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  • a_novice_speaks 119w

    With many roads ahead like open arms,isn't quiting one bad choice?. ©a_novice_speaks

  • james_taumas 123w


    Revolving door doctors
    Tests all the same
    Diagnosis never changes
    Narcotic solution
    Prescriptions the ticket
    Adult candy
    Assorted colours
    Different effects
    Silence the demons
    Take away the pain
    Serrated world in cotton.


  • voices_as_thoughts 134w

    The basket Case Speck

    once spoke to an ear; of now not close to its lobe
    of which pertaining to a woman
    she was keen to listening to my condition without terms
    ' I suffer Insomnia'.
    with knee jerk reaction
    she spoke like the pillars underneath the rocks
    a therapist of colossal paranoia; the human panacea.
    In transition of healing, she spoke
    ' I suffer chronic hot flash'
    'reasons my tear duct functions.'
    with knee jerk reaction
    I lost in quietness,
    the impatient motorist honking with no toot
    the uproar on mute.
    She's a healer who abstains from drug abuse; Self prescription
    or she's a quack to herself?

  • bunny_prash 159w

    Doctors can't write prescription for love❤️


  • cherry_renaya 170w

    Love Me Like This!

    It’s tragic is what it is!
    Tragic you use so much energy to cover up so much of what is already considered beauty.
    Won’t you see yourself through my eyes?My eyes that see the visibility of clean pore skin.
    The visibility of radiance and glow that flows through you head to toe.
    The visibility of hair so Lusciously thick yet each strand still so fair.
    Your body a work of art; a vessel that flows the Ruby-red blood from your tragically broken heart.
    It’s completely relevant to say you are exceptionally beautiful in your own special way but please don’t be so proud; for there still lyes a fault!
    A fault in your Ocean-blue eyes dear. For I fear, your vision is some what but not clear. The eyes seem to be anyone’s but not yours, for they are inconsistent to the consistency of you that is loyal.
    Through my last act of love I will give you my eyes in exchange for the ones you have; live your life with your new lover carrying nothing but confidence and grace about yourself, see the truth to how beautiful you are.
    However...in return give me the eyes you already have, for then it won’t hurt no more.
    It won’t hurt no more as you will no longer be beautiful to me.


  • bluevoid 176w

    Sloppy Prescription

    I want to be close to you
    Yet I dont know how far

    I'm only attracted to you yet, I dont know what for
    You flirt, you tease, you wish me the best
    I think I'm just selfish, it's best if I leave

    For I dont know your heart, your intent or your thoughts
    We are as compatible as a doctor with a pen, im the prescription we both struggle to read

    You're the doctor, I'm the patient unable to read,
    My symptoms denied, your advice, some lies
    God is the mighty pen that decides the fate of the prescription


  • kartikdesai 176w


    I know it's just not that easy,
    Coping with this shit
    The help's also sleazy,
    Fake smile no empathy
    Pills to make you lazy,
    Numb your brain kill the pain
    You're going crazy,
    Makes you forget the
    Memories are so hazy!


  • ovais43 181w

    Hello Everyone...
    I hope y'all having a great time here on earth. Here's a special treat. You can call it a best healing medicine dose as well. I hope you gonna like it.

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    A Writer's Prescription

    If stronger than iron you wanna stay
    Read my poems thrice a day

    Quite chewable they would be
    That you wouldn't need water anyway

    Somewhere you'll find children playing
    Somewhere you'll see, flowers decaying

    Life isn't a bed of roses and deshalb
    Success never comes with a single saying

    You might see some juggler's monkeys
    Or hard working kinda mules and donkeys

    Who only have got strength but no wisdom
    And same is the case with mutineer junkies

    If stronger than iron you wanna stay
    Read my poems thrice a day

    And nothing in return you've to do
    Except for you, I myself will pray


  • ritusoni 187w

    "Avoid everything which create turbulence."
    Best prescription to remain sane.

  • relationshipsadvisory 193w

    It might take some weeks to get ok,
    But it will take some lifetime to get these scars fade.
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    As i,

    I take prescription to be ok now,
    As i walk to psychiatrist monthly.
    I dive into novels to feel life now,
    As i drink alcohol weekly.
    I try to be alive now,
    As i die daily.

  • raghavendralaxman 199w

    The Prescription....

    "One tablet in the morning, one at night."
    "You still have a poor handwriting", said his old teacher frowning at the prescription with dismay....

  • maliciouslybrutal 207w

    Beautifully Insane. Nothing Wrong With This Brain

    It really is no secret that in today's society the majority of the female population suffer greatly from anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and constant worry. It isn't that women choose to feel this way, it's just human nature to be cautious of our surroundings. But how far is too far when it comes to your own mind? A phone call in the middle of the night "he's cheating", words that don't add up "he's cheating", a woman's voice, a message on social media. Anything is a trigger to those who suffer from chronic anxiety, honestly there is no cure. A pill can temporarily relieve you of the pain, but it never fully takes away from the emotional pain you go through. Even then taking a pill to relieve 5 minutes of your suffering is better than living 5 years of emotional torture. It's pretty serious when you need instant relief of pain, even if it doesn't last long. That's why most who suffer from this end up becoming addicted to medications. It's not the brand or the shape that people get addicted too, its that sheer volume of relief you get, almost like coming up from the water to take a big breath. Suddenly the pain is gone, you feel invincible and the thought of your pain never comes to mind, until it wears off and you find yourself taking more and more. People don't mean to get addicted to medications, it really isn't their intention to become addicted. If you think about it, the pills aren't what make people addicted, it's the effect that it gives you so they keep coming back for more and more because they love that moment of clarity they felt. You can get addicted to anything, the biggest addiction we face is cyberspace but no one wants to admit it. For every question, google has answer, for every symptom, web MD has a sollution, for every need, craigslist has it in bulk and for every thought, feeling or emotion facebook has an emoji, gif aand background to fullfil whatever it is youre needing to say.

    So what if I told you that over thinking is actually an addiction, And that the results of it end in obession. It is true, your mind is like a sponge, everything you've said, done, heard or experienced just doesn't go away, it's still there in your brain just waiting for an opportunity to come out. I'm a normal 28 year old. I am usually very outgoing and bubbly and nothing usually gets me down. Aside from reaching the end of a netflix binge or caseys not delivering during the week, i really dont have much to complain about... actually, that was a total lie, but it sounded good right? But you see? That is just it, were forced to lie and forced to pretend we're all fine because the sudden hint of a problem and people have issues. With our issues.... yeah i know. Its fucked up.. I wish I could just lie to everyone and say I've overcome all my trials but I can't because I haven't. It would be nice if I "myself" could make sense of all of this but that would mean life was easy and it really isn't.

    In a perfect world, id sleep 9 hours a night, id be able to eat 3 meals a day, I would have a smile on my face every minute. In a perfect world life would be easy but sadly our world is far from perfect. My life consists of having insomnia so bad that I don't sleep for days, I hardly eat, when i do eat I pick at my food and I push it around on my plate, I drink red bull everyday because I'm so worn down that without caffeine I wouldn't even be human, I take unisom sleep gels every day because it cuts the edge of my anxiety. I take it So i don't feel anything and I take it because sleeping through depression seems easier than fighting it. Which in my reality here an over the counter dose of diphenhydramine seems better than an actual script of antidepressants lingering in your bathroom medicine cabinet. At least when i have guests and they use my bathroom and assuming that theyre nosey they wont nave to ask questions to themselves because all they will think is "oh she just has trouble sleeping" not "woah what on earth does she need Prozac, lithium and ambien for"? While they ask themselves questions regarding the contents of ones medicine cabinet, i ask "why the hell are they going through it in the first place? Ismt anything private anymore?"

    What makes a person deteriorate to the point where they can't even function like a normal human being? The truth is, our lives are a constant target for anything to be thrown our way.  Do you know how it feels to be captive by your own mind? To always suspect the worst because that is all you seem to know? Do you know how it feels to see your husband do something so innocent like checking the mail and suspect he's cheating on you? This is what anxiety and depression does to you. But fear not there is a sollution, just take two of these a day with a large glass of water before a meal but dont operate heavy machinery because while these pills are burning holes through your stupid fucking damaged brain, they will also make you forget how to be an actual human. You can loose yourself but God forbid you drive a car.... Doctors tell you that you need counseling, that you need to be on medication, that you aren't stable minded. They know how to diagnose you and how to write a script for you but if you think about it, They never ask you why you feel the way you do. If doctors spent more time talking to us than evaluating us, maybe our medicated population would become slimmer. In the end just having someone to talk to could make the world of a difference.

    A person who has chronic anxiety is immediately labled as unstable, you're crazy for freaking out over a scene in a movie, you're labeled as paranoid when the smallest word makes you think your partner is or has been unfaithful, shame on you for spending the day in bed crying in your pillow, you become selfish when you don't acknowledge the beautiful day that is upon you, stop being immature because crowds of people aren't there to hurt you. My God how sorry i am that what unspeakable horrors ive faced in my life became a problem for you.

    Its attention like this, that make people like me fear the worst about the world. Because how can we trust the world when the world is the reason we are the way we are. Its a shame that innocent people are suffocating under the pressure that the universe puts on us to be normal. 
    You applaud the girl who stands up for her rights as a woman, yet you judge the woman on antidepressants. You support the man who came from nothing and became something, yet judge the men who are afraid to leave the house due to the fear of being ridiculed by the public. You despise the mother who killed her children simply because she suffered a serious form of postpartum depression yet applaud the mother killing her children before they even took their first breath outside of the womb, because if a doctor assists you in a clinical abortion then its okay, you just cant kill your kids because you were depressed, it has to be done by a doctor because its your right as a woman to choose... What in the actual fuck? Murder is murder, you cannot be disgusted by murder then be 100% supportive of murder. Murder is murder no matter what term you link it too. You support the officers who protect us, then bash the officers for giving you a ticket for speeding, you spend all day giving thanks for what you have then trample people to death for 20% off merchandise. This is how sick and twisted our world has actually become, it's no wonder why the majority of people spend their days inside...

    Do you see now what I mean? How can the people of this world who suffer from mental illness, have faith that they will be treated equally when the entire human race is two faced. This is why so many lgbt  members are afraid to come out of hiding, because what kind of person is born a girl but wants to be a boy could have any kind of a future? A transgender must obviously be mentally ill to want to dress drag. Everyone in the lgbt community are branded as mentally unstable, cause they just aren't normal. Really???!! It's so freaking sad that you have to brand someone unstable all because they choose to live their life the way they want. I get so angry when i see beautiful people being slaughtered over social media because of their sexual prefrence, gender, race or religion. Im among the few who actually accept people as they are .

    The world that surrounds us is to blame for our insecurities. They have a pill for each kind of illness, symptom and feeling yet there is no pill made for the human race that will snap reality back in place.

    The only kind of resolution we need is remembering how to be human.

  • hella_hozue 213w


    Bupropion 300 mg
    Venlafaxine 15 mg
    Lamotrigine 100 mg

    40 pounds
    Terrifying, visceral bloodlust
    People won’t come near

    wanting to hurt others was maybe the worst

    I didn’t know what it was like
    to feel that way
    until that irreversible parting
    of time.

    Those moments taught me what it was like to
    not only hate myself, but fear


    It was worse than feeling nothing at all
    and that’s a tough one to beat


  • chemically_creative 242w


    For those who cannot empathize the constant burn of a fixation to function, I will say that you are fortunate.
    What is it that doesn't function? You may ask.
    The small but precious orange bottle.
    Take as needed. Isn't it always? Torture.
    Addiction sends it's friendly reminder with a soak of cold sweat, a sickeningly fast pulse, and a deep hunger that becomes anger because all you desire is more.
    You need such a tiny, pathetically small pill just to turn the lights on within the skull? The harder you ignore the cruel fixation, the louder the six different songs grow as they tangle through your head like a tangled ball of yarn.
    One may beg for silence again for just a moment to find their mental serenity. The blood only boils more, and the need only sinks deeper. You can only slip deeper until you can function once again. When it is safe to be safe again come tomorrow.

    Such things can be so delightful may become the most dreadful when they lose functions.
    Like me. Like what I find in my small, but precious orange bottle each morning.