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  • mauryaa 1w

    नैना तेरे कजरारे हैं
    नैनो पे हम दिल हारे हैं
    अनजाने ही तेरे नैनो ने
    वादे किए कई सारे हैं

  • mandah88 2w

    My Promise To You

    Wherever life takes me
    I know you'll be there
    To put me back on track
    When I fall blind and unaware
    And whereever fate leads me
    I know I'm not alone
    You'll be behind the scenes
    Ensuring I always make it home
    So forever I am grateful
    That I was blessed with you
    And when I fail to show it
    Just remember that it's true
    Without you I'd be lost, even incomplete
    Quickly growing weary, declaring my defeat
    You are my foundation
    strong and always steady
    Giving me the strength
    When things begin to feel too heavy
    So here's a small reminder,
    just to let you know
    I will always love you dearly
    and I'll never let you go

    © Manda H.

  • the_matchstick 2w

    Unspoken Promise

    "To the end of eternity, can I prove our friendship by just being your reflection during dark, and be with you to share my grievances during an eclipse intermittently forever?"
    - Sun & Moon Conversations!

  • kalawakan04 5w

    Saksi ang mga tala sa binitawan mong salita.

    Panghahawakan ko ang iyong pangako.

  • theshatteredpiecess 6w

    Promise me this is forever

    When I first saw you,
    It felt familiar.
    As if I've traveled back to you somehow,
    Your eyes weren't alien to me.
    For the first time in a long time,
    I felt the calm, for once the voices in my
    head didn't catch up.
    I'd look at you and you would be lost
    telling me stories about your whereabouts.
    The adventures you've done,
    The dreams that you seek.
    Or how the world wouldn't let you be.
    Your eyes my love could capture the entire world,
    Then how could I not be mesmerized?
    Deep brown eyes, hiding so many things.
    As if spell shut, in hope to be opened.
    Our firsts turned into seconds and then innumerable times before we could understand.
    For we both did find our homes.
    I'll ask you about your days,
    And you'd often tell me how
    you never open up to someone else.
    Or how the world taught you to be tough,
    And you are vulnerable around us.
    From locking eyes to locking lips every good bye,
    Or to the simplest hi-fives.
    We grew.
    We'd laugh and sing and dance ,
    And now here we're searching for just a glance.
    I think I'll always love you ,
    And maybe you'd too.
    Because don't you remember?
    Every time we promised us forevers?
    Drunk, vulnerable, high,
    With eyes that couldn't stop crying,
    Or with our souls intertwined?
    I'd often say ,
    "Promise me this is forever. "
    To which you held me a little tighter saying,
    "I do. "


  • theexplorer 10w


    She looked at him,
    Hoping to get her fairy tale,
    Doubting eyes and an uneasy heart,
    Waiting for him to break the silence,

    The weight of unspoken words, countless tears and bittersweet memories hung in the air,
    They both held out an apple of promises,
    Accepting the other's with cautious glances

    She looked at the plump object that lay in her hand,
    Glossy, red and seemingly perfect,
    Wondering if her scarred and spotted apple was good enough for him,
    She smiled as she saw him take a bite and look satisfied,

    Glancing back at the perfection in her hand,
    Voices inside cried out, trying to stop her,
    Reminding her of the knives that scarred her apple,
    But one glance at him was all it took to silence them,

    Filled with hope, she took a bite,
    Oh, so juicy and fresh, she wondered,
    Wiping away tears, she held out her hand,
    Red as the apple,
    She tried to scream as the black apple fell from her hands,
    Unfortunately, the poison was too strong

    Gasping for air, she looked up at him,
    Watching him carelessly toss away her apple that he'd devoured so recklessly,
    "Why?", she begged,
    He glanced at her, almost with a hint of pity,
    Wordlessly, he walked away,

    As she took her final breath, a sense of peace rolled over,
    The friendly face of death invited her in,
    She got her fairy tale afterall,
    Alas, this Snow White was poisoned by her Prince Charming.


  • nikhilkhandare 11w

    प्रिय वादा...

    प्रिय वादा, तुम्हे मैने जेब में जो रखा, तुमने मेरे दिल पर वार कर दिया,
    की तुमने सांस लेना तो तय किया पर आह भरने से इनकार कर दिया,

    की कलाई पर घड़ी तो तुमने नज़ाकत से बांध दी, उसमे चाबी भी भर दी, पर दिल से इंतजार करने हक तुमने, कठोरता से छिन लिया

    की हथेली तो मुझे सलामत दी,उसपर लकीरें भी कुरेद दी, पर जब उनकी किसी से जुड़ने की बारी आई तो तुमने, तकदीर को बीच में टोक दिया

    की किताब तो तुमने मुझे पकड़ा दी, भाषा भी मुझे समझा दी, मगर उसमे पड़ा पुराना गुलाब छूने से तुमने, उंगलियों को परहेज़ कर दिया

    की मेरे कदमों को तुमने मंदिर का रास्ता तो दिखा दिया पर जब दुवा में उसे मांगने की बारी आई तो जलते कपूर से तुमने, मेरा हाथ जला दिया

    की दिखे गर वो किसी चौराहे पर तो नजरों को तुमने नहीं रोका, मगर जब भर आई वही आंख तो पलको को तुमने, नहाने से मना कर दिया

    की उस ठहरे वक्त को तुमने बा-इज्जत बरी तो कर दिया मगर उसमे बने मासूम लम्हों को तुमने, फांसी पर लटका दिया

    प्रिय वादा,तुमसे थोड़ी वफाई जो निभाई, तुमने मुझे मंजर से हटा दिया,
    की ज़िंदगी काटना तो तुमने बड़े शौक़ से लिख दिया पर ज़िंदगी जीना तुमने, उसी बे-रहमी से मिटा दिया।

  • scarlet 11w

    A place where I can go back to when I need a rewind button.
    A checkpoint to hold my childhood memories safe, under lock and key.
    A place to return to when my roots are all but lost.
    How long till I lose this last connection to my past?

    #grandmother #love #life #brother #childhood #memories #pod #promises #past #questions #wod

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    I wandered around my grandmother's house, reminiscing
    The walls that were the first hurdles I ever conquered,
    The resplendent garden where my childhood bloomed,
    The worn-out furniture I had once vanquished,
    The kitchen where I tasted nothing but delicacies,
    The voice that lulled me into the deepest of slumbers.
    I look at my brother, his eyes too seem lost in the past
    Together we look back, at this collection of childhoods,
    This resilient foothold of our shared memories,
    How long can it withstand the ravages of time?

  • its_me_luki 11w

    Sounds #illogical but that might happens when you love someone way too #deep. Giving all the love you have, forget that everything can change in instant. Even their #feelings. We're drown in our #expectations that was once mentioned in their sweet #promises.

    Can we blame the love, by labeling that #lovehurts or shall we blame ourselves for #expecting too high?

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill #brokenheart

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    I'm too tired to be available all the time
    I'm too tired to make sure that I'm doing my best to keep you stay
    I'm too tired to be taken for granted
    But I love you way too much
    Your toxic love is the potion I need most

  • mehnazz 11w

    #promises of togetherness

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    I am watching the painted sky...
    Turning clouds when the sun tries to bless me with rays...

    The cold hand of grim reaper touches my soul,
    Didn't you feel that?
    Aren't we one?

    But the everlasting souls will meet far from the dark skies
    Unnoticed, covered in the cloak of death, and we will dye the sky in the shade we want...



  • theswordandtherose 11w


    Dreams are made of many things that can bring light or dark as well as harsh and soft.

    Soft as cotton candy floating on a breeze; harsh as metal clanging with metal.

    Light as the sunrise on the revealing of the day; dark as a moonless night silent at bay.

    It can be a quilt of patchwork memories sewn together by the threads of lives intersecting; it can be a forest’s den, damp and dreary.

    It can be the oceans depth of many scarlet secrets and the buried memories that should never to be found.


    It is the mind’s way of detoxing the poison of choices made, relationships had or promises forgotten.

    It is the mind’s way of reminding one that there may be residue lingering in the hidden chambers of the heart; of broken, shattered dreams stained and tainted by the onslaught of betrayal.

    And yet, in the darkness, in the depth, in the silence… there is hope.

    The Hope that in spite of life’s encounters with the humanness of what might seem as selfish decisions that tear at the very existence of what the heart could be, should be, can be…

    There remains and abides in each of us the strength to hope, to love, to have faith; to trust and believe that Hope is and always shall be the light that heals and makes us whole…

    even through our dreams.


  • scarlet 14w

    You could say you were caught up in other things to pay attention to us. And I would understand... But after a while it just sounds like an excuse. Prioritising what really matters is key.

    #priority #love #life #him #heartbreak #pod #promises
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Everything you ever said, nothing more than lies
    Should've known when you said you don't make promises
    Should've known when you never carried your goals to fruition
    Should've known when you gave me hope, just to dash it to the ground
    Should've known when you were too weak to hold your own
    Should've known when you left me working alone on all the mundane stuff
    Should've known when you ran away from reality
    But today I stand alone amongst these things I should've known
    And you say you tried but just couldn't get your mind to focus
    Pick up your pieces on your own, 'cos tomorrow I won't be there to do it for you

  • ariamz 14w

              and in the end
              promises are just
              simple words that
              will soon vanish
              and be forgotten
              by the person who
              uttered them.
    ©ariamz | what are promises?

  • ariamz 15w

              you told me verbally
              that no matter what happens
              you'll stay beside me.

              you even wrote
              in your diary's footnote
              i'll be the one you'll
              love the most.

              yet suddenly
              as i open my
              swollen eyes
              i can't find you anywhere
              you suddenly disappear.

              and i was left
              behind, again.

              you left me with

              funny how your promises
              turns into fallacies.

              ; ariamz. | promises to fallacies.

    #poem #patheticfallacy #promises
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    you left me with

    funny how your promises
    turns into fallacies.

    ©ariamz | promises to fallacies.

  • night_mist_ 16w

    Can do

    I am keeping my promises even today, I do not feel like getting away from you, yet I am making a new beginning, so you can make a new beginning, have you ever thought that even the relationships you have left with a calm mind should be able to start a new one again

  • iamshailesh 18w

    Koshish or vade

    कभी कभी एक छोटी सी कोशिश,
    कई बड़े वादों से ज्यादा बेहतर होती है

  • cardelljhardy 18w


    In a symbol of a rainbow, Your covenant stays.

  • the_euphoric_writer 18w

    I dream of you, on quiet nights

    I dream of you,
    On quiet nights,
    I see you on a swing,
    Beside a cliff,
    Amongst the clouds,
    Waiting for the squalls,
    Of the heavy winds.

    You relieve yourself,
    Of the swing,
    But you do not fall,
    Rather you soar,
    High above the clouds,
    Above the rains,
    With a tempting glance,
    Back at me.

    I wonder,
    Is this heaven,
    It this the same Eden,
    You told me about,
    That you'll be here when you depart,
    And each time I commence,
    The clouds disappear into mists.


  • abhi0007 19w


    Promised in good times, separated in hard times.

  • sophrosyne 20w

    Promises aren't prophecies, so don't expect them to come true.