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  • aprateem 16w


    Sometimes as delicious as deserts
    And sometimes as disastrous as pepper
    Often something fullfulling and tasty
    But also some unhealthy and rubbish
    All cooked up by my mind
    And tasted by the poor heart
    The kitchen of my head
    Featuring the cooking skills of my mind
    Cooks up regularly for my heart
    To cherish or suffer...

  • danilla 123w

    Poor heart...

    You hurt her
    But, she's hiding the pain
    Pretending that she doesn't even cares when you're around
    But the truth is, she cares
    She cares all the time
    And she hates herself for that
    She hates the fact that she's too sensetive
    And the fact that she has to let go
    She can't let you go
    Even when there are so many reasons why she has to let go, she still searches for one to hold one
    She holds on and let you hurt her poor heart again and again
    She's suffering with her poor heart, all the pain and sadness
    She's hiding the pain
    And she's getting good at it


  • wolf_lover 256w

    It freaks me out how much I'm falling in love with you.

    And now you can either save me or destroy me completely.

    - Alinah