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    Chal rah pakad ke rahi,
    pagdandi par hi kyu ruk gaya,
    Tum toh bade race ke ghode ho,
    tum aadhe me hi kyu ruk gaya,
    Jiska Sath jo tha tumhara,
    usse rishta kya chhut gaya?
    Tumhare pav me thode chhale kya pada,
    apno ne nata tod gaya,
    Chal uth daur laga, bhag le
    jab tak bediya nahi lag jata,
    Tu daur le apne majil ko chhu le,
    jab tak sanse nahi ruk jata,
    Jab tak sath hai khud ka,
    khuda hai sath tumhare,
    Aaj thoda dard hai pav me,
    Aaj uska hai toh,
    Pura zindagi pada hai tumhara

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  • shivatado 18w

    Wrinkled outside,
    Young at heart,
    Draped in traditional,
    Cheerful her talk,
    Selective in work,
    Spiritual in thoughts,
    Her empathetic words,
    Got everyone's attention caught.
    She is the old lady with renewed will,
    She is master of living,
    Service her skill.

  • dinner 18w

    A shy playful kid. I think such kid is hidden somewhere in everyone’s life.

    #Potrait #Miraquill,#Writers network # mirakee.

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    Shy kid

    I hear him cry everyday
    So I play with him everyday
    Wondering what makes him cry
    Than I realise he wants to fly
    He likes to play hide and seek
    High above the cliff
    Sometimes he is timid
    And does things stupid
    Barefoot he walks on the green grass
    Greeting every one on with grace
    Now I don’t hear him cry
    Instead I see him fly
    He has got new friends
    Their stories and laughter never ends
    He now walks tall
    With confidence not to fall
    His presence is filled with sweet aroma
    Makes me wonder he is now grown
    He is no more pale and weak
    He is healthy and no freak
    He is my neighbor’s little boy
    A cute grown up boy now he doesn’t coy
    He greets me with a hug everyday
    And says after school we will play



  • chisola 18w

    Gracious Sunday

    The Sunday sun zooms in on my father's stubby gray chin,
    A hymn of thanks to the Lord on his lip,
    His striped tie swinging back and forth,
    The relaxed squeak of his thoroughly polished shoes on the floor,
    The extra sound his teeth make as he chews his eggs,
    The curl at the end of his mouth as he goes to the car,
    Indeed it is blessed morning to be able to go praise God!
    My mother is not to outdone either, her nails sharpened and cleaned to take that which the Lord has set in front of her,
    Her black hair smooth and finely streaked with silver,
    Oh that joyful tell-tale click of her heels against the floor ,
    When it's about her God you better get on board or get out of the way!,
    Her Cupid's bow painted with red and a permanent smile,
    Her dimples deep enough to sink all negativity,
    Her clothes fresh, her sweet and spicy perfume inciting vigor for whoever smells it,
    The gleam of her rings resemble the sun's rats against my father's chin.

    What a gracious Sunday!

  • shabz_felix 18w

    Mother's Portrait

    By beholding became change
    Be aware of her golden rules

    Fight a good fight of faith baking treats
    Smelling like flowers scented breath

    Bloom when ever sunshine feeds the soul
    Cultivate fruits from planted seeds as a humble task

    This is my Father world with dew drops rain
    her voice sounded like some good old gospel song

    Melted the heart of stones
    Created sculpture to experience art

    Visualizing her different stages of growth
    Tested waters capacity on daily basis

    Subjected to cross rivers up hills
    Run the race of life trouble seas

    A perfect picture of strong minded, love
    Purpose of believe in yourself ,is faith

    Even when the back stands against the wall
    But rightly God got her back

  • the_matchstick 18w

    Clean Slate

    Sluts I slept with,
    Souls I dealt with,
    Sages I travelled with,
    Sinners I have sinned with,

    Saint I have to turn into,
    Clean Slate I have to become!

    Can I wipe everything and start over?


  • bemyonly_faithofheart 18w

    Potrait poetry

    The memories of summer

    I don't know how it's
    strange, but I try to figure out all
    on the day of 12 th May
    she met me suddenly on my
    Instagram posts, and commented
    on my posts like the rainfalls
    touch the earth's face calmly
    It was just weird to reply
    her with a smile indeed
    I didn't understand at all
    what was going on there
    and we talked enough on
    every unexpected subject
    like career, love and etc.
    we both explained each
    other subjects very well.
    after few, days we had an
    argument with each other
    on a funny meme by chance
    how it's strange to tell you all
    but it's so true thing, it happened
    after that day we never crossed
    each other path on any social
    sites, I liked her infact I still like
    her with all mysteries of forever
    that's still alive in a poet's poetries
    I didn't say I love her, I only like her
    now, I'm feeling too weird for myself
    so, let me stay there with weird memories


  • _desaiagraja 22w


    Cotton candy skies reflects in her eyes,
    Wrapped by the lush, green & bright.

    Her cheek tinted in pink,
    And eternal beauty, she breath.
    Magic paint brush, perfectly blends.
    Cracked lips turned to cherry red.

    The throne studded rose,
    Tattooed on the back, of her neck.
    Crooked & hooked flowers in the gown,
    Illustrating her as immortal bijour.

    Blooming garland on her braided hair,
    But the flowers, oh so dead.
    And the fragrance was still intact,
    Smelt like a fresh blood extract.

    Portrait itself gave the clue.
    Dead poets painted it, for you.


  • martindangelus 27w

    Portrait of Dismay

    As she ponders in disbelief.
    No grief in her eyes.
    Just regret that reeks of betrayal
    a ballad enthralled by false hope and dismay.

    November 13th, 2021

  • rayhannahere 18w

    #potrait #wod #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    I know, time spent in person was very, very less with you, but you presented me best memories, just like your name. Was so humble of you to make me feel special. I'll always be thankful for this. Till end of time yet forever.

    For time being,
    Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi..
    Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi..
    Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi
    Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa, Mera Dil Akela..
    Zara Tasveer Se Tu, Nikalke Saamne Aa
    Meri Mehbooba..
    Meri Taqdeer Hai Tu, Machalke Saamne Aa
    Meri Mehbooba..

    (Some day I’ll meet you..
    That day my beloved will be with me..
    But I don’t know when will it rain
    My heart is parched, my heart is lonely..
    From the picture/potrait, please come out in front of me
    My beloved..
    You’re my destiny, jump out, come in front of me
    My beloved..)

    -Meri Mehbooba by Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik (Pardes)

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    Black coffee for two, with sunset, on deck
    Snuck glimpse of his profile, glistening under sun's peck..

    Ruffled hair, glasses adorned, looks techie geek
    With that cute mole on the eyebrow's peak..

    Small nose, voluptuous cheeks, pink lips blowing his hot brew
    His pleasant pheromones, so superior, air graciously wafts thru..

    Minute creases, his attire simple and comfy, so like him
    Blessed baritone, makes me vivid on mood livid, grim..

    And such swift gait, but to tell something, takes moment, waits
    Balanced toned body, and persona, wits with humility, underrates..

    So sweet of my fate, happy that relationships didn't worked in past
    Batchmate, turned Buddy, turned Bestie, turned my Life, at last!


  • bleedingkalam 92w


    Landscape shows you the entire view
    Potrait gives you just what you want to see
    Have a landscape vision and not a portrait one


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 93w


    Lonely soul,
    Drifting adieu of metaphors and hyperbole
    In the end, everyone turns yellow
    Like autumnal leaves
    She is like a golden fibre that needs to darn parts
    It's alright to fill with misty - eyes, sometimes
    Feeling barren and shattered from the core
    Yet she can shed salty droplets in rainy nights
    But it is too heavy to portray abstract in an art piece
    As if she has lost her direction in the ocean fierce
    But she wants to fly high like a kite

  • rasbharee 99w


    Portrait painted in black,
    Beauty mysteriously hold back,
    Hairs slyly covering track,
    Eyes glaring through crack.

    Lips gaping little hint,
    Face lacking bit glint,
    Chin looks perfectly mint,
    Artist leaves huge imprint.

    Stare that pierces soul,
    Drifting attention from whole,
    That may be the goal,
    So you never scroll.

  • aa_risha 100w

    Success ke baad ka plan sabke paas hai ... lekin agar galti se fail ho gaye ... toh failure se kaise deal karna hai ... koi baat hi nahi karna chahta

    And we all thought...what we will do...if you get a chance to meet you....but never thought how to console ourself in your such early demise...no one literally non of us....but we need to accept the harsh reality .....

    Jis mehfil ne thukraya humko, kyun us mehfil ko yaad kare ... aage lamhe bula rahe hai, aao unke saath chale....the way you delivered your dialogs....the finest of finest acts....Are you hearing the cry of your fandom.....you r hearing right??
    That smile...and the freshness in you.....how you thought of leaving us all in tears....to an unknown place ..maybe to which we don't know the way to....and if know someday...maybe we won't cm back to tell the others....

    Tumhara result decide nahi karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi ... tumhari koshish decide karti hai

    may the soul rest in eternal peace!!!
    #sushantsinghrajput #hero #msdhoni #14june #miss #you #kedarnath #love #loadsofrespect

    #arijitsingh songs #art #potrait #watercolour

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    Ek Vaari Aa

    Dhal rahi shaam hai
    Dil tere naam hai
    Iski aadat bani hai teri yaariyan

  • __poison__ 106w

    Doesn't matter who speaks who
    Doesn't matter who likes or don't
    You know you are the best
    Cause' you give your best.

  • jeitendra_sharma 122w

    नाटक के पात्र

    ख़ामोश हैं
    ज़मीर मेरा
    क़ातिल मैं ख़ुद
    गुनाह हैं मेरा
    सज़ा है ख़ामोशी
    सलाख़ के पीछे
    सच बैठा अँधेरे कोठरी में
    काला पानी की सज़ा
    काट रहा हो जैसे
    दम घुटता हैं
    नक़ाबपोश लोग
    सब क़ातिल हैं मेरे
    सब आज़ाद हैं,
    कैसी आज़ादी हैं?
    जुल्म करने वाला
    ज़िंदा हैं, सहने वाला मुर्दा
    रगों में पानी बह रहा हो जैसे
    वोह भी काला विषैला
    जैसे कालिया नाग हो
    ज़हर फ़ैल रहा है
    नफरत का
    लालच का
    खुदगर्ज़ी का
    दवा, नहीं कोई दवा नहीं
    तुम कुछ नहीं कर सकते
    न बोलो वरना
    बाहर कर दिए जाओगे
    इस समाज से
    इस नाटक से
    जिसके पात्र
    बस लूटना जानते है
    कभी किसी की इज़्ज़त
    या फिर कभी किसी की मज़बूरी,


  • lekhakshish 141w


    क़ुछ धुँधली सी हुईं,
    क़ुछ की चमक से हुआ परेशां,
    क़भी अतीत का हिस्सा बनी,
    क़भी साथ चलती रहीं,
    यूँ ही आकर रुला दें,
    यूँ ही ख़ामोशियों से हँसी,
    डायरी के पन्नो के बीच से,
    या मेरी पुरानी यादों के संदूक में,

    तस्वीरें बहुत मिली,
    गलतियों, खामियों, जज़्बातों से भरी,
    आज भी क़ैद हैं कहीं,
    तस्वीरें वो।


  • taytay_nicole424 143w

    Grandma's Poem

    Old time country playing on the car radio
    The aroma of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamond perfume filling the living room
    Family Feud playing on the tv
    It's amazing all the little, memorable things you start to miss
    When you lose someone so special to you
    That grief begins to drizzle in your heart
    Like an everlasting storm

    Waiting two hours for you to get ready for the store
    Agreeing on how phycho Claire, from Days of Our Lives, is
    Watching A Dog's Journey and crying throughout the whole thing at $5 Tuesday at Movie Tavern
    What I wouldn't give to have those moments back
    Every memory we've ever made
    Constantly plays over and over again in my head
    Like a ballad on repeat

    Grandma you'll forever live on in my memories
    You'll always be such an important part of who I am
    You were my best friend
    One of my greatest blessings
    Now you're one of my
    Beautiful Guardian Angels
    Watching over me

    I love and miss you so much
    This is my poem sent to Heaven
    I pray it finds it's way to you
    Love your lost granddaughter

  • takytales 146w

    °°° एक दोस्ती कुम्हार और मिट्टी की : happy friendship day °°°

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