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  • vswrites97 1d

    हमारे हिस्से में भी खुशियां तमाम होती
    तो न हाथ छिलते न उंगलियां लाल होती...

  • anuradhasharma 3w

    पेट के हालात देखिए।

    अमीर लोग, रोटी प्लेट पे सजाते हैं !

    ज़्यादा हो तो, आदत में शुमार पकवान बर्बाद करना।

    कमी हो तो ऐसी कि, फेंकी रोटी भी तलाशनी पड़ती ।

    गरीब इंसान, रोटी ज़मीन पे खाते हैं


  • _astitva_ 3w

    A broken bowl

    Oh God!

    In a hut of hope a lamp lightened with the burning dreams
    With a mud pot quarter filled with water rest with silenced screams
    Covered with compassion of clinging helplessness
    Asking almighty the spell for her 7 year old's sleeplessness
    Neither nights full of lights nor cots with bedroll
    She pleads perspiring breathes for a bread in a broken bowl

    Rustling wind scratching sweats over the wrinkled skin
    Diseases to death strolling masked in merciless mannequin
    Under the shimmering streetlight after the scorching day of toil
    That insomniac is inking fate with quill of aspirations's boil
    Still plates half filled are kept in basin with hands wiped in a sinful stole
    A meal is snatched everytime gifting tears in crevices of a broken bowl

    Between the patchy rags of respiration and righteousness
    A feeble hand holds hunger nibbling nervousness
    Before a plate full of pleasures, plays and prosperity
    Two eyes shining with a hope through a glass of disparity
    Then a hand wraps little shoulders caressing its soul
    Leaving a question on the existence of God!
    Will the mankind have a moment to befriend a broken bowl


  • _solitaire_ 4w

    As I lie on this bleak carpet laid down on the street, its all dark in here and I can feel the chilly night freezing my thoughts. Only some heat from the nearby street light to boil my luke-warm tea and the round moon in the cloudless sky which only reminds me of the roti I haven't had in a while.

    //Lives of many go arcane.//

    #life #poverty #importantdec

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    Not all feets are able to dance to the beats of their hearts.

    From dreams in the jar
    Till failing to open it
    Life withers away.


  • lovethatneverfades 5w

    How did you die?

    Did your shoulders fail to hold the sky?
    Or the weight of your caliginous dreams were too high?
    Was it lack of daily hunt
    Or the tired heart brunt?

    What made you die? How did you die?

    Media reported of cold weather
    Was it the heart that turned cold seeing your starved kids eye
    Or was it after your dying wife?
    Or was it the cold feet that turned down the rope thinking about the possible bright sky?

    The endless battles you fought
    For a piece of bread,
    The battles you fought
    To keep the head high in the room of men
    The battles you fought
    With an uncomplaining heart

    The battles you fought waiting for
    A Lily to bloom in a sticky mud bath

    Until the trees turn leafless
    And hearts turn bare
    Until the art stiffened
    Until you were dead!

    Yet, the question remains
    how did you die, oh poor man?

    #poverty #writersnetwork #randommusings #ceesreposts #soulraabta #wod #pod #archaic


    Edit - Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️. Much grateful team

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    Uneven lines,
    Victim of misfortune
    Tattered hopes
    Monotonic morns
    A pale horse hauls


  • _barbie__ 8w

    Hundreds of people
    But not a single human
    Beside a road,
    I saw a face smiling through
    the corners of pain
    Torned dirty clothes, messy hair
    said everything what she was trying to hide
    Wrinkles on her skin were speaking about her journey
    She did a mistake,
    She expected humanity from the people around her
    But she forgot that these are monsters behind the mask of human
    Many people noticed her,but still their heart didn't ache
    As they have covered their hearts from sheath of coldness
    She didn't saw me ,as she was gazing people around her,
    She was as old as my granny,
    A women begging for a penny
    It has been minutes,but I can't take my eyes off her face
    I felt like she was begging for kindness
    She was begging for a joyful touch
    As I took my steps towards her
    She lifted her face ,but her eyes weren't with hope
    As she has lost hope in humanity
    I checked by bag,founded a ten rupee note,
    Without any delay I just handed it to her
    with a smile on my face
    (But then I thought that I am wearing a hijaab on my face,and she will not be able to see my smile::these words were in my mind )
    But I was glad that she noticed my eyes smiling
    And she gave me a smile in return
    She lifted her hands to give me blessings,
    And that moment,
    I realized something,that just with a note of 10 ,today i have purchased that priceless solace ,I was craving for
    Her priceless blessings which will surely ease my problems
    I came back home,
    But throughput the day her face was still in my mind,
    For the first time I felt my solace in a stranger ^_^


    @writersnetwork @writersbay @miraquill
    #life #human #poverty

    Just thought of sharing this beautiful memory of my life^_^❤️

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    A 10 rupee note

  • anuradhasharma 8w

    फेरी वालों को फेरी के आधे पैसे भी, नसीब नहीं होते।

    उफ़, कितनी नाइंसाफी भरा खेल खेल रहें हैं ये।


  • dipankar2089 13w


    गाड़ियों के शीशे का ही तो फासला है,
    कोई उस तरफ हाथ फैलाता है,
    तो कोई इस तरफ हाथ दिखाता है।
    कोई भूखे पेट सो जाता है,
    तो किसी को खाना पसंद नहीं आता है।
    कोई जाता है स्कूल, पढ़ने और बढ़ने,
    तो कोई नंगे पांव सड़कों पे जूजता है धूप से,
    तुम पीते हो गाड़ियों में बैठ के शरबत,
    वो प्यास बुझाता है अपनी ही थूक से।
    पर कसूर ना उसका है ना ही तुम्हारा,
    बस किस्मत का ही तो खेल है सारा।
    किस्मत का नहीं है खेल ये,
    इंसानों ने बनाई है रेल ये।
    बांटा गया है यूं डिब्बों में सबको
    और अब मिलने का नहीं है कोई गेटवे।
    भेड़िए बने हैं सब जिसकी भूख ही नई मिटती,
    जितनी भी दौलत हो, कम ही है दिखती।
    किस बात का गुरूर करूं मिट्टी पर अपनी,
    यहां रोटी के लिए बेटियां भी हैं बिकती।

  • itiafah 15w

    She Is Hungry

    We know the sound of day
    Cause a part of us have been awake all night.
    I try to silence it but it's always stronger than I.
    I'm waiting for the morn, to steal away and run;
    run for her, with the hope that everyday brings.

    I know I have to do this,
    I know I have to go in search,
    I know it shouldn't matter what it looks like but mum most times it smells and makes her stomach hurt.

    I try to hurry out but she's crying
    How do I leave her with her hands on her stomach telling me she's hungry.
    I wish she understands I'm on the run for her;
    I wish she knows I'm also dying but I'm running.

    I'd have to dig hard through the garbage to get something that looks like food.
    Fresh refuse would be out by sunset and I know I have to get there first

    ...but she's crying, yelling so much that I fear she will faint again.
    ..."I promise I'll be back soon with our meal", I tell her with a reassuring smile and at the sound of 'meal' she quietens.

    She's waiting, I'm running.
    running everyday to save her
    running as hard to get there before I faint;
    to get there before SHE faints,
    running to save her.

    "she's waiting", i murmur as I dash off
    " she is hungry"


  • madinah_writes 15w

    Despite all the questions you've asked,
    All the jokes they've cracked.
    All the rights they demanded,
    You still voted from them.
    Despite all the questions left, unanswered.
    All the words with it's true meanings, covered up and uncorrected.
    All the words that are buried, left to be never remembered.
    Yet, people rolled the night in a paper, and smoked it in a pipe.
    In memory of kidnapped children.
    Your kidnapped children,
    Our abducted children.
    Justice is requested,
    And all you told them was to go back to bed.
    Just how would they sleep?!
    When you hurt their softest feelings of love and trust, really deep?!
    Tomorrow would be better,
    Let's burn our light of hope and fill our thirst as we suffer.
    Youth jobless, graduates homeless.
    Yet, the orphans are left hopeless.
    In an independent state with democratic government.
    As if that wasn't enough,
    You still voted for them.

    © Madinah_Writes


    Just me pooling out my thoughts and feelings on Africa's government. We're built with Rich history, and blessed with human, material and natural resources. I still wonder why we're trying to limp when other continents are flying. ����

    #vote #reality #Africa #poem #miraquill #Africanpolitics #government #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #writer #writersbay #poverty #wod #masses #life

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    You Still Voted For Them


  • madinah_writes 15w

    Years ago before the creation of man, the Almighty created 3 unique birds of different species namely; Vulture, Ground hornbill and Cattle geret.

    They are all birds and Cattle geret is the least. The three of them were so poor and wretched, that they decided to pay the Almighty a visit for help. When they got to the heavens, He gave one of them and amount of money to use it down on earth. So he commented them into the world to spend the money however they want. When the vulture got into the world, it lavished the money on bean-cake. The vulture rushed home and filled it's empty stomach till it was filled up and satisfied. The ground hornbill on the other hand bought pap and took it all alone.

    Cattle geret was the least of them. He took a deep thought on how to spend the money. The bird finally came up with an idea, it went out, gathering all other poor and tiny birds to have a yeast with him. He brought a lot of fruit juice and they all enjoyed themselves.

    After their sojourn in the world, the Almighty asked them to pay him a visit to give account of how they have all spent their money. The Almighty faced the vulture and asked; "how did you spend your money?"

    It told the Almighty; "I bought bean-cake to quench my hunger. I'm very grateful and well satisfied, my lord."

    The Almighty smiled and faced the ground hornbill, to also give account on the money it received. It responded that it took paper and got satisfied afterwards. The Almighty, then faced Cattle geret.

    It craved the indulgence of the Almighty, faced back and called other birds. Of course, they all wanted to give gratitude to their provider as well. They all looked happy, satisfied and grateful and they had followed Cattle geret. It told the Almighty; I came across these other birds and bought fruit juice. We all drank it together ourselves. We drank till our fullest and we're all satisfied. After saying this, it faced the other tiny birds and ordered them to thank their the Almighty. Other birds bowed and prostrated. They were all excited to show gratitude and the Almighty was thrilled.

    The Almighty faced the vulture and told it; You were selfish in spending your money alone. From now on, you'll have a bald head. That is why vultures have bald head today.

    The Almighty moved to the ground hornbill and said. You're greedy to take the pap all alone and the Almighty pronounced go it redisease on it. And so it has been till this day. It has that disease under it's throat that is incurable.

    Then, Almighty turned to Cattle geret that stood with other birds and announced in a very pleased tune; You are kind and generous. From today henceforth, all birds will always accomplish you wherever you go. You'll be a leader that would be given by others. If you look up to the sky during sunset, you'll see all those  birds  flying together. There used to be a very tiny bird leading those birds called evening lilies. They accompany the day during the evening. They're the most honoured of all birds you'll ever see.



    Here's a short story, from my books, UNDER THE AFRICAN SKY on Wattpad. I decided to share with you. It's a short story that speaks about kindness and love. Especially when you have none. Be kind at your poorest times, and love others even though the world is against you. Love and kindness is the greatest virtue of all. This is also a myth/folklore.

    #story #vulture #evening #myth #folklore #miraquill #love #kindness #poverty #Almighty #writerscommunity #wod #writersnetwork #writersbay #cattlegeret #groundhornbill #gratitude

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    The True Myth of Birds


  • anuradhasharma 15w

    मिट्टी खाते और ज़हर पीते हैं ,

    ऐसे हमारे मज़दूर जीते हैं ।


  • shailja33 16w

    Her bursted hands
    filled with mud and dirt around
    were waiting to hold her baby's arms
    who was born few hours back
    to feed him milk and warmth.

    Her body was flooding
    with sweat and reek all around her skin
    and clothes were moribund
    but she collected the penny for the milk
    for her starved shape .

    The delivery ensued near
    a bridge betwixt two towns
    diverse in values so vivid and fervid
    cried the little one,
    while the umbilical cord was drifted apart.

    Her labour was over
    so was her gestation period
    but the father wasn't around to carry
    the baby was to be fatherless
    for he swiped away with the avalanche uncanny.

    #wod #pod

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    Her bursted hands
    filled with mud and dirt around
    were waiting to hold her baby's arms
    who was born few hours back
    to feed him milk and warmth.


  • _astitva_ 20w

    //Paradoxically poverty persists as platform beneath peaks of pleasures//

    Pots ~ stomachs
    Pap ~ Meal
    Progenitress ~ Mother

    #wod #gogyohka #poverty @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your Kind repost (13) ❤️

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    Pernicious poverty

    Peckish pots
    pleading for pap
    placated by progenitress
    prevaricating paucity in her
    patchy pashmina of perseverance


  • chandana_k 20w

    Paradise Dine

    The Asian condiment rushed;
    All down the aromatic starch,
    Wine in sheer chalice gushed,
    Relishing buds awaited a march.

    Italian appetizer left a tint
    Filling the sense and soul!
    Delicacy gave a burly glint.
    And all of them gave a skoal!

    'Oh!' Stroke about the mortals
    At the end who go hollow!
    And live in the edge of fatal,
    This thought dashed in a billow

    Blessed is a life of quotidian fare!
    Where many left with no spare!

  • bodh_isattva11 21w

    Roses are red
    The sky is blue
    behold, money is God
    that much is true.

    In this age, everything has a price
    to be rich is a privilege so wise.

    The world is their footstool
    to plunder and ravage
    they know not their limits
    they are vile and savage.

    We never knew luxury
    for we spent our lives in penury

    A meal decorated with delicacies
    brought about joyful ecstasies

    Poverty is a sin….

  • pratima_pandey 22w

    आपके भाषणों से साहब, किसी भूखे का पेट नहीं भरता ।
    आज भी ना जाने, कितने झोपड़ों में चूल्हा नहीं जलता ।।
    - प्रतिमा पांडेय

  • anuradhasharma 46w

    आसमां में उड़ान भरते, हवाईं जहाज़ का "दीदार"।
    ऐशों-आराम की चाह, जो छाए अमीरों के मन-ए-मक़ाम ।
    पर गरीब के लम्हों में महज ख़ुशी का है, ये आला इंतज़ाम ।


  • anuradhasharma 46w

    कभी खुशियां, गुल्लक में कैद थी हमारी ।
    आज गुल्लक का कद आसमान सी बड़ी हमारी

    कभी, चीज़ें ज़रूरत हुआ करती थी हमारी ।
    अब, चीज़ें नशे की शक्ल ले चुकी है हमारी ।

    खुशियों ने भी, नकाब ओढ़ ली हमारी ।
    जानें, कब तक टिकेगी बनावटी हस्सी हमारी !

  • anuradhasharma 46w

    सलाम आज , हर उस बच्चे के जज़्बे को भी ।
    अम्मी-अब्बू , के हर हालात में साथ निभाने को ।
    उनके साथ , संतोष का दामन बांधने को ।
    अपनी ज़िद्द , की डोर थामने को ।
    जितना है , उसी में खुशियां दुंढने को ।
    सलाम आज , हर उस बच्चे के जाज़्बे को भी ।