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  • minus_e_plus_v 8w


    The most far fetched ultimate dream,
    Socially conditioned age restricted need,
    A happy ending to quintessential movies
    Comes in all types, varities, nation, religion and geographies,
    Yet universal with one purpose is this contract called wedding.

    Started as the starting point of civilization,
    The very basis of family, society and rights
    From polygamy to monogamy deciding hieghts
    In all forms suggesting a heterogeneous union
    With gender roles well defined
    Caging you in the ethics of undeniable love and care via rituals which sometimes display and sometimes hides the patriarchy which deep resides.

    With choices of red, green and white (dress)
    It is a decision for lifetime,
    Calls for cautious selection which saves the pride,
    Prevents the impure bloodline,
    The saviour of unadulterated caste/class hegemony within the same creed.
    Amongst the roses and fairy lights,
    Good food and party night,
    Appears as act of love but is the most political decision of all time.


  • iamfirebird 8w

    मौत से भी बुरी है गुलामी की आदत,
    मर ही जाऐं मगर ना डालें ये आदत।।

  • anuradhasharma 11w

    देश शब्दों की सौदेबाज़ी से चल रही हैं ,

    हमारे नेता हमें इसी तराजूं से तौलते हैं।


  • locke798 12w

    The Faintest Of Whispers

    Do you hear it? That quiet melody?

    It is no more then a faint whisper in the distance,

    But if one were to look and listen carefully you can hear it ever-so slightly, echoing though the tired messes of every nation.

    One must just stop and listen, it may just a quiet whisper, but it grows evermore certain, as numerous voices comes to join it's chorus.

    What will you do when it's quiet melody ignites to millions of thundurus voices singing in unison, their doubts dispelled, their voice shaking the very foundations of our world

    That even the deathest of men can't ignore it's calls what will become of you?

    For it is the song of the angry downtrodden and it grows moreover louder.

    So I implore you, stop even just for a moment,
    listen to it's emotional melodies,

    Hear it's muse not in fear, but listen in compassion

    For it must be asked, the question that one day be forced to answered by those whom ignored it's melody, those whom silence it's chorus of the past.

    Do you hear the people sing?


  • iamfirebird 14w

    वो खुद है खामोश और कहते है कुछ बोलो
    अब लब नहीं आजाद , कहीं कोई तो बोलो

  • isalittlebroken 24w

    Little moth

    Dead satellites circle the globe.
    Flickering black edged neon lights.
    The moth is content smashing into it till death.
    Silly little thing...
    Chasing the moon in the age of man
    a fool's task.
    The Order Lepidoptera sounds so dignified.
    So we messed up transverse orientation,
    with our cities made of sin.
    Have you ever thought about that?
    in passing reflection...
    We chase abundance and stature,
    not that much different than a moth to a flame.
    Pretty much the same.
    Confused, abused and misused...
    The pot is filled with unemployed youth,
    chasing unrealistic dreams...
    The water is at boiling point, waiting to bite the hand that it feeds.
    Close the door on your way out forgotten one...
    It's a vicious cold night
    in the city of light.


  • thescreechingsilence 35w


    There came a point
    That I have questioned
    On things that I should be
    Grateful and thankful for.
    And I do not think
    That I should be thanking you
    For liking me who I am,
    Because whether you like me
    Or not, doesn't validate my existence.
    I exist, I think and I learn
    On my own ways.
    I know you like me
    Because our thoughts resonate
    But the question is when
    If my thoughts contrast your beliefs,
    Will you still like me then?
    Will you hate me?
    Or make a space for me
    To talk, to understand my views?
    Or will you crucify me
    For not resonating with you?
    Because only then
    I can be thankful to you
    For allowing people
    To grow in their own terms,
    Without forcing your beliefs
    As the ultimatum,
    But guide and, if need be,
    Be ready to even change your own views.
    I can be thankful to you
    Only when we are ready
    To agree to disagree
    In grace, without hate,
    But love, compassion, empathy
    And as individuals
    And grow together.

    I do no worry
    Or need to know
    Whether you like me
    Only when our thoughts resonate
    Because that's somehow
    An act of selfishly
    Stroking your own ego.
    And strengthening your belief
    That you are right.

  • youcanenvisage 39w

    Don't regret for what you did in 2014!
    There's still time
    Next time vote for cartoon characters


  • devilfish 50w

    Valentine's Velvet Cape

    In morning sunshine haze
    And sunset
    with an iridescent glazea of a milky honeydew drop of the moonlight and it's lunar rays of of a twinkling gaze into the truth illuminated with moonbeams of empathy
    And motherly love holding your pain meaningfully and tenderly
    Encompass and envelop me in a blanket of safety
    For when I'm lonely and I need my own company in the intricacies
    The instances where I was not enough for me
    I needed that luminosity to fight the dark that tries of overcome me
    For that i will love me
    Self doubt won't knock me into the ground
    I won't sit i get back up and stay in tune
    I seethe fumes
    I breathe in red
    And blow it out in fumes that change hues and subdue the most angelic tune with a melody of a memory in nostalgic frames of time
    with me and you
    And you and me
    Intertwined and uncombined
    Somehow Apollo's light captured me as it emmites bright thoughts of insight myself and I smiled in delight
    And kissed the Moon goodnight
    In an uninterrupted slumber
    With time that doesn't divide and
    Limitless and passionate
    Felt in blissful energy we cannot see
    In the infinity

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 51w

    अंधभक्ति ऐक नशा-

    फूंक लिया जो अब तुमने देशभक्ति का नशा है
    देख लो अंधभक्तों पहले देश की क्या दूरदशा है
    असली मुद्दा है क्या तुम्हे कुछ पता है?
    संसद में बैठे अनपढ़ और अपराधी मनंजूर कर रहे मता है
    गोदी मीडिया ने तो बस एक ही काम रट्टा है
    कौन कितना देशभक्त है लगा रहे सट्टा है
    किसान अपने हक़ के लिए सड़कों पर डटा है
    सरकार चुप है क्यूंकि पहना कॉरपोरेट का पट्टा है
    दिख रही है बौखलाहट और हिल रहा सता है
    मोदी की अंबानी बेगम अब खा रही खता है

    नहीं बनता दिख रहा भारत ये अखंड है
    धरमनिरपेकक्षता और राष्ट्रवाद लगता अब पाखंड है
    दिमाग में इनके ब्राह्मणवाद और जातिवाद जैसा गंद है
    देशभक्त कहलाना है तो अंधभक्ति मापदंड है

    मोदी है भड़वा और कायर अब जान चुका हर बच्चा है
    सावरकर की पैदाइश है ये और नीचे खाकी कच्छा है
    झोला लेकर निकलने की बात करके ये बनता बहुत सच्चा है
    अंबानी का पिछवाड़ा चाटना इसे लगता बहुत अच्छा है
    तबीब सच लिखकर भी कहलाता कहां सच्चा है
    देशविरोधी कहलाएगा वो कानून भी कहां अच्छा है....

  • jenaroaragon 55w


    Put no stock in diplomatic compassion. Well mannered tenderness disguising malicious, old fashion, factions, politely performing infractions on our civil liberties.

        They wear their propaganda like a Coronet, and their 16 millimeter short films echo still to this day. Their words, it turns out, speak louder than their actions. 

    So be honest with the dying, lest the kakistocracy fill their heads with thoughts of immortality. Because here at the end of days they grasp for the delusions of a mythic past, desperate to blind themselves to the suffering they’ve caused us. 

    One myth sits atop the other, however, and the blind can be made to see. What is more, they must. For what can forgiveness mean to one who refuses to accept it’s necessity? And aught we let them rob us even of the ability to forgive?


    And they call our pride a sin.

  • dudette 56w

    every poem demands to be analysed :)
    even tho it's not about romance.

    Justice is not easily served
    Unity is not effortlessly achieved
    Demons are also equipped with mask
    God is really giving us the hardest task
    Even in this angry storm, which can't be tamed
    Many are still pointing who should be blamed
    Even though everyone has liabilities
    Nobody wants to claim
    To them, to us, and to me, it is a shame.

    Yes, look at the first letter of each line
    #political #thoughts #injustices #unityandpeace

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    "Many are still pointing who should be blamed
    Even though everyone has liabilities
    Nobody wants to claim
    To them, to us, and to me, it is a shame."

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 57w


    आज आत्मा हो गई मगरूर है
    Tabeeb अब आग नहीं बन चुका बारूद है

    अरे बारूद कैसे?लिखारी हो के आतंकवादी!
    किसान हूं परेशान हूं जवान हूं हैरान हूं
    मुल्क के हालातों से
    देश का व्यापार किया,अन्नदाता को लाचार किया
    अब हल निकाल रहे बातों से

    ये सरकार ही दुराचारी है,मनुवाद की पुजारी है
    कट्टरपंथी सोच है जिनकी इन्हे सावरकर जैसी बीमारी है
    देश मेरा रो रहा है,अन्नदाता सड़कों पे सो रहा है
    सरकार तो मुर्दा है ही इस देश की,मीडिया भी चुपचाप सो रहा है
    खालिस्तानी,आतंकवादी और देश विरोधी बोल रहा है
    चौकीदार पत्ते खोल रहा है देश को जो तोड़ रहा है
    छप्पन इंच का सीना दिखाकर अंबानी को कुत्ता भोंक रहा है
    चोर की गोदी में बैठा,पत्रकारिता का भी लग यही शोंक रहा है

    Tabeeb की कलम रुक जाती है,आत्मा उसकी छुप जाती है
    ये सोच कर,थक जाती है,ड्डर जाती है
    क्या यही मेरा लोकतंत्र धर्मनिरपेक्ष भारत है....।

  • abhayrao 58w

    Pseudo Democracy

    Something sweeping, this wave is bright
    All that was wrong is now alright
    Extinguishing the flames of the future
    Dragging us back into the sea of the past
    Deceptions and divisions so painfully clear
    Twisting technology, cashing in on caste
    Superior races has such a familiar ring
    Like killing in the guise of protecting
    Mesmerized by power, after so much inept
    Welcoming the wave, in drowning debt
    Adrift in the tide of unwanted change
    Lashing out in ways so strange
    Paving the way for pseudo democracy
    It looks the same but lacks all diplomacy
    Freedom replaced with limitless power
    Granted by the laws, the need of the hour
    A friendly police state for you and me
    Welcome to the age of pseudo democracy!

  • devilfish 60w


    Steady rhythm to your heart
    Pulsating lights in my vision
    I see the night
    Could it be that I've risen
    The moon twinkles with a light that glows and glistens
    Composed of different parts
    At the start with a scarlet red ribbon
    To break apart
    To new beginnings
    Into nothing just to set myself apart
    Is pure art
    In it's very essence
    Like an exorcism
    Control of my emotions
    Wax and wane
    On the crescent
    Eruption of the wrath
    Stoicism propelled me past the present
    I will not be their silent sympathiser
    Corpses on the cement
    Their plastic world they torment
    Where does it exist
    Where's the consent?
    Frequent violations
    Take into the equation
    A percent
    Like we're going to prevent
    The natural course of these events
    My God
    I command you to repent
    I owe you not a cent
    Crib guardrails bent
    Time I haven't been able to collect
    A debt for the dime I did not spend
    An end to where these words will ferment
    Like the night I'm senescenct
    These events don't make sense
    I'm left to dreamt in a world
    Where with murder
    They lay content
    As my words will become air as they do not represent
    Specific agendas
    Since when did we intent to sustain in a world where the truth is wrongfully exempt
    I hold them in contempt
    But it's very hard to feel my voice is heard
    I'm one of three
    The first of the third
    A caged in bird
    Left only to sing
    Sonorous symphonies of epiphanies
    A fizzling soliloquy
    On deaf ears so that my eyes are in compliance but I'm trapped in my defiance
    To be held in a light that is not vibrant
    Multicolored ultraviolet
    Confused and so much to be done about the silence
    I will start
    But won't succumb to violence
    Or to murder
    Life is like a dream so I push further
    I persist
    Like a handcuff tightly gripped
    Around a wrist
    A wrist contracts with fury
    They won't retract the jury
    Do not reject the sin that made you
    Don't forget don't let them think for you
    You make your own choices
    Increase the volume of the voices
    United we need each other
    But we can't shield the truth
    Dilute it
    Or just cover
    Can't be confused with it
    Casting doubt to one another
    Deadly state of mind birthed from tattered loins
    An angel with no mother

  • rjkamal 63w

    ओबामा का भी पुतला फूंकेगा क्या हाथ
    पूछ रहा हूं कल दीवाली की है रात

  • james_taumas 64w


    Important day
    Some choose to ignore
    Flag waving
    Lines drawn
    Destiny in everyone's hand
    Paper or electronic
    Counted and recounted
    Horse race by numbers
    All in and double-down
    Everybody watches
    Winner stands chosen.


  • avigraceproverbs 65w

    Ramblings about the Soul of America

    Anxiety so high people being banished for a simple head cold. Breathing a pro-longed breath with only a screen to have and hold.
    One doesn't really care, the other care's for America's "soul".
    But without secured Liberty and Justice for ALL, America will never be whole.

  • aditipasricha 69w

    Dhikkar hai mujhe unn sab netaon par..
    Jinhone iss mitti ke kisaanon ka sirf nuksaan kiya hai...
    Shastri tum dekh lo zara ye 73 saalon ka vikaas..
    Tumhare desh ke kisaanon ke aansuon se hua hai...


  • dil_ki_kahi 70w

    भक्त...कुर्सी के"

    तर्ज- देखते-देखते...

    इलेक्शन जो आया
    दिल घबराया
    सत्ता में आने को
    जी ललचाया

    खुद तो हंसे वो
    हमको रुलाया
    नये नये वादों से
    मन को लुभाया..

    जो वोटों की.....हाय
    वो जो वोटों की खातिर थे पैदल चले..
    जो वोटों की खातिर थे पैरों पड़े
    क्या से क्या हो गये देखते-देखते ��

    देख पड़ते.....
    देख पड़ते जो नीयत के मासूम थे
    देख पड़ते जो नीयत के मासूम थे
    भ्रष्ट नेता बने देखते-देखते ��

    जो वोटों की खातिर थे पैरों पड़े
    क्या से क्या हो गये देखते-देखते

    रैलियां कीं बहुत
    और वादे कई
    कहीं चप्पल भी खाया
    और लातें कई..
    देखने का नज़रिया बदल सा गया ��️
    बोल मीठे मगर दिल में घातें कई ��

    हमने पूछा जो....ओओओओ हाय
    हमने पूछा कि हमसे ख़ता क्या हुयी....2
    क्यों ख़फा हो गये देखते-देखते

    घर पे आते थे सेवक जो बनके कभी
    रास्ता खो गये देखते-देखते

    क्या से क्या हो गये देखते-देखते
    रास्ता खो गये देखते-देखते

    जीतने की वजह उनकी हम थे कभी
    सत्ता में आने की थे वजह और हम ही
    बेवजह हो गये देखते-देखते
    पा गये कुर्सी वो..सेठ धन्ना बने
    उल्लू हम बन गये देखते-देखते

    क्या से क्या हो गये देखते-देखते
    लुट गये उनसे हम देखते-देखते।

    ~अन्जू त्रिपाठी
    #राजनीति #political #hindiwriters

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