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  • yayshi 61w

    The truth is here
    I never fear
    He does it all
    Makes my fears small
    Breaks the invisible wall
    Lets me breathe it all
    Turns me new
    Brings out my side true
    Reignites my dead spark
    Perfectly leads me out of dark
    Makes my sins bless
    Makes my terrors less
    Clears all my past mess
    Provided I simply
    Do the right
    And feed him light
    For what he tells me
    Is what he saw
    Some day long lost
    So not his flaw


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    Who do you think he is?

  • yayshi 61w

    Fresh splash of green
    Spots of red passion
    Calm clarity of blue
    Blend together
    In all their strengths
    As ink black
    To make your lines
    Bold as ever
    On the cotton white pages
    Bleached and blank

  • yayshi 64w

    Tried a limerick for the first time!

    In the pigeons’ exclusive feeding land:
    Busy stuffing grains with both hands-
    A cute little squirrel with its belly round-
    Had joined the flock without a sound;
    Kept the feeding pigeons on a hang!


    This was something that caught my attention. Let me know if I made any mistake. Limerick is AABBA I guess.

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  • yayshi 65w

    In my good old days I had a name
    No ticket to my show was the cause of my fame
    My audience and I shared one soul
    Pleasing you was our only goal
    My artist worked hard 24*7
    Your presence and claps made the place heaven!

    Other artists in town began working hard too
    Their arts were promising, though they were new
    But behind their fame was an untold slice
    They bought our artists for a hefty price
    Mocked those who still enjoyed our show
    To earn more applaud was this strategy low

    I am an artist true to my course
    To serve you till my last resource
    But my artists are exhausted and have left the stage
    For my audience is deceasing day by day


    (Mother Earth is still waiting patiently for her audience to return. Her artists are still working hard day and night in the hope that you will come back.)

    (4th post of the day. These days I want to post everything that comes to my mind. I have nothing to do at all.)

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  • yayshi 65w

    I would rather die to live this life of heart pounding adventure and let the world be audience to my insanity than live to die a quiet and solemn death.

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    I would rather let:
    My breath fall short
    And limbs have some more cramps
    While in the pool of perspiration
    I climb the highest peak of the land
    And glide and soar from the top of a cliff
    And shout to my heart’s content
    While I engulf the air
    A hundred times and over
    And faint myself a million times;
    Than suffocate myself
    In the silence of my breath

    I would rather glide:
    On the wildest tide
    And fall over again and again
    And let my veins
    Burst of the blood pressure
    While I violently swim
    To the middle of the ocean
    Only to look down
    At the sea bottom
    And fall unconscious
    Of the infinity;
    Than let the blues
    Engulf me to death

    I would rather tolerate
    The scorching heat
    And the thirsty throat
    And the freezing lows
    Of the desert land
    And roll myself on the dunes of sand
    And run bare feet on the barren land;
    Than let the scorn
    Char me to ash

    I would rather let:
    My limbs go numb
    And lips all pale
    Of the piercing cold
    And skate wild
    On the thinnest sheet of ice
    And break it through cracks
    To fall into the icy pool
    That makes me purple
    From head to toe;
    Than let the cold
    Freeze me to death

    I would rather die:
    To live this life
    Of heart pounding adventure
    And let the world be audience to my insanity;
    Than Live to die
    A quiet and solemn death


  • yayshi 66w

    There was a man
    Who had a small shop;
    Farmers sold him the grains
    Which came out of their crop;
    All the extra grains,
    He kept at his house;
    Unless one day, the path to the store
    Was found by a stray mouse;

    The man inspected and thought
    The wall needed serious repair;
    But instantly shook that thought off
    No time and energy to spare;
    So stuffed the mouse hole
    With bricks and sand;
    But mice and ants had already smelt
    Procrastination in that land;

    So again made their way,
    This time through the room’s door!
    Ate the wood piece from corners
    Mending it would be a real chore;

    And the man did realise it
    But he had enough affairs to deal;
    So with some cement and mortar,
    Succeeded in his attempt to seal;

    This game never ended
    It continued for weeks;
    Till the wall which looked as fine as could
    Had multiple holes and leaks;
    The mice and ants and several others
    Had a gala time as a team;
    The room would surely collapse one day
    Or so did it seem;

    And it did the following monsoon
    The walls dramatically on the grain sacks;
    The man terribly torn, but little realised
    Since past few months he did slack;

    In the story of our life, every single time,
    We ourselves wait for our worries to grow;
    Escaping the chore for joys short lived,
    Ultimately we reap what we sow.

    Hibernation is just a fantasy- an easy escape from facing the challenging.


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  • yayshi 66w

    Enough of expecting joy in a twist:
    For this living-breathing heart, shortcuts don’t exist;

    This heart trusts the longer path
    Like that carefree sheep, it wants to inspect every field, every pasture
    And graze from dawn to dusk;

    This heart wants to burn itself all day long
    Like that morning sun
    Only to set again and rise the next day;

    This heart longs to toil hard
    Like that worker ant
    It want to reach every nook and every corner of the land
    Searching for any grain or any spec
    As a possible brick to its hill;

    This heart wants to wait long
    For its well deserving results
    Like that mango plant
    Which stands lifeless for two long years
    Only to bear the best of its fruits
    Year after year
    After that worthy wait;

    This very heart wants to talk to you
    Live with you
    Rise with you
    And fall with you.
    It wants you to understand its language
    Know its need
    For in the joy of your heart is your whole life;

    This heart knows your ultimate goal;
    For it belongs to this world’s soul.


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    This heart knows your ultimate goal;
    For it belongs to this world’s soul.

  • yayshi 66w

    Not sure if it looks like what I want😂

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    c h o c o l a t e s
    m a r s h m a l l o w s
    b y t h e b e d s i d e
    books and pens all aside
    g i v e m e a l l o f t h a t
    c h o c o l a t e c a k e
    coz i am on a short break
    a pillow for my lap, a pillow for my back
    trust m e , it’s a l i f e h a c k !
    keep on saying it isn’t meant
    i will sleep to my heart’s content
    don’t tell me to do any chore
    t h i s me - time l e t m e a d o r e
    dare you irritate me, lemme warn
    if you get on my nerves, you are gone!
    once in a while, even hot bottle fails
    but all i can do is bite my nails
    n o m a t t e r w h a t,
    i’ll have to bear
    i c a n ’ t d e l e t e i t
    l i k e a n a g g i n g troll
    it’s my dear
    period after all!

  • yayshi 66w

    Hey buddy behind the screen!
    I know you are having a hard time.
    Something is eating you up
    Bit by bit
    And you, my dear, are well aware
    And want to be eaten by it
    Coz that is the only escape for you
    From this condition
    You never imagined you would be in;
    And this very thought makes you
    Cry and cry and cry;
    You pity yourself
    But you are punishing yourself
    By letting it overpower you
    To overcome the guilt
    Of not being able to do the right;
    But it’s over.
    Spill some tea on a clean cloth
    And then wash it, dry it
    Wash it again
    Over and again
    Rub it hard
    Till your finger burns and smokes
    And there will be the stain
    Fine as could be;
    Now, instead
    Put a flower pin on top of it
    And the stain is still there
    But the cloth is as new as could be
    And the finger gradually heals;
    On the graveyard of your horrible time
    Grow a flower bed
    And nurture it well
    For the rest of your life;
    When life is a teacher
    It takes exams
    Before the teaching;
    With that moment of your life
    It taught you a precious lesson
    Which deep inside
    Only you
    And only you
    Know well;
    Life will give you
    A scratch on the knee
    Then a cut
    Then a wound
    Then amputate your leg
    If you keep kicking hard
    Again and again
    Those glass walls;
    So grab all those moments
    One at a time
    Crush them in your hand
    And collect the extract
    And pinch your nose
    And drink it in one go;
    And for all that’s left
    Throw it inside a hydrogen balloon
    And let it fly high
    Up and up
    Till it reaches the black outer space
    And then let it burst
    And be found nowhere!

  • yayshi 66w

    When I closed the curtains
    And switched off the lights
    You followed the thinnest beam of light
    You could see

    When I showed you the dark night sky
    You focussed for a while
    And showed me countless tiny twinkles
    Spread across the infinity

    As if you had a trail of your own
    With a blink I was on
    The top of the world
    Now floating on the sea
    Now in a garden green
    Now walking on sandy dunes
    Now on the dinner table
    Savouring the pie
    That was finished last night

    When I boasted to all
    That the grass is green
    This lily is pink
    This page is white
    This man is black
    You taught me
    That the grass was everything
    Except green
    And so was the lily
    And so the page
    And so the man
    Except black
    For all you saw
    Was what they reflected
    And whatever they absorbed
    Is visible
    To no power anywhere

    Whenever you closed yourself
    I felt caught
    Under guilt
    For the countless wounds
    I gave to this very soul
    And then blamed everything I could
    For this void in me
    And in that very moment
    I surrendered myself every single time
    But then you open up
    And I see
    This bound maze
    Millions and millions like me
    Are trapped in

    When his butter lips
    Touched mine
    You shut yourself down
    Which made me blaze
    From head to toe
    The purest of any feeling
    The warm blinding peace
    Spreading from everywhere
    To everywhere

    My dear eyes
    You never fail to amaze me
    Every single time
    In return all I can do is
    Never deprive you of
    The spark you carry
    Cool as a brook
    Bold as the thunder
    And you continue to be
    The voice of my soul!

  • yayshi 67w

    The 10 lines limit made it way too difficult! Not the best, certainly, just a try.

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    The Alchemist

    Santiago, the shepherd dreamt twice of a treasure
    Omens simply told him to go and seek
    Parting with his sheep he did feel weak
    Midway the journey he kept on failing
    For a content heart he kept on trailing
    Love was no obstacle; it became his stimulus
    “I don’t deserve this much” once he did fuss
    “Shhh!” came a voice or next time you’ll get even less
    Just live your dream for the ultimate joy
    In the story of your life, be that shepherd boy

  • yayshi 67w

    Blues on my left
    Blues on my right
    Blues everywhere in sight

    Numb all over
    Hard to breathe
    Not enough air underneath

    No path
    No light
    Not a single ray in sight

    Sinking down without rest
    No listener to my voice
    This slow death by drowning
    Had never been my choice


  • yayshi 67w

    Writing turned my
    Inner conflicts into doubts
    Doubts into questions
    Questions into introspection
    Introspection into self-search
    Self-search into discovery
    Discovery into solutions
    Solutions into metaphors
    And metaphors into my long lost peace
    This pen, notebook and Mirakee
    Became the alchemy for my repose

  • yayshi 68w

    Idiom: Part and parcel
    Meaning: An integral or essential element

    #idiom #wod #prose_yayshi #poems_yayshi

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    It does feel awful when plans keep failing
    Hopes become hopeless
    Efforts are in vain
    Deeply are you shattered
    And this journey now tires
    With not even a single star
    Seeming to guide your path
    On this no moon night

    But keep in mind that at that time
    You need not be that fire put out with water
    So trying to ignite yourself again
    Will be a little help
    Because seldom do ashes burn again
    But be that ant
    Which continues to make it’s hill
    Grain by grain
    Even if blown by wind or washed by rain

    Mishaps are simply a part and parcel of life.

  • yayshi 68w

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder
    So does the desert longs for the rain
    And monsoons for the summer
    The daylight for the moon
    And nights for the sun
    The busy life for some rest
    And the lockdown for a walk
    The noise for some peace
    And silence for a sound
    Blame not your brain
    It does this for it cares
    And prepares you for the other side of the track
    Whether dull or bright
    Just enjoy both dark and light
    At the right moment
    Whenever available
    And the let the brain let you
    Prepare for fight or flight!

  • yayshi 68w

    This Journey

    Slowly but steadily
    I reached the terminus
    The test was lengthy
    And the wait was tiring
    But I made it!
    And looked back
    To locate where I started
    But couldn’t see
    Even a small sign
    Not even my footsteps
    As the wind was blowing hard
    Had I come this far?
    But the test was lengthy
    And the wait tiring
    Enough to make this benchmark
    Just a part of process
    Of achieving even bigger
    This journey
    Will it cease one day?
    Or will it go on and on?
    Will I be that plant
    Using every available resource
    Every rain every shine
    To live fully until
    I wither one day?
    Or will I be that brook
    Fusing into a river
    Then a sea
    Then an ocean
    And then over again
    To never end?
    I know not
    But I am happy
    To be in the process
    To reach the end
    Or to continue forever
    And I will always be
    For even destination is simply
    Made up of destiny!

  • yayshi 69w

    Ars Poetica

    My dear poet
    If you ever have had
    These days of dilemma
    Where you wonder
    Even Newton dropped out of school
    Even Einstein faked a breakdown certificate
    Yet science students spend years
    Comprehending what those two
    Never had to learn
    How silly of everyone!
    You must be thinking
    How futile it is
    To learn about the art
    Of writing poetry
    It should come naturally, right!?
    But here I must warn you
    That the train of thought you’re in
    Is not right
    Genius is born out of another
    And this is universal;
    I agree
    No two poets are alike
    Some are good at observing
    Some can arouse emotions
    Others may just use their wit
    To trap you into endless thinking
    Some are just good at connecting stuff
    Waves with Time, for instance
    And the list goes on and on
    But trust me
    The best flour
    With a naive baker
    Makes no good cake
    Just as the best runner
    Out on the street
    Cannot make it to the Olympics
    Unless guided
    Shown the right path
    Fed the appropriate food
    Trained to use his energy
    For the best
    Just as the stone from the mountains
    Is never placed in the central park
    Unless hammered
    And smoothened
    To make a masterpiece
    And then placed
    In a beautiful garden
    To only get
    What it deserved
    In the first place
    Attention and Appreciation
    A trained mind
    Will create 20 times the impact
    On the reader’s mind
    Than what you are really capable of
    So come
    Be not afraid to give a try
    To all the variations possible
    And widen your horizon
    However you like
    Cease never to learn
    For even an ant can teach
    The lessons you never knew existed
    Worry not
    That in the process
    You will lose your spark
    Your originality
    For even if the choreography isn’t yours
    You can always rock the performance
    With some expressions of your own!


  • yayshi 69w

    It was supposed to be short but couldn’t make it less long :)
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    Dear City Human

    O city human
    Come with me
    And let me take you on a journey
    To my land
    Of golden brown and green
    Where instead of the the tap-tock of your walk
    Chappals are no insulator
    To the silent kisses of your feet
    On soil porous and rich.

    O city human
    Come with me
    And just inhale deep
    For instead of the sewage stink
    As far as your nose could reach
    Would you smell
    The fragrance of thy lord
    In the wet soil
    That will fill your void
    To give you the bliss of life
    You so much longed.

    O city human
    Come with me
    And let me show you
    Instead of rooms soundproof
    How peace can be found
    Under one roof
    Where breakfasts and lunches and dinners
    Are not the only excuses to unite
    And peace is something
    Not confused with privacy
    To be left to our selves
    In the four walls
    Day and night.

    O city human
    Come with me
    And I will show you
    Instead of trucks and cars
    Things that run on four
    Are my dogs and buffaloes and cows
    That long to live with you
    To tell their stories
    And listen to yours
    For life.

    O city human
    Come with me
    And instead of night light
    Let’s put out our cots
    On a clear night
    And gaze at the stars infinite
    And sleep tight.

    O city human
    Come with me
    And let you for yourselves explore
    This world inside the world
    And join me on this endless journey
    To thank me enough
    For the rest of your life.


  • yayshi 69w

    A Day Good Enough

    What good is a day?
    If you cannot get up
    Before the night fuses into dawn
    And feel the light evading the dark
    The Golden Blessing filling you
    Right upto the brim.

    What good is a day?
    If you cannot see your Self
    When you close those eyes
    The mysterious white
    Guiding your path to Him
    To thank for blessings enough
    To keep the soul and body

    What good is a day?
    If you cannot relax
    Under the enormous cover of blue
    Staring from infinity
    To infinity
    Wondering your worth
    Compared to that humble haughty.

    What good is a day?
    If you cannot feel
    The dusk melting into night
    The only dark we approve of
    Illuminating all its way
    With stars tiny and bright.

    And what good is a day?
    If you cannot remind yourself
    Of all the deeds
    You did that day
    With a content smile
    As you vanish to the dreamland
    With a heart satisfied
    And light.


  • yayshi 70w

    The Final Goodbye

    To wrap these 2 years
    I wanted to bid him farewell;
    How much will he miss me
    I wanted him to tell.
    But as I took a step forward
    I could only heave a sigh!
    Hardest is the Goodbye
    Without any Hi

    Once during the summers,
    Our eyes did lock.
    Blood rushed in my veins
    When his neck followed my walk!
    Just observing each other
    Months went by;
    Hardest is the Goodbye
    Without any Hi

    Secretly with each other,
    Future had we seen.
    I could finally say now
    I had a crush when I was teen.
    He deserves better than me
    Kept telling myself the lie;
    Hardest is the Goodbye
    Without any Hi

    It was embarrassing to see him laugh
    When looking for him had I been caught!
    But when my presence made him nervous
    I too enjoyed a lot!
    To hold our hands for this final time
    We both did die;
    Hardest is the Goodbye
    Without any Hi

    Whenever one took a step forward
    Upon what did the other always reflect?
    Someone will play Cupid for us
    Why did we even expect?
    To return back as better someday
    My best I will try;
    Coz hardest is the Goodbye
    Without any Hi