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  • mrspectacular 20w


    You are the one I think of when I pen affectionate poetry.
    You are the one in my heart when I scribble a love story.
    Every piece centered on love is, of you, celebratory
    Because somehow it has been made mandatory.

    I cannot seem to resist,
    Cannot seem to desist
    From letting you snatch all of my attention like a successful heist.
    Surprisingly, you become more than just another name on my people list.

    Just hearing your name gets me, invigorated.
    I cannot have the energy, abated.
    With others, I seem to have a right to have my emotions inflated or deflated
    But with you, it is always inflated.

    To see you, I am ever excited
    As you have the best parts of me ignited.
    How best to put this, I do not know
    But I guess you already know.

    You already know I hold you in my heart like gold
    And hope that we end up together and grow old.
    I have thought of shooting shots at others, I must admit
    But the seed of love you have planted in my heart would not let me, such actions, commit.