Paper bag of poetry crumbled and thrown, lying emotionless exhale emotions. What an irony you would say. But that's the truth! Like the heart can be broken thousand times but it will still pump love, the limbs can be broken and paralysed but it will still hold paint brushes and peacock feather quill to ink the vintage era to a fairyland, where tints and shades light up the sky when someone collapses down as their sun sets forever behind the horizon of destiny. Similarly the crumbled poetry zephyrs the delicate peaceful white petals of daisy, which blossoms each twinkling star and moon reflecting the yearning memories, fragrance, and traces of love wrapped inside the paper bag of poetry.

    They are not ghosts or zombies though the walls echo their dulcet voice, though their fragrance of skin would still fill the air by vibrant spring, though their warmth would fire as before, it's their traces of shedded love still finding their lost existence just like those tiny yellow amber smiles of daisy, gravitating lost heartbeats, eclipsing amorphous album of memories!

    Asunder espy of stained mere emotions and makes the place a heritage of poem and becomes the favourite tourist destination to gaze and hear the fading fossil traces of rubescent words.

    Jamie, you know there are many undiscovered corners of such heritage places, where the world is concreted by petals of daisy in the form of refulgent pages and the yellow amber words will beat music of haiku, sonnet, metaphors and will flash epitome of ethereal sempiternal coalescing incandescent love.

    And Jamie you know people leave but places don't.
    They exist holding back all the memories, fragrance
    And traces of love wrapped inside the
    Paper bag of poetry;
    And that precious heritage place is
    MIRAQUILL where all seasons and time
    Amalgamate as one soul.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Too long sorry��

    #monologue #pod #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork
    #poetry #life #reflection
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • love_aureate 2h

    Last kiss

    Before i decided to bid u adieu..
    i dreamt of u for the last...
    Leaning against the pillow..
    I tried to kiss away ur thoughts...
    swayed by emotions,
    tears rolled down my cheek...
    With every inch of them that i felt....
    I slipped into ur dreams...
    As deeper i fell asleep..
    I found myself next to you..
    I embraced u in my arms
    And hugged u as tightly as i knew..
    I lifted up my toes..
    And reached out to kiss..
    with fingers entangled with yours..
    I finally locked my lips..
    You ran ur hand all over..
    Way down my waist..
    Pulled me a little more closer...
    And held me with more grace
    I felt the warmth of ur breath
    Swaying from my neck to the collar bone
    I lived that very moment..
    As i fell for u once more..
    For that very second
    My world came to a hault...
    I forgot all the good byes
    And woke up with a jolt...

  • barasiya__ 3h

    Jamie you know, people leave but places don't. They exist holding back all the memories, fragrances and stories.
    Jamie, do you remember, how we used to run away from the city every evening. When it rained, you used to look back to me and ask, "where?", I used to shout with all the air in my heart, "sky". We used to run until we caught the sun and until we fell off the horizon. And then you and me, we used to laugh, like two innocent kids falling in love. Jamie, you used to shift closer to me when the dusk fell in. A cloud of fireflies formed right up your head, and they used to look at us, while you settled your world in my lips. You used to hold me with every little air that crept between us as if this world was ours, as if we were the only children breathing. Jamie you touched my skin, growing closer with every inch, breathing with every inch of your skin. Jamie you drew a world in my skin, you drew a sunset which I adore, you drew a picture that screams love on my shoulder and it highlights on my darkest hours.
    Jamie, do you remember how you used to hold my hand when we strolled on Uncle Samuel's garden after physics tuition. You used to pluck daisy flowers that fell off the tree for an entire year and you sewed it in a tiara and wore it to me on my birthday. I smiled and smiled for the entire day. You used to walk me home where we ate pancakes and laughed about little things that made no sense to this world, until we went under the blanket and skipped hours of friendship in some effectively ruined part of the world. Your fingers would trace down the scars of my body and would make so much, it would make me forgive every existential regrets that pushed me down, it would hollow down all the weights that hunts me at night, and it would make me love you over and over again. You and me, we stayed, until the blankets felt like a piece of warm beach and your kisses bruised like the sea water. Your lips felt like Sandy sea shore and I totally sank in.
    Jamie, you and me, we made a world which we believed would be happier. We kept coming back to places we thought ended and we kept making it healthier. We reincarnated humanity which extincted into a sphere, and lived all of them, in a whole.
    Jamie, you and me, we made a playlist which sings "I was meant for loving you" at the next dawn after I suffer sleepless nights, the dawn where the sun shines brighter and birds at my attic chirp in a chorus. We made a sky where the wren roosts while returning to home, soaring higher than breaking prides. We cucconed everything we dreamed about. We knitted a sweater which smells of home and half burnt love letters. We bury hope in our chest and we soar higher in a world where love is about acceptance, where love is about holding on, to places, memories and fragrances, and not about people, because you know Jamie, people leave, but places don't.

    Dear Jamie, stay at peace, wherever you are.

    ~ Barasiya, an eulogy to love which is not scary.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #wod #monologue #pod
    @poeticgirl @aastha_bhowmik

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  • rohit_bihari 3h

    हमेशा दुखी मत हो नाम ले लेकर तुम भगवान का
    सीना समंदर का भी चीर देता हैं हौंसला इंसान का
    बैठ किनारे पर कब तक मंजिल चाहोगे हराम का
    उठ कुछ कर दिखा तु अंश हैं मेहनती माँ बाप का

  • rohit_bihari 3h

    अबसे सिर्फ सफलता का किस्सा ही मत पढ़ो
    कुछ ऐसा करो कि तुम भी सफलता का हिस्सा बनो

  • hoorbanu98 3h

    Bad Time is Pious♥

    Never forget your bad time.
    If you, then remember
    You will be the most poisousness to your own life.

    《 19-06-2021 》

  • deep13gk 3h

    Jamie you know, people leave but
    Places don't. They exist holding back all their memories, fragrances and some unspoken words.
    Some unspoken words that they took with them don't say to anyone.

    Left their loved
    Once behind
    Alone in this
    Cruel world
    Where greedy
    Wolfs are
    Waiting for
    Them to be
    All alone
    Or lonely
    In between
    The people
    Who fake
    Being together
    But not together
    Just waiting
    For their time
    To clear him
    Out of their way

    #monologue #wod #mirakee #miraquil #creesrepost @miraquil #readers @writersnetwork @childauthor_345
    #love #pod #tod #repost #alone #poetry #poetrylovers #love_gone_sour #writtingcommunity #writersbay #writers

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    Jamie you know, people leave but
    Places don't. They exist holding back all their memories, fragrances and some unspoken words.
    Some unspoken words that they took with them don't say to anyone.

  • lovvfailure 3h

    Human is a traveller of dramatic
    and off guard journey!!

    love failure

  • akshiwrites 3h

    Jamie you know, people leave but places don't. They exist holding all the memories, fragrances and emotions of innocent hearts that were once crazy in love. They keep the spirit of promises alive when people fail to do so. You can still feel the innocence of love when the breeze there blows through your hair. You can still feel the loud laughs, shy smiles, enchanting eyes, funny faces, delightful dancing, happy hugs, mushy meetings, never-ending nights, serene sunsets, warm walks. You can once again live that joyous journey through the place you left long ago. Jamie, these places are like blank pages of the diary. It sees all - the charm of the spring, the cruelty of the cold, the heartbreaks of autumn. It holds all our emotions and care for them when even we, ourselves abandon them. People are scared, insecure and selfish. Places have empathetic hearts and beautiful souls. They keep our memories alive while we dig their graves deep in our hearts. Places let the love live while people murder it with selfishness.


    P.c. pinterest ��

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    Places keep our memories alive while we dig their graves deep in our hearts. Places let the love live while people murder it with selfishness.

  • ku12pk 3h

    #अरोठिया #इश्क #जिंदगी #रंग #hindi #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod # hindinama

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    जिंदगी इश्क का जब रंग देखे
    हर तरफ चमकता जहां देखे,
    किस गली में अब आशियाना होगा
    हर तरफ उलफ़्तों का पैगाम देखे।

    प्रद्युम्न अरोठिया

  • doux_torment 4h

    Jamie you know,
    people leave but places don't
    They exist holding back all memories
    Fragrances and cascade of emotions

    They say
    "This too shall pass,
    This strangling silence, and ambient chaos chocking your plica vocalis, mocking your idiosyncrasy
    won't last
    At least not until aeonian
    Very often they, carve forever on the unfortunate blue epitaph of Unlucrative lovers,
    whose soul were torned apart, turning them into bone, painting it scarlet by their draconian love
    Lovers whose Bones burnt in their lovers fireplace,
    to see warmth on their faces,of quilt built of ashes
    With some weeping dandelions
    As Lily being so jovial feels like Forelsket

    Quite frequently!
    Beautiful white lies of forever they carve,
    so Magniquently, on the lilac papyrus
    Being a poetess, whose feeble bones impregnated with weeping elegies screaks pain
    Maybe they are blind
    Or they lost their mind in long lost, almost forgotten
    Utopian lands, where despondent wallflowers Bloom
    Abandoning themselves to Forlorn
    Just to mourn,
    levitating memories of their oblivion self

    They say
    Oo maiden!
    Everything happens for a reason,
    Nothing goes in vain
    Every unknown stranger, who barges in, into your magnanimous heart
    Like slanting rays of hope from your window pane
    Which imbues a familiar cologne, beguiling my soul
    And setting it on fire, turning it intermittently into flame, and incessantly into smoulder
    One who lets me cry pink tears on its shoulder
    Will stay, only for a season
    They are meant to teach me lessons
    May be one or two

    So, when they finally go away
    Extinguishing the candle of hope
    Thantophobia starts to burgeon inside my gloomy,
    Frigid, Autophobic soul
    I latch my nomadic self to their collar bones
    And dig my own grave
    Burying myself, Six feet under
    Waiting for my beloved
    to adorn my grave with red roses

    Idk if it makes any sense, ranting :/



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  • 2chinmayee 6h

    #monologue #wod#pod
    There is magic in science��

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your ��
    Thank you so much for EC����

    @odysseus_2 @soulfulstirrings @love_whispererr @preetkanwal

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    There is a downfall in every career

    Jamie you know,
    people leave but places don't.
    They exist holding back
    all the memories , fragrances
    and their place in our
    heart in our medulla.
    No one can take place
    their space in eventide
    in slight horizons
    with a cold zephyr.
    But expressing yourself
    is best remedy to lighten
    the cardiac muscle .
    /There is a downfall in every career /
    Failure ,sarcasm, criticism
    poured poison in arteries
    and ventricles of heart.
    Hunting the cranium ,
    carnivores splashing lime for
    psychological metastasis(cancer) .
    Turbulent laugh trampled
    under traumatic tranquility.
    Being an adsorbent
    dry cheeks sucked the gliding
    warm eluent for the outcry.
    Maturity chocker chocked
    childish voice with onus .
    Being hermit
    the delighted flower
    framed diary with verse...
    And collecting all pieces
    for a volcano......
    and I'm going through it./

    ~Chinmayee Mohanty