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  • jess_virtue 5w


    What is it to be great?
    In a sense we are all great,
    All of us waiting for our moment,
    We all have voices,
    Yet some scream louder than others,
    We all have dreams,
    Yet some of us reach them,
    Every one of us as has aspirations,
    We are all muses,
    All self-prescibed doctors in some regard,
    All musicians unto ourselves,
    And everyone is a poet

  • emptypen 5w

    काश दिल टूटने की आवाज़ होती,
    या कूचले जाने पर खून आ जाता,
    शायद, तब, लोग रहम खा लें।

  • bedazzledsoul 6w

    Dear jaan ,

    Dont listen to this selfish words and voices because it will only make you feel like an outsider.

    Let me hold u close when the day keeps getting louder than the past ,when the rain pours more than before .

    Tell me your saddness and complaints ,so i can hold this heavy stone along with you

    Seeing you smile and laugh for a while before your tired eyes and mind prepare for the next day
    I want capture you in this moment forever and ever.

    Yours dearest,
    Trouble maker


  • _vaish 6w


    As i look up to you with euphoria,
    Feeling myself. cool breeze over
    me smiling to your vibrant colour's..

    Smile! People are making memories capturing your canopy of colours
    .Clear as crystal in Aurora.
    I feel the deep breaths as i see you.

    Sun shade between your clouds,
    How the rays extends till me
    crossing those walls and give
    way to raise and shine

    Your pink and purple shades
    Displays the ethereal artistry
    of nature.And The greys manifiests
    its time to rain! Darkness is put to
    an end and its time to shine again!

  • nehahemaraj 6w

    Dear sky,

    Sunburn is painful,
    Thus, I chose moonburn.

    Elegance of your undulation,
    Betwixt azure blues,
    And sapphire hues,
    The latter won my admiration.

    Delineating the potpourri,
    Of tristful realities,
    To the sole listener,
    Silvery, refined celestial body.

    My dear welkin,
    Could you please do me a favour,
    Hold me close to your bosom,
    Like the way you've held the moon.

    Yours always,
    An ardent admirer!


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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • paradoxicalpenman 6w

    How I envy you, sky,
    Seeing the magnitude of chaos unfolding daily,
    Hosting the storm and thunders occasionally,
    Yet the soothing appearance,
    Manipulator supreme,
    Or are you really genuine????

  • sundarcvc 5w


    Hey Sky,

    Riding high I suppose!! How's the weather up there? You know what,I've been looking up to you since I was a kid!! But as a kid I would just literally just look up to you,but as I grew up this looking up thing got a whole new meaning.Now before you shoot down lightning bolts at me,hear me out.

    First off,The fact that eventhough you're high above,you're just like us humans.For example,You too go through different seasons.Sometimes some seasons goes on longer but the most admiring aspect is you always manage to move on,look forward and whole heartedly embrace the next new season. You let them pass,and I also know above all those seasons you are calm and quite observing the experience from the distance.Just like your friend the ocean who seems angry and rough on the surface but calm and collected below. Speaking of friends..

    Second off, I have always envied your close relationship with the sun,moon and the ocean..How on earth(sorry to bring up your mom but still..),do you manage to be for each other for centuries now. I mean you must have heard all the complaints people make about others in heaven right,sometimes you might have even seen the way we humans behave. But you guys are something else,like for example...

    When your friend sun shows up,it just lights you up and decorates you with these different cascade of shades sometimes orange,sometimes red,sometimes golden and as the time goes by you allow it to shine higher and brighter without any jealousy with in turn makes you shine along with it.

    Speaking of shine,how can we forget your gleaming in sunshine friend The Ocean.An absolute honest friend who acts like a mirror by reflecting who you are,keeping you grounded and humble in that process,and also your reflection becoming one of it's important identity. And your role as a peace maker is commendable,by intervening when the sun has taken up so much of the ocean and you block it out with your grey cloudy arms,and shower back little droplets of love and understanding.So much so that when sun calls it a day,it never forgets to embrace the ocean,in the process creating a spectacle,in which you glow with happiness,that lots of photographers have captured and some still waiting to capture.

    And capture reminds me of your one more friend,who comes and greets the sun before it can take over for the night.The one has managed to capture the attention of all the romantics over the centuries and has been a special gift dedicated to their loved ones.Yes,the good old Moon.Crescent or Full Moon,always manages to set the mood. With the ocean reflecting the moon,which is the closest a normal human can ever come to touching it,and the sun sharing it's shine and you totally become a dark background,allowing your friend to shine bright and take the spotlight.

    For me you are the perfect example of mutual trust and growth.Shining by letting others shine. Yeah you do cry tears of despair when your friend the ocean gets depressed because mother earth gushes out wind from both the poles. But I really do admire comradeship and mutual support among you is totally one we humans totally crave for.

    They say sky is the limit,but I guess I am way past my limit so,my dear Sky,I Love You and thank you so much for inspiring me to be a better human.Kiss The Heavens For Me..And wish your brother Ozone from my side,hope he has plugged the hole in him.

  • anamika17 6w

    As sky is to bird,
    As water is to fish,
    You are to me.
    As they feel fresh there,
    No struggle or fear,
    Heart filled with glee.

  • fakharsplanet 6w

    A Message to Maa

    Dear Maa,
    When I was a child and life was easier on me,
    I used to cry from having nightmares and reach out to you for comfort as you slept just beside me,
    You would wrap me in your arms, kiss my forehead and let me know that you're their for me, my best friend.
    Your warm embrace made me feel invincible, I fought those bad dreams off to sleep peacefully.

    Today that I am older and life is challenging,
    I still have nightmares, I still wake up from them, I still find you sleeping right next to me, but I don't reach out for you anymore,
    I keep on sobbing, not because I'm afraid of my bad dreams, but because of the thoughts in those moments that one day I might not find you, or your warm embrace that was once my home, my refuge from my own demons.
    I love you maa.

    Love, Zaiba.

  • lostsoul73 6w


    We went to Grandfather Mountain
    We walked up the trail
    Over the rocks big and small
    We went up the many stairs
    We finally reached the top
    Elevation 5282 mile high
    As high as we were to you (the sky)
    You were out of reach.
    But to look down was so beautiful
    Breath taking

  • johnbenson 6w

    The Sky

    Beautiful and bright
    Touching everybody in sight
    Thank you for being you


  • _transient 6w

    I am trying to write here frequently.


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    When everyone was writing
    letters to the sky,
    I felt restlessly passive.
    Am I suppose to feel too?
    Do I overlook the obvious?
    Later that day,
    I read all the letters one by one,
    tried my best to relate
    but words kept on entwining
    into a non-native something.

    I remember
    getting attached to brittle memories
    that resurfaced on a lazy night
    when dream was still next door,
    only unacquainted.
    Nostalgia has often tricked people
    into believing.
    I too have been ensnared
    in one such loop.

    I think
    the sky mirrors my eyes
    I see me from the past,
    completely aware
    that this image won't last.
    And writing to the old me
    would be like a blasting gratification
    for retaining a naive outcast.


  • gaurangig 6w

    #postcard #wod

    Halley's comet can be seen every 76 years, but every year when Earth crosses the path the Comet took all those years ago, we have a meteor shower known as the Orionids! These were at their peak last night! Something as an ode to the beauty of the Universe!

    Thank you WN @writersnetwork for the read!

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    She zoomed past this way
    A long long time ago
    She promised she would be back
    And my eyes are fixed on you
    Since then, oh night sky!
    She is not yet back, but she sends,
    Me a bouquet of the loveliest falling stars
    Every year to remind me
    Of her promise from years ago!


  • artemiswrites 6w

    Postcards of Hope to the Sky

    Dearest Sky,
    I'm sending you a bunch of words
    as blue as a bouquet of freshly blossomed
    bluebells to remind you of what you are
    made of, for I know, that you've been feeling
    monsoonal and dark lately,
    now that October has arrived
    You feel like you'll no longer laugh
    in the colour of dawn again
    but you will, soon enough,
    when winter goes away and spring lights
    up your face again.

  • snehalv 6w

    To unwanted people

    I’ll not just give big burp but will make you realise how your wrong attitude has minored your chances of getting better & leading a peaceful life.


  • meenalochani 6w

    Message to the sky

    Oh! My beloved beautiful sky,
    I am not that poet, who can write ecstasy lines about you,
    But, I tried my best to justify you with a simple message,,
    Either you look azure and clear like a blanket,
    Or painted with cirrus cumulus and rare mammatus Design,
    You always look young and gorgeous,
    You behold all the celestial bodies,
    You are the beginning of the day,
    Also the end of tranquil night,
    There is no end to express your beauty,
    But, my postcard can hold only so many words.
    So, Rest in my next card.

  • hash_05 6w

    बात कहूं गर एक तो बाल खुले रखा करो,
    चेहरे का नूर अच्छा लगता हैं...
    न बहम नही है मेरा
    चाहो तो तुम्हारे चाहने वालों से पूछ लो...


  • silhouette_of_a_poet 6w

    I threw away crushed pastels
    And broken quills
    While you were insistently
    Writing and painting like a maverick
    Unlike my glum portraits
    And the vain tropes I write
    They were alive
    I have heard your heartbeats
    And felt your tears
    I have soaked in your silence
    And felt your frustration
    I wonder how you carry on
    Never out of breath
    Never staying still
    My heart is bestilled

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  • rehena 6w

    To the sky

    You know me the best
    Because at my happiest days
    I go in search of you
    To share it with you
    In my lonely midst.

    And you never leave me alone
    In my darkest days.
    You brighten the stars
    And make me realize that
    The statlight shines brighter
    On the darkest nights,
    And as the darkest nights pass
    Things become more beautiful.

    Sometimes when i carve for wishes.
    You gaze me with a shooting stat.
    Making my wishes under the shooting star.
    And thats how,
    We promise to be with each other
    Forever and ever.

  • vdascribbling 6w

    Dear Sky,
    You're ever constant
    Whether I sit, lie or stand
    I can be sure that overhead you will hung.
    No matter your shade,
    Pristine blue, black or grey
    Your beauty like you remain constant
    No matter the time of day.
    Thank you dear,
    For being there always
    You are the one constant no matter the day.