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  • kush_boi 19w

    Sometimes all you want to do is avoid everything
    And just live inside your own thoughts.....


  • anu_sri 29w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Prism @mirakeeworld @wirtersnwork#writersbay#hod#pos

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    My behavior for other is prism

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 43w


    (M)memories do cast a dark cloud above, that can follow you for decades.
    (E)everyday that is given to us is a gift, do thank your God for that.
    (M)my days are filled with animosity & guilt associated with memories.
    (O)of course it's all made up in my own damn mind, as my family tries to convince their selves.
    (R)right or wrong they don't give a damn & really never did.
    (I)inner workings of my mind, show me flashes of what was brought upon me.
    (E)eternal life, not many understand that's what could be & is.
    (S)simplicity doesn't come easy folks, if so I wouldn't have such nightmares eating me alive everyday.

    Memories fade through each lifetime. The lessons learned are everlasting.

  • just_being_me_cheese 46w

    Tittle- tattle

    Tittle- tattle behind your back
    Mummers murmur
    You can't keep holding everyone lips

    Truth for me is
    Tittle- tattle behind your back
    They may claim you evil

    Back to remember
    Gossip Gossip
    Tittle- tattle behind your back.

  • juanogando 46w

    To live is to experience this life sail through you.


  • tessapoetessa 47w

    Your best life

    Live your best life
    Free of strife
    Free of stress
    Life’s a quest

    Or are we just living
    Living and giving
    Until there is nothing left
    You know the rest

    We work and slave
    To live from day to day
    We need a rest
    We try our best

    But is our best good enough
    Buying and buying all this stuff
    Filling our void with junk
    Trying to get out of this funk

    Eating and drinking to feel better
    Ah, but we all know better
    Is this our best life
    What does the husband tells his wife

    Stop whining and make my dinner
    Boy did she pick a winner
    Eating and drinking to kill them
    Neither man nor woman will win then

    She is living her best life
    Closes her eyes avoiding the knife
    Kids criticizing her daily work
    Why did she raise such jerks

    What did you say, she says
    Seeing through a fog of red
    Temper raises at what is said
    Is she better off dead

    No one to take care of her
    No man to be her Sir
    Just living her best life
    Stop criticizing her brain gripes

    Waking up another day
    What is it she wants to say
    Are you are living your best life
    Ask this daily to end your strife



  • leahkaye 50w

    Sperm donor

    He disappears
    Like Houdini
    Leaving me feeling worthless
    Nothing left to my name
    But a growing reminder
    That he once existed

  • nethra_1717 53w


    Smooth as a sud
    You could be the hidden one in the mud
    No wonders why you are found in the dirt
    But you are the spheres pert.

  • antarraal 57w

    Her large, black eyes radiates joy
    as she shares an old story,
    her infectious smiles reaches me
    making my lips slowly follow hers.

    The lines on her forehead
    are given by years of struggle,
    while the salt n pepper hair
    is 'bout a life that was always not fair.

    The lower lip is thicker almost like a fish
    till few years ago it had an angry hiss.
    She taught her daughters, never give up
    life is difficult keep walking with chin up.

    Nose is flat, yet juts out with arrogance
    to tell ya there is no place for nonsense.
    Every part has grown old yet the face shines
    to feel blessed as life is truly divine.

    Its a simple face with no ethereal beauty
    it taught me everything 'bout love, life and duty.
    Her follies also taught me to find my way out
    but when heart yearns peace, Ma it shouts.

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    my favourite face
    in the cosmos.


  • chagan_arshiya 93w

    To write

    People often say that poetry comes when you have a heartbreak, it's not true for all.
    I write when I feel to write
    It doesn't need to be sad
    I write when I am happy as a laughing child
    I write when I am in crowd struggling to see that cat meowing
    I write when I am in bed staring that bleak air and changing sides to get comfortable
    I write when I'm in love with the person who doesn't even know this
    I write about the person's eyes, blinking between the air and the ocean of that gleaming eyes
    I write about the smile that spreads just to please me
    I write about the wrinkled face the beggarwoman makes
    I write about the joy on the child's face, when he sees me jerking my face to make him laugh
    I write what my mind tell me to,
    To write, everything is my muse pushing my fingers to write it until I finished the ink circulating in my brain.
    But I could never write, when I'm sad


  • dil_ke_bol_alfaaz 95w


    दिल की राज़ दार होती है
    गहराइयां पहचानती है
    बड़ी हुनरमंद है ये आंखे
    हर जबां पढ़ लेती है

    बढ़ी खामोशियां है इनमें
    सुन लो तो चीखती है
    हर बात कह देती है तुमसे
    ख़ामोश नहीं रहती है

    आइना कह दूं तो गलत नहीं
    सीने में छिपे दिल का अक्स है
    सुरमई लिए डबडबाई जो
    तो बदलो को भी रश्क़ है

    आक्रोश जब बढ़ जाए तो
    आंखे अंगार कर लेती है
    कई बार दर्द को भीगा कर
    कनखियों से टपका देती है

    ख्वाबों के पर्दों के पीछे
    शरारत छिपा लेती है
    पलकों के झपकने में
    इश्क़ छिपा लेती है

    सीख लो आंखो को पढ़ना
    इसकी भाषा बड़ी सरल है
    ना जानो जो आंखे पढ़ना
    तो दिल के राज़ बड़े जटिल है


  • dil_ke_bol_alfaaz 96w

    रह गई मेरी ख़ामोशी चार दीवारों में
    ये दिल भी शामिल हुआ है गद्दारों में

    आवाज़ देता रहा फ़कीर दो रोटी को
    झुलस गई उम्मीद चूल्हे के अंगारों में

    आज मुद्दत बाद बैठा है कोई पास मेरे
    अटके रहे है जज़्बात दिल की दरारों में

    फजर की अज़ान मालूम हुई कानो को
    कोई ख़्वाब में आ ठहर गया नज़ारों में

    क़ैद कर ले इन धड़कनों को ए दिल
    भटक जाएंगी ये इश्क़ के गलियारों में

    रू ब ज़वाल हुए ये अल्फ़ाज़ रूहीन
    ला ज़वाल दर्द है ज़िन्दगी के इशारों में


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    रू ब ज़वाल हुए ये अल्फ़ाज़ ' रूहीन '
    ला ज़वाल दर्द है ज़िन्दगी के इशारों में


  • 11passed11 96w

    Holy Shit

    God is 'the shit'
    and we're all just a bunch of
    pieces of it


  • deepti_prabha 98w

    Blessing your feed:-
    If you've been listening to the
    Listen his flute....
    If you've been losing yourself,
    Find him....
    If you've been facing cowardy,
    Obey him....
    Happy Janmashtami

  • worldof_sachinrajan 99w

    "Dear god,
    Please give me a chance to stitch the
    half moon in to a full one.
    theres nothing makes me more happier
    than eating a Full pappad.''

    In the end,
    The god heared my prayers.
    I had completed the stitching of the half moon.And now i am enjoying my pappad with a smile.and hence he also replied me with a smile like moonlight.

  • amyjoylouise96x 100w


    Today i finally realised that i was such a fool, a fool for crying over someone like you.
    A narcassist is what you were followed by an emotional abuser, i should have left you instead of giving in to your begs for me to stay you fucking loser.
    I told myself that i'd never be able to hate you for what you did, but i want you out of my head so i'll hate you to be rid.
    You made it look like i was the psycho ex but which one of us flew across the world because of the blackmail of unprotected sex?
    Oh yeah that was you, its classed as sexual assault if i repeatedly said no boo.
    That was a scary time for me i must admit, beginning of our relationship and i thought you'd gotten me pregnant, legit.
    Why did i not realise until the end how serious that morning was? Oh well i refuse to stay quiet about it now, soz.
    You see you've robbed me of so many years of my life, by now i could have had my own family & becomes someones wife.
    But no thats not happened because i have barely left my house since we were over, iv had nothing but bad luck from a four leaved clover.
    Iv missed out on so many memories, barely felt the fresh air, i treat you right & gave you all my love so how was this fair?
    I refuse to give a shit about you anymore, i am a tiger and you'll see me roar.
    You may think you have won so i'll let you think that for now, i always fight back though, someway, somehow.
    Thank you for teaching me a lesson i needed to learn, the lesson that i need to let go sooner if a relationship crashes and burns.
    You didnt deserve me i was a diamond and you were dirt, didnt think in the end i'd catch you cheating did you, you little flirt.
    I deserve so much better & i'll find him someday & the relationship we'll have wont just go one way.
    He'll do everything he can to make me smile, wouldnt have to ask him to kiss me like you did because you were fucking vile.
    You lacked affection yet i stayed and i fought, tried to fix us whilst i was already distraught.
    You took advantage of a girl who was already struggling with life itself, made me feel worthless, ruined my mental health.
    Someday soon my life wont be so upside down, someday soon, i'll be wearing that crown.
    I'll get my life back on track & see the world again, wont fall in love with another boy i'll fall in love with men.
    I'm gonna work on my goals and finish what i started, my thoughts about you have just departed.
    Goodbye now i really have to go, go get back my life that you stole so.
    Maybe i'll see you again sometime, for now i wish you the best dont go commiting anymore crimes.


  • bejubalafj 105w

    day of father

    Gindagi me pita
    Oor subha me suraj
    Na ho to
    Use girhan kahte hai

  • kvwithyou 110w


    I walk long
    Along the street lights
    Untill there aren't any

    I count homeless
    On the foothpaths
    Untill the figure tallies

    I search known faces
    In my mind
    Untill there are traces

    I alter my goals
    With the changing count
    Untill my contribution is adequate

    I spent my childhood
    On one such street
    Untill I realised to grow up

  • abhii_mac 112w

    Never fear to extend your limits beyond an un present times faced!
    some silence in you creates an courage within you efficiently to survive better!


  • kvwithyou 113w

    An end to the journey. I have never been there, my father said he was born there. The last war that was fought, they made it inhabitable. The radiation around the magnetic fields is visible. Thought, I do believe him, I wish I could go there some way.

    I was born in this spaceships, and its life was 100 years. But now they say, the water has been contaminated. I am sealed in this room, fed up playing with the toys. I am not a kid now. I hate this quarantine.

    Last rotation my mom came in. I could not recognise her behind the silver space suit. She said we are heading back on earth. The average life expectancy would be 25 years and it won't be a natural death. The list of rules she handed me, didn't seem great.

    The tab she gave me to learn some lessons, praised the life on earth. I have learned the meaning of day and night, gravity, atmosphere, nuclear and radiation. They tried to scare me in an systematic approach.

    With every orbit circle, the planet gets bigger and bigger. I wished to go there, and it was coming true. Now, I wish we could have had the same earth, they had. I wanted to ask them , the precautions they want me to follow, why didn't they? But life now is too short, to persue such sensitive questions.

    I perceive to spend life, without living. The window is the only life line!



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    I perceive to spend life, without living. The window is the only life line!