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  • ashleigh_autumn1941 301w

    A Single Voice

    Ok, everyone has a right to their own opinion. They have a right to vote for whomever they chose. They have a right to be vocal about what they think. What saddens me so much is all the hate I have seen being spewed on FB and Twitter. Why is it that only one side thinks they are the only ones that can be right? Unfriending people, calling each other names, hoping people would die...that is horrible. Had the election gone in Hilary's favor would Trump supporters be allowed to spew so much hate or would it annoy and upset you to see it? I see it as neither candidate is really fit to run our country, but they are who we got landed with and that didn't stop me from voting.

    I am a 30 year old woman, single mother, victim of Domestic Violence and multiple, yes I said multiple, Sexual Assault incidents. One that end with me being pregnant will my oldest son. I am Mexican, Native American, and Irish. My past is certainly not perfect by any means. What gets to me is that just because of what I stated I am, people feel I should be lumped into a certain category and if I didn't choose the way they felt I should then I'm racist, and a ton of other things and that I just die.

    A President Elect has been chosen and there is no changing that now. I remember in 2008 and 2012 that many felt republicans should just stop their whining as Obama won. So why is it that now the tables are turned you can't see it that way? The hate isn't being spewed by Hilary or Trump but by us, the voters, and it is sickening to see. This country is going to tear apart at the seams if we can't get it together for at least the next 4 years.

    Deleting friends and family because they didn't agree with you is petty and childish. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and choice. That is the beauty of this country...the ability to speak our minds, have an opinion, and make choices.
    I for one don't like being clumped into any category because of my age, my gender, my crappy past, or anything else. I made my vote and it is nobody's business as to who I voted for, as that is personal.

    We should be helping each other create a better future instead of a bitter and divided country. We should be working together, not tearing each other apart.

    This election was hard for everyone. Let's not make it worse by turning on each other more than we clearly already have done.
    The hate I see is so sad and I can only pray that we can come together as a country and hurdle all the obstacles together for the next 4 years. Because if we can't get through the next 4 years together, then all this country will be is tattered remains of it's former glory.
    I have no plans of unfriending any family or friends for whatever their views might be. If you delete me, then so be it. That is your choice and right to do so, but this country is already fractured, please let's not make it worse.

    *praying for everyone and this country.*

    ❤ Ashleigh

  • _mmpoetry_ 301w

    Despite how you feel,
    And how your vote was cast,
    We still have the stars,
    And a hope that will last,
    We have a responsibility,
    And a love to keep showing,
    It's time to let go,
    Of all the stones we've been throwing,
    For a wise man once said,
    United we stand and divided we fall,
    Today we band together,
    And pray for it all.


  • kevinosullivan 302w

    Seriously though, these are our choices to lead the free world?

    Fill to the brim and it will spill.
    Political Revolution, Bernie Still!
    Fascism knocks on our door,
    and or that of a corporate shill. Without doubt, history soon to repeat itself on either bill.
    Apples not far from the tree as son dons daddies hooded sheet. Fraternal oligarchs all involved in deceit. Profit at all cost, no surrender, no retreat.
    This land is her land, this land is his land. But what of all us tiny grains of sand? What of our Purple Mountains majesty, perhaps we need a bit of verdancy? Will we be the fodder of a man who grabs the crotch of his young daughter?
    This is the farce, this is the evil; open the doors and there's all the sheeple.
    Questions arise as the seconds tick by. Who do we choose when either way we all die. Business as usual if either are hired.
    Remember this and take heed, both of them are motivated by pure greed. Who then, If Trump is our Hitler? And Hillary our Nixon? Who, sooner or later is due off to prison. So if you too say Dump Trump and absolutely Hill No; who then will you choose to lead our free show? Unsure about you and please hold your atracks, but to me this two party system seems utterly whacked. Do we privatize it all and militarize our borders? Well, Ive got some colorful words on the good Doctors orders. Be heard. Be seen. Vote Green!

    Enough need to vote for Stein/Baraka to prevent future trouble in America . We need a third party to exist when the smoke clears and we crawl out of the rubble.