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  • poetrani 9w

    "The last Angel"

    She Arose from the darkest of the night, shining like the moon,the stars filled her intimate power as she drew out darkness with her dark desires.
    She whispered "tell me, what is it that you truly desire?"
    I was caught.
    "I want to feel what can
    never be truly filled.
    I want to play in the rain with teddy bears. Get dirty. Roll around in mud. Redo all my childhood memories.
    Try to grip every end of my wild imaginations that
    bubble in my dreams.
    I want to be forever interwined to you.
    Together let's reach the
    deepest of the oceans.
    Go deeper. Sink. Beyond it's floor.

  • poetrani 10w

    Isn't it?

    Life didn't give my chances,
    Told me to grab them,
    By the time I realised it,
    Time already left me behind.
    For the rest of the time,
    I worked hard, and realised,
    I grabbed the right
    opportunities at wrong times,
    And wrong ones at right time

  • poetrani 11w


    "Why I'm so into myself, you ask? Because I can't count on someone else. I have learned that at one point, no matter how good they are, they going to be tired and gone too. That's why I learned to count mostly on myself. If there's no one going to spoil me, I will be the first to do it, always."

  • poetrani 12w

    In my hometown

    When i was at the age of 10, i start writing Stories. I lived my own imaginatively creative writing that was passionate, stubborn, expressive and emotional, full of adventures and risks, escapades, happy and chaotic. And now at this ripe age I'm living it in reality what a successful writer can feel.

  • poetrani 12w


    Tick-tock the time is running out,
    Tick-tock the candles are dying out,
    Tick-tock, days are piling up
    one on top of the next,
    Tick-tock this clocks are counting too fast,
    Tick-tock I can't escape the hourglass,
    Tick-tock making me more heartless,
    Tick-tock this is too much to take,
    Tick-tock finding something to break

  • poetrani 13w

    हसीन जलवा

    लहर एक उठी उठी सी
    कश्ती नाज़ुक रुकी रुकी सी
    सांसे भी आहट पहचाने जिसकी
    नज़रे हैं उसकी झुकी झुकी सी
    ताबूत मे बंद वो हसीन जलवा
    कोई खोले प्यास बुझी बुझी सी

  • poetrani 13w


    किसी की बेरुखी से तंग आकर
    रास्ते बदल लिए है मैने
    आसमां को ज़मीन तक ला सकूं जहां से
    ऐसी एक सड़क मुझे और बनानी है

  • poetrani 13w

    The Soul Queen

    Your friendship is besides the point; your beauty matches that of the goddesses.
    Your amazing physique sends shivers down the spine of Zeus and he drools everytime he gazes at your shapely calves and fleshy butts. You're fearfully and wonderfully made; knitted with the choicest yarns and fashioned in the ways of the gods. Your appearance is a mood booster as every part of your body is flawless.
    When the gods meet to discuss the daughters of men, you always come up.
    Your ebony skin is so fine the weak hearted melt at its sight and the strong willed lose focus however short or long that is.
    Your dainty toes are a delight to behold; their pedicured nails are worthy of being sucked, kissed and licked.
    You are the full package and to be your man is to win a massive jackpot!
    As the sun sets and twilight hits the Earth,
    It's apparent that there are only a few of your type in this world. It's a privilege to behold one of God's amazing masterpieces!
    Queen esteemed greatly by the gods,
    You're a breath of fresh air!
    Receive my kisses !!

  • poetrani 14w


    मैंने हर इक के लहज़े को
    अपने दामन से बांध रखा है
    जुबानों को उन सबकी
    एकदिन हार बनाकर पहनूँगी

  • poetrani 14w

    Late at nights

    when I feel down, I just remember your smile and feel alive again.

  • poetrani 15w

    A girl with a statement

    I am the one who understands you,
    Not the one who pretends to be.
    I am the one who wipes your tear,
    Not the one who won't squirrel.
    I am the one who reads stories for you,
    Not the one who watches movies over you.
    I want the one who deserves me,
    The one who stands beside me.
    And for me I want you to be yourself,
    Who won't lose his true self.
    Even not over me,
    That's what I want you to be.

  • poetrani 15w

    These Plagiarist

    I appreciate your hard work because plagiarism is not an easy task, Right?

  • poetrani 15w

    We all are gifted

    You look at yourself in the mirror and despise
    every single thing that it shows,
    But then you have a roof, food, proof that you are
    better than millions and not even thousands.
    And yet you find yourself drenched in the dirt?

    You can despise your eyes to not be blue or grey.
    But why don't you be thankful that for the sight you can see?

    Definition of happiness does fluctuate from person to
    person but being not grateful for the minor miseries
    we complain about is an excuse for not wanting to be happy.
    We all are gifted, we just do not happen to realize it.

  • poetrani 15w

    To be edited

    You can never truely understand the outcast. You can only hope to see a glimpse what's under a mask.

  • poetrani 15w


    I, Kushmanda is believed to be the creator of this universe. I am the devi of light and energy. I am represented with eight hands, holding Kamandal, Dhanush, Bada and Kamal in the right and Amrit Kalash, Jap Mala, Gada and Chakra in the left. I am also known as Ashtabhuja Devi because of this. I am the goddess of the cosmic egg (brahmanda). I gift lives to people and know how to lead my life too.

  • poetrani 15w

    सुरासंपुर्ण कलशम् रुधिराप्लुत्मेव च
    दधाना हस्तपध्ह्यभयां कूष्माण्डा शुभ्दास्तु मे

    Goddess Kushmanda, who holds two pitchers full of madira and blood in her lotus hands, be propitious to me.

  • poetrani 15w


    पिण्डज प्रवरारुढा चण्ड्कोपास्त्रकैयुर्ता
    प्रासादं तणुते महाम् चन्द्रघण्टेति विश्रुता

    O Goddess Chandraghanta, who rides on tiger,
    Angry on enemies, holds many weapons in 10 hands, be propitious to me.

  • poetrani 16w

    Words can't describe how much I love myself now,
    Maybe I was weak yesterday,
    I stopped justifying my actions now,
    Maybe you were important yesterday,
    I forgot about your existence by now.
    The hate for me is gone now,
    Maybe I was dumb yesterday,
    I'm not worthless in my eyes now,
    Maybe your opinion mattered yesterday,
    I don't care about your thoughts now.
    The kind you is lost now,
    Maybe you were angel yesterday,
    You are just a monster now,
    Maybe you had my heart yesterday,
    I stopped loving you now.
    The innocence is tainted now,
    Maybe I was careless yesterday,
    I'm much more stronger now,
    Maybe you were superior yesterday,
    We all know who is the boss now.
    The time has passed now,
    Maybe I was crying yesterday,
    My eyes stopped showing emotions now,
    Maybe you were my hero yesterday,
    I stopped idolising you now.
    I'm the stronger me now,
    Maybe I was thoughtless yesterday,
    I am full of thoughts now.
    Thanks to you,
    I was a monster yesterday,
    I feel more like a human now.

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  • poetrani 16w


    I am the ruler of the planet Mars. I am the giver of all fortune and i dispels the deepest sorrow of my devotees removing all their mental afflictions. I was living in flower and fruits and later only leaves and stopped even that eventually, living in mere air. I will be always youthful as i am a devotee of My lord Shiva. People know me as Aparna too. I knows my way and slays my day.

  • poetrani 16w


    दधाना कर पद्याभ्यामक्षमाला कमण्डलु
    देवी प्रसीदतु मयि ब्रःम्चार्णियेनुत्त्मा
    Oh goddess Brahmcharini, who hold rosary and kmandala in her hands, bless me