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  • sofychris 14w

    October 14th

    Hey Man,
    Happy Birthday
    It's 2 years without your regular birthday goat meat
    I'll keep counting all the portions you owe me
    Just so you know, you're indebted to me as always
    Saturdays have not been the same at home without your sumptuous breakfast ritual
    Your ogbono soup also went on vacay with you.. we still don't like it
    I don't know about others, but I miss our toe cracking sessions. My toes are now stiff
    I've also started speaking igbo more fluently.  It still sounds "phonerized" but I still speak it anyway
    Your small mummy is now a very hot atarodo. She can disturb for Africa and is very much in the business of enjoying her life. She's still a tax collector and at this point, Moneyca should be her official name.
    Regi is still planning to sell all of us. He's tired of our women drama. The other day, he was laughing about how he has inherited your wife troubles. She calls him every time he's out of sight. But their love is blossoming.... couple goals
    Tmoney is still a baller, she's been my urgent 2k supplier. We don't argue much anymore, we are now mature babes
    Before you ask, your baby girl is fine. The pressure has not been easy on her, but she's a tough one... she didn't break. You know she never backs down, she always makes a way in the storm.
    Nothing serious on my part  I've not gone for service.. i still dey find money as always .. but i will next year, I promise
    I'm now more confident and outspoken, no more dimming lights here.
    I'm still an ajala like you, but my account balance is not corresponding with my legs. I miss taxing you.
    The other day when I was going through your library, I saw your expense record books.  Truly, I've eaten your money in this life and sadly, I'll be unable to return the favour.
    But it's well. I know you're somewhere better that money can't afford.
    I'll keep taking charge , but please endevour to pay my salaries. I need money to function properly. T for tenks... that's one of the new slangs here. That will be all for now...
    Keep singing with the angels...
    Remember, I'll always hold you dear in my heart
    I love you ❤


  • reticentsdiary 188w

    A tribute to the posthumous writings, besides it also shows the critical acclaims on the writings through the word difference between the first line (original art form) and the last line (published form).
    #posthumous #writers #flaws #readwriteunite #pod #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork

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    Little, everyday, I poured myself,
    into a bottle of love and hope.
    Today, when I rest between
    The storm and the sunlight,
    My flaws shine through
    the Bottle of my Art!

  • cloud9_af 193w

    My Mother

    Mother-- What a special word!
    Right from the day I ovulised,
    To the day I succumb.
    From the ABC's, unto the demise
    I couldn't foresee what I had become.
    The day came when I was forgotten,
    "Be the successful man I imagine"-
    Etched on to memory, I couldn't forget
    of all sunshine and the rain.
    Ethereal was her presence,thou-
    He saw all of the all at her fall.
    Unable to call, unable to freak,
    Broken up was he, at the tumbling sky fall.

  • unvoiced_ink 221w

    posthumous =occurring, awarded, or appearing after the death of the originator.

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    All the feelings, love, care, affection
    that you hold for some one
    shower it now.
    Are you waiting to make it posthumos??

  • nazir_chobal 221w


    We're murderers here in Africa.
    We're in a hurry to bury our dear ones.
    No autopsies, but posthumous celebrations.
    They might still have a little bit of life which could be rekindled.
    We choose to let them die.
    We choose to celebrate their passing rather than their living.
    Of course we're murderers.


  • undoing 221w

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    From his antemortem injuries
    to his posthumous fragments,
    I vanished!
    ▶Posthumous means after the death of someone.
    ▶hashtag #posthumous to enter the challenge.
    ▶No word limit.

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    Compose a prose or a poem
    consisting of the word
    #posthumous .