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  • authorsahiilkatoch 2w

    Just felt it

    Gone with the days
    Flowed with the night
    Hands tight on the way
    Holdin the time

    I have pulled away
    You gone far away in some lines
    I am rolling the eyes
    I am rolling the eyes

    Thinking how it happened
    The way you said
    You knock and went and gone and fled
    All you said way too mean
    Putting a catastrophic scene
    All I need is all I need
    You and me, all fuck peace

    Do you know what's going on these days
    What the hell does the beast says, he slays, his phase, his ways
    I don't do much the talk
    But evil candies hidden in his sock
    He is rude and invalid,he coughs
    I don't want a corona I have got my mask on...

    Gone the days
    Flowed the night
    I am not gonna swallow my pride
    Have lot deities by my side
    Have lot deities by my side
    Fightin' night with a smile

  • itsmedash007 3w


    If you were to break my heart let me
    Have the chance to ask you thing one
    Last whisper it in my ears don't write
    It in words for I'll break my shattered
    Heart into smaller and smaller pieces
    Reading the paper you'd leave on my
    Doors that'd lie forever in the pieces
    That you've left over of my unworthy
    Heart all these running emotions
    Gush down my gut as I read what you
    Wrote but that's fine for it's rule of
    Life what's life you ask I say it's a
    Mysterious mystique that runs on
    Broken people and their stories I
    Too shall rue over your pensive
    Memories the laws of nature have
    Spoken lasts nothing forever this
    Pain too shall obliterate from existence
    But how do I heal this pain in my heart
    That won't accept ever transient existence
    Of people that I called one of my own
    What better do they know than to
    Break you when it's time but I kept
    You like a vow meant not to be broken
    Again the world reminds me it runs
    On the memories of transience carried
    By people broken unlike you but more
    Like me I shall say its fine but it ain't
    I've been betrayed and I shall be again
    But I'm too foolish in your world of
    Charm and glory for I still believe
    There's end to everyone's misery
    I pity you and your life and your
    Memories that haunt me the words
    That pierced me echo in my ears you
    Understood the rules of universe
    But I shall bend around it and break
    My heart more than often than stop
    Believing in love and the people
    I've become the servant now of this
    Life of recluse how would this world
    Run if I feel no pain any longer what
    If it ends for me now and forever
    Would you still care even though I
    Know you did never I'll hold your
    Words in my eyes forever for I
    Kept you like a vow and this paper
    These words are all I have left over
    That reminds of you to me and the
    Daunting memories if ever I were
    To fall for some face or people I
    Met I'd break my heart instead on
    My own reading the words in blood
    Red ink on the letter that I hold forever
    It shall sever me of this world its pain
    And its hurtful creatures that starve off
    People's pain and hunger for love and
    Some affection but what's love what's
    A companion what's a friend what's an
    Enemy or betrayer what's what I don't
    Know any longer for my heart's broken
    I don't trust any longer if you wish to
    Crumble me what maybe the reason
    Whisper it in my ears for I can't let
    Down the laws that run this universe
    I'll be one of its broken carriers.

  • itsmedash007 3w


    I have this raging rushing urge to
    Wake up at nights some thinking
    Of something wait is it again I am
    Talking in my sleep to myself while
    I dream half awake still in the land
    Of my subconscious it's you I am
    Thinking of to keep you in my
    Thoughts my prayers my eyes
    And my arms paint you but with
    Words on paper where I shall write
    Of your pearl like eyes or some
    Other heavenly features to keep
    You alive forever and ever and
    Till the world flips over in these
    Words I will let my thoughts run
    Wild manifest all my dreams or
    Pictures imaginary that I painted
    What if it's manifestation of ink
    I'm holding blame the words not
    Me for things they say for I am
    The medium subservient to a
    Destiny to a soul that aspires
    You from dark dreamy nights
    To golden sunshines for the
    Nature's beauty might be eternal
    Its existence is ephemeral so
    Are we but not my love not my
    Words not my dreams so why
    Shouldn't I wake up and tell
    You what you make me feel
    Like the first blossom of spring
    Or snowflake of winter you fill
    Me with warmth indescribable
    But I shall not wake up and spill
    Over my dreams for I'm the master
    And I control here the destiny also
    Read somewhere long ago me this
    Line that nothing good happens
    After midnight it's the melancholic
    Chimes of late lonely night breeze
    Making me speak confessions that
    I've no control of maybe I should
    Sleep over my thoughts play and
    Rewind the words keep thinking
    Of you loving you in my head that
    My heart directs would I tell you
    Some day of my writhing insomnia
    On late nights that spend I awake
    Half contemplating your voice so
    Sweet and godly smile cures that
    This aching heart of its pain would
    I tell you all this? Haven't I already
    Done it or was it another night's
    Dream I'm losing track of time
    So let me write a few more lines
    Glorifying my love for you that
    You might come across some
    Morning Night or Noon alas it's
    Time I go back to the beginning of
    This cycle of thoughts deluded me
    That of my sleep get a hold upon it
    For I read somewhere nothing good
    Happens when it's past midnight.

  • kae_chang 3w

    Once we breathe
    As we one,
    And lived in a magical world.
    Now we lost,
    Love and the bright yellow sun.

    Her smile and twin lips,
    I kissed, both miss.

    Now alone again,
    Walk with the darkest moon.
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    Once we breathe
    As we one,
    And lived in a magical world.
    Now we lost,
    Love and the bright yellow sun.

    Her smile and twin lips,
    I kissed, both miss.

    Now alone again,
    Walk with the darkest moon.

  • itsmedash007 4w

    "What Do I Owe?"

    To what do I owe this pleasure of
    Yours existence so divine feels so
    Heavenly upon your arrival to the
    Land of bleak spine chilling wintery
    Abode that crumbles me like people
    Broken people to frozen dust and
    This suffering oh so grievous has
    Moulded the pieces broken within
    Me to expect not whilst I live of any
    Warmth that I so need but when
    Walked past me you the bleak nights
    Turned glittery the whistling cold winds
    Played breeze not anymore so melancholy
    People so broken before my eyes in
    Past walked past the lonely lanes in
    Vigor and certainty the darkness left
    Seemingly that a void within souls of
    Broken shone with this reminiscent
    Luminosity one experiences as youth
    Falling for someone for the time first
    These heavenly bodies looked down upon
    Me in guilty pleasure sending long after
    I begged for some comfort not who knew
    It would be you that shall again
    Reinvigorate the garden filled with warmth
    And luscious green fields that portray my
    Life as it once used to be fruits of love oh
    So many won't I look back or down if I
    Dropped even any for you deserve it all
    For having descended upon the dismal
    Land of mine turning back the dismayed
    Clock of life paralysed had that been it's
    Been so long since I loved and lived bear
    With me if I hold you till these eyes have
    Gotten enough of you.

  • night_mist_ 11w

    Hidden love letter

    I would like to talk once, you will see if you speak another time....

  • sangte 11w


    The darkness shroud surround
    Bleakness all around
    The bone chilling cold impregnable
    The shore unreachable
    Smash down by strong tides
    Bewitched by the promised of the light unseen
    Start her journey to find solace in an uncharted territories
    Beguiled she is, she act like a puppet
    Just to please and served
    she gives her everything and more
    They suck her completely dry
    Until only darkness reside in her
    With bone chilling cold.


  • artheartpoetry 20w


    I have given portions of my days to dreams.
    Devoted many sleeping hours with those.
    Every notion I've slept upon has been sewn
    into this harsh life I've chose.

    I always let my imagination fly where
    a possible future of mine could be had.
    For all the work I haven't done for
    these dancing notions I am glad.

    I could see the possibilities of my life
    in a much cleaer view.
    And honestly, I never thought I'd see the day
    where I was better and without you.

    That was once a "once upon a time.."
    That wss once not even a reality.
    If ever a thought crossed my mind
    It was of you getting the better of me.

    And all along I was too blind to see
    That I would never get better with you here with me.
    I never wanted that reality..
    Just one where you really were in love with me.


  • joker786110 20w

    Jo kho gaya wo khwaab hai
    Jo milega wo lajwab hai


  • meghna_thakuria 21w


    I saw you leaving
    I heard you saying nothing
    I sat in the station
    From far far away
    I was letting you go.

    Images replaced now
    Now I can't find you
    Because you are lost
    " Where are you ?"
    Sometimes I want to ask
    You are not here, I know.

    I didn't waited for you
    I waited for myself
    To just move.

    Things for the first time
    Didn't went well
    Holding hands
    Are now lost like you.

    The doors of that train
    were closed
    The word " bye "
    Now search for the station you left
    for the first time.

  • deep13gk 22w

    11:40 pm
    Night mood
    people around me

    As long as I can make happy others
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they care each others
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they don't lie to each other
    I can smile like fools for them
    As long as they are happy in others happiness
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they don't argue with each others
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they can live together
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they wouldn't leave each other in
    Critical condition or in their need
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they can live together happily
    I wouldn't cry in front of them

    I can do anything for them and I don't want anything just want a little understanding or love

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    people around me

    people around me

    As long as I can make happy others
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they care each others
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they don't lie to each other
    I can smile like fools for them

  • deep13gk 23w

    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take
    heart of people all over world
    World under beauty waves
    Full of mystery and dangerous
    World under water is a special
    Creation created by God
    Which is full endlessly things
    Like unique kind flower,
    Stones, spices of animals
    Things we have not saw yet
    That beauty Is can't express
    By any word in world

    #love #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetr #nature #poetrylover #writerstolli @miraquill @writersnetwork @childauthor_345 @im_the_star_of_my_life
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    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take


  • isalittlebroken 25w


    Her frigid touch
    percolates into my bones
    Morning silhouettes grow longer
    The town wakes from anxious dreams
    All the birds are descant again
    So we renew as we do
    as we must
    as we will
    in this 
     counterfeit calm

  • isalittlebroken 25w


    What if the words fail me?
    What if I never write again? 
    What then?
    A solider with a broken sword 
    A poet with a dry pen
    A forgotten lyric 
    Never sing again 
    Nothing is what I fear 
    Numbness is our friend
    To the parchment paper, I commit my soul
    Travel to the graveyard, I'll dig my hole
    Together while apart, contradiction is an art. 


  • deep13gk 27w

    Being coconut
    That is hard from outside
    And soft from is not easy
    When coconut hit
    Other will also cry inside
    That wouldn't come outside
    Till it don't fully or hard
    Broken By people
    Once it broke no mater
    It's trust or glass can't
    Become as before

  • deep13gk 27w

    First meeting with nature

    When I first meet with u [u =nature ]
    When I am in arms of
    Sitting under in garden
    With leaves of tree u cover
    Me from the raises of sun
    I used to took shower
    Of droplets that you fall
    From Sky
    U gave me little flowers
    In our meet
    Like say you love me
    U make me happy
    Everytime I sad
    U hide me under plates
    Of flowers
    When I wanna be alone
    U gave healthy and beautiful
    fruits or vegetable to eat
    You always listen my all
    Conversation without talk
    U always make me sleep
    In your smoke and soft arms
    U always did so much for
    Everyone don't ask for
    Something in back
    U are beautiful creations
    For everyone in this world

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    Meeting with nature

  • deep13gk 28w

    Finding the things lost
    In War of people
    Wondering in bloody
    Finding the home
    That I lost long ago
    Finding family
    Whom I miss everyday
    Finding love given by them

    Finding place where
    Used to play whole day
    Finding place where
    We met and go to school
    Finding those neighborhood
    Buddy's who support me
    In any condition

    Finding the small building
    Where we run to sit in Class
    Finding the big ground
    Where we play and eat
    In lunch time

    Finding that bunch
    Of mango and jamun trees
    Where we used to sit
    After school
    And climb on them
    To eat mango
    Or jamun

    Finding the market
    In neighborhood
    Where we used To go
    Daily to buy candies
    Finding Sweet uncle
    Whom gave us
    Unconditional love

    Finding faces that I saw
    Last Time when
    I going out of nation
    Finding tears of
    My family that
    They shed when
    They missing me

    #imagery #wod #Miraquill #mirakee #love #writersnetwork #writers #poem #comment
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writerstolli @childauthor_345 @writersnetwark #writers #readers #community #ceesreposts #War #sad #love_gone_sour #poetrylover #world #pod #tod @im_the_star_of_my_life2 #readersunit #roarc

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    Finding the things lost
    In War of people

  • wizardofwords333 29w

    "Lockdown 2020"

    When did you last spent a grand evening with your family??
    When was the last day you shared a great laugh moment with the one who lives within these 4 walls?
    Yeah!! Hard to remember?
    In the mid when everyone is cursing Lockdown
    Yeah the Lockdown that is a major healer of the long lost relationship!
    Healer of the bond that was at loss of words for years
    Our Mother Nature has taught us the greatest lesson
    What you sow, shall you reap.
    It has shed the garb of what you call a "human situation"
    Crossing the boundaries has its own repurcussions
    The deserted places says it all.
    Isolated roads.. Home to animals
    Video calls holds the glamor
    Everyone a "masterchef" newly recognized talent
    The paparazzi bitten by the "mighty bug"
    Upholding Self pampering
    A soul on exploration of self.. A new flight
    Never knew the always stern faced father had a cool side
    Never knew the neighbors actually just babbles
    Never knew watching the soothing moon was my new favorite hobby
    Never knew wind overflowing the face is akin to a heavenly pleasure
    Never knew that
    "hafte mein 4 shanivaar hone chahiye" will be a reality one day!
    Never knew being the witness to endless chirpings could be a healer to the bruised heart
    When did you last witnessed the setting sun with a cup of hot chocolate?
    When did you last lend ear to the burstling of the leaves?
    We don't even remember
    I lately realized
    We aren't living
    We are letting the time pass
    Choked in deadlines and impenetrable route through those files to soothing existence
    Is this a fear of existential crisis??
    Nopes ..we willingly adapt to it
    The dancing peacock on the roads emblem of Freedom
    While the nature is healing so should we
    Lockdown is a blessing
    Tribute to the lost lives
    A new world is waving
    The healed earth is ready to embrace
    Restoration of the bruised world
    Everything is falling at place
    Lesson learned:
    nature -"the healer"
    nature -"the destroyer"

  • wizardofwords333 29w

    Ek safar- khud ki talash mein

    Peeche chute Raaston ki
    Aksar talab nhi hoti
    Bekarar Krti manzil
    Ke thokron se fursat kha
    Sawal ye hai ki
    Kya in Manzil me mile
    Musafir ki kahani Yad rahengi?
    Ya kho Jayengi Ye bhi
    Us Kitab ke gulab ki trah
    Un peeche chut gye raasto ki dhundh mein
    Gumshuda rishto ki mehak
    Kya kbhi fir sataygi?
    Safar khoobsurat hai, manzil ki filhal baat Nhi krte
    Wo maikhane ki chaka-chaundh
    Us gali me Uski khushboo ka ehsas
    Us Kitab ka gulab Aj bhi daastan suna jata hai
    Zindgi hai sahib
    Toofan ki Kashti ko
    sahil ke shor se Kya bair?
    Anjaam se Kya bair?
    Safar lamba hai par manzil ke safar se khauf kaisa
    Kinaara dur hai abhi
    ghaav ka naasoor ban na baki hai abhi
    Khud ko tarashna baki hai abhi
    khud ki talash mein nikle raahgir
    Aksar laut kr nhi aate
    Khud ko paya bnde
    tune khuda ko pa lia.
    To niklein khud ki talash mein?
    Zindgi Ka suryodya baki hai abhi
    Basant ka aana baki hai abhi

    To chalein niklein khud ki talash main??

  • deep13gk 30w

    Wondering for something new
    In space saw a lot of things
    Like colourfull stones, Planets,
    Different kind Of lights
    Different kind of things

    After sometime
    I saw a planet full Colour
    That attracting myself to their
    Ship monitor told that this planet
    Name is "Earth".
    Then i turn my ship the to way to this planet
    Place where i landed my ship
    Is look like wild area
    Full of different kind of small
    And big plants
    The sky is light blue colour here
    Mud is in dark brown colour
    I am full of excitement to see
    More things here
    Then i saw some people here
    Their body is different from us
    With the of ship equipments
    I trun myself into look like them
    I hide my ship with invisible light
    Then i visit come in between these
    They can't recognise me.
    I am running around here n their
    Then cause running i came to area
    Full of things
    Here to much little -little shops are
    Together but every shop
    Have different things here
    Some People are walking
    Some are sitting in mud
    Some are shouting
    Some are eating
    Here people eatable things
    Are also different
    Here some people are full evilness
    Some are very cute and innocent
    Like me :) :)
    I can read everyone mind
    But they can't mine
    Here people are very strange
    Laughing inside crying outside
    Crying inside laughing outside
    They show opposite reaction
    Like they are inside but don't show outside oppositivly they show false smile on their faces
    I am full confusion here people
    Are greedy to rich bully poor not like our :( :(
    Here weather also change
    Like Summer
    Rainy etc
    In Summer day become hot too much
    In winter its full of cold
    In rain drops shower start from sky
    I didn't saw Things like this anywhere in space
    Oops now have to get back on my plant
    Here a lot things still i haven't saw
    Visit here after time

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    A small trip to Earth